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Fanfiction ► A Promise Held Forever::Kairi's Story~

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Jan 11, 2005
~*A Promise Held Forever: Drawing Pictures*~
“We sat side-by-side in the morning light
and looked out at the future together.”

--: DaRkNeSs2LiGhT:--

The blazing sun was now set high in the sky, shining it’s powerful rays down on the beach. They woke Kairi up.
She had been resting on the beach, buried in the sand. She squinted to the bright sunlight and stretched, yawning. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. Nothing new. Same old beach, same old ocean, same old loneliness. Absolutely nothing new. Kairi rolled over onto her stomach and sighed. “Come back soon. It’s lonely here without you guys…” she whispered to herself. A slight breeze tousled her hair, waving it in the wind like the waves from the sea.
Nothing was the same anymore. Not since what happened. Ever since Kairi arrived back on Destiny Islands, nothing was the same. Constantly, there was this tugging feeling in her gut telling her something was wrong. Something was going wrong. But maybe princesses are supposed to have that kind of feeling. Kairi shook the feeling away again. Slowly, she took her finger and began drawing in the sand. It was like an impulse, just automatic. Her finger traced through the sand without needing directions-it directed itself. As her finger ran in loops and lines, memories went through her head. Memories of Sora and Riku.
“Sora…” upon whispering his name, her finger stopped. Her heart beat faster. She just couldn’t get him out of her head ever since he left her at the door to Kingdom Hearts. She kept seeing that big smile of his and his bright blue eyes. The shades of the ocean.
He was the one who fought for her, kept her safe…kept her heart safe because it was with him all along. Thinking of him brought a smile to her face. The first one in a few days. Once again, she started drawing in the sand.
Now he’s someone different. One of her truest, bestest friends…he had always been there for her. Why did he leave? “He didn’t…” she convinced herself. But at the same time, he did. Maybe not physically, but spiritually, he was gone. Out of reach. He gave his heart away so that the darkness could consume him. But he did it for her. He did it because she was his friend. He gave up everything for her. “He shouldn’t have…I could’ve taken care of myself. You didn’t have to, Riku…” a tear peeked from her eye and slid down her cheek. And for a moment, she could’ve sworn she felt someone wipe it away. Don’t cry…a voice said. She tilted her head to look up at the entrance to the Secret Place. She hadn’t gone in there since she got back. Just once she went inside to look around. That’s where she stumbled upon it.
It was the drawing that convinced her he would come back. That, and he had her lucky charm. But she couldn’t pull herself together to go back in. She was afraid to. Afraid that she would see them there. It scared her. Not because she was worried for their safety (because she knew they could care for themselves), but it scared her because she was afraid that the memories would vanish. They were all she had left. They were what kept her alive.
“Sora…” she choked. She couldn’t hold it in. She had to let it out. Tears sprang from her eyes. It was uncontrollable. Kairi buried her head in her arms. “Please, come back. I can’t live without you...” she stopped. There it was again. That feeling that someone was there, keeping her company. Don’t cry... the voice said again. It’s okay, Kairi.
“Where are you?” she pleaded.
Right here…
She spun her head around. There he was. Standing over her, with a helping hand reaching down towards her. All she could do was stare at his offering. A puzzled expression spread over his face. “What? I thought you missed me.”
But…how can this be? She thought to her self. Sora’s not really…she instantly shook the thought away. She couldn’t say he wasn’t there. It was what she wanted in the first place…to see his smile.
“No, that’s not it, Sora." she said, looking into his eyes.
“What is it then?” she shook her head. “It’s nothing. Just nothing…” Sora shrugged and sat down next to her.
“Where have you been?” she asked.
“Nowhere special.” he laced his hands behind his head and sunk into the sand, closing his eyes. “It sure is good to hear the ocean again.” he took in a deep breath, then let it out.
“It’s good to see you back.” Sora smiled. He stood up and walked to the water’s edge. Kairi stood up and followed. She didn’t want him too far away…away out of reach. He stopped to look out at the horizon. Kairi stood next to him.
“Sora…You won’t leave again, right?”
“Course not! Why would I? I’m already here, aren’t I?”
But you’re not…
“Hee, right.” She sat down. The water came swiftly up and down, shifting stones and shells back-and-forth. Sora leaned down to pick a shell up, then sat down, too.
“Here,” he said with a grin, holding the shell out to her. “For you.” Kairi reached for it and gently grasped the shell between her fingers. Opening her palms, the shell appeared. It sure was beautiful. Baby blue and a pinkish-white swirled on it. She folded her fingers around it once more. “Thank you.” she said, leaning over to rest her head on his shoulders. “No problem! Anything for you, princess!” Kairi laughed.
“You’ve never called me that before…”
“That’s because before, you weren’t a princess.”
“But I’m still the Kairi you knew as a kid.”
“Sure are.” Kairi smiled.
“Sora,” she began. “I think it’s time you left.”
“But, I just got here! You want me to leave!”
“Please, go find Riku, then you can truly come back. This isn’t real…we can’t both be here on the same old beach, in front of the same old ocean…it’s not possible…”
“But I don’t want to leave you!” he grabbed her hands. Pleadingly, he looked into her eyes…awaiting her answer.
She turned her gaze away from his out onto the horizon. “But don’t you remember what you told me in the waterway at Traverse Town? No matter how far apart we are, our hearts will always be connected. I’ll always be with you, Sora.”
Sora looked down at the warm sand with a pouted expression on his face. Abruptly, he picked his head back up with a grin plastered on it. “Promise you’ll come back to me?” she asked…still not looking at him.
“I promise!” Kairi smiled one of her soft smiles. Thank you… she felt his hands slip from her grasp and when she turned to see his smile one more time…he was gone. But his presence was still there. Wrapping his arms around her. Don’t worry, Kairi. I promise, I’ll come back to you…
She knew he would keep his promise. It was his promise that kept her alive and willing to keep going. Knowing that all hope was not lost.
“I know you will.” her fingers clasped around the blue-pinkish shell once more as the same old ocean waves slapped up on the warm, sandy beach.
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Jan 11, 2005
awww, thanx! glad ppl like it!!!~ there are 2 other stories. [Soras & Rikus] eventually, the three should connect. ^_^ -i'll write more soon! i'm workin on my other one thats extrememly long. i have to finish the chaps fast cuz my frend loves it. LOL~-


