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    Xenmas Boss Battle Video

    judging from the video xenmas doesnt look all to that hard or maybe somone max out sora stats? and where the hell is donald and goofy?
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    so does that mean the YRP are not actually summons then so what do they do?
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    (Sora & Axel) Major Spoiler

    Re: Alex's Last Stand (Sora & Axel) Major Spoiler its weird cos i can only make out a few of the japenses words and only translate katakana my question is y is axel so weak if he only fightin a few dusks (yes few) his death is kindof point less since not evry cutscene is there and we...
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    i here by swear to neva watch another kingdom hearts 2 cutscene and or spolier until i finallly buy the damn game....... oh even that is to hard arrrgh
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    u know running in to a wall sounds preety good right know im might go try it note: im addicted as well
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    Spoiler to end all spoilers

    yeh estupido jokes
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    Gummi ship Quests to Atlantica + Halloween Town Videos

    wow thats nice ur realling outdoing urself u know... ah.. good work
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    funiest cutscene

    maybe roxas gets scamed in twilight town ( bying sum magic penut butter !! lol) by a guy that looks similar to DiZ and thats proably why he says that
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    Spoiler to end all spoilers

    old. and whats with ur name are u trying to get attention by doing that (not flaming)
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    ansem's name

    if ansem( kh1's Ansem) is actually called xehanort then why do the people of hollow bastion (ff char.) called him ansem then if then been there as long as he has and he started developing darkness 7 years before the event of kh1 (according to leon)
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    -=The Organization Hit List=- **Spoilers**

    so xenmas has been confirmed
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    kill.switch in my opinion i think its a great game but it is difficult to acually play for long times becuase the ai is just too damn smart i bought the game about a 3 months ago and when i ask mi frends they sed the neva herd of it i dont wanna sound like a loner but has ne boddy got the...
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    Xehanort name de-coded...?

    was Xenmkas even confirmed i thought it was just what one personmade up to back up his theory
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    Xehanort name de-coded...?

    ure forgeting thorn axe that includes the x it may hold sum signifigance maybe if he was the original keyblade master that could be the name of the keychain on his keyblade that he uses
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    Xehanort's Identity Releaved...Theory...

    that isnt really much to go by there just voiced by the same guy he could change his voice slighty to give a different affect look at the Xehanort Is a guy thread and u understand it more
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    Xehanort is a guy

    yeh but the voices will still be in the credits
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    Xehanort is a guy

    tru but ppl can do other voices apart from there own look at nancy cartwright a chick that does the voice for bart simpson EDIT: nelson and ralph aswell as meany of the femal characters
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    (spoiler alert) Pics of Knights

    i hate to say this but i think beatle borgs signed up with se to be part of the game industry
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    Xehanort name de-coded...?

    all i got from trying to angram xehanort was thorn axe mayeb that means something his weapon ?
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    SE is slack [spoiler]

    ******* Warning major spoiler for sum***** nah im just joking about SE but take a look at this to the keen eye u can see that some are the keyblades are infact have doubles i dont no what this means but im sure ill come up with sumthing later