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Beta Reader Feedback: Absolution's Reign

The Biggest problem that I can see is that you kind of have multiple characters speak in the same paragraph. This might just be me, but I kinda find it hard to figure out who is saying what.

I find it easier to keep track of the dialog when I start a new line whenever somebody different starts to speak, have two qoutes per paragraph, one at the beginning, one at the end, and using the space in between for descriptions to give the audience an idea of what the character might be doing while speaking or between moments when the character speaks. Here's an example for you:


"I'm depressed." Markus sighed, propping his head with his arm on the table.

"Oh?" Amy consoled empathetically, reaching over from her seat to the right of Markus to rub his back. "What has you so down?"

"It's my bike." Markus mumbled, not really having the energy to turn his head to face Amy, continued to stare blankly forward with his head still resting on his fist. "It got stolen today while I was in class."


Here, they are basically taking turns. There is no confusion on who is saying what. This doesn't always have to be the case though.

I also noticed that you keep using the same words like "Comment" "Said" and "Shout" when implying that someone is speaking. There are a lot of other words you can use if you want that will get the point across and add some more emotion to it. Here are some links that list synonyms for said that you can use if you so desire.

synonyms for said

Synonyms for "Said"

Other than that, you've done well. I hope I have helped you a little.
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Alright people, here's chapter 16 and I hope this is a bit better thanks to tips from All-Star Gamer

Absolution’s Reign
Chapter 16
Battle Royale: Part Three

As I drew my Wind crossbow, the reapers came in for the first attack. We all split up to divide them up, most of us got three, but Xonic and I were both stuck with four. As I stood at my corner for the fight, I noticed that like the traditional grim reaper, the reaper half-hearts were nothing but bones save for the cape and the half piece of heart that was glowing in their chests.

One reaper tried to take a slash at me with its scythe, but I jumped over and fired an arrow into its skull. I turned around and saw the reaper pull the arrow out and grin at me. “What the hell?!?” I exclaimed, I maneuvered my way around the attacks as I tried to think of a plan.

Then I thought maybe we needed to stab it in the heart like vampires in the movies. “Hmmm, it’s worth a try” I thought, I waited for the opportunity and slid underneath the reaper as it jumped and fired an arrow into the heart. The reaper then howled in pain as it fell to the ground, as the darkness melted into the ground, the half piece of heart drifted into the sky before rejoining it’s other half and disappearing.

I realized then what had to be done, I yelled “Everyone, aim for the area where the heart is!”.

“What you serious?” Sora asked.

“Yeah, don’t worry about the heart being destroyed, it won’t!” I replied. They then changed tactics to aim for the heart, but as I turned back to fight again, one of the reapers got a sneak attack in and slashed me across the chest.

“Ahh! Bastard!” I said as I looked at the deep cut that the reaper left. Furious, I got up close before I switched to my katanas and stabbed it in the heart several times before kicking it back. The last two remaining reapers then seemed to converse with each other like as if they were strategizing. “Oh come on, quick bickering! As my dad once told me, the weak talk, the strong take action!” I said provoking them.

They then rushed at me simultaneously and began their assault. I maneuvered my blades around as I blocked their scythes numerous times. They then brought their scythes down in full force and I managed to absorb the attack. They pressed their blades hard as I struggled to keep them at bay.

I remembered then about what Xonic had told me about how my bracelet could sense the moment that an opponent’s attack falters. Concentrating, I waited for a chance as I kept my blades pressing against their scythes. Then the moment came; I pushed my blades in full force that knocked them off balance. My blades came down in full fury as I performed a three-slash combo on them simultaneously. The first slash left a deep cut in the bones which protected their hearts, the second broke them completely and the third I used one blade each to stab both their hearts.

I watched as they both dissolved into darkness and the heart pieces rejoined their perspective halves and disappeared. After finishing them off, I watched the others as they fought their share of the enemy. Ray performed a cross-slash that split the bone around the heart before stabbing it with one blade, while Zetssu pulled out two kunai before throwing one into two of the reaper’s hearts.

Mega used his blade as a boomerang to knock the last reaper into disorientation before he pulled out a small knife that looked like an oversized scalpel and stabbed the reaper into the heart. “Diagnosis… dead” Mega said laughing as he put the knife away.

