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    In watching all the demos, I've seen them drop HP Balls, MP Balls and Dive Mode Balls, but no Munny? Does this mean there might be a new system of obtaining munny?
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    Just a thought...

    I was looking at someone's sig, and they had this: Now, by now we've all probably seen it. And I always wonderered where it was, or what he was doing. Could it be Disney Castle? Perhaps there's a particularly important keyhole there. It'd make sense if there was...
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    Hi, I was wondering when the shops are restocked?
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    The "New Unknown" Picture

    As you all probably know by now, there is a picture going around of the New Unknown. No one has discussed anythign except the banner, which is understandable - since it's big. What about the monitors that are there? If you look at the image again, look at the screen below that of Donald...
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    Triple Triad - Level 2 Bot Error

    I was playing a level 2 TT bot, and won. But after my final move, instead of saying "You Won... etc", it said "Error - You are not in a Triple Triad Match" I checked my gil, and I hadn't gained any.
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    Riku and his blindfold

    This has been brought up on many occasions. Generally it's been discarded as DD/ASAS were just concepts and their continuing relevence is to be speculated. However, in the lastest trailer (Jump Festa), there is a flash of Riku wearing his blindfold around the 3:00-3:02 time frame. Personally...
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    Rpg Exp

    Hello, I was wondering how the exp is calculated in the RPG? What increases it? What decreases it? What doesn't effect it at all? I ask, because while fighting many test heartless, I'd get 7.5exp for winning after getting the heck beat out of me. And then getting 7.5exp for killing it in a...
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    My Character - Gone

    When the RPG Inferno went down, my character was wiped. What should I do/Who should I contact?
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    I need help

    What is the best way to earn gil and exp? I go into bot fights, but end up dying and needing heal all the time. My dmg is all over the place, it ranges from 10dmg all teh way to like 110. The dmg I recieve ranges the same amount. Am I missing something?
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    This Forums RPG system

    I need help with the RPG system on this forum. What's the best way to earn gil and exp? I've been tryign AI Battles and they're too random. My dmg with my Kingdom Key seems to range from 0 (if the evade or their defense is high) or 10 (if I hit) all the way up to 110!! And the damage I...
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    The importance of 13 - Organisation

    There's been alot of tlaka bout the importance of the number 13,a nd has also recently been confirmed that there ARE 13 Organisation members. So, my question is - where do Riku and Mickey fit into this? I am going to assume that if there are 13 member sof the Organisation, there has always...
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    The last theories I've seen on the line "His voice... it's left me. This time... I'll fight" is that it refers/is spoken by Kairi. Saying that she will fight this time. The line appears when BFU/Riku(?) is jumping from the tower. :::KH: CoM Spoilers::: If any of you have played Riku's...