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Fanfiction ► Accidentally In Love{Revision}

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May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
-death glare-

// ~ \\

{*~[___]Chapter One[___]~*}

"You keep the air in my lungs"


//Dawning Darkness\\

"Megan? Did you just ... fall asleep in class?" A voice asked me as I groaned awake, disbelief clear in their shocked tone. "I can understand that class is boring sometimes but.... You...? And, seriously, it's the last day."

I did? Huh. Weird. And on the last day before summer break, too. I must be off today. What'd I eat, again? Maybe there was an overdose of sugar in my oatmeal. Or crack. Or crack disguised as sugar.

...Or vise versa....

"Oh, really?" I asked playfully to her previous statement, grinning. Translation: o rly?

"Ya', really," my taller classmate answered, paused, then, "If I had a yearbook, you could sign it. Just got my planner... and Mr. C...." That was Rachael. Mr. C. was a clown drawn in her school planner. We get very bored in homeroom....

I shrugged,"I dun have a yearbook, either. It would've cost me valuable KH2 money." She nodded in understanding.

The school bell blared shrilly, penetrating through our thick skulls and nearly shattering everyone's ear drums. I jumped out of my seat, and I later asked myself if it had been from surprise or happiness. Rushing to the door, I hurriedly threw it open, hoping not to hit anyone during my speedy escape from Hell on Earth. Codename for school. Once outside my classroom, I began dancing about like the white girl I was, followed by a long, drawn-out shout of---

"FREEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" Seriously. How do YOU feel on the last day of school?

...Don't look at me like that.

Wearing a wide grin, I practically skipped away from my classroom, nearly tripped several times, and soon I was off the school grounds. The only thing that could possibly ruin my mood was---

Mod flammit. I hafta walk home today.

My excited smile eventually faded into a pout, and I attempted to remind myself that I at least didn't have to drag my backpack to and from school today. You didn't exactly need it on the last day before break, which consisted of yearbook-signing and movie-watching. But ... for eighth grade ... we have the ever-fun Promotion. To make us feel important before we're freshmen and are attacked by Seniors. And then the REAL fun begