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    Help/Support ► 2 College Majors

    apologies if this is in the wrong section So, 2 majors is a big leap, and some can handle and some cant. My friend wants to do 2 (marine biology and veterinarian) but shes sorta stuck in a CA community college right now. Some words of advice and guidance would be appreciated as to where she...
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    Help/Support ► In My World

    WHAT IS THE STRATEGY TO SOLVING THIS GAME?! we were playing it today, and for those of you who dont know...you start off with that "in my world" and end in some pairing of words that shouldnt matter...or so its said... ex. In my world, theres tommies but no red rangers. help!
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    Grad Nite...specifically Southern CA for my ?

    So, for those who have had it already, howd it go? Heard it was a waste of time in the general sense of overcrowdedness just to ride a few rides. Better chance to go on a regular weekday, though price is the incentive heh. Hope it was fun nonetheless! Anywho, im more wondering what schools, in...
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    Ant Issue

    So, we all have been through the burdens of ants. Popping up when not needed, popping in not wanted, etc. This morning, i woke up to find the pizza box i ordered from last night covered in ants. I opened it and drastically tried to save my loves. 2 out of 3 boxes were saved, those saved still...
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    Help/Support ► A.A..A...Asking!

    Well, I'd like to hear the stories of people's experiences in asking (inc. girls to guys) out. Out to....lame school dances, night outs, even speaking to said crushes parents. Also, because i have a predicament and need to try and up one how my friend is asking his crush, so you know, ideas...
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    Drama Gift

    So, my friend became the play manager this year. Shes pulling off Romeo and Juilet. So im wondering, as an opening night gift, what should i get her? I know the usual balloons or flowers for a first nights good job, but still, i kinda sorta wanna stand out. And i will try to go to her play more...
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    Ah acne....terrible curse.

    So, how many people really do suffer from acne? Most of you should raise your hands, honesty and to make me feel better of course. Another question What are some crazy theories youve heard that would help treat it? Strange since we're all different, but there are some ranging from not eating...
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    Help/Support ► Breaking up is a hard thing to do

    So, instead of a romantic love, what about a less than romantic love? How does one break up with a best friend, or friend, cut the cord, sink the relationship, want nothing more to do? Just wanna hear your general ideas, stories if possible. Im in a bit of a jam myself, i know i cant do it cause...
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    Help/Support ► Best friend?

    Hello everyone! Okay well just generally asking first-----What are your thoughts on best friends, dating them, liking them, or deciding you might as well stop? Just general. Now to me problem...well to summarize a long and boring story, me and my best fiend , of 10 years now i think, havnt been...
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    Just some help

    I need to look into a culture but i just cant think of anything, sure lazy but anyway can anyone tell me an interesting culture or tradition? like in brazil something about weddings and donkeys, so yeah
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    Help/Support ► Need more advice...

    OK well first off to summarize the background. Me and my best friend, friends for about 11 12 years, first love crush whatever we're best friends but recently its been rocky. Well it sorta started when i reazlied this was an unfair friendship. i mean she could come to me for anything from crying...
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    I just recently found this out. 42 is the magic number, a crazy number! Type in 42 into google and look at the results. It seems its the anwser to the universe lol...ok sure a bit farfetched but still crazy when you think about it... google>>42>>look around
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    Help/Support ► Some..help

    My good friend has been ve rytroubled all her life but she has finally gotten through it, now high school and all shes very stressed, messed up relationship withe her bf, and well shes very stressed. Yes yes we're all stressed but seriously she takes it to a whole nother level...she told me shes...
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    hey....is this...

    """"Our most precious memories lie deep in our hearts, out of reach. you just have to search"""" is tht from this game???? and if so like what part was it? i gotta kno soon lol
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    The Game Script

    Anyone know where i may find the game script of Kingdom Hearts II...and the whole game?! i found only where it goes up to probably sora's 3rd memory "reminder" so yeah...any help
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    That song...

    hi pals! didnt see this so um anyone remember that one song it ws passion but remixed eh? so uh i would liek to download it if...a website had it and i distinctlly remember a trailer having the song, so anyone help me aorund here?
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    Anyone notice in CoM on the back of the instruction booklet sorta the last pageish it shows tron and a game that came out (i think) so i feel dumb cause we couldve figured out a world in kh2 before it came out....the world of tron!
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    Hello pals. anyways i was wondering if anyone stil owns a N64? if so has your controller "died"? because i need a new one and the only place i have been able to find a good one i could buy is ebay. but i was wondering if i can just go out there and buy it instead of waiting...seeing how kh2 is...
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    Just Pointing Out....

    Okay first off its some things ive been wondering to put in one thread so heres questions and statments 1~~Why have we never seen any videos of KH or CoM i believe from Europe? i mean yeah it was released over there so where the videos? id like to hear donald speaking in....i dont know anythign...
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    Hey i hope this isnt to useless thread but uh ****MINOR SPOILER*** when Roxas goes and sees donald and goofy sleepn'.....isnt it like hard sleeping standing up???? **END***hope that wasnt to big of a spoiler but yeah smae with sora what do you guys think? i mean haha in the pod is it supporting...