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Fanfiction ► A Destiny's Tale

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Chapter One ~ Waiting - Again.

Kairi stood at the end of the beach, watching the turquoise waves flowing calmly, and smiled as the warm sun embraced her skin. Her memories came back to her. Alot had happened in the past two years. Sora had defeated Ansem and also rescued Kairi from the darkness, then he had defeated Organization XIII (thirteen) and found that he had a nobody called Roxas, who was his "other half", and Kairi had her nobody Naminé, who was a memory witch.
"Hey Kairi, there you are!" called a voice, bringing Kairi back to reality.
She turned to see a boy with brown spikey hair, Sora, breathless in front of her. He had grown since their last adventure.

"I've been looking for you everywhere! What happened at school today? I heard you'd fainted?" He said.

"Oh, yeah. I dunno actually. I can't remember, I just blacked out and when I woke up I was in the nurse's office." Kairi replied.

"Oh, right. So, d'you wanna get that term paper done? I guess we've got six weeks to do it but it's better to have the rest of the holidays spare, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess, Sora."
Sora and Kairi walked side by side to go to Sora's house and get the term paper done. On the way there, they met a tall guy with long, silver hair.

"Riku!" Kairi exclaimed. "How've you been? I haven't seen you all day, what happened?"

"Er, I didn't exactly go to school today." Riku replied.
"What?!" Sora and Kairi said in unison.
Riku just looked at them as if to say "So what?"

"So, what're you guys doing?" He asked them.

"Our term paper. But since you didn't go to school today...I guess you've got all of the holidays free."
Riku grunted in response and walked off towards the Paopu tree. Sora and Kairi reached Sora's house, and they walked in. They went up to Sora's room and got to work.
After two hours, Sora sighed.
"This is no good. I give up!"

"But Sora, we can't give up now!" Kairi said. "It's about friendship, so it's not hard. We could just describe mine, yours, and Riku's friendship. I mean we're best friends!"

"OK! I'll try harder! But if it doesn't work out, don't blame me!"

"OK, so..." Kairi started.
While Kairi was describing what they should write down, Sora was thinking about all that had happened in the past two years, and all the extraordinary experiences he and his friends had. But, he thought that none of them could have felt what he'd felt, and hadn't witnessed it all. Except maybe Riku, Kairi, and Donald and Goofy. It was really hard being the wielder of the Keyblade, but they didn't know it.
"Sora....Sora!" Kairi shook his shoulder.

"Wah?!" Sora said, confused.

"Oh Goodness, it's lucky I've written all of this down, isn't it?!"

"I guess..."

"So, we just have to take some photos and copy this up in neat, OK?"

"Yup, that's all we have to do. But couldn't we include Wakka, Selphie, Tidus, The King, Donald, Goofy, Queen Minnie, Leon, Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie and the others?" Sora asked.

"I guess, Sora, but it's too many people. We could say that we've made lots of friends along the way and we could list a few of them."

So that's what they had agreed on.
Riku felt left out. It was normally Kairi, but now it was him. They just went off, all lovey-dovey. They may be best friends but Riku was part of that! They were all best friends! So there was no reason to just go off without him. And that's why he didn't go to school.
It was the pressure of what had happened in the previous two years. It was all too stressful, and Riku really wanted to forget it, as he had been disgraced because he used the Darkness as his power. But now he no longer had darkness inside him. Well, maybe there was a little bit.
Everybody has a bit of darkness inside them, even the most kind and caring people.
Anyway, he just couldn't bear to see them going off with each other all the time. It was heartbreaking, as it was he who really cared about Kairi. Sora probably just had a crush on her.
She was one of the seven Princesses.
"Um, Riku, you OK?" Selphie had seen him and came up to him.

"Oh. Yeah, I'm fine, I'm waiting for Sora and Kairi." He replied.

"Oh, OK. Well, I gotta get started on that term paper, so I'll see ya later!"

"Yeah, Selphie. See ya."

Although he didn't actually want to see her. She was a good friend, and very caring, but she was a bit annoying sometimes. Riku just wanted to be on his own. No-one could tell what his feelings were, which made him even more mysterious.
So he stayed in his position on the Paopu tree, waiting and waiting.

Hey, so please comment on that! This is my second fic; the first one didn't go very well, so I decided to have another go, and this time, it's been planned! :]
Ok, I know that might have been a bit boring, and it didn't drag me into it muh but I promise I'll try harder in the next chapter!
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Mar 27, 2007
I really liked it because it had a sense of reality to it dealing with them writing term papers and all, I can't wait for the next chapter!


Chapter Two ~ A New Arrival
In the past week, Riku had become more tense and reserved. His friends were worried that something was up, so Sora went to confront him.
"Uh, Riku?" He asked.

"Yeah." Riku replied.