I turned to Kairi who used her powers to transform a petal into a shruiken before throwing it into the reaper’s heart, while Elle used her power to light a fire inside the reaper that burned it to ashes. “Ohhhh heartburn” I said laughing as Elle looked at me also laughing at the joke I just made. Zetssu seemed to be in his berserker mode, judging by the way he was hacking and slashing at his last enemy before the bone finally broke and he performed a full power stab.

Sora and Riku seemed to be teaming up against their last reapers. They ran at each other and used each other’s foot as a wall before they both whipped around, performing roundhouse kicks on their own reaper. They both then used each other as a wall again to jump high in the air, they then both rode their blades down like a jackhammer and the blades pierced the bone and straight through to the heart.

Roxas was busy trying to break the bone, but could only get the bone bent out a small fraction. He fired a blast into the reaper and then snapped his fingers that made the light blast detonate and imploded the enemy. Last of all Xonic seemed to have no trouble defeating the reapers as he smashed through the bone of one reaper with his bare first which was covered in darkness before stabbing the heart with his blade.

He then wall kicked off the defeated reaper and smashed an airborne reaper to the ground, the force of which cracked the bone before bring his blade down in full force and stabbing the heart. The last one he dealt with differently, he summoned a large ball of darkness and it engulfed the reaper. The ball then rose in the air and Xonic began to close his fist which made the ball grow smaller before it vanished into thin air, but not before the heart escaped and disappeared.

“Whew, that was quite a workout” I commented.

“Yeah, I’m starting to get worn out” Kairi added. We looked to where the gods were fighting as Zeus charged a gigantic ball of lightning before smashing it into the Darkside before it vanished.

“Grrr, I swear can’t I have ONE day where things go right for me” Hades groaned as he got up from his place at the podium.

“Hades, give it up! You can’t defeat us!” Sora yelled.

“You think I’m done? Think again” Hades said smirking. He snapped his fingers and the wall behind him that lead to the underworld smashed, from beyond the wall, two half hearts appeared. One looked like a three-headed dog and the other looked like a humanoid creature, made completely out of rocks.

“What the? Rock Titan and Cerberus?” Sora exclaimed.

“Wait, something’s not right,” I said sensing the absence of a full heart in either of them.

“Like them? A personal gift from Dartanian, he gave me the pleasure of trying out his newest creations” Hades explained.

“Goddammit, he’s now got playing god on his list of devious acts” Xonic cursed.

“I suppose we have to fight them too,” I said.

“Seems so” Riku agreed.

“But can we take them? I mean I’m really tired” Ray complained.

“I think that’s what he was planning on” Sora observed.

“He must’ve found out about the tournament from Dartanian” Xonic implied.

“Well what are we going to do? I mean we’re pretty tired from the battle and they must be twice as hard as their original counterparts” I asked.

“Hmmm…” Sora said thought for a bit, “Aha!” Sora exclaimed as he thought of an idea. “Hey Herc, you still have the Olympus Stone?” Sora asked.

“Uhhh, yeah right here!” Hercules answered as he fetched it out. Hercules chucked it over and Sora caught it in his hand.

“Perfect” Sora said grinning.

“What, what are you going to do with it?” I enquired.

“You’ll see” Sora said as he raised the stone to the sky. The stone then shone a bright light and began to surround us, within a few seconds we all felt re-energised.

“Wow! I suddenly feel better! How’d you do that?” I asked.

“That’s the power of the Olympus stone for you” Sora remarked before he turned his attention back to Hades. “Now how about we send this pyromaniac back to the underworld from whence he came?” Sora said with enthusiasm.

“Heh, I’d like to see you try” Hades cackled, “Well if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get” he added before snapping his fingers to order the Half-Hearts to attack.

The half-hearts came charging at full speed, “How are we gonna fight here?” I asked, “I mean look how small the arena is compared to them!”

“Hmm good point…” Sora said as he thought for a moment, “All right Riku, you take Zetssu, Kairi, Mega, and Ray and lead Cerberus into the underworld, there a large clearing I remember that would be perfect for fighting him in” he ordered.

“Okay, all right, let’s go then” Riku said as he led them and managed to coax the Cerberus into the underworld.

“Xonic, Draco, Elle, Roxas, you’re with me, we’re gonna rock and roll with the rock titan!” Sora said as he drew his keyblade. We all drew out our weapons, and I chose to use my Earth Shotgun.

