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  1. Key to Truth

    Old promotional video screenshots? Where do they come from?

    Hi there people. I've been wondering for quite a while. Way long before BBS came out, we got a sneak peak to BBS through the secret ending in KH2FM, but I remember seeing some weird screenshots of something that doesn't appear in any of the games. These pictures: As far as I could...
  2. Key to Truth

    Modeling KH X new Heartless

    I'm currently making 3D models out of the new heartless shown in Kingdom Hearts Chi and I would like to hear your opinion about them. Right now I've only made on, but later on I will update with more models. Bite Egg 4K Render here Status: Modeling - Done Texturing - WIP Rigging/Animation...
  3. Key to Truth

    KH BBS FM has KH3D: DDD stuff inside it!

    So... yeah! I was surprised too, while translating KH BBS FM I found lots of files that weren't in the USA version which I thought it was obvious since it had extras, but after checking what they were I thought people should know about this... I made some pics about the contents inside the game...
  4. Key to Truth

    Toy Story and Monsters Inc were meant to be in KH2.

    While exploring KH2 I found out that in the world list there were these names: トイストーリ (Toy Story) モンスタースインク (Monsters Inc) And long ago, Yaz0r, the one who created the Kingdom Hearts 3D model viewer said the models from Toy Story were still inside the game. He made pics of it, but they got lost...
  5. Key to Truth

    Jungle Book was going to be in BBS.

    Yes, as you read, a world based on the movie "The Jungle Book" was going to be in Birth by Sleep, discovered by the hacker Erkz. Pics and video to prove it: 0gzU4LkbYE8 It's a shame the whole world didn't get in...