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A Battle of Epic Proportions

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Apr 6, 2005
Thorn snarled at his enemy as he landed and said;"The divinity of the southern sky once owned this blade and I took it from the ignoramic fool. Although I must say he was not much off a challenge. My only hope is that you can quech my BLOOD LUST.......brother"

His eyes then lost any color they had as he ran at eros taking out his blade which, with a dark spell, covered it in complete shadow. As he ran he raised this blade as he lifted from the ground and took flight as well as putting both his hands on the handle of the blade. Then as he was about to unleash his devestating attack he let out a booming scream saying one word in threee diffrent toungs.

"DEATH" is what the molevelent figure screamed in his three toungs simontaniously as he brought his blade upon eros.


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Oct 27, 2006
Eros observed his enemies actions briefly, there was only one way for Eros to counter an attack such as this. He grinned, drawing his sword he placed its head on the ground behind him and began to sprint towards the spot at which Thorn had taken flight.

As he drew nearer Eros peered into the sky, Thorn was still descending at an even more rapid speed. Eros had to act now, by swinging his blade above his head, Eros drew forth a blue aura around the blade. Now directly underneath Thorn, Eros smashed his blade into the dirt, with an eruption of smoke, Eros began his climb through the air.

Soaring through the air, Eros began wielding his sword in a odd fashion chanting words of an ancient people. While chanting the angelic hex, his eyes turned a pale white and his entire body was ignited with an aura of blue and white. At that Eros began to speak aloud the ancient language of his people, "Aenos-o en Gwilith tolle con Agar"

Eros said these words as if possesed by some celestial force. There was a great silence before the two enemies collided, almost peaceful. Once they hit, everything was still, shortly after, a great wave of energy was exerted from the two, shaking the earth and sending forth a deafening sound to from the surrounding area.

Neither of the warriors could be seen through the thick cloud of debris, all was silent...
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