"Ya know, you've been acting really strange lately. You OK?"

"Sora, I'm absolutely perfect, I couldn't be better."

"Well, you don't look it. But if you're sure..." Sora began to walk away.

"OK, Sora! If you really want to know, it's the pressure of what's been happening in the past two years. It's just all so confusing, and I'm worried about what people think of me."

"Riku, is that all?! Look, people like you; they respect you. And most of the girls at school are dying to go out with you!"

"Yeah, I guess," Riku laughed. "I seem to get more girls than you!"

"Hey! I'd say we're about equal, OK, Riku?"

"Alright. But, Sora, you have to admit that I'm a few girls ahead of you!"

Sora gave Riku a dangerous look.

"Don't boast about it!"

"Okay, Sora. C'mon, let's go find Kairi."

Sora and Riku raced each other across the beach to try and find Kairi.
Kairi sighed. She missed the days when her, Sora and Riku were little kids. Everything was perfectly normal, nothing was changing, and those times were really fun.
She wished everything could be like that again. But wishing wasn't going to do any good, she would need a magic lamp or something.
Kairi strolled over to the Paopu tree, and remembered the fun they used to have as children. Somehow, she remembered a small boy with blonde hair. It wasn't Roxas, because he was in Sora now, but he did look awfully like Roxas, except he had brown eyes, and he was slightly taller.
She could hear his voice calling her name, and Riku telling him to go away, which was mean of him, but not unusual. Kairi tried to remember what he was called, but she really could not recall it. She heard people trudging through the sand, and then the sound speeded up. She heard voices calling her name.

"Kairi!" Two boys called her.

She felt herself being shaken by the silver-haired one. There was another boy, slightly shorter, he had brown, spikey hair.

"Kairi? Can you hear me? Are you OK?" The shorter one said.

She suddenly realised where she was and who was calling her.

"Oh, sorry! I dunno what happened, I just blanked for a few seconds," Kairi went pink in the face. "Sorry, guys!"

"That's OK, Kairi." Said Sora.

Riku hadn't said anything. He was leaning against the Paopu tree, and he looked like he might have been in thought. Sora and Kairi looked at him, then glanced at each other. Riku did that more often now. Maybe there was something he longed for. Or maybe there was something he regrets.
A tall guy in a black hooded jacket and red pants stepped out of a modern speedboat. He had his hood up, so no one saw his face.
He looked around. All he saw was a beach. A big beach, with houses and palm trees, and a beautiful waterfall. He had to admit, it did look breath-taking. He turned around, and he saw a red haired girl approaching him.

"Hey there! You new to the Islands?" She asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I guess." The boy replied.

"So, do you want the grand tour?"

"Er, nope, I think I'm okay thanks."

"OK, well if you're sure! Oh, I'm Kairi, by the way."

"Great. I'm Davian."

"Cool, nice to meet you!"

"Yeah, you too."

Kairi walked away from him towards the crowds of houses.
Davian thought about her as he was strolling down the beach. That beautiful hair, those sapphire eyes, and that smile. That radiant, glowing smile.
He'd never seen anyone so beautiful before. He was confused, and found that his mind wouldn't focus on anything else but Kairi.
Davian thought; he was in love.

So there's chapter two. Enjoy!
The name Davian was contributed by: Randomizer
P.S. PLEASE reply to this or I will have to kill myself D:
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Eh, you've got a good start to the story. I'm sure the rest will be just as good. Don't give up on it.

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Apr 16, 2006
I love it its really cool cant wait to read the whole story :p
i like the way you described everything aswell


Mar 27, 2007
Very interesting and great chapter at the same time, I want to read more keep going!


Hey guys. Sorry I've not been posting for a while. I've been a bit busy. :unsure:
I'll try and post up Chapter 3, so hang on in there! =)

Btw, in some of the chapters, I'll type in italic, and that'll be a flashback or letter. If it's a letter, I'll mention it.


Mar 27, 2007
Oh that's okay Trinity Heart I'm sure the next chapter would be great no matter what!


OMG!!! Guys, I'm sooo sorry!!! I haven't been on for a while! I'll get the next 2 or 3 chapters up! Sooo sorry if I double or triple-post!!
Chapter 3 ~ Goodbye, I'm Falling
Davian awoke one morning to see a beautiful, pure white dove, resting on his windowsill. He gazed at it admiringly, and thought that he'd always been so busy, he'd never had time to stop and see the amazing things in life. But, this was his chance to break free.
He'd never actually felt freedom before. He'd always been working for someone, and he never even knew who he was working for. He had a strange life.
He leaned back and stretched his arms, which seemed strangely more muscular than usual. He sat up, and looked out of the window, with the dove still perched on the windowsill. Davian saw Kairi, the girl he longed for. He wanted to tell her how he felt, but he couldn't bring up the courage, and it was too early anyway. He got up off of his bed, and got changed, but into different clothes; denim pants, and a white shirt. He got some gel and spiked up his hair.
Then, he ran downstairs and out the door, onto the warm, sandy beach.
Kairi loved the salty smell of the sea, and the sound of the waves, lapping the shore. She walked to the edge of the beach, and looked out to the horizon. She would love to explore all the worlds, but she couldn't. She'd always had an adventurous side, but she always get pushed to one side. No one had ever had any time for her.
She thought about this until she heard footsteps in the sand. She turned around to find Davian.
"Hi, Kairi." He said to her.
"Hey there, Davian." Kairi replied.
Davian walked forwards until he was level with her. He looked into her eyes, but she turned away.
Then, Kairi smiled.
"So, what're you up to today?" She asked him.

