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  1. alolansentret

    Thoughts if Vanitas were to get some kind of 'redemption arc' later on?

    By 'redemption arc' I don't mean he has to do a complete 180. But I think it would be interesting if there were a segment in a future game that focused on Vanitas and the choices he could make now that Xehanort isn't around anymore. He does say in the Monster's Inc world that he chooses to stay...
  2. alolansentret

    How much involvement do you think TWEWY will have in future KH games?

    Sora waking up in Shibuya in the secret ending (as well as riku's part) hasn't really been explained at all, but its obviously supposed to be a parallel to when neku woke up in Shibuya in twewy. Nomura seemed to really want to push this idea of sora being in shibuya with the re:mind yozora fight...