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    Wonderland, and other confusing worlds

    Remember that post on the World list? of course you do. Anyway it said that another website said that all worlds from KH would be in KH2... What about Wonderland, Deep Jungle, Monstro, and Neverland. How do their stories spill over into KH2? Especially the first three with a truelly "sealed"...
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    Did Anyone Pre-Order KH2 Yet??

    What does one get out of preordering anyway?
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    All Info

    Yes I am... *sigh*, but I guess research can be fun at times.
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    All Info

    Um, It's a lot to ask, but could I have at least some of the info from this summer on KH2. I've had no internet access, and know nothing compared to what all of you do. If you could just give me some info I'd be very much appreciative.
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    Why was Deep Jungle not in the game?

    KH was too short too...
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    Weapon Shopping

    Does anyone know where I can buy some Wind and Flames?
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    Is fading the equivilant of dying? Axel Faded but he acted like he was gonna be okay, and there's that reasuring KH2 Trailer. But if he didn't mind failing does this mean that Larxene, or Vexen could come back? Besides, I want to hear Larxene's laugh again...
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    Petals can be powerful, but in the hands of a weakling like Marluxia they don't do much damage, besides look at his final form, Axel was way harder!
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    September is Winter? Or is your release date different from mine?
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    make new mebers of the organasation

    Inx Weapon- Shadow Lance (Great for attack and Defense) Son of one of the members: ??? Before Sora entered Castle Oblivion Inx and Marluxia fought over who was better, and Inx had shattered Marluxia, but realized he(Marluxia) would be a nice puppet, there fore he recreated Marluxia from the...
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    is da king going to be one of your party members?

    If Mickey's there, doesn't that mean Riku should be there? There fore this would make a party of five, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and Riku. Also one theory is that Kairi goes looking for Sora, and if those two meet, you know she'll join his party.
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    4 months to go!

    4 months to go, according to this site, and people are tring to wriggle every little secret out of it's hiding spot. Did you ever think that if we find out everything now, that it might be boring when we actually play it?... Nah, what am I saying!? But really how many people are saying "4...
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    The Special Movies.

    Happy sis? you could just download them from kh2.net
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    A sleight Mystery

    I used blizzard, then knigdom key, then Olympia as a stock... when I told the game to use them it... at first I thought blizzard was going through all the Heartless, then I saw the keyblade was attached to blizzard! I don't know if Olympia was used I was too stunned, no I didn't have Strike...
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    Cure Me!

    She's crying right now, just because you all said those nice things to her. ... She's probably gonna kill me now... oh well, thanks for helpin her out.
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Nobodys gonna choose Marluxia...? Well duh, Axel's waaaaaay better.
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    Is Jack back?

    I wonder what sort of boss we'll have to fight, Oogie's gone after all.
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    Will it be the End?

    Will KH2 be the end of this series, or do you think there'll be a third one. If there is a third one will Sora still be the main character or will there be a new group of Keyblade wielders? (almsot like FF) So many questions, and we'll find out when we play the game, but in the meantime lets...
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    Saddest part of KH

    I think the saddest part was when Sora stabs himself... either that or the end when he and Kairi must seperate.
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    Funniest line in Kh

    My friend thought of this one after he watched me beat the ending, it was when they were running through the field. "Goofy runs like he has a corn-cob stuck up his butt." lol!