"Uh, nothing much, really. What about you?" He replied.

"The same really. So, how do you like the Islands?"

"Uh, yeah, they're cool. Kairi...I have to tell you some-"

Just as Davian was finishing his sentence, Sora came over and interrupted the conversation.

"Hey Kairi! Oh, and hey Davian. Kairi, do you wanna get some lunch?" Sora asked.

"Well, I was gonna-" Replied Kairi, but Sora cut her off.

"Aw c'mon Kairi." He gave her a pleading look.

"Oh, alright then. I'll see ya later, Davian." She said and smiled at him.

"Uh, yeah. Bye." Davian replied.

Kairi and Sora started walking, but Sora quickly ran over to Davian.

"Dude, she's mine. Off-limits to you. So don't touch her, OK?" He said angrily.

"Hey, you don't own her, Sora." Davian replied.

"Yeah, but she's my girlfriend. Not yours." Sora shot him a dangerous look then ran off to catch up with Kairi.

Davian just stood there, stunned. Never before had Sora spoken to him like that. Now Davian felt a fiery hatred rising. Sora didn't own Kairi! He shouldn't have messed with Davian. He didn't know what he was getting himself into.
Sora felt so light and happy when he was with Kairi. He had fallen in love with her a couple of years ago; the minute he laid eyes on her. And he would do anything to protect her. He wasn't going to let the likes of Davian come between him and Kairi. There was something familiar about Davian, but Sora couldn't quite put his finger on it.
He felt so frustrated about it, he just picked at his pizza. He didn't feel like eating, because the thoughts of actually being friends with Davian, and Davian trying to get Kairi, were running through his mind.
Kairi noticed he wasn't eating properly.
"Hey, Sora, what's up? You're not eating. That is really strange." She laughed.

"Hey, don't. I'm not in the mood. I think I'll call it a day." Sora yawned and rubbed his head.

"Oh, right. See you...tomorrow then?" Kairi said.

"Yeah, I guess." Replied Sora.

He got up, walked to the door, and waved. Then he walked off in the direction of his house.
Absolutely no-one had seen Riku at all these past few days, but only he knew why.
Riku could see a little dot on the edge of the beach. It looked as if it had brown, spikey hair.
'Oh God.' Thought Riku. He rowed faster.
Why was he rowing? He was in a boat. Yes, a boat.
He'd decided that he'd had enough of Destiny Islands. Enough of school, enough of-
No. He couldn't say that about his friends. He would miss them dearly, but all the same, he thought he should make a new start in life. He wanted to pick up all the pieces, and put them back together, as a whole new beginning, a whole new story.
Riku could hear the sound of rushing water in the distance.
'That's strange.' He thought.
Then he turned around, and found that he was about to topple over the edge of a giant waterfall! He tried rowing the other way, but the fast currents were too strong. He curled up into a ball, and covered his eyes, ready to meet his fate.
He felt the boat tipping over the edge, and screamed loudly, as he fell down into the deep pool at the bottom.
The animals of Hikari Forest hadn't seen anything like it. A big, silver haired monster had landed in the Great Falls Tree, and he was just about to fall out!
They quickly ran to get a large sheet, and held it open, so he could land on it, and the birds were making sure he didn't fall too fast.
He slipped through the branches (with the birds' help) and landed on the sheet, his eyes closed.
Suddenly, a girl with long, curly, cocoa brown hair walked over and knelt beside him. She looked shocked and extremely worried.

Enjoy this!!! I'll wait for some comments before I post the next few chapters!! So start commenting if you wanna read more!


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Wow I was wondering what was going to happen for so long but, I'm glad that some of my questions were answered very nice update xD.

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Ha, I found that really good! Did you like the Roxas comic? Loads of people said it looked cute. I hope you write more. I've been planning my story for like, years! And I haven't even done chapter 1 yet!

(at least I posted the Roxas comic. It was really cute :3)

P.S. Damn, I forgot what I was gonna say... Oh yeah! Did you think the comic was cute? Look at sig for the link
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