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Fanfiction ► A Promise Held Forever::Kairi's Story~

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Jan 11, 2005
yeh so im tired.
working on fic.
im pretty sure
ill get it done in a few
hours or so.
or this hour.
who knows.
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to post any random stuff
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thanx a bundle<3
oh, and thanx
David Bartlett!!!
glad u liked it =)
later skaters


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Oct 31, 2005
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I'm sorry:*(

i have an arguement to that. just a while back a watergun fight broke out in this thread if you remember. that was pretty random to me. it's too bad it had already ended when i started posting.:(

i'm sorry if this is off subject. but what does rep power do?
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Sep 13, 2005
Nooooooo u must discover the power of the rep for thyself.MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA he who controls the rep controls THE UNIVERSE HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......join me in my quest of EVIL AND WE WILL WIN. FIRST THE INTERNETE AND THEN THE WORLD HAHAHAHAHA.

sry bout that my friend waz right i am too random >_<


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Jan 11, 2005
iono, i dont like this one very much.
and its not very long...
but ohh welllll.
buona appetite! (sp? and i take italian...how sad...haha)

A Promise Held Forever: The Sisters of the Pure and Tainted
“A second chance, a much better day. A sunset that just won‘t go away.”​

Kairi sat kneeling in the grass. Night had now fallen, cloaking everything in darkness. Nozomi stood next to her, silently awaiting some sort of response from Kairi.
“Who…who were they?” Kairi slowly asked, her eyes fixed ahead of her.
“They are the ones who will demolish the existing darkness. They are the saviours; the Light.”
“The saviours?”
Nozomi nodded. “They pretend to be those of the darkness, yet they bear the scent of purity. It is surprising no one has found out their identity by now.” the ebony-haired girl walked towards the strange marked tree behind them. Kairi’s gaze followed her.
Nozomi ran a hand down the trunk of the tree, her fingers cruising over the engraved symbols. “They will help save us…”
Kairi let out a heavy sigh. “But who are they?”
Nozomi didn’t answer. She just stood there by the tree, gentle breezes pushing her hair back in the wind. It was almost impossible to make out the outline of her hair. It blended into the darkness so well. It made Kairi question her. What if she really was a Heartless? Or even worse? Kairi shook the thought away…

Kairi awoke suddenly to the chorus of birds. Sunlight streamed down onto her face, making her shield her eyes from the sudden burst of light. Half asleep, she reached for her blankets, but realized she wasn’t even in her bed--let alone her house.
She had accidentally fallen asleep in her grandmother’s backyard, and soon found herself jumping to her feet looking for any signs of Nozomi…but the only presence among her was the wind and the birds. And in a way, she was somewhat relieved. The burden of a strange girl hovering near was beginning to creep her out. Kairi began to walk away when something crunched underneath her foot. Removing her foot from it’s spot, she leaned down to examine the object.
It was the letter.
Kairi’s heart seemed to stop beating as she picked it up and re-read it. Her eyes scanned the words continuously, as if she had missed something. Was it really him? Had Sora actually written these words and sent it out to sea? Was it possible?…It had to be. She could almost hear him carefully saying each word, then pausing and lowering his voice as he said he loved her. Tears brimmed her eyelids, but she quickly wiped them away.
She slowly stood up and made her way back to her own house, shuffling her feet the whole way. Completely unaware of the shadow lurking behind the trees…
Walking straight past her house and down to the docks, Kairi untied her boat and rowed away. The water was eerily calm, but she thought nothing of it. Her mind was nowhere in this world. Her thoughts were wandering off to some non-existent faraway place. Not even one you could describe in fairy tales. The words of the letter echoed in her head…
Where ever you are, where ever you may find this..
His very hands wrote those words.
I thought this journey was over, but it’s not..
What would she do? She thought it was over, too. And if Sora says its not, he’s right.
Hopefully, they haven’t reached where you are yet…
What if they do?
I’m living in a world without you. Everyday I wake up, hoping it was just a dream…
Taken straight from her heart. She felt the same. All these thoughts continued to run through her spaceless mind…
No matter what, I’ll make it back to you.
She was practically begging to whoever could make her wishes come true to bring him back to her.
But not before finding the Door to the Light.
Stupid door. It started this all..
I love you.
His heart actually spoke that…Her stomach got all twisted in knots and her heart beat faster, it’s beating almost echoing the same words over and over. Kairi continued rowing.

* * * *​

“She didn’t find the key, did she?”
Nozomi shook her head. “No. She did not.” she addressed to her blonde partner.
“I see. We’ll give it a little more time. She should be able to find it soon.” the girl watched as Kairi mindlessly rowed to the island, having travelled the sea so many times that she did not need the assistance of her sight. “Hopefully she finds it soon enough.” The girl turned around and walked away into the depths of the forest. Nozomi followed, her necklace clinking against her chest.
“What if she does not find the key in time?” Nozomi asked.
“Then we can do nothing to help.”
“But this world will be destroyed if that happens!”
The blonde stopped walking and turned to face her friend. “Nozomi, we are but mere helpers against the defenceless, and preventers against the darkness-”
“But Kairi is a princess, is she not? She is not at all defenceless.”
“True, but she has weakened. She cannot fully defend herself without Sora’s voice. And I only hope that she does find the key, because I am the cause for Sora’s voice fading from her…” she turned and began to walk away. Nozomi hesitated before following again. Catching up to her, Nozomi stood in her path.
“But you are also the revivor of his voice, Namine`.”
She smiled thankfully. That also was true, yet she swore to herself she wouldn’t use her witchcraft any longer…even if for good…


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Sep 13, 2005
first that was i great chapter D2l and i appoligize for my "suger rush" but let me explain what rep points are too all of my knowledge (i dont now much >_<)

u give rep points by clicking on the rectangle at the bottem of a post (like this one) if u click it u can choose too lower or raise a persons rep.....but wat there for....i hav no clue:D

looking forward too a new chappy!
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