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    New(?) information about BHK

    New info about BHK from KH Ultimania. Don't know if you know about this... they told on the site that they have a big Nomura interview about him, bud I didn't find it. I took it as my responsibility to show this to you... At the end of Riku's story we see a young kid standing in Twilight...
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    Questions about Deep Dive

    1. What does there read when there's that bottle with a message? I cant read it, all blurry letters.... 2. In the end, there's a text: "Everything is coming back to me. The true..." does it mean the true memories. You know, what Vexen or who ever it was were babbling about those true memories to...
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    Bunch of questions!

    Wasap all. I'm going to seriously bomb you with questions... here they come... 1. Do you think that the red unknown is Ansem? (I've heard that his name is Diz. or is Diz someone else... ) 2. What does Sora's necklace(do you write it like that)mean? You know, Kingdom Hearts... and kingdoms are...