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    a disapointment 4 Sephy....

    belive it or not i defeated Sephyroth in one try only i thought that i'll have a hard time defeating him but it seems his not that strong as he was in kh1 plus my difficulty is in proud mode and on top of that i didn't even have to read any strategy guide for him. im at lvl 68 when i kicked his...
  2. M

    Whos your favorite boss.

    Mr. Sephy.......................
  3. M

    Namine's voice

    How bout Linsey Lohan
  4. M

    The Leader of The Org Revealed? (Spoilers)

    "supposedly" you get it............
  5. M

    The Leader of The Org Revealed? (Spoilers)

    - The Enigmatic Man is the superior, who is supposedly Ansem's soul.
  6. M

    The order? Good or Bad?

    go to the download section of khinsider.com
  7. M

    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: Pa-Pa-Pa PASSION!!!! th song is good.............
  8. M

    My UnOfficial Topic on Keyblade Customization

    is the KB Customizing true?
  9. M

    Wheres Riku?????????

    yeah i know that nut i want to see some pix from KH2 with Riku.........
  10. M

    Wheres Riku?????????

    do you realy think that riku will be on KH2? I mean you know its been 3 years since they anounced that there'll be a sequell of it and still no sign of Riku.
  11. M

    Wheres Riku?????????

    Some video and Screen shots are showing some previous character from the first KH and some characters are new but the question is...............WHY ARENT THEY SHOWING RIKU IN SOME VIDEO TRAILER OR SOME SCREEN SHOTS? WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? im sory for the shouting...
  12. M

    Questions on deep dive

    i think it represents his memory floating away or his light or....................i have no idea
  13. M


    good for you...........
  14. M

    pic pic pic

    maybe that pic is shown in FM version
  15. M

    2 discs???

    I think its just a normal switching disk, not a Sora Disk 1 and BHK Disk 2 I think its just like SO:TTEOT
  16. M


    I think Magic will be cast as you do a combo to an enemy automaticaly
  17. M

    Thats not Sephiroth

    http://utsunomiya.cool.ne.jp/gamers159/image/jp050720-07.jpg it is Sephy...............
  18. M

    Thats not Sephiroth

    well i can't judge it until i see it..............oh well
  19. M

    Thats not Sephiroth

    wheres the imae anyway?
  20. M

    The end of kingdom hearts 2

    that will depend on the popularity of KH2 you know