The rock titan charged at us, and we all rolled either side to dodge it, “Attack!” Sora yelled. We all charged and I began to fire shots at the Rock Titan’s leg, but the bullets seemed to be bouncing off. “What the? My bullets aren’t doing anything!” I exclaimed.

“The Rock Titan’s a hard one to damage, just keep attacking!” Sora yelled. I kept attacking but they seemed to do little damage to it.

I tried several weapons but each seemed to be doing less damage than the last one. I was starting to get seriously aggravated as I drew Absolution and started to hack and slash at the monstrosity.

The others didn’t seemed to be having much luck either, even Xonic’s Dark blade couldn’t even slice it, “Dammit, is this thing made of a material harder than diamonds or something” Roxas complained as he sent light blasts at the titan.

“Keep trying!” Sora said as he tried whipping the Half-Heart with his spearhead, but it leave as much as a scratch. Elle was having as much trouble as we were as she unleashed Firaga blasts at the foe without much succession.

Turning back to the battle,I tried a new approach, I ran up to it’s head area and began to slash at it’s head. It wasn’t phased by the assault simply swatted me away with it hand, I grabbed on to it’s hand just in time and began to slash at it’s hand but it flung me off as I hit my back, hard. “Argh” I yelled in pain as I struggled to get to my feet.

“It’s no good, I can’t pierce it,” I said in exhaustion as I stood back a bit to try and think of something. “Come on Draco, think!” I said to myself thinking hard, just then my bracelet shone in harmony with Absolution and I had another vision.

This one seemed to be of filling up my shotgun way past it’s usual capacity and then unleashing them in a kind of berserker barrage, but the shells seemed to be packed with more power and was chopping through the rock like it was nothing.

“Woah, that was weird, guess that means that the bracelet lets me do a barrage attack” I said.

“Yes but 7 enemies have to be destroyed to use it” Absolution communicated to me telepathically.

“7? Why 7?” I asked.

“I don’t know! I don’t make the rules here, that’s just how it is” Absolution said annoyed.

“Okay! Okay! I was just wondering” I replied slightly taken back by my keyblade’s sudden backlash.

“Oi Draco! Stop talking to yourself and help us beat this thing!” Roxas yelled.

Oh! Right! I said. I focused on the power of my bracelet and began to load shells into my shotgun. I continued to focus power as I loaded shells and finally loaded the last shell. “Okay then… Beserker Barrage!” I yelled as I pulled the trigger, the shells started to come out at supersonic speed and didn’t seem to be running out.

The bullets cut through the air before starting to cut through the rock like melted butter. “Woah check out Draco!” Elle commented as the bullets continued to chip through the rock.

“Alright last one!” I said as I cocked my gun for the last shot, it shot out with such explosive force it was able to cut through it enough for the rock which made it’s leg snap and it fell over.

“Whew, that was a rush!” I said as a large chunk of energy vanished, but I had enough for one more attack. “Hey Roxas!” I called.

“Yeah, what’s up Draco?” Roxas asked.

“Wanna send this giant pile of rubble back to the underworld?” I said with a grin.

“I’d be happy to, let’s do a joint attack!” Roxas said, as I drew my light handguns for the attack. “Okay, get ready…” Roxas said as he began to rise in the air, channeling some of his power to raise me up as well.

He charged his keyblade’s and I charged my handguns, then at the same time we began our assault. “Aura storm!” We both yelled as we began to fire multiple light blasts, which caused the rock titan to howl in pain as the light blasts began to chip through its body.

Then we got ready for a final blast, “Ready for this Roxas?” I called.

“I was born ready!” Roxas called back.

“Alright then” I said as we reached full charge.

“Samsara!” We yelled as he let loose our final attack and it hit the Rock Titan head on. We both landed and watched through the light as the Rock Titan began to disintegrate. Once the light had died down, we saw that the Rock Titan had been completely destroyed.

“Gaaaaahhhhhhh!” Hades yelled in confusion, anger and annoyance. I sat down, my back still sore from being thrown around like a ragdoll. Just then, Riku and the others appeared.

“Hey Sora, you get rid of the Rock Titan?” Riku asked.

