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    a disapointment 4 Sephy....

    belive it or not i defeated Sephyroth in one try only i thought that i'll have a hard time defeating him but it seems his not that strong as he was in kh1 plus my difficulty is in proud mode and on top of that i didn't even have to read any strategy guide for him. im at lvl 68 when i kicked his...
  2. M

    Wheres Riku?????????

    Some video and Screen shots are showing some previous character from the first KH and some characters are new but the question is...............WHY ARENT THEY SHOWING RIKU IN SOME VIDEO TRAILER OR SOME SCREEN SHOTS? WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? im sory for the shouting...
  3. M


    Okay we all know that FFVII-AC is going to be out by 09-13-05=USA and 09-14-05=JAP I know this cause i watched the trailer And we all know that Nomura Said they already started the voice acting for the English Versoin so it means the JAP versoin is already finished (or not). I think that...
  4. M

    E3 Trailer High Res.

    I don't know if this is new or old but....... 60 MB Trailer E3 2005 Enjoy..........!..........i hope...
  5. M

    The Deep Dive & XIII Organization

    Okay we all know that the DD is just a mere Concept or Idea for the KH2 this is a picture of a XIII decreasing and stoped to the number two. DO ANY ONE THINKS THAT THERE A CONNECTION BETWEEN XIII DECREASING AND THE XIII ORGANIZATION? As you can see in the picture the number are connected and...
  6. M

    Who will Bring Chaos or Save the World?

    According to the Ansem's Report.... Legend Says a Keyblade Weilder is ganno save all worlds while the other one is going to bring chaos and ruins into it. (i forgot what it say but i defenitely read the Ansem's Report and i think its in the #9 one) BHK is a Weilder of a keyblade but i don't...
  7. M

    KH3 on PS3?

    What do you thnk? In a surprising twist on the next generation hardware race, a Sony representative has stated that a year 2005 release for the next generation PlayStation is a possibility. Responding to questions from Jiji news...
  8. M

    New Interview with Nomura...

    - Sora's visits to netherworlds will be a core part of the game, Hades' world is the main underworld but many other worlds have netherworlds too - Pete's involvement in the game is directly related to him being Mickey's rival and he's not limited to any one world - Mulan will be the first...
  9. M

    Grab a heartless

    as you can see Sora just grab that big pointy circular heartless thingy and smashes to the other heartless i think its a new ability of him to grab a heartless.
  10. M

    Mother Ship!!??

    I was just wondering if that big thingy is a mother ship of heartless if you play gummi ship, I thought gummi is just a mini game now in KH2 is that a min game? That Big Ship didn't even comes close to the camera either so i think its a mother ship you know like in Ergiezer(I think thats the...
  11. M

    My edited VID!!!!!!!!!

    Okey its done Featuring KH2 Trailers JF05 & TGS04 Whispher By Evanescence Heres the LINK CLICK HERE after clicking wait 30 to 60 sec then a PopUp will come out Enjoy! OH! and Just post your Opinion bout this OK TY......
  12. M

    BHK's Friends?

    Do anyone of you know who are they? By the way I extracted this from the KH2-JF Trailer 05.....
  13. M

    Fusion with donald Confirmed!!!!

    Its been comfirmed You can see his clothes in blue i wonder where he learnd to fuse with his friends and i think his casting a magic in this PIC, cause his starts to wave his keyblade in a circular form. Post your theory bout this if you have one.
  14. M

    bits of new info bout KH2

    New worlds and new system designs to brighten it up! Nomura's comments on completion." At this stage, what is going on with Hades? At this stage, Sora moves on through his adventure when he meets Hades. Quickly moving into his world while the world passes by him. Hades' world consists of many...
  15. M

    Where is this place?

    Can anybody tell me where is this place. By the way i extracted this from the trailer of KH2.
  16. M

    Movie i edited

    Milh here! i have here a site where i uploaded my edited movie hope you enjoy. If the download fail, give me you e-mail add and i'll send it to you. Click Here i wanna know your opinion? FFVII-AC Featuring Battle in KH-FM Ok i know its not a kh2 topic but i wanna share it to all who surf...
  17. M

    End scene of ASAS

    I know this is being discuss in the Official RHG Thread so I seperated it from the topic. Im sori if some one already posted this topic. Some ppl said its Kairi but, Kairi's hair is red and the girl yous has a black hair. Other said shes a concept of Kairi, Why SE made a concept of Kairi with...
  18. M

    Who do you want to be the most strongest BOSS in Kingdom Hearts 2

    I want Siefer and Sephiroth VS Sora only that would be cool......
  19. M

    New Detail For KH2.....In English

    A trickle of information on Kingdom Hearts II gameplay to whet everyone's appetite for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show which should herald more details about this game. The camera is now controlled by the right analog stick instead of the shoulder buttons as it was in the original. The overall...