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  1. King Sora X

    The Roleplaying Tavern - Stop by for a pint!

    I check back here every once in a while. While there are always a couple of roleplays that seem to be getting steady activity and replies, it's nothing like it was in 2009-2013. Most have gone on to do their own thing while others -- myself included in this batch of people -- have gone on to...
  2. King Sora X

    Where I can find any roleplay sites?

    A simple google search for roleplaying sites should produce some results for you. There are still some decent ones out there.
  3. King Sora X

    TV ► What shows have you dropped?

    I've dropped a number of shows and listing them all would take forever, so I think it might be a lot easier to state that I've more or less dropped anime as a genre cept for maybe a handful of titles that have kept my attention. As far as actual live-action series', I don't think there are a...
  4. King Sora X

    Just look at em' korean bots.

    Just look at em' korean bots.
  5. King Sora X

    Film ► Mulan 2020

    At face value, it looks like a decent production of a Chinese action film. So at the least, the action's gonna be top-notch. Not sure about acting or execution of the story but only time will tell i guess.
  6. King Sora X

    News ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake?

    I've listened to her singing voice. She's a good singer and I'm sure her acting capabilities will be just fine. People are just overreacting per the usual.
  7. King Sora X

    Hold up-- We can say the f word now?

    I move for the f word to be censored and replaced with firetruck!
  8. King Sora X

    New Forum Software

    Wow. I wasn't expecting this, but I suppose with the recent changes in the forum game, even KHI had to get with the times.
  9. King Sora X

    Tech ► Collection #! Data Breach!

    Yeah, so this is pretty bad - catastrophic, even! https://www.forbes.com/sites/kateoflahertyuk/2019/01/17/collection-1-breach-how-to-find-out-if-your-password-has-been-stolen/ Be sure to take necessary steps to protect yourself!
  10. King Sora X

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - Home of David Tennant & Drake Bell Speculation! Well damn. David voicing Scrooge McDuck for Ducktales is news to me. I didn't even know they were doing a ducktales reboot, let alone getting David to voice Scrooge. Seems like they would be crazy not to...
  11. King Sora X

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - Home of David Tennant & Drake Bell Speculation! I'm definitely a bit out of the loop, so forgive my ignorance here, but I did see something about David Tennant and Drake Bell. Can someone fill me in on what exactly that's about? Because I am 100% for this...
  12. King Sora X

    Music ► Synthwave, 80s Nostalgia, and "New Retro Wave"

    I don't know if you've been living under a rock these past few years or just haven't kept up with the synthwave scene, but in recent years, there has been an uprising of sorts within this genre. From anyone to Scandroid to The Midnight, a lot of 80s nostalgia artists and bands have been getting...
  13. King Sora X

    Wasn't going to make one of these, but..

    I guess I'm back. So, uh,hi old friends and new.
  14. King Sora X

    Face Your Past

    ((Inspired by the song Break Free by Eyeshine and loosely based off of a real life experience. Hope y'all enjoy. Comments are welcomed, critique even more so.)) <---000---> “Face Your Past” Beep after beep, alert after alert. His black Samsung Messenger kept on going...
  15. King Sora X

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Let’s talk Raya and the Last Dragon~

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? Wreck-It-Ralph would not work simply due to the fact that there would be so many copyright issues. It would be fun, yes, but I don't see it happening.
  16. King Sora X

    Cartoon/TV ► Marvel's Daredevil

    The upcoming Netflix original series stars Charlie Cox as the titular character Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil. It's set to arrive on Netflix in May of 2015. So yeah, let the discussion and such commence~
  17. King Sora X

    Through The Fire And Flames - A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction Story

    Hello my fellow writers! King Sora X here to bring you my new project, Through The Fire and Flames. This is one that I have been wanting to do and NaNoWriMo has presented me with enough inspiration to do it. So, I do hope you enjoy it. Synopsis~ Gios is just an ordinary teenager. He hangs out...
  18. King Sora X

    What if Ansem the Wise was Kairi's dad?

    I think another reason why Kairi wouldn't be Ansem The Wise's daughter is simply the following reason: She has red hair. He has blonde hair. But yes, also what the others said.
  19. King Sora X

    That _________Moment When...

    Okay, this is a new game I just thought of based on the popular saying "That Awkward Moment". Pretty much to play, you put any word you want whether it be awkward, awesome, or awful, and just do it like you would for TAM. Sounds easy enough right? Okay I'll start: That Awkward Moment when you...
  20. King Sora X

    Film ► Marvel's Doctor Strange - Due for release in July 6th, 2016

    Just going to use that logo until there is an official one released. Also, posting this thread cause I saw no other thread for the upcoming movie, but here's something to discuss right off the bat. RUMOR: Marvel Wants Ethan Hawke For DOCTOR STRANGE