Very good! I really like it.
the only thing is that you are forgetting some if your quotion marks in places so it makes it hard for the reader to tell who is talking.(No offence really, I am writing a book too and I am harassed about these things alot!)


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Jan 11, 2005
Sora/Riku said:
Very good! I really like it.
the only thing is that you are forgetting some if your quotion marks in places so it makes it hard for the reader to tell who is talking.(No offence really, I am writing a book too and I am harassed about these things alot!)

for some reason it didnt italic the words that it shouldve, to show that they weren't speaking but rather thinking those words. sry bout that!~ ^^;

and sry its taking me a while. i've been real busy and stuff and i didnt think many ppl liked it. lol~ i should have soras part up by 2morow. thanx for all ur comments!!!

*(and moomoo, he wasnt actually there. just an illusion. ^^;)*


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Jan 11, 2005
~Soras Story~

**Dearly Beloved:The White Winds**
“When it gets dark enough, you can see the stars.”
--:: DaRkNeSs2LiGhT ::--

…Standing in the middle of a road engulfed in shadows is a boy with brown spiky hair. He cocks his head and cups a hand over his ear. Something is drawing near. The shadows suddenly lung out towards him. They claw at his chest and try to trip him from under his feet. He struggles, trying to push them away. Some shadows back off and melt away into the ground. The youth does his best to keep them away, to stop them from clawing at his chest. He screams, his cries echoing throughout the air. The shadows start to suck him down from below his feet. He tries to run, but his feet are stuck. He cant move, as if he is paralyzed. More creatures come and reach towards him. A tingling feeling strikes his chest. The last thing he sees are bulging yellow eyes staring into his…a faint light within them…
Sora sat up abruptly. He sighed heavily. “It was just a dream…” He ran a hand through his brown hair. He sighed again and looked over behind him. “Heh, Donald and Goofy are still sleeping. Silly sleepy-heads.” he said stretching his hands up above his head and yawning. He fell back down onto his back with his hands behind his head. Looking at the midnight sky brought back memories. Memories of his childhood.
He saw him and Riku sparring with each other on the beach, swinging their swords in the air. Kairi not too far off laughing at them. Drawing silly pictures in the secret place; keeping score of pointless things; and making a raft. That’s what started the whole problem. Kairi… his eyes dulled. He wished he hadn’t left her on the islands. She must be so lonely, with me and Riku gone.
“Sorry, Riku, for leaving her there. You did tell me to take care of her…” he said aloud. Like anyone was going to hear him. “The stars sure are bright tonight. It’s good to see them all back in the sky.”
A gentle breeze swept across the lands. It wasn’t a cold one. The three heroes hadn’t seen any sight of a Heartless in a matter of days. It was…eerie. Even though that Ansem was far gone, it didn’t feel like it. Every once in a while, a chilling wind would gust it’s way in front of their path. Going straight down to the bone and always sending endless shivers up Sora’s spine. He shivered at the thought of one of those cold winds.
Suddenly, a white silhouette passed by. Sora sat up. “Huh? What was that?” Another one went by. “Donald…Goofy…” he whispered. They just grumbled and turned over. “Guys, come on! Get up!”
“Twenty Butter more…Ahyu...ahyu…uck…” Goofy mumbled.
“Okay, never mind then…” Sora rolled his eyes and stood up. He looked around. “Nothing looks unusual…But where did that white shadow go?”
Something shifted in the grass behind him. He put a hand on his keyblade. A low groan rumbled. Sora spun around, pointing his keyblade directly at the source of the sound.
“Who’s there?” he demanded.
Another groan replied.
“What do you want? Answer!” he tightened his grip.
Yet again, all that answered was a low moaning. Then something formed in the shadows of the high grass. Sora leaned closer. He made out two eyes. Two light blue eyes. Suddenly, whatever was hiding in the grass, sprang out of hiding at him. Sora rapidly spun his keyblade at the white shadow attacking him, slicing it in half. Sora opened his eyes and saw faint trickles of white puff. Like it was a Heartless he had just vanquished. “Was that…was that a…Heartless?”
His keyblade was still in the place it had been when he destroyed the Heartless. Sora’s feet were still planted in the same spot. Small beads of sweat dripped down his forehead. His heart pounded against his chest. Words and questions flashed through his head. Was it possible? Could the Heartless really be back? No. It was impossible.
Sora gulped and lowered his keyblade. Slowly turning on his heels, he headed back over to where Goofy and Donald lay asleep, unaware of what had just happened.
* * * *
“Sora, stop joking around. That isn’t funny!” Donald squawked.
“I’m not kidding around! I’m serious!” Sora insisted.
Sora had just told Donald and Goofy about what had happened. Donald tiredly rubbed his eyes with his thumb and pointer finger, while mumbling something.
“Uh, Sora, was it really a heartless?” Goofy timidly asked.
“Of course it was! At least, I think it was. What else could it be?”
“You big palooka! Don’t believe that rubbish. We saw with our own eyes that Sora vanquished Ansem along with the Heartless. Sora’s just pulling our legs. Right, Sora?” Donald looked over at Sora, who was staring off at something behind the duck and oversized dog. “Sora?”
Sora lifted a finger and pointed behind them. Both of his companions turned around and looked.
“BUWAAAAHHHHHH!” Donald screamed, eyes open wide.
Three white heartless leaped forwards, ready to quickly kill off their prey. Sora stood up and pushed Donald out of the way as he knocked one of the heartless away with his keyblade. Goofy spun his shield around and blocked an attack while Donald prepared spells behind him. “Donald, you ready?” Goofy asked.
“You bet.”
Donald stepped out from behind Goofy and shot out Firaga. “Take that you stupid heartless!”
Sora ran along the path, ferocious winds whipping the grass at his bare legs. A heartless stood up ahead, twitching back and forth. Sora leaped into the air and brought his keyblade down on it…but missed. It had dissolved into thin air. “Wha? Where’d it go?” A silver silhouette appeared next to him in the high grass. Sora lifted his keyblade and started after it again. “You’re not getting away!”
The heartless swiftly steered through the grass with Sora following right behind.
“Sora! Sora, wait up!” Goofy called. Sora couldn’t wait. He had to destroy this thing. He had to make sure it was real, make sure it wasn’t just an illusion.
His chase brought him to a cross-road. Sora looked down all three paths, but didn’t see the heartless anywhere.
“Damnit!” Sora kicked himself for losing sight of it. “Sora, you’re so dumb!”
“Sora…are you okay?” Donald asked. Him and Goofy had finally caught up.
“I lost it…” Sora mumbled, head hung low.
“Aw, cheer up! Ahyuck! Don’t worry about it. We’ll find it again.”
“I guess. But I don’t want to find it again. I don’t want it to be real.”
Donald sighed. “Let’s go. We have to get movin’.”
“But which way?” Sora asked, lifting his head up. “What road do we take?”
“The one that feels right.” Goofy said.
Sora put a hand on his chest and closed his eyes, tilting his head up so that it faced the night sky. “We go this way.” he said, pointing to the road in the middle, his eyes still closed.
“How do you know?” Donald demanded.
“My heart is telling me.”
“Ya know Sora, you’re heart’s mighty powerful. Mmhmm.” Goofy said, putting his hands on Sora’s shoulders and lightly shaking him.
Sora smiled. “You could just say I’ve got a heart full of friends telling me where to go.” he stepped toward the path he had chosen. “Well, let’s go!” Sora ran off, while Goofy and Donald ran behind him.
Ahead on the horizon, morning light dawned on them. The road they had chosen to follow would take them to the twilight. To where all beginnings ended, and all endings began.
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Jan 11, 2005
~~Blinded:Listen to your Heart~~