“Yeah, we just finished him off, what about you? Is Cerberus gone?” Sora enquired.

“Yeah, we had to put him down” Riku said jokingly.

“Arggghhh, you!” Hades said, still in a fit of rage.

“Now do you understand Hades? You CAN’T defeat us!” Sora said with a grin.

“Grrr, I’ll get you, you pathetic mortal!” Hades said towards me, as I had been the one to start the road to destruction for the Rock Titan.

He rushed at me in a fit of rage, “Draco!” Sora exclaimed, as did everyone else.

“Hades, haven’t you heard the saying, look before you leap?” I said as quickly summoned Absolution and shoved the blade through Hades’s chest.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Hades groaned in pain as I pulled out my blade and he stumbled back a bit.

I struggled to my feet “Now, why don’t you go back to that forsaken Underworld from which you came from?” I said as I drew my grenade launcher and sent a blast his way. The force of the blast sent Hades soaring back down the stairs to the underworld, but it also knocked me back a few meters due to how much energy I had used.

“Hey Draco you okay?” Elle asked as he helped me up.

“Yeah, but I don’t think I’m gonna be able to fight for a few days” I said.

“But what about the tournament?” Phil asked as he walked over with Hercules.

“I suppose, we’ll have to post pone it for now” Hercules said.

Mega came over and examined my wounds, “Don’t worry, I can fix this easy, just give us 2 days, 3 days at most.

“Well all right, but you all better train for that time” Phil said a bit relieved.

We all went back to the Gummi ship and I had to spend the night in the medical bay. The bed was as comfortable as the one I was used to sleeping in so it didn’t bother me spending the night in the bay. As I laid there I thought to myself, “Man I seem to be surprising myself more everyday”

“As a denizen of the twilight, you have many abilities that others do not” Absolution said to me.

“Yeah I think Xonic said something to that extent” I commented as a yawned a bit.

“But just remember, just because you have a heart of the twilight, doesn’t make you invincible, you remember how Xonic was controlled by Dartanian during the first war” Absolution said in concern.

“Yeah…” I said, not trying to think about it.

“Just don’t go rushing into every fight, there are people back home that are waiting for you” Absolution continued.

“Yeah you’re right…” I thought as I looked at a picture of my family, “I wonder what they are doing right now?” I wondered as I drifted of into sleep.

Meanwhile in the Underworld…

Hades struggled his way to his throne; clutching the wound I had given him. “Gahhh, stupid teenagers! Always getting in my way!” Hades complained. Just then a dark portal appeared and from it, Dartanian appeared.

“What do you want?” Hades said demandingly.

“You disappoint me…” Dartanian said in an uncaring tone.

“Well your ‘creations’ weren’t strong enough to take them down! It’s your fault!” Hades spat.

“No, my creations had enough power, you just took so long to actually order them to attack the Keybladers” Dartanian replied in his mocking tone.

“Ahhh, what would you know?!?” Hades retorted.

“I do not tolerate failure, and you have failed me, so you must pay the ultimate price…” Dartanian said as he walked over with his scythe in hand.

“Hey… Hey! Would are you doing?!?” Hades said as fear came over him.

“I’m going to release you from this pathetic thing you call ‘life’” Dartanian said as he raised his scythe.

“Wait, please don’t! Give me another chance! Please, have mercy” Hades said as he struggled to move away.

“Sorry, any mercy I could give disappeared with the other half of my heart” Dartanian said solemnly as he brought his scythe down, decapitating Hades. Dartanian extracted Hades’s heart before his body disappeared into darkness, along with his severed head.

Dartanian cleaned his scythe of blood and pulled out a phone and put it to his ear, “Yeah, Dartanian here, Hades has failed us, I have extracted his heart and am returning now” Dartanian said through the phone.

“Alright then, you better get back here so we can discuss our next plan” Xemnas said from the other side of the line. Dartanian hung up and put his phone away.

“What a tragic waste, all that power, and he couldn’t even control it” Dartanian said as he walked through a dark portal back to his base.

To be continued…

Man this one is long, maybe my longest chapter yet o_O
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Sorry for double post but here's chapter 17!

Absolution’s Reign
Chapter 17
Battle Royale (Part Four)

The wounds had seemed to heal from the battle that had taken place several days before. The sun had risen on a new day as I stirred beneath the covers; I was well enough to sleep in my own bed again. Getting up and stretching, I looked out the window of the gummi ship; the sky seemed to clear today maybe because we settled things with Hades several days before.

