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3/28 Union χ JP Update: Version 3.2.0, Ticket Draws



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Nov 1, 2009

Clear new event quests from 3/28~4/3 to get Leostar [Red] pet parts!

Available parts include Leostar [Red] head, ears, body, legs, tail and [hair]Style, which is an accessory.

KINGDOM HEARTS Union X upgraded to Version 3.2.0 on 3/28! This includes:

Spirit Training, which is accessed via the Spirit info screen. Train your Spirit with your favorite medal to unlock a Special Trait for it!
These are separate from normal medal traits.

Special Traits include:

Special Trait Chance of Obtaining
Extra Attack 120% 0.2%
Raid Damage+100% 0.8%
Raid Damage+30% 2.4%
Raid Damage+20% 3.5%
Raid Damage+10% 3.5%
Attack+2000 1.4%
Attack+500 2.0%
Attack+400 3.5%
Attack+200 3.5%
Attack+100 3.5%
Attack+50 3.5%
Defense+1000 2.0%
Defense+800 3.5%
Defense+600 3.5%
Defense+400 3.5%
Defense+200 3.5%
Ground Enemy Defense-20% 1.4%
Aerial Enemy Defense-20% 1.4%
Ability Gauge+3 3.5%
Ability Gauge+2 3.5%
Ability Gauge+1 3.5%
HP+1000 3.5%
HP+900 3.5%
HP+800 3.5%
HP+700 3.5%
HP+600 3.5%
HP+500 3.5%
Poison Resist+100% 1.0%
Poison Resist+20% 2.8%
Poison Resist+10% 3.5%
Sleep Resist+100% 1.0%
Sleep Resist+20% 2.8%
Sleep Resist+10% 3.5%
Paralyze Resist+100% 1.0%
Paralyze Resist+2-% 2.8%
Paralyze Resist+10% 3.5%

Extra Attack 120% and Ground/Air DEF-20% Special Traits do not stack with normal Traits. In the event that there are duplicates, only the stronger effect will be active.
Example: a medal has EA 40% (normal) and EA 120% (special), then only EA 120% is in effect.

If you'd like to use more than one medal in each training, additional medal slots can be unlocked via the following:

Condition Time Limit
Purchase Jewel Pack S Slot expires at 23:59 on Sunday of the week of purchase
Purchase Jewel Pack F Slot expires at 23:59 on the last day of the month
Pull 5 times from the 10 medal draw Slot expires 72 hours after making the 5th pull

Regarding the 3rd condition: Players must pull from temporary banners that distribute 10 medals. Extra slots cannot be unlocked with additional pulls, so any pulls made while this condition is already in effect are not counted. Pulling from Ticket Draws willl also not count towards this.

Spirit Training sessions are reopened after 20 hours have passed. However, you can use jewels to bypass the time limit and train again immediately. The number of jewels required to do so increases with each usage: 200, 500, 1000, 2000 (with 2000 being the cap).
The jewel cost is reset every Sunday at 23:59.

Double-Speed Mode, which is accessible through the Quest Info button at the top right corner. This only applies to battle and movement speed, but it doesn't work in Union Cross.

Players will also receive additional benefits when purchasing Jewel Pack F:

  • Get twice as many jewels from Daily Missions
  • Opens extra Spirit Training medal slot (mentioned above)

These bonuses last until the end of the month, and they remain the same regardless of how many packs you purchase.

All Bursts and Super Bursts will have Ground/Air DEF-60% effects by default.

Your own Raid Boss will be displayed in the Raid Boss list

Changes to Super Burst and the number of traits will be displayed in the medal evolution screen

Adjusted the amount of Lux acquired from certain enemies

Super Bonus Jewel Campaign is held from 3/29~4/8! Get even more bonus jewels and Skip Tickets when you purchase jewel packs from the shop.

Jewel Packs Bonus Jewels   Skip Ticket II
240 0 --> 20 1 --> 3
720 60 --> 90 3 --> 9
1,400 200 --> 300 6 --> 18
2,900 700 --> 1,000 15 --> 45
4,200 1,320 --> 2,000 20 --> 60
6,800 2,800 --> 4,200 35 --> 105
9,800 4,700 --> 7,000  50 --> 150

★7 Economy Draw is held from 3/29~3/31! Each pull guarantees 1 Tier 7 or 8 ★7 medal, with bonus 5 Limited and regular VIP coins.

It’s possible to get [EX+] and Tier 8 copy medals from this banner. 

KHUX Global is celebrating its 3rd anniversary from 3/29~4/30! To commemorate this occasion, players in both JP and Global versions will receive Draw Tickets based on their Lux Levels! These will be distributed on 3/29 at 10:00.

Not only that, but Avatar Coins can be used to redeem Draw Tickets as well! Use them in these Ticket Draws to get luxurious medals!

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Nov 1, 2009
I didn't get the Spirit Training update. Or else I don't know how to access it? Help?

This update is currently only available for JP. Global has not received it yet.

If you are playing JP, you'd need to download the latest update from iTunes/Google Play Store.