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    Great Maw Battle is how long?!

    I am about to do the battle in the Great Maw (right at the part where you fight Demyx), and my mom is only giving me two hours to play. So I really need to know how long it takes from Demyx to the end of the 1,000 to complete the battle. Also, does anything else random happen in those battles...
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    Help with Dark Tower by Stephen King

    Hi, I've tried searching the forum for this but didn't find too much...I am thinking about (re-)starting Stephen King's Dark Tower series. The only thing I've read by Stephen King other than his "On Writing" memoir is "The Shining", and I loved it. I kinda have this thing against sexually...
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    Need Picture of Sora's meteor shower

    Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a shot from the intro of KHI where Sora is falling during the meteor shower? I've been writing a song based on the ending of KHI for about a year (haven't played through KHII yet) and now it's finally recorded acoustically, and Sora falling and meteor...
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    New Pathways?

    I just barely started playing KH2 (I know, kinda late) and in one day I made it to the beginning of the Timeless River. Loving it all to pieces so far, but I have one thing that's really bugging me: the new pathways. I've got no idea how or why that works; I guess I didn't catch it when Yen Sid...
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    Help!!!!!: Clip Needed For Vid

    I'm making a music video of KH and I need a clip that shows Sora summoning Simba. Y'all know the one; where he shoots the Keyblade up into the air? My creative energy is gonna go bezerk if I can't get a hold of it. The only piece of it that I can find is the menu trailer from the official site...
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    Acoustic KH songs!!!

    Nice work!!! Thanks!
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    things you should do

    The best thing you can do is to completely take your mind off of anything KH...and yes, I know that it's a really big sacrifice. But trust me, I love stories, and the best sequels come when you've let the original story sit for a while, and the sequel kicks off with such a thrill and it's TONS...
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    Acoustic KH songs!!!

    Here's a link for some nice mp3's of Utada Hikari. She sounds great! Probably my fav other than the KH ones is the acoustic "With or Without You". But anyway, there's this acoustic version of her singing "Simple and Clean" for her 20th birthday concert (20 dai wa ikeike), and then an acoustic...
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    Advent children and KH2

    The guys at my local game store said that they are telling the games people that Advent Children is slated for March 28th, 2006. Kingdom Hearts II is expected sometime in March. My question is, if both AC and KHII are in March, which should come first? It's smarter for S-E to have AC come out...
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    Sora's Connection to BHK

    I'm with Master T. Waiting until KHII comes out to aviod disappointment sounds better. But P.S. I also thought that castle was Hollow Bastion the first time I played it, people. However, you guys are wrong about the creation of KHII: In an interview with GameSpot (or maybe it was IGN, can't...
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    Sora's Connection to BHK

    First of all, Master T: Thanks, I try not to be. :) Excellent supporting point. Second: That's in a way my idea/theory. Without saying it out loud and reading between the lines, Vexen seems to indicate: "You think that the toyed memories are your real ones. Those are gonna get you in trouble...
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    Walt Disney Knowing about Kingdom hearts Is it real!

    Well, let's look at the logic here. Pretend you've never seen the Kingdom Key keyblade before. Now pretend that there are two Kingdom Keys in place of those in the crest in the picture. If you think about it, the Kingdom Key wouldn't really look like a Keyblade. It would look like a regular...
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    Sora's Connection to BHK

    Thanks for that, I think you are correct. :) Nonetheless, to me that makes it all the more conspicuous that Vexen finds it interesting Sora can't remember Twilight Town but can remember Namine on Destiny Islands. To me, at least in my twisted logic, it seems to say that Vexen is saying (without...
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    Walt Disney Knowing about Kingdom hearts Is it real!

    FINALLY..... Perhaps it is just me. But...those don't look like Keyblades.
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    When did you first see Kh1?

    Well, my story is a repeat of half everyone else's. I saw it first on the Disney Channel underground feature. At first I never would've seen it because I didn't like to watch those, placing them as the next dumbest thing on the entire channel next to the kiddie shows in the morning. So the only...
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    Sora's Connection to BHK

    I always figured that the BHK-is-Sora's-other-side theory was basically alluding to how BHK is somehow like Sora's alter ego. I don't necessarily agree with this, but I think that it might be close to the truth. It would also mean that BHK is the glowing eyed unknown in Deep Dive, which I vote...
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    Repost: My KH Novelization, please read

    Any feedback on my slightly abandoned project would be greatly appreciated. Go to my blog, "Kingdom Hearts Novel". You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page, though, because the pages of the novel were posted in reverse order for some reason. Also, when it shows the page, you've gotta...
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    My first time finding out *gasp* Of voice overs

    To be honest, I recognized Sora's voice in about five minutes (I suppose the main reason is because I'm a movie freakaziod myself) so I checked the pamphlet then and knew everyone's voice the whole game. However, I never got the chance to really hear Sephiroth's voice. But I don't know what he'd...
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    Walt Disney Knowing about Kingdom hearts Is it real!

    There's a rather large probablility that in the next few days/week I could be going to Disneyland. I've never been there before (and I live in Utah and I'm seventeen, sad huh?). So tell me exactly how to find this, and if I go there then I will look for it, and there'll be a second witness.
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    Can somebody tell me?

    Lil RiKu, is that confirmed? Because that actually makes a lot of sense to me.