~~Blinded: Listen to Your Heart~~
“I‘m sorry for the way I am. I never meant to be so cold.”
-: DaRkNeSs2LiGhT:-

“Snow…” the silver haired teenager whispered. Soft white flurries were falling, settling in the hair of the teen and on the raincoats of him and his partner.
“Sure is beautiful, ain’t it?” his partner said.
“I’ve never seen anything like it.” he exclaimed, reaching out to catch a snowflake in his palm. Even though he had a blindfold covering his eyes, he could see the drifts of snow as clear as a cloudless sky. “Have you ever seen snow before, majesty?”
“I told you before, call me Mickey.” The large mouse insisted. “And yes, I’ve had my share of travels.” His majesty replied with a smile.
The two were walking in a winter wonderland on God knows what world. They were searching for the Door to the Light, but the teen was searching for something even more important--his best friend. The two had been separated when they closed Kingdom Hearts together. Riku stopped walking and knelt down in the snow. He scooped up a handful and examined it with his sea-green eyes. “I wonder where Sora is…” Riku curiously pondered out loud. “Hopefully safe somewhere, and taking care of Kairi.” He added with a playful smile.
“If I know Sora as good as you, I’d say he’s off goofing around and flirting with Kairi.”
“I doubt he’s on the island.”
King Mickey turned to look at his new companion, and friend. “Why do you say that?”
“Just think about it. Sora would never go back home without me. After all, he did go on that whole journey just to find Kairi and me. And when he had finally found me, the real me, we were separated again. If he had the chance, he would’ve yanked me out from behind that door, closed it, then given me a huge hug. Even though hugging me would be a little weird, Sora couldn’t have cared less…” Riku lightly shook the snow he was holding in his palm and watched it fall to the ground.
“I guess you’re right. But he didn’t yank you out from behind the door, and I wonder why?”
“Because it’s Sora. He follows his heart. He knew that he would find me again, no matter what. He trusts me.”
Mickey walked over to Riku and put a hand on his shoulder. “Well, let’s try and save him a trip of finding us.” Riku looked up at Mickey and nodded, then stood up to follow the king.