But enough about that, the final rounds of the tournament were today, with the exhibition match following afterwards. I got up and got dressed into my usual attire and walked outside, where everyone seemed to be waiting. “You’re late!” Elle shouted.

“Sorry bout that” I said apologizing. Mega came up to me and did a quick scan with his goggles, “We’ll it seems you’re all right now, but that was certainly a close one” Mega commented. “Yeah, good thing I acted as quickly as I did” I replied.

“Come on you two! We got a tournament to finish!” Sora called out. We all made our way inside the coliseum where the Phil, Hercules and the Gods of Olympus were waiting.

“We all right now?” Phil asked.

“Yeah, my wounds have healed now” I responded.

“Good, we better not keep the audience waiting then” Phil said pointing to the VIP area where the Gods of Olympus were sitting.

“Any word of what happened to Hades?” Sora asked.

“No actually, we haven’t heard a peep out of him since 3 days ago and that is quite strange” Phil responded.

I looked at Xonic, who seemed to have a troubled look on his face, “Something wrong?” I asked.

Xonic looked at me and said “I think Dartanian made a appearance not too long ago, I fear that he may have done something to Hades” Xonic replied.

“Think they might have been in cahoots with each other?” Sora asked.

“Most likely, and if they don’t complete their tasks, Dartanian usually has a complete it or die attitude” Xonic explained.

“You mean Hades is dead?” Roxas asked.

“Not really dead, he killed him, but took his heart before hand” Xonic finished.

“Jesus, he really is a sick bastard isn’t he?” Riku said.

“You don’t know the half of it” Xonic replied.

“Can we maybe continue this tournament, all this talk of killing is putting me off” Elle inserted into the conversation. The rest of them took to the stands whist Xonic and I took to the arena.

“All right then, you both know the rules then” Phil asked, me and Xonic both nodded in agreement as he faced each other on the field.

“Just like back in Twilight Town eh Xonic?” I said to him across the arena.

“Yeah, but this time, I’m not holding anything back” Xonic replied with a smirk.

“Didn’t expect anything less,” I replied also with a smirk across my face.

“Okay… fighters ready? GO!” Phil yelled.

We ran at each other and exchanged a blow before Xonic made a sweep at my feet with his blade. I jumped up and landed on his blade, I smiled at him as I delivered a kick to the head before back flipping off his blade and firing a barrage of bullets with my burst handguns.

Xonic diverted most of them, sending most into the pillars and into the barriers, which dissolved them. One however, he wasn’t quick enough to hit and it hit him in the arm. Xonic summoned his keyblade now and ran at me with both blades in hand, I put away my guns and ran at one of the pillars.

With Xonic tailing me from behind I leapt at the pillar and jumped off it just as Xonic brought his blades into the pillar. Landing on the ground I saw Xonic retrieve his blades, seeing this as my chance I ran at him full speed. Xonic had just retrieved his blades as I delivered a three hit combo before kicking him up in the air.

I jumped up ahead of him and said “See you next fall!” as I took my earth shotgun and sent out a blast that sent him hurtling to the ground. Xonic managed to regain himself and landed upright with a loud ‘THUD!”

Xonic regained his balance after the hard fall. “Whew, this battle is more exhilarating than the first time we fought back in Twilight Town” I commented.

Xonic just smiled and said “Well don’t get carried away, this battle isn’t over yet” before firing a blast of darkness at me.

Watching it come, I drew my Keyblade and waited for the right moment. Seeing the time to act, I swung Absolution with great force, which hit the blast of darkness head on, all while yelling “Batter up!”

Watching the blast fly out of the arena I said “Wow, I got a home run” chuckling a bit. Xonic, however had used the chance to run in and deliver several blows. I reeled back a bit because the hits had hit me with some force. “Argh, damn that hurt!” I said in some pain as he had cut me several times, which caused me to start bleeding a bit.

“Come on Draco, less talk, more action!” Xonic taunted as he came at me again. Summoning a single katana and Absolution, we both clashed blades. The sound was almost piercing as most of the guys on the sidelines held their ears because it was so loud and sharp.

