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A Fantasy in today's Society

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Aug 13, 2008
Atsugi Kanagawa
Now first i just want to say, that i don't know much on writing stories. This here i did for fun, because me and a friend figured...what would it be like to live in a fantasy world but twisted with our lingo and mannerisms of today? Of course pondering that thought led me to this, and it'd be nice to know what you guys think of it all :)

In a land coated of forest trees and wilderness, a bustling in some bushes can be heard. A behemoth like creature jumps out in rage slicing through tall grass, and pounding its head against the trees. All manner of rodents and insects scarcely scatter amongst themselves to avoid the danger above them. A bright light is seen as the behemoth screeches and covers its face by the paw to avoid its luminous effect. The light appears as a sword also revealing the shape of a human figure behind it, and with one quick slice down to the creatures head, the commotion had ceased, and peace and quiet was restored.

Footsteps draw near the dead behemoth, and with a panting voice a boy says “whew, dude that was crazy as diddly, but at least we get something to eat in the meantime”. The boy was in iron clad, carrying a shimmering sword now dripping of blood after having slayed the beast. This brave warrior who had bested the creature, who possessed a powerful sword, who wore such elegant armor was named!!.....

…“Hey Jim” another voice says in close distance. “Coulda just used my gun bro”. This new person appeared to be dressed in more earthy clothing. “Yeah but c’mon Bob, swords are way cooler”. Jim wipes his sword off and places it in his iron sheath. “Alright Bob lets go make a fire…..with wood and stuff…” Jim says with a faint expression. “You have no idea what to do or what to get, do you…?” Bob replies with disappointment. “Just~ chillax broham, I’ll go make a fire” and so Bob walks off in the woods patting down his holster.

Sometime later Jim and Bob are eating at the fire, resting, and replenishing their weary souls from all the hardship they’ve gone through [Jim: actually slaying this beast, and getting lost in the forest for 5 minutes is all that really happened thus far] [Writer: Whatever mang, I’m writing the damn story]………. So after awkwardly breaking the 4th wall Jim and Bob continue to eat. Suddenly a noise can be heard in the trees surrounding them. “Oh shit!” Bob pulls out his gun, scared of what might jump out in front of them. “Yo fellas” a deep mysterious voice says. Bob and Jim look at eachother confused at the thought of someone else being in the forest too. Suddenly A wild black mage appears [Pokemon reference]. “Hey guys, im Joe. Wizard Joe, and don’t forget the wizard part”. “What do you want here darky” Jim shouts. “Woah! Hey bro…I’m offended by that” Wizard Joe pulls down his black mage hood….and ironically enough he happened to be a black black mage!!

“Oh!? “Jim looked shocked. “well then…you want some food” said Bob. Wizard Joe looks at the two with a mean eye “might as well since yall out here bein racist and shit…sheeeeeeeet im hungrier than a muhfugga”. And so now Jim, Bob, and Wizard Joe, ate, communicated, appreciated, and respected one another as a group of people who come together should. After finishing their meal, Bob sets down a couple of bones “so what’s your purpose Joe?” “Hey now I aint get no wizard degree to be called plain ol Joe, yall mothadiddlyas better be callin me Wizard Joe from now on…W-I-Z-A-R to the D Joe, and I’m here on a quest to find a magical cave deep in this spooky ass forest containing an ancient fairy who can grant healing powers”. Jim jumps up from his resting position “Sounds like we got a new adventure on our hands bro!” And with such content, they travel the forest with Wizard Joe as the guide, but not before putting out the fire first.
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