“Where are we?” Riku asked after a while of walking around.
“Not entirely sure.”
“Is it anyhow familiar?”
“Not really…” the King replied, once again unsure of their surroundings. “It seems we’re on a world that was way out of reach before.”
“Then how did we get here?” Riku questioned.
“Hmmm…” Mickey thought intensely. But still, nothing made sense, so far. “Well the important thing is that we’re alive, together. And asking questions of how we arrived here isn’t going to help us in our travels. May as well just accept the fact that we’re here, and we can’t do nothin’ about it.”
“Guess you’re right.” Riku agreed, turning his gaze head of him. Snow started to fall a bit harder and slowly began to block their view ahead of them.
“The Snow…” Riku said. “It’s falling harder.”
Mickey looked around. “Looks like it.” the king turned to examine the teen. “What’s wrong?”
“Not sure…” Riku shrugged, staring through the blizzard into the trees. He thought he saw a glimpse of something, or someone. It’s just the snow and my mind playing tricks on me. He thought, starting to follow the king again. Off in the distance a figure was watching the two walk away and followed again in pursuit hiding among the trees.
* * * *

Running through the snow, sliding along her feet, the young woman kept her eye on the strangers who had appeared in her world. Only once before had she experienced the excitement of strangers from another world coming to hers. Her heart hammered against her chest and a smile of pure exhilaration spread across her face. Her eyes were beaming.
Again, she slid behind a tree to hide. The silver haired one had spotted her again. But she wondered if he really had, for he had a blindfold covering his eyes.
“How can he see me?” she whispered to herself. “Is he not…blind? In some way?”
She started to run again. The cold, winter wind whipped her face. Her two fellow companions tried to keep up behind her. She came to a walk, winding in and out from between the silver birches. Her hands skimming the rough trunks. The two strangers in black coats had come upon a clearing and were searching for a way to go. Edging closer, the woman’s breathes were becoming even faster and sharper. She could hear her heart in her ears. The sound of wind whishing through willow branches passed through. The snow began to fall lighter, into a flurry. Peering closer, she saw that the blindfolded one had his head partly turned so that he could see out of the corner of his eye. His partner seemed to be listening, and looking, as well.
“Shhhh, Meeko! Be quiet! They’ll hear us.” she shushed, putting a hand over the raccoon’s mouth. She let out a small, quiet laugh as the raccoon climbed up her shoulder and put his paws on her head to see better. Meeko swatted at the hummingbird chirping in his face.
“Flick, stop it. Don’t make such a commotion.” she scolded, turning her head to look back at the hooded outsiders. But she let out a small gasp when she saw the silver haired one only standing twenty feet away. Beginning to back up, the stranger motioned her to stop.
“Wait. I’m not going to hurt you.” his voice was so understanding. He knelt down onto one knee to show he was to keep his word. The woman couldn’t help but look right into his eyes, if she could only see what they really looked like.
“Who…who are you?” she managed to ask.
Riku smiled. “I’m Riku. And that’s my friend, Mickey. We’re lost. Can you help us?”
The woman stood up and walked towards him. She pushed a strand of black hair behind her ear, out of her eyes. Slowly setting one foot in front of the other, she soon came face to face with Riku and knelt down onto her knees as well.
“What do your…eyes look like?”
Riku was thrown aback by her question. No one had ever asked him that before. Others had just given him cold stares. Riku took his hand and pulled the blindfold away. The woman’s eyes went wide.
Staring into her eyes was a beautiful set of sea-green eyes, beaming and shining like the waves of the ocean and sky. They seemed to pull her into them. An endless pool of innocence and…betrayal. She was completely mystified by their beauty.
“Why do you wear a blindfold?” she managed to ask. “You’re eyes are so beautiful.”
“I wear it because the Light hurts my eyes. It isn’t too bright here, so it’s safe to take it off. Feels good to take that god damn blindfold off, though. I haven’t seen without it in quite some time.” Riku smiled.
The woman was still staring deep into his eyes. “What’s your name?” Riku asked.
“My name is Pocahontas.”
“Pocahontas. Well, can you help us?” Mickey asked, who was now standing behind Riku. The Indian woman smiled and nodded.
Pocahontas stood up. “Follow me.”
* * * *
“Of course you’re welcome to stay!” The Chief of the Indian tribe, and Pocahontas’s father, boomed. “Please, get some rest.” He ushered them into one of the vacant huts. “Make yourselves at home. If you need anything, just ask.” The chief disappeared from the doorway as Pocahontas entered.
“Thanks again for helping us out.” Mickey said.
“It’s my pleasure.”
Riku swung onto one of the beds, his blindfold clutched in his hand. An arm stretched over his eyes.
“Can I ask you something, Mickey?”
“Of course.”
“Where…where are two from? How did you end up here?”
Mickey cast a glance over to Riku who was looking back at him, then sat up with his legs cross-legged on the bed.
“It’s too long of a story…but to cut it short, I’m from a small island and Mickey is really the King of his world. The real reason I wear this blindfold is because I had given up my heart to the darkness to help my friend. I had thought that my best friend, Sora, had betrayed me and we were trying to help the same person; our friend Kairi. Ansem, the ruler of darkness and the Heartless, took over my body when I dove deep into the darkness. Sora fought for me. To help me. He defeated Ansem and the Heartless and together, we closed the Door that held the darkness, and light, within it. But…upon closing it, me and Mickey were locked away behind it. We managed to get out, but Sora was nowhere to be seen and we were on a different world. Now, me and Mickey are looking for the Door to the Light…but more important to me is finding Sora again so we can go back home.” he took the blindfold and held it in his hands, looking repulsively at it. “And I have to wear this stupid blindfold because of what I did!” Angrily, he threw it across the bed and lay back down.
Pocahontas proceeded to stand up and walk over to his bed. “You know, I have a friend that once told me to listen with my heart and I would understand everything.” she said, speaking softly and sitting down next to the bed. “And I once had someone I loved, too, who had to go away…I know you’ll find your friend. I wish you luck.” Standing up, she made her way back over to the door and pushed the curtain to the side. “If I wake up and you are gone, I am glad that I met you, Riku. You as well, Mickey. If you two ever meet a man named John Smith during your travels…” she paused, closing her eyes. “Tell him that I miss him.”
Riku opened his eyes and sat up, looking at the curtain moving in the doorway. Mickey climbed into the bed on the other side of the room, opposite Riku’s.
“Good Night, Riku.”
“Yeh…Good night.”
But Riku wouldn’t be able to go to sleep. Nightmares would fill his head tonight. He just had the feeling. So, when King Mickey fell asleep, Riku slipped out from under the covers, into the dark under the moonlight, and sat there dreaming wide awake.


