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  1. ZinC Podzzz

    Remember Epic Mickey?

    You guys remember Epic Mickey on the Wii? When I was little I was so hyped to get the game. I played the game and it was amazing. The story was great, the choices to either paint or use thinner on bosses was really interesting, and it brought back Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! It's unfortunate they...
  2. ZinC Podzzz

    What about Switch?

    We've seen Square Enix release mobile entries on Nintendo Switch, like FF15 Pocket Edition (and I suppose The World Ends With You.) What if they released Dark Road on Switch? We don't know much about gameplay, but this is just a thought after all.
  3. ZinC Podzzz

    Where. Is. Sora's. Mom.

    This is a detail that does not matter in the slightest, I understand that. But like, I want to know that happened to her! Do you think she's seen Sora since KH1? I assume so, since he's been back to the islands, but why haven't we seen her? The mainland was only shown in KH2 from what I remember...
  4. ZinC Podzzz

    A Lack of Nobodies

    I love the Nobodies. They designs are always so interesting and cool. The thing is, there are never enough! In KH2, there were far more Heartless in the game than Nobodies. The Heartless in that game were pretty amazing, but I still wanted more Nobodies. Then, when I would see the Nobodies in...
  5. ZinC Podzzz

    GBA is better than the remake

    I own the original GBA game, and I love the heck out of the thing. I couldn't bring myself to beat the remake as Riku, but with the original, I beat the entire thing. The combat is fun, the GBA sounding music is just the best, and the whole sprite aesthetic that it has on the console give this...
  6. ZinC Podzzz

    When were all of the Keyblade wielders' memories changed?

    So, when Union X officially starts in the app formally known as Unchained X, the old Union leaders have died in the Keyblade War (or maybe not even that according to KH3) and the new ones have replaced them. So are the memories of the remaining Keyblade wielders just gone? How? When did this...
  7. ZinC Podzzz

    Shift Pride?

    So I’m just playing Quest 846 and the new leaders are discussing Shift Pride. This is referring to the PVP Colosseum, right?
  8. ZinC Podzzz

    Can someone explain this to me, please?

    Do we know why exactly Ventus is in KHUx? Some organization members being explained here is kind of cool, but I don't see the point of him being here. To my knowledge it hasn't been answered yet.
  9. ZinC Podzzz


    Since we are in this modern time of Kingdom Hearts, DLC is more of a possibility. Of course, Re: Mind will be coming out this winter, but will there be more? I'm thinking more about Disney stuff for this. Maybe it would be light on story and take place before the final battle. You know how the...