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    Kingdom hearts and dubstep? BEHOLD

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    Re-Edited a recent photograph of mine.

    http://i.imgur.com/9DVr2.jpg CnC Large Format
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    The Milk has returned.

    Its been three long years since i actually decided to make a post here... I'm sure whoever was around back in the day has changed their name or ditched this place entirely. For those who remember, please stand up I went by names such as; Milkman, Milkman64, Milkeh For those who don't, move...
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    I've been away from this forum for like...two to three years. This is what i've been up to lately.

    What i've been up to LATELY* durp Real Life - Into my mind - Imgur link to album. Three images here. From Real life 1 to Real life 2, it's meant to show progression in terms of how enlightened this being is. From the smokey remains of his idea, to his true inspiration, and finally his godlike...
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    New Scans i found

    scan 1 scan 2 scan 3 enjoy. I hope these aren't too old.
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    Toronto school board approves black-focused school

    I feel this has to go in Intel Discussion because it deals with Racism and Segregatoin To summarize: The Toronto District School Board has green lit the creation of an "afrocentered" school. Segregation is no longer racist.
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    Anti Racism- Video

    YouTube - Izura Productions-Anti Racism The Government of Canada is hosting a contest to see which school in canada could make the best anti racism commercial. So me and my friends borrowed a camera from the school, a few tapes etc. And after a week of filming. We have this. It's a...
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    Nature vs Nurture.

    Lets have a little informal debate here. Join whichever group you support. Our debate topic: "be it resolved that heredity is the primary influence on personality development." For- Nurture group: You guys support the idea that Nurture influences our personality. Against- Nature Group: You...
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    I have to write an opening statement for a Formal Debate on Nature versus Nurture in Psychology Class. Im on the Nature Side. But i have no clue how to do an opening statement =/ tips? -milkman
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    Post your Sound [audiophiles enter]

    Post your Headphones, MP3 players, Ipods etc. Also This is Audiophile thread. Discuss all things with amazing sound quality http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a29/milkman64/PICT0004.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a29/milkman64/PICT0002.jpg...
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    Hows the weather?

    Post some freaking pics of what it looks like outside where you live. I took this one today. it's effin cold out. i live in Toronto by the way. i live in a condominium. So that explains the height the picture was taken from.
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    Happy birthday to me :3

    Im finally 16 ho's .
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    User has been banned for this Toast.

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    Canadian Dollar vs American Dollar.

    The Canadian Press: Dollar sets new record above $1.07 US as unemployment rate drops to 5.8 per cent ^this article is from 14 hours ago ( as of 11:40 AM GMT - 5:00 Eastern Time ) The CDN Dollar hasnt been this high since the American Civil War =/ Good news for Consumer Canadians. But...
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    Religious expansion in 90 seconds.

    http://mapsofwar.com/images/Religion.swf probably the best thing i've seen all year.
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    how many forum members does it take to screw in a lightbulb.

    This is so damn true. Holy shat..
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    MSN admits the Zune is ugly.

    MSN Admits Zune is Ugly - The Apple Blog At least they face the truth.
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    Wii vs Vii. Let the battle begin.

    this is crazy. China has to copy liek....everything.