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  1. legacier

    If you had to erase one character from existence entirely, who would you choose?

    And don't say Xion because it already happened to her once. And because in this fandom she's such an easy target that you might as well draw a bullseye on her face... but I wouldn't touch that discourse with a ten-foot pole.
  2. legacier

    Limit Cut question

    As far as I can tell, there's no way of leveling or collecting synthesis items/leveling in Re Mind itself, but Re Mind clear data is needed to access Limit Cut. So if I reach Limit Cut, but decide to go back and gain some levels to make the fights easier, I would have to do that in a different...
  3. legacier

    I have a few questions about Kingdom Hearts III.

    There were a few things in KH3 that confused me: 1. At one point Mickey remarks that Aqua is like Sora, and Riku reacts with an over-the-top shocked and disturbed "WHAT?!?!!!" Why would he react like that to such a simple statement? 2. The organization members' eyes turned yellow when they...
  4. legacier

    Besides Sora, what character would you want a future game to focus on, and why? What might that game be like in terms of story and gameplay?

    Besides Sora, what character would you want a future game to focus on, and why? What might that game be like in terms of story and gameplay?
  5. legacier

    What's up with Scala ad Caelum?

    It looks like Eraqus and Xehanort lived in Scala ad Caelum when they were younger, but in BBS Eraqus lives in the Land of Departure. Xehanort says that the world was "Once a seat of power for all Keyblade wielders." Eraqus says something similar about the Land of Departure: "Generations of...
  6. legacier

    Why does the Kingdom Key look like the χ-blade?

    It always bothered me that Sora's keyblade is treated as unremarkable, even though its default form is obviously the same as the ones that make up the χ-blade. Nobody has even noticed it in-game. Like, Xehanort definitely knew what the χ-blade looked like, but neither he nor his incarnations...