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    All this talk about Yozora, let's talk about Shibuya. I read that Shibuya is an actual city in Japan, however, the place that Neku and friends in dream drop distance are from is also called 'Shibuya.' Now I find it a bit unlikely but do you think there is any sort of connection? The thing is...
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    Remind release?

    Does anyone know when we can expect an official release date for remind other than "this winter?"
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    How will remind work?

    Awhile back, I believe I read an article that said remind dlc will require you to have beaten the game and will take place afterwards? Can anyone confirm or deny? The reason I'm asking is because I'm playing the games in order before remind releases and I'm wondering if I should wait to play...
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    Is it ever established why there are inconsistencies between this game and other kingdom hearts games? The example I'm thinking of is Hercules being a buff hero while in birth by sleep hes a teenager. Birth by sleep takes place after the keyblade war. I know the purpose of union X is to teach us...
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    How to get stronger?

    If anyone has the time, how can I get stronger and better at playing the game? I have group members that can solo advanced raid bosses. I want to get to that point but don't understand how to do so. Obviously evolve medals and level them up, but what then? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    The status of hero

    I understand the whole Phil voice actor thing, but was anyone else disappointed that Sora, Donald, and Goofy never graduated from junior heroes? Lol
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    Kingdom Hearts time travel: 2 and 3 question

    So the way time travel works in this universe is, a version of yourself needs to be at that point in time. That's how Xehanort was able to find Ansem and Xemnas. However, in Kingdom hearts 2, Sora is able to travel to the timeless river which is arguably the past. There was no version of Sora...