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A theory.... *ahem*

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Mar 16, 2005
Okay, first theory I've ever done, so go easy on me, sorry if this was already covered, don't flame me please, and this is intended to be a catalyst for further discussion, so I ask kindly for you to keep the comments reasonable, anyways:

To get to the point and be extremely blunt (Its midnight here and I'm tired) I think that the infamous "Another Side, Another Story: Deep Dive" trailer is actually Riku struggling with memories of his past as he watches the BHK confront the heartless... What is my evidence? Well, its all thanks to a friend of mine, who goes by the online alias "Enjerluca who has a Japanese friend, together they deciphered the Japanese wording in DD to come up with this:

Special Secret Movie
Another Side, Another Story
[deep dive]

The dreams are resurfacing
I seem only to dream of certain things
As if I envision the future
And within this future
Is Sora

It always begins the same way
I am an invisible force
Hear nor seen by anything
Turning around I see him...alone

He stands a crossroad far from everyone
Standing at the center point
Always staring upwards at the stars
As the clouds part and reveal
The starry, misty sky

And then it suddenly fades away from me
And words appear before me
Utter Silence
And then it would be surreal
I would be awake and not awake
At the same time but this I always remember

A bottle washes upon the shore
Words would float around it
A fragmented tale
A world without you
The eyes will close

And where this bottle drifts ashore
It seems almost like Destiny Island...
With the water softly lapping at the shore
But that is all
This beach is dark and desolate
Lit by moonlit

Strange formations thrown about
As if a once large mountain
Was destroyed here
Someone would walkthrough a portal
Hidden within a large boulder

He would walk out
And a lone eye would shine
As if it were golden honey
He would proceed once again

And new words would surround me
As if trying to tell me something
Baiting me to try to figure them out
Something so natural

I am back to the pouring rain
My ally at the bottom is walking
The raindrops seem to slow down
As if to show me something
Is this an illusion?
He has done this before...

It is not an illusion just a memory
Replaying its self
The Shadows are around him
Dividing and multiplying
As if an infestation
My ally stands taunt...ready

A Shadow jumps at him
The Keyblade cuts through the air
When destroyed another comes
Another memory has come as well..

The memory beyond

He jumps and twists to the side
The Shadows are now going into battle
In duos and trios and he must both
Defend and lash out
He jumps into the air and destroys those following

To me...his he showing off?
He twists and at the same moment lets go
The blades sings throw the air
And through many Shadows
He catches again and deals with those

Who have wisely stayed on the ground
He jumps onto the outside foyer of the building
He seems to realize how many there
As if on cue, he looks up at me

Is it for reassurance again?
Or is he trying to decide something?
The memories are beginning to speed up
I don't know if I can both fight and handle them
....wait...I know I can

Something so natural

I move closer to the ledge and look
I see him clearly looking up at me
His locks of hair hiding his eyes
But how...did my blindfold get back on?

Am I still meant not to see something?
He looks up at me, turns and goes back
The Shadows seem eager
But instead he jumps up on a statue
And begins his journey up to me

It seems...I will fight
Many of the shadows
Are trying to knock him away
As if to...protect me again?
I brush away the thought

Something so simple

I pull the blindfold tighter
I can still sense the presence
Stepping onto the ledge
I know this as a leap of faith
The words are back...they make sense
But this time...numbers?

"Where's Sora?"

Its a countdown...
A countdown to when I fight
He must have thrown the blade
I can sense...no feel the light
Surrounding it tightly

I jump into the air
The reflex may have caused my death
Or...something else

12 [Ansem other Report] A Creature born of ignorance

I can hear the blade cutting the air
The sound of Heartless dying as it comes
Closer and closer as if following my heart
I catch it and Someone lands behind me
Falling to me...was always exciting

11 Behind the Darkness, Door to the Light

He is running across the billboard now
And I am falling...falling next to him...
I feel a painful echo in my head
Sora...I can no longer feel his heart...

The Secret Place
"His voice...its left me"
"This time...I'll fight."

We look at one another
Something flashes in his eyes
I ignore it though
Something more important is happening
Within me and around me

He's trying to tell me something
I couldn't understand the first words...
Those crucial words...

Behind the darkness, .....to the...

9. A world between= A forgotten world
The gathering

I'm falling faster now
As his words mix
With those in my head
The echoes are coming back
Faster and harder

VIII The third enemy = Nobody "Who is Nobody, you ask? They are the

I am falling and I see him again
He's falling too
This time though he is falling in water
Me...through the air

"What took you so long, Kairi?"
"Can we do it? Against that?"

I flash back to falling beside my comrade
Sora replaces the image again
This time he has given himself away
Falling as if he wanted...to die

I remember my former self
The odd dream

In which I extend my hand out to him
And he tries…oh he tries to get to me
But every time he falls away from me
Why couldn't you grab my hand?!
Kairi is looking up at me, as if she sees
Can she see?

