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  1. Danica Syer

    This is a temporary good bye..."HA! YOU'LL BE BACK!"...maybe so..thread

    So hello guys, You know how people left and they always come back? Yeah, I might be one of those people and wait, I am...but I'm thinking about leaving Kingdom Hearts for a long time and not coming back until the releases of Kingdom Hearts 3D and if not that, Kingdom Hearts 3 come out. Or even...
  2. Danica Syer

    Tech ► Here You Have Virus

    Note: Just in case this thread has been done before. Then clearly MY BAD. I have not seen this though and thought I'd bring it up. If so, please tell me/direct me to where it is but considering that I've looked around, I haven't seen it. Anyways...so there's this virus going around. It is...
  3. Danica Syer

    ~::~Peter Pan Fanclub~::~

    Welcome To The.... PETER PAN FANCLUB "Second star to the right and straight on til morning!" Introduction: Welcome to those who are young at heart and or have always loved the story of Peter Pan! :D This is the place for you! This is a fanclub for the boy who NEVER...
  4. Danica Syer

    Crisis Reality: A FFVII: CRISIS CORE AU RP (RP Thread)

    Story On the Planet within the timeframe of Crisis Core, the several unaccountable disappearance of ordinary citizens have enticed the involvement of Shinra's elite military branch, SOLDIER. In accordance to proximity readings, the suspected area embodies an odd electro-magnetic field which...
  5. Danica Syer

    ::[[>>>Digimon<<<]]:: Fanclub

    WELCOME TO THE DIGIMON FANCLUB! Dedicated to the anime series that’s been known as the “Pokemon” copycat by some others and despite it’s fall after the first three seasons that ran, it’s still etched in our memories today and simply known to cause not only emotions but a good...
  6. Danica Syer


    Hello! I thought I'd never really had to do this but it seems if I'm serious I can be....so with that being said. I plan to take a 3 months hiatus from KHI and that is until May unless you count this month, so that'd be 4 months but I don't count this month but whatever. Moving on, with this...
  7. Danica Syer

    The Death Note Fanclub

    The Death Note Fanclub Welcome to one of the greatest fanclubs dedicated to the manga, anime, and live action series of all time-Death Note! This is a fanclub dedicated to the series and also one of the best anime on TV as it invovles a laughing psychotic genius by the name of Light Yagami...
  8. Danica Syer

    [.:CRISIS REALITY:.] A FFVII: CRISIS CORE AU RP Sign-Ups/OOC Discussion Thread] [RE-MADE]

    IT IS BACK AGAIN...AND THIS TIME THIS RP IS GOING TO GET GOING FOR SURE!...THIS TIME AROUND! :D .:[CRISIS REALITY]:. A Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Alternate Universe Roleplay Created by Danica Syer (formerly known as Candy Fair) Co-Creators: Rauxlen and Neglect PLEASE...
  9. Danica Syer


    Okay so I know I sound weird saying this but today is one of my friend's birthday, Nelo Angelo and with that being said, I know he's not on KHI alot or been active recently but that doesn't mean I see him on Facebook and all, as it is his birthday today, I would like to give him a birthday...
  10. Danica Syer


    Hey guys, Today is somebody's special day...as they are turning 18 years old (I hope I got that right)! It is my best friend and dearest online twin brother Zeagal!!!!! So wish him a Happy Birthday! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEAGAL! YOU SO DESERVE THIS!<3333 <3 Candy~
  11. Danica Syer


    Today is a very special day! Somebody just turned 16 and that somebody is an awesome, graphics maker (who deserves the best and the rest he needs if you all know what I mean), and is just totally a good friend, of mine. OMG happy 16th birthday Callum!!!!!!! You deserved it! :DDDDDD Now go make...
  12. Danica Syer

    Great, I Have Another Issue....Go Figure.

    So hello there guys! Candy, here, with another issue and blah blah blah. So I was wondering if I can get your advice/input and take on this. So I have a friend and we're not close or really good friends and we don't hang out that much but lately I've seen him and he hangs with me and my friends...
  13. Danica Syer

    [.:CRISIS REALITY:.] A FFVII: CRISIS CORE AU RP Sign-Ups/OOC Discussion Thread]

    .:[CRISIS REALITY]:. A Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Alternate Universe Roleplay Created by Candy Fair Co-Creators: Rauxlen and Neglect PLEASE READ: Welcome to Crisis Reality: A FFVII: Crisis Core Alternate Universe (story) Roleplay! If you're wondering if this is a FFVII...
  14. Danica Syer

    Crisis Core Alternate Universe RP? I don't know just an idea that came up!

    Okies then. I have an idea. I don't know if it'd work though. This idea was coming to me while me and the other members of the Zack Fair fanclub were discussing things about some kind of Alternate Universe Crisis Core kind of RP. But anyway, here's what my idea was originally and okay here goes...
  15. Danica Syer

    Collision of Love and Festivity [A Lelouch x Shirley Fanfic]

    Sorry for the long note (SKIP AHEAD TO CHAPTER ONE IF YOU WANT): Hello before you start reading. Please let me explain a few things. Okay first off, I don't know how the school system at Ashford Academy works or anything like that exactly. But I tried researching from sites I could obtain...
  16. Danica Syer

    The Code Geass Fanclub [Because it's such an awesome ANIME!]

    Hello! WELCOME GUYS, TO THE ONE AND ONLY CODE GEASS FANCLUB!!!!! :D BTW, SPOILER TAGS ARE WELCOME. :D PLEASE READ: INTRODUCTION: Hello there and welcome fellow Code Geass fans of KHINSIDER to the Code Geass fanclub! Okay then, let me get started. So I know the show already lasted of...
  17. Danica Syer

    My Poem [C and C please/Heck NO, it's not a rhyming poem, deal with it k?]

    Okay I'm going to give a try at FREEVERSE poetry because as far as it goes, I'm no good at RHYMING POETRY. This is based on a real-life experience. I know I'm NOT good at Poems. So if you want to criticize it, go ahead. I don't care if you do so, it's good that I need ones about improving. I...
  18. Danica Syer

    Sleeping Problem

    I have a question and need answers: So what’s a good way to get things out of your mind before you go to sleep? Or how do you FALL asleep? I’ve tried thinking of good thoughts and counting "sheeps" but they don’t really work. I have a hard time sleeping and then I see some kind of horror movie...
  19. Danica Syer

    Oh joy, not this again

    I feel as if my friends and or classmates always leave me out whenever it comes to working together, joining in a conversation and or whenever. For my friends, when I do explain to them, they understand but then they don't really do anything about it although they have invited me to go to Sadie...
  20. Danica Syer

    My Connection's Back!

    So I could reach here from the library, school, or from another computer that was like in other states just to say hi but I just wanted to say that since my connection's bust, it came back! So I'm back, OFFICIALLY! :D