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Jan 11, 2005
moomoomoo said:
*gasps w/ mouth open*


o.o teh awsome! that last chapter was great (mostly cause it had riku... lol)

for a second i thought Pocahontas like..... luffed riku or something... *get shot*

keep goin!

of course its awesome cuz of RiKu! lol~ [gotta wuv him!] thanx guyz~ glad u all like it. hee~ ^^;


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Jan 11, 2005
~*A Promise Held Forever: Every Wish*~
“In dream consciousness... we make things happen by wishing them, because we are not only the observer of what we experience but also the creator.”
-:: DaRkNeSs2LiGhT::-

Once again, as always, the milky moon rose into the purple, velvet horizon. The remains of the sunset-oranges, pinks, and yellows-faded away into the night sky revealing stars blanketed amongst the clouds. Kairi stood up from her post at the dock and hopped down into her boat. Sunset had just ended. Her favorite time of the day. It was the time when all of them would sit and watch the sun disappear. A cool wind brushing their cheeks. Kairi paddled away. A necklace, with a small shell hanging from it, swung around her neck.
“This…is so…tiring…” she complained between strokes.
Halfway out, she stopped and sat in the middle of the ocean. Silent waves slapped up against the sides of the boat. Kairi put a finger to her shell and turned it over and over. Closing her eyes, she started muttering something, then looked up at the stars.
“Please…make my wish come true…” she seemed to plead to the blinking dots. Their serenity lights dancing on her cheeks and in her eyes.
Once again she started rowing.
* * * *

“Kairi! Get up!”
Kairi groaned and pulled the covers up over her head.
“Kairi!!” her mom yelled again.
“What?!” she screamed back from under her blankets.
“Get up!”
“WHY? It’s a Saturday, and the summer!”
Kairi heard someone stomping up the stairs and bursting through her doorway. A small draft chilled her legs as she reached to pull the covers over her again, but they were in the hands of her impatient mother.
“What do you want?” she groaned.
“Did you forget?” her mother asked aggravated.
“Forget what?”
Her mother sighed. “It’s grandma’s birthday!”
Kairi popped her eyes open and shot out of bed, scrambling through her drawers.
“Oh my god! I completely forgot!” she rambled to herself. Her mom rolled her eyes and threw the blankets back onto the bed.
“Hurry up, Kairi. We’re leaving soon.”
“Yeh yeh…”
Her mom left the room and closed the door as Kairi held up a top and examined it. Shaking her head with her nose scrunched up, she threw it back into the dresser.

“Do you have everything?” her mom asked.
“You’re positive?”
“Mom, what could I be forgetting now?”
“Alright then, let’s go.”
Kairi excitedly burst through the door and ran down the path, across the bridge, and to her grandmother’s small house. Clutching her grandmother’s present against her chest, she knocked on the wooden door.
“Coming.” a voice responded from inside. A smile spread across Kairi’s face as the doorknob turned and the door opened, revealing a small, fragile old woman standing in the doorway.
“Happy Birthday!” Kairi surprised, giving her grandma a huge hug. “Here, this is for you.”
“Oh, thank you dear.” she said with gratitude, taking the held out package for her. “Where’s your mother?”
“She’s coming.”
Kairi made her way into the kitchen and out the backdoor. She took a seat and brought her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs. This is where Riku, Sora, and me would all play together… She closed her eyes and sighed. How I wish they didn’t go. I hate being by myself all the time!
“I hate it!” she screamed, standing up. Slapping a hand over her mouth, she looked around her to see if there was anyone there. “Oops…” she softly giggled.
Kairi started walking towards the woods and came to a tree. Taking a hand, she rested her hand on the trunk and ran her fingers along the smooth bark. Just like the Secret Place, they had carved drawings into the surface of the trunk. She smiled as her fingertips traced the illustrations. A slight summer breeze flowed through the branches. Staring into the shimmering green, fluorescent leaves Kairi stood on her tiptoes and reached for a branch, grabbed a hold of it, then pulled herself up. She reached for another branch and kept climbing up, until she neared the top. Kairi sat down on a branch, holding onto the trunk to help balance herself, and looked out at the yard. She could almost hear the laughter of Sora and Riku caressing her ears.
“Kairi!” a voice called, awakening her out of her daze. “Kairi, come here.”
Kairi sighed and lowered herself slowly down to the ground below. “I just want to relax for a moment. Is that so hard to understand?” she angrily muttered to herself. She brushed off her blue and white checkered skirt and headed inside. Her grandmother was waiting at the door.
“Yeh grandma?”
“Here. I want you to have this.” she held out a jumping rope to her granddaughter. “I’ve had it since I was a young girl, but I don’t think these old bones can still do what they used to.” she laughed.
Kairi smiled as she took the jumping rope. “But…Granny. You know I’m not into this sorta stuff.”
“Oh, don’t be silly! Use it to pass the time by.”
Kairi blinked a few times at those words. ‘Use it to pass the time by.’ Kairi clutched the rope tighter and nodded in approval. “Thanks so much Grandma!” She gave her grandmother a huge hug, then turned on her heels to go back outside, but her grandmother stopped her. She was examining the shell around Kairi’s neck.
“That is a beautiful shell on your necklace, Kairi.”
Kairi looked down at the small shell and wrapped her fingers around it.
“Where’d you get it?” Her grandmother asked.
“I…It was a gift…from a friend.” Kairi slowly responded.
“It is indeed lovely. Why don’t you go play now.”
Kairi rushed back outside and into the woods. She skipped along the paths through the trees the whole time and didn’t return home till sunset. When she arrived back to her grandmother’s house, realizing what time it was, she hurried back home before her mom started to worry.
When she reached the bridge and had crossed it, she stood at the other side and looked out at the island all the way across the ocean. She felt something. The island seemed different…the air around her seemed different. Kairi tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and ran home. The sunset sure was beautiful.
* * * *
…Running along a dark hallway, no lights but the flickering of the candles on the wall, casting dancing shadows. Kairi was panting and running. Running from…Them. They were out to kill her…to take her heart again. She fell and skidded along the floor, scraping her knees. Tears sprang from her eyes as she tried to get up, but couldn’t feel her legs. They were getting closer. The sound of footsteps could be heard. Kairi started urging herself forward and managed to start to lift herself up, but fell back down once again. An arm reached out and grabbed her hand and lifted her up from the cold floor. But it wasn’t a dark shadow dragging her along the hallway. It was a friend. Kairi could feel her legs again and squeezed the friend’s hand harder as she turned her head to see a figure and shadows pursuing after them. She looked back forward and was now standing in the shade of a huge tree with drawings carved around the trunk in a circle in the middle of a small meadow. Leaning against the tree next to her was her friend, a piece of grass between his teeth and a childish smile on his lips. Resting on the grass near his feet was a key. A key to a door. He leaned down and picked it up. Holding out his hand to her, he opened his hand and revealed a shell in his palm as well as the key. She took the two items and looked into his blue eyes that seemed to drag her into them. The sun started to set and cast playful shadows across their faces. He walked in towards her and hugged her, wrapping his arms around her waist. Kairi sank her head into his chest and cried. The sun sank lower and he slipped away. She turned around and saw a figure with sea-green eyes. His silver hair shining like the moon. He smiled and disappeared into the night…

