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  1. SuperNova

    SPOILERS: Yet ANOTHER Yozora Theory

    So after chewing the bullet and going through KH3 again, and digesting what ReMIND had to offer. The ending of ReMIND and the Secret Episode got me thinking about a theory regarding Yozora and Sora.
  2. SuperNova

    Would you prefer a new protagonist?

    So with the release of KH3 finally over with, and the next KH game sometime in the future, lets talk about protagonists. Nomura has stated in the past that Sora will always be the main character of KH. However with his fate in the end of 3, I’ve seen some general worry about whether he will...
  3. SuperNova

    How long do you think we might be in Shibuya?

    Regardless if this is TWEWY related or just Verum Rex related, we know that Riku and Sora are in a version of Tokyo as a whole. With the secret ending being as vague as it is, I’m not certain on what’s going to happen. We know another game is going to happen soon, but what that game is going...