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  1. Absent

    News ► Otocoto reveals history of how Kingdom Hearts got approved by Eisner

    Jesus Christ I’m speechless. Without a doubt had they gone in with more details Eisner would’ve definitely said no. Destiny is never left to chance I guess.
  2. Absent

    What are YOU most looking forward to in this game?

    As someone who's not good at rhythm games, I can't wait for the gameplay and music. The music is definitely going to make this a fun experience. I don't have any hope for the story. I'm done pretending that I tolerate the new direction.
  3. Absent

    If you had to erase one character from existence entirely, who would you choose?

    I feel like BBS could’ve been more compelling had it only focused on one MC. As much as I prefer Aqua and Ven over Terra, I think only having Terra for BBS could’ve made things have more weight.
  4. Absent

    Pocahontas In Future KH Games?

    I went to public schools in a red state, the same state that makes the most textbooks and has the shadiest Board of Education. History classes were mostly taught by coaches and individuals with not focus on teaching. It was a mess, the only reason I didn't buy any of it was because of the...
  5. Absent

    Pocahontas In Future KH Games?

    At this point, this thread is tone deaf. Just like Disney.
  6. Absent

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III Original Soundtrack releasing November 11, 2020!

    The build up at the beginning of that song is just...chef's kiss. Full of tension, perfect for his fight.
  7. Absent

    Pocahontas In Future KH Games?

    Disney can fix things by apologizing and acknowledging what they did wrong, which was making the movie. Also don't use her at all, especially don't make profit of her. Pocahontas will still be a part of Disney's history, a testament to their legacy that no matter how much time passes they can...
  8. Absent

    Pocahontas In Future KH Games?

    You don't have to see or understand why it's offensive, but listen to those it offends, Native Americans. If there's a constant in US history, is the continuous and blatant exploitation of Native Americans. Disney wanted those woke bucks and dipped their fingers into a sensitive topic by it...
  9. Absent

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III Original Soundtrack releasing November 11, 2020!

    I was hoping for a Xemas(KH2) situation where they used his old theme (Disappeared) for the first fight/phase and then give him a grandiose original score(Darkness of the Unknown) for the final fight.
  10. Absent

    Disney properties not represented in Kingdom Hearts

    I never cared for Marvel and SW in Kingdom Hearts until people complained against it, now I want Nomura to add it out of spite.
  11. Absent

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III Original Soundtrack releasing November 11, 2020!

    Is it sacrilegious or crazy to have wanted an original track for the final boss? Like I love 3’s OST but I felt like the final boss of the saga should’ve had something completely new. I get that certain tracks are associated with certain characters and themes but the best thing from Kingdom...
  12. Absent

    Pocahontas In Future KH Games?

    IMO why bother risking it? You know? Like Disney has hundreds of magical and timeless IPs, why bother choosing an IP with a controversial development and reception? Use Moana instead, she’s a safe and more popular choice.
  13. Absent

    KH Shower Thoughts

    Mark Hamill played Eraqus and Luke, both Masters that were tempted and failed their students.
  14. Absent

    if you had to pick a Keyblade master to train under who will it be?

    They all have experience but I think Riku’s experiences are the most transformative. Riku went through so much failure and suffering. He failed, but never gave up, and that alone makes for a great teacher. I think Yoda summarizes my point better. “Heeded my words not, did you? Pass on what you...
  15. Absent

    News ► Madison Davenport (Nameless Star) recently recorded voice over for an unspecified project

    I don't know, I think convoluted is the right word to use for the series. I do think the series was easy to follow from 2002 to 2009, post that the presentation of the plot and characters went off the rails.
  16. Absent

    if you could change One thing in KH what will it be?

    Loved it, I never thought of Neverland like that. I do think Halloween Town has a good message with finding meaning and purpose in what you do(Jack).
  17. Absent

    if you could change One thing in KH what will it be?

    I'd like to read it, I can't find good reviews or analysis about Days online. At best I found a Tumblr post. It maddens me how Days is full of dialogue and scenes rich with meaning but because it was repetitive people never gave it a chance to see past the missions.