We started to clash blades over and over as we moved around the arena. It was then at a standoff we pushed our blades together as we both tried to find an opening whilst concealing our own weak spots.

I tried to use my bracelet to find a hole in Xonic’s defenses, but Xonic seemed to be concealing his weakness. I thought of trying to kick him back, but I would be leaving myself open. Just then luck struck in the form of Elle, “Come on Xonic, don’t let him beat you!” she yelled out.

Xonic looked to the side, and there was my opportunity. Not wasting any time, I kicked Xonic back and summoned by burst handguns. I loaded up and began to fire bullet after bullet at Xonic as he struggled to keep them all at bay. Xonic then took out his chakrams and threw them at me; I dodged one and grabbed the other before flinging back at him.

Xonic caught it with ease, but then I remembered the other as it rushed at me from behind. I did a backflip over it, which then made it fly towards Xonic, which he didn’t seem to expect as he got hit with it and was sent into a daze.

Using this as a way to finish the match, I ran at high speed as one of the pillars. Running up it, I reached the top and used it to get some air. Charging my handguns up, I yelled “Meteor Shower!” firing dozens of light blasts, but this was more of a Meteor rain as the blasts all aimed at Xonic.

Xonic tried to escape from the blast, but they all came crashing down on him… hard. Dust was whipped up and everyone was anxious to know what had happened. As the dust cleared, the scene was of me as I rested Absolution on an exhausted Xonic’s shoulder.

“And the winner is Draco!” Phil called as everyone started to clap and cheer.

“Hey Xonic need a hand up?” I asked as Xonic struggled to get to his feet.

“Nah I’m cool” Xonic replied, as he stood upright, “Man that was a good fight, you’re skills have significantly improved since you first reclaimed Absolution” Xonic said with a smile.

“Well I had a great teacher to learn from” I said as we did a little secret handshake that we developed just between us.

“Well that definitely had me on the edge of my seat” Roxas commented as we both reached the sidelines again.

“That’ll certainly be one of those battles to be remembered” Riku added.

Mega walked over and examined both of us, “Eh, some cuts and scratches, but nothing I can’t fix” Mega commented as he finished examining our battle wounds.

“Right, well we’ll stop for now to have lunch, and then the finals” Phil said as he finished discussing the battle with Hercules.

“We’ll finally face each other” Sora said as he walked over with a grin.

“Yeah well just because you’re the almighty hero of the keyblade, doesn’t mean that I won’t hesitate to kick your butt” I taunted Sora.

“Yeah, well don’t blink, otherwise you’ll miss the part where I’ll kick yours” Sora taunted back, still grinning.

We headed back to the Gummi ship where Kairi and Elle seemed to be waiting. “Hey guys, we made a special treat for you today” Kairi said with glee.

“Yeah, we made a special ‘Hero’s lunch’ for all of you” Elle added.

“Elle and Kairi cook?” I asked Sora.

“Yeah, they’ve been learning in school as well as at home, they’re food is quite good, don’t be scared to try it” Sora explained.

“Heh, you learn something new everyday” I replied.

We helped ourselves to the various thing that had been set out on the table the had been brought outside along with chairs. “My compliments to the chef” I said Kairi and Elle’s way as I finished my helping of the food.

“Why thank you Draco, it’s nice to have people who enjoy our food, we even thought of opening a restaurant or Café back on Destiny Islands after this journey is over” Kairi replied with a happy look on her face.

“Be sure to let me know when you open, I’ll bring my family for dinner there” I said, complimenting her further.

“I’ll be sure to” Kairi said laughing.

After we had all polished off our plates, we cleaned up and headed back into the arena were Mega had been quickly repairing the battlefield after the ‘Destructive’ battle between Xonic and me.

“Ah, you’re all back, so shall we go on ahead with the finals then?” Phil asked. Both Sora and I nodded as we headed to the battlefield, while the rest of them headed to the stands and the Gods sitting in their V.I.P seats.

“All right then! It’s the final match! It’s Draco versus Sora, so lets make it a good one!” Phil said as we took battle stances for the final match.

To be continued…

Draco and Sora face off in the final match of the Hero’s tournament. They are both masters of the keyblade, but only one will come out on top, who will it be? Find out in…

Absolution’s Reign
Chapter 18
Draco vs. Sora, A Hero’s fight.
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