The void is back again
He's walking toward someone new
The new one sits on a boulder
His feet are caressed by the waves

An image of Sora appears quickly
He seems confused
Red comes across my vision
I am falling once again

"We have come for you, my liege"
"You are the source of All Heartless"

Something’s wrong...I don't if its a dream
Or a vision? Could their be a source....
A King of All Heartless?

The Thirteenth Order

"Your Highness? But why?"

Is Sora...royalty?
Wielding the Keyblade of Worlds...
Does that make him noble?
If he is...is he a Prince?
Or is he the King of Hearts?

I see flashes now, blocking my vision
This free fall is saving me from death
Kairi...Sora...Destiny Islands...wait
Who is that girl there?

5. Change....The third key

Falling was always an escape
It seems...I haven't left the billboard
My comrade is still fighting his way up it

4. End of the World
"What is this place?"
"Is this what you were looking for?"
"this is the world in it's true form."
"Maybe our journey meant nothing after all..."

Who is talking to me?
What happening?
I can't remember what they look like...
Someone...help me...

Paradise 3.

I see Kairi briefly, her image flashing
I see the Heart glowing on the ground
Suddenly see panels of four of us...
Those words...I remember those words clearly

We'll Go Together

My head is reeling
What's happening to me
That person coming...
I know him...
I know I do


He wields a Keyblade
Yet his stature is short...
I know this form...
Suddenly words flash before me
I cry out into the darkness


I am plunged back into uncertainty
The world of dreaming and not dreaming
I can hear them talking...

"He looks just like you."

My vision is completely on Sora
His still form floating over the ocean
Is he sleeping?
The image of him flying away disappears

"Everything is coming back to me, the true..."

If you've beaten Reverse Rebirth in CoM it becomes obvious that the person speaking is Riku, also its been confirmed that Riku is in DD, so obviously hes the blindfolded unknown, and as for why its called "Another Side, Another Story" is that the character that Riku is observing the "BHK" is (yes, you've heard this enough, I know) the other side of Sora's heart... anyways, that concludes my theory, and I hope you found it moderatly enjoyable, please feel free to reply with questions/comments/complaints/contributions or something to those effects


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Dec 5, 2004
i'm sure it is good, but dude it's way to long. some ppl (like me lol) like it short in sweet but cool anyway. keep it up!


Not trying to be mean, but how reliable are these translations? Even I couldn't catch most of the kanji, and it doesn't seem likely that there was THAT much writing...

But, otherwise, it is interesting.


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Mar 16, 2005
Hmmm, yeah, as far as the reliability I'm sure some, if not most of you are questioning it, as did I for a bit of time, if you want to confirm this, you should really speak with the person from whom I got it you can contact her on MSN @ animeescalaw08@hotmail.com, I'm sure she'll be happy to give you the details as to how she translated this, and as far as the length, sorry bout that, Ill try to make shorter theories in the future, thanks for the compliments though


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Oct 13, 2004
Too, bad the DWU is an early version of what became the BHK. So technically when they created that he wasn't.

That's just like in the evo theories that we evolved from apes. The BHK evolved from that. So the BHK "can't" really have anything to do with that poem....


Aug 25, 2004
Chasing my dreams
When I was reading it, I didn't realize the box was your theory. It's very good though. However, it's even more confusing to read all that than to just see the wotrds flyin! I wish I had an understanding of it, but I guess that's what RPGs are known for: the mystery.


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Mar 16, 2005
Too, bad the DWU is an early version of what became the BHK. So technically when they created that he wasn't.

That's just like in the evo theories that we evolved from apes. The BHK evolved from that. So the BHK "can't" really have anything to do with that poem....

Hmmm, you totally lost me there.... lol, If I remember correctly, planning for CoM and KH2 began when Final Mix was released, so you would assume they intended the DWU and the BHK to be the same person? There are far too many similiarities for this not to be so...


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Jan 2, 2005
Destiny Islands
awesome!!! you should go read my friends theory....it's pretty awesome too! it's actually under this name but i'm just using hers since i can't seem to get my own account (at the moment)



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Mar 16, 2005
Hmmm, I'm not saying that Sora is anyone in DD lol, I am saying that everything other than the DWU/BHK (whichever you prefer) fighting the heartless in that unidentified city is perhaps.... memories of Rikus? Or someone trying to tell him something perhaps? I am not sure


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Oct 5, 2004
Wow probably the best theory I've heard so far here. Well, it just seems that your friend took so much time into translating it. Thank him for me. But, yeah, this clears some things up for me. Riku... those were his thoughts. Cool.


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Mar 17, 2005
ya thanks Oblivion.. and Yes I did the theory =P got bored one day and had my japanese friend come over and we worked on it for about 24 hours straight. Not including a few dorito breaks ^_^
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