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4 year anniversary on KHI



Mew Mew Mothertruckers
Apr 6, 2016
On a different planet I wish
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Eh, I've done this every year, why not again? Also it's been a long time since I've made a thread so bear with me.
Looking at that number 4, it isn't a big number. But the time I've spent here has felt like a decade within these 4 years. Members have come and gone, and at times I've left mostly because I needed to get my shit together. And actually I still need to for certain things, hence why I'm not as active. But it is nice to come here and visit during times of boredom and loneliness, cause those times are happening a lot now. Hopefully when my 5th comes the world won't be having a moment.
Cheers to anyone who cares!