Kairi shot up in bed in a cold sweat. The blankets were thrown across the floor. Kairi put her head in her hands.
She wiped her cheek with the back of her hand and realized her face was soaked in tears.
“Sora…” Visions of her dream flooded back to her. She slowly lifted her head as the vision of Riku and the tree came into her head. “Riku…What are they trying to tell me? That tree…It looks just like the one in Grandma’s backyard. Does Sora want me to find that key?” Kairi jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes. She silently ran out the house and across the bridge. Sneaking past into the backyard, Kairi hurried to the tree and circled it many times. She knelt down and fumbled through the grass, searching through the blades of summer green.
She cursed under her breath. “It’s not here!” Frustrated, she leaned back against the trunk. “Maybe it was just a dream…”
Kairi stood back up and headed home. “I’ll find it sometime soon.”
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**Dearly Beloved: Sleeping Memories**
“No matter how far away the light gets, your heart‘s voice will always reach it.”
-: DaRkNeSs2LiGhT:-

It was another typical day. The clouds flew across the sky in swift, white strokes and the sun shone brightly, a small breeze rustled the tall grass and small dust puffs were kicked up by the scuffling of Sora’s shoes. Sora’s hands were laced behind his head with his eyes closed, walking a path that seemed infinite.
“So, uh, where do you think we’ll find that there Door to the Light?” Goofy asked, putting a finger to his chin.
Sora opened his eyes and looked first at Goofy, then to the side at Donald, then all three of them sighed putting their heads down.
“Huh? Whaoh!”
Sora and his companions straightened up as a yellow dog emerged from the grass ahead of them onto the path.
“Pluto? Where have you been?” Goofy asked the dog.
“Hey, that’s…a letter.” Sora said, examining the envelope in Pluto’s mouth.
“It’s King Mickey’s symbol!” Donald exclaimed.
“Do you know where King Mickey is?” Sora asked.
Pluto barked and started running up the path. All three heroes looked at each other and started chasing after the dog.
“Guys, let’s go!” Sora urged.
* * * *
An hour later, Pluto had stopped running and let Sora, Goofy, and Donald catch up to him. The envelope still in his mouth. Sora was about to reach down and take it, when Jiminy hopped up onto his shoulder.
“Sora?” The cricket asked.
“Yeh? What’s up?”
“I was reading through my journal and I came across a note. It said ‘Thank Namine.’ Do you know who that is?”
Namine’. The name triggered something in Sora’s mind, but it slipped away before he could grasp the thought. “Uhh…I’m not sure. It feels like I do. But I can’t remember.”
“Namine’? It does sound familiar.” Goofy stated.
Sora struggled to try and catch the memory slipping away into the darkness.
“Why can’t I remember?!” he shouted in frustration.
“Maybe…we weren’t meant to remember?” Donald suggested.
“But then why would we write it down?” Sora, politely, shot back.
Donald just shrugged with a defeated look on his face.
“I’ll look into it, Sora. I’ll find out who she is.” Jiminy promised, saluting.
Sora nodded. “Thanks, Jim.”
Namine`. She sounds so familiar. Why? Sora thought. He tried to concentrate, trying to make out some form of a figure. Slowly, a glow appeared in his mind. Sora strained harder.
‘Sora…’ a gentle voice cooed his name. Then, there it was. A face.
Caressing cerulean eyes and a small pink smile, golden locks falling before her face.
“Namine’!” Sora cried in victory. “I remember!”
Goofy and Donald stopped walking and turned around to look at him.
“You do?” Donald asked.
“Well…I think I do. I saw her face! Almost completely clear in my mind. I remember…but I don’t remember who she is and how I know her. I just saw her face.”
“Well, it’s a start.” Jiminy commented, now sitting on Sora’s shoulder. “Do you remember anything else?”
Sora tried to recall his memories. “No, sorry.”
“No worries. We’ll soon remember.” Jiminy confidently assured.
Sora put a hand in his pocket and wrapped his fingers around Kairi’s lucky charm. Taking it out from it’s dark prison in his pant’s pocket, he examined it sitting in his palm.
She sorta looked like…Kairi. Sora silently thought to himself. He shook his head, causing his brown locks to bob up and down. Giving one last long look at the star-shaped charm, he put it back into his pocket and smiled. Maybe this thing is good luck after all. Sora grinned at the thought. “I hope Riku’s doing okay.” He whispered to himself, lacing his hands once again behind his head. A calming breeze brushed against his face, and a cloud momentarily blocked out the sun’s rays enveloping the land in a tranquil silence.
The group was nearing the top of the hill and they all stopped once at the top to gaze out.
A vast open plain, and a path winding through it, spread out as far as the eye could see. Donald sighed.
“We’ll never get to where we need to go. We must’ve taken the wrong path.”
“Don’t be such a worry-wart.” Sora joked, walking by the worried duck. “We just need to put faith in our decision.”
The cloud moved away from the sun, casting sunshine to pour back down on the group. Every once in a while, another cloud would cover the sun, the glowing orb just peeking over the puff of white, as if playing hide-and-seek.
Sora gazed out and maybe, just maybe, he thought he saw a glimpse of tall buildings and the shining of lights just beginning to flicker on.

**this one isn't the longest...but i hope every1 still enjoyed reading it. ^^;**
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.:*Blinded: Holding You*:.
“Friends are the people who keep you alive, when you feel like everything‘s dying around you.”

'This is so stupid!' Riku thought to himself, while skipping rocks across the surface of the water that was partly frozen. 'Why should I have to wear a blindfold? Why did I come up with the idea of leaving Destiny Islands? Why was it me?'
He threw another rock out, watching it skip silently across the icy water.
“It’s not fair…” He whispered aloud to himself. A light breeze blew through the woods, casting ripples to form on the water.
Behind him, hiding amongst the trees, Pocahontas watched. She decided not to bother him and let him go on with his ways. She was able to help them out and that was enough for her. Walking away to the canoe waiting for her at the bank of the river, she gave one last glance at the teen and smiled. The breeze tousled her long, silky black hair about her face. 'His heart is strong.'
“Riku. It’s time.” King Mickey announced, walking down to meet Riku.
“Okay…but how are we going to get out of here?”
Mickey just grinned. “Gummi ship, of course!” He gestured Riku to follow him, and lead him deep into the woods. “I was up since daybreak working on it.” Mickey explained.
The two companions in raincoats walked into a small clearing surrounded by silver birches in a circle. Snow crunched under their feet, as sunlight just began to pour over the treetops and into the clearing.
“Well? You just gonna stare at it all day, or are you gonna come?” Mickey joked.
“Oh, uh, yeah! Sorry.” Riku said, while following Mickey into the ship.
“I thanked the Chief and the rest of the village before I left. I gave them your thanks, too.” Mickey clarified, pushing a few buttons and strapping on his seatbelt.
“Thanks.” Riku said. He took a seat and stared out the window. 'Too bad it doesn’t snow on the island…It’s so beautiful. Kairi and Sora would love it.' Riku silently laughed to himself. 'Just wait till I tell Sora! He’ll get so jealous, and I bet he won’t even believe me.'
Sora’s big toothy smile appeared in Riku’s mind, as well as Kairi’s soft laugh. Riku’s eyes dulled at the thought of his two friends. They were the only people keeping him alive during these dark hours. They were his only light. The Light that kept him from slipping away again, into the darkness. Riku clenched his fists. The thought of never seeing them again was tearing him apart.

“We cant let fear stop us!” (‘Too late for that now.’)
“Open your heart! Lead me into ever-lasting darkness!” (‘If only I hadn’t given in…’)
“Take care of her.” (‘He’d better be.’)
“Come on…you know you wanna try one.” (‘Sora always wanted to. I could see it in his eyes.’)
“And you’re just as lazy as he is.” (‘Heh, she really was. Perfect pair…’)

Riku leaned his head back against the seat and closed his eyes. All he wanted to do was sleep. Sleep was his escape. Where anything could happen. Where dreams would flood his head, instead of the dreadful thoughts he awoke to every day. He was just about to drift off when the voice of his companion sitting next to him awoke him with a start.
The King seemed to hesitate. “Why did ya…stay behind the door?”
Riku closed his eyes once more. “I’m not sure. I just….I just felt that I was supposed to. Like something, or someone, was telling me to. Helping Sora was all I could think of. The consequences hadn’t exactly been in my thoughts at the time. Not until the doors had finally shut.” He opened one eye and looked at Mickey. “Besides, I couldn’t just leave you in there alone, could I?”
Mickey laughed. “You’re a good person, Riku. Sora’s a real lucky kid.”
“Yeh…he sure is.”
‘He gets to be the keyblade master, he gets to travel with laughter, he gets Kairi…he’s just sooo lucky. Isn’t he?’ Riku thought to himself, but stopped abruptly. ‘No! I won’t get jealous. Not again…Sora’s my best friend. I guess I’m the lucky one…in a way.’ He smiled again and drifted off to sleep.
“Yooo-hooo! Riku? Time to get on up!” Mickey called, waving a hand in Riku’s face.
“Unh…Where are we?” Riku asked, rubbing his eyes.
“Not sure.” Mickey said scratching the back of his head. “Why don’tcha take a look outside?”
Riku gave him a confused look. “Whadd’ya mean 'Take a look outside.’ Seriously, where are we?”
“Go ahead! Look. I don’t know.” The king replied with a sly smile on his face and turned his back towards Riku.
Riku slowly leaned over to the window and looked out. The ocean lay far out and golden grains of sand lay beneath them. Palm trees swayed in the wind.
“Wha? It can’t be…Destiny Islands?!” Riku swerved back around to face the King, but he was already heading outside. Riku bolted up and went after him.
It felt weird to feel his feet sink into the sand beneath him, to feel the sun burning his skin. Riku was tempted to take the blindfold off, but immediately thought twice. It would surely cause him to become partially blind if he had.
Riku was half overwhelmed with joy, half overwhelmed with anger. “Why’d you bring me here?” Riku sternly snapped.
Mickey turned around bewildered. “What’s wrong with you?”
Riku bit his lip and turned his gaze out towards the ocean. “Sorry…I’m just, not ready to come back yet.” He was standing in the same spot the raft had once sat.
Mickey walked over to the troubled teen. “No, I’m sorry. I should’ve known better. But, since you’re already here you may as well pay a visit to a certain someone.”
“Kairi!” he said aloud, and took off for the other side of the island where the Secret Place silently awaited his return. Mickey watched him go, then walked over to a tree and sat down, leaning against it’s trunk.
“Fine day for a nap.”
* * * *

The salty breeze blew Riku’s hair about his face, seagulls called overhead, and the ocean came up to the shore, then receded back. Riku stopped in the shade underneath the bridge leading to the small isle of the poupu trees. Riku scanned the beach for someone, anyone. Not a soul in sight. Riku sighed and proceeded towards the Secret Place. Surely, there’d be someone in there.
Upon reaching the entrance, Riku could hear humming and the sound of rock scraping against rock. Riku couldn’t stop smiling. Bending down, practically on his hands and knees, he entered his childhood refuge. Winding down the dark tunnel, he soon came upon the open area that had drawings covering it’s walls from corner-to-corner.
And leaning down in one corner was a girl. Her hair the color of scarlet and her skin a tanned feature from the rays of the summer sun. Riku’s heart shot to his throat.
“Hey…” he choked, smiling weakly.
The girl stopped drawing promptly and slowly turned her head around, rising to her feet at the same time. The rock was still clutched in her hand.
Riku took a step forward, his heartbeat thrashing in his ears. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes. The scarlet haired girl had now turned completely around. Tears brimming her eye-lids as she scanned the almost foreign stranger in front of her. They’re eyes met, her crystal blues locking with his blindfolded eyes. The rock fell from her grasp as she rushed forward to embrace him.
“Riku!” she yelled.
“Kairi…” Riku choked, tears streaming down his face.
“Is it really you? I’m not dreaming…right? Please tell me you’re really here.” Kairi begged, pushing her face into his chest.
Riku hugged her tighter. “I’m as real as can be.” He took an inch of a step away to look at her, then held up a hand. “See for yourself.”
Kairi looked at his hand and lightly put her fingertips to his palm, then slid her fingers into the spaces between his, locking their hands together. She looked back up to his face, but was frightened when she saw the blindfold covering his eyes.
“A blindfold?” she asked out loud.
Riku nodded.
“Is it because of…” her voice trailed off. Riku nodded again, the smile leaving his face. “Can I?” she asked, reaching for the cloth around his eyes. Once again, he responded with a nod. Kairi’s fingers wrapped around the blindfold and she steadily began to lift it away from his eyes. Riku blinked a few times to adjust to the dim light coming in. Kairi smiled.
“There, that’s better. Isn’t it?” she asked.
Kairi stared into his eyes…then found the courage to ask him something. “Riku? Do you know where Sora is?”
Riku’s eyes dimmed. He shook his head. “Sorry…”
“Oh, well…it’s okay. You’re here now.” she wrapped her arms around him again. Unexpectedly, she broke down into uncontrollable sobs, falling to her knees. Riku kneeled down with her. Kairi leaned forward to rest her head on his shoulder, tears springing from her eyes and falling to the ground like broken silver shards.
“Kairi…It’s okay. He’s fine.”
“I kn-know. It’s j-just…”
“Shhh, it’s okay. Calm down. I’m here.” Riku coaxed.
Kairi started to calm down after a while, her sobbing reducing to simple sniffles.
“Kairi…” Riku began.
“Thank you.”
Kairi looked up at him. “For what?”
“For keeping me alive. You, and Sora, were my light through this whole time.”
Kairi just smiled. “Hee, you’re welcome.”
She loosened her grip on the blindfold in her hands, and held it up to Riku while wiping tears away with the back of her hand. “Here, take it. I don’t want the light to hurt your eyes.”
Riku took a hold of it, but put it in his pocket. “I don’t want to put it back on yet.” He stood up and observed around him. “I’ve missed this place.”
Kairi smiled. “You’re back.” Riku turned to look at her. “…For good?” she nervously asked.
Riku cast his gaze up towards the hole in the ceiling. “Not sure. But for a while. I won’t leave so soon, okay?”
Kairi closed her eyes and smiled. “Good. It gets lonely here.”
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