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    Hey !

    I recently returned to the forums, I quit like 2 years ago, lol. I doubt anyone remembers me but, well I'm back. =D Haha, I can still remember some of the old mods and people I knew. Anyway, HELLO EVERYONE !
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    HARRRR if you like pirates join the pirate club!! HARRRRRRR!!!!!
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    Secret Ending *possible spoilers*

    Well, I finally beat the game at lvl 50 after two days and I was wondering how to get the secret ending. Could someone plz tell me and also DON'T say what happens in it.
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    When did this site come up first, i was just curious thnx guys.
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    Hb Is On The Warpath!!!!!

    Ok guys beware of HB in the kh section cause he will get very angry at your spamming and pointless topics. So DON'T PISS HIM OFF TODAY. Also we are recruiting members to fight the mods!!!! Premium members and noobs alike can join!!!! DEATH TO THE MODS!!! P.S. This is a joke so don't freak...
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    You're ps2?

    Well I was just wondering if you guys have been playing you're ps2's recently because I seen to have stopped playing (for some weird reason) i'd rather be on the forum's. Weird huh?
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    Elmo vs Hillary Duff

    Who would win?
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    What are you looking forward to in kh2???

    What's the thing that you are looking forward to the most in kh2? For me it's the new storyline and finding about the whole game!!!!!!!!!!
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    How To Beat Sephiroth!!!

    I beat sephiroth at lvl 54 and he was easy I will tell you my strategy, also he is great to get to lvl 100 on if you get use this startegy you will beat him easily. Before the battle: Ok before the battle make sure you have ethers or a ability(mp rage) that makes your mp go up. Next you need to...
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    Gummi Ship!!!!

    One of the things I can't wait for is the new gummi ship battle system, from the trailers i've seen it seems really kool and way better and it also looked like you could fight bosses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just wondering what you guys think about it.
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    can some plz explain to me what the silver nobody things are and if they have a connection with the heartless....and yes i have been living under a rock for like 3 months so plz dont flame... oops i just realized that this isnt in the spoiler section srry could someone plz move this?
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    Create a member! 1.0(**spoiler**)

    i dont know if someones made this already and if someone has srry i didnt know.....ok make up your very own member of the organization!!!!heres mine.... name....zaxeldion has red hair his weapon is a lance!!! hes 6'3 hes organization member #14 ummm.....i dont know wat else u guys improvise...
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    The Order(**spoiler**)

    wat are your favourite order members of the orders....me i like axel because he has kool weapons and he is a very interestign character
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    Your Favourite Drive Form!!!!

    wats ur fav drive form????? o and the antisora one ive never seen so i dunno bout that...
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    cg graphics in kh2?

    well there is obviously gonna cg graphics but i really hope that there are more than 2 like in kh1 theres only 2 so hopefully in kh2 they will have moe cg graphcs.
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    look at this!!

    VOID i was looking at tjis scan of sor where they show his wisdom form and at the very bottom left corner there is this weird black guy.........who is it??????? http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?image=scan37.jpg
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    wat the non existent ones really are

    i was thinking about the heartless and the nonexistent ones.....and i had a theory....... ok here goes i think that there are of course many other worlds out there that sora hasnt discovered yet......and i also know that sora and bhk are keyblade master or can weild keyblades but i believe that...
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    fighting in mid air???

    evrytime sora enters valour form with goofy in the trailers it seems u can fight in mid air for a long time and use pecial moves in mid air too....
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    need help with n e thing???

    i can help u with n e thing u want in kh1.....
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    the connection between sora and bhk and ansem and diz

    my theory about the non existent ones also i was thinking about the heartless and the nonexistent ones.....and i had a theory....... ok here goes i think that there are of course many other worlds out there that sora hasnt discovered yet......and i also know that sora and bhk are keyblade...