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    KH2 Vanilla vs. KH3 Re Mind

    I have to pick vanilla KH2 just because of the far, far stronger impression and experience it left on me. From the story and gameplay to the better use of FF characters and originals worlds to classic Disney still being a big part of it and the opening/ending. All remind did was improve the...
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    I hope they move to unreal engine 5 sooner than later with the next KH title. With the improved lighting capabilities alone, I think 2D films could end up making the transitions to 3D look far better.
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    The ratio of returning/new worlds for KHIV?

    I want more old worlds returning just for the sake of me missing classic Disney and that being where a good amount of the magic and charm of this series came from. If it was up to me, I would fill the next game with majority classic Disney like 6 old classic 4 new. Seeing Atlantica, wonderland...
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    Unreal Engine and KH

    Honestly, since they're so set in using so many CG properties from now on, they might as well go for something more realistic, akin to the FF series and old KH cg openings. It's not like something like Pirate Sora for example would look outta place or anything in those and original worlds, he...
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    Unreal Engine and KH

    I thought it was noticeable since one of the main points of the kh shader was made to invoke a paintbrush aesthetic which is obviously missing from KH3. Its why Hercules and Meg for example look so off, that paintbrush aesthetic isn't there "The goal of the Kingdom Shader is to evoke the feel...
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    Unreal Engine and KH

    I'm really hoping what they do is strive for something better than the first announcement trailer visual style. It always looked like a natural evolution of the series visuals in having a nice balance between the two. It manged to invoke something of a pastel/brushwork/watercolor style with...
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    How will KH concepts be represented in future titles?

    I hope they rethink things and focus more on the original concepts again. The original worlds for example are the heart, soul and charm of the series to me, putting less focus on them is just harmful.
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    Is KH III ReMind (Final Mix) a Worthy Successor to KH II Final Mix?

    Nope, there's some aspects that are better but overall it doesn't make the experience better than KH2fm. The base game for one is still unchanged and quite frankly i never want to go through the base game again, just the thought of going through nothing but Disney worlds until you reach endgame...
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    Old topic but are you satisfied with Alyson playing kairi or do you still want Hayden back?

    Nope, for all the reasons said here. Square/Disney could be such asses at times. At least ask before replacing because the fans obviously weren't happy about it
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    These new movies aren't doing anything for me anymore. There's just no excitement in seeing them as worlds, all these new cgi movies just blend in at this point.
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    Tangled The Series would be great in a future KH game

    Wish they could do an extended version of the tangled ever after short. Always wanted to see how Cassandra and some of the other new characters would look in CGI...and it would help Square too in making it easy to adapt the series
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    Heartbroken that I have to admit this but....

    This is why i don't find mob fights fun in KH3. The increased amount of enemies on screen didn't make things better. Mobs ended up being just fodder that you just nuke, forget and keep on moving. Not only were they rarely any threat they were just placed haphazardly in huge groups. The smaller...
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    Heartbroken that I have to admit this but....

    As someone that vastly prefers melee combat, I still consider KH2 is the best. I have more fun fighting mobs in KH2 than i ever had in KH3 still
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    Thoughts on How Disney Worlds Will Even Work (RE:MIND Spoilers Warning)

    I just hope they don't waste the more wanted worlds that haven't appeared in the series yet. I don't want another Ralph situation D:
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    Classic elements you miss that were not in KH3

    I still miss trinity marks. The little secrets in the worlds in KH1.
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    In your opinion, did ReMind fix the game?

    Lol no. For them to fix the game for me they'll pretty much have to remake the whole thing. Remind only helped a bit when it came to endgame/postgame and gameplay additions.
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    I wonder if Strelitzia is gonna stay dead at this point. Thought the star was maybe something but...yeah
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    Would you be in favor of Original/Square Enix worlds in replace of Disney worlds?

    As long as the Original worlds are as distinct and creative as the Disney worlds. I want more Original worlds but there's too many dang towns, cities.
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    The game is actually fun now

    The big issue now is mob design and enemy variety. If only we had less huge groups of fodder mobs. I hope the next game goes with something less "Dynasty warriors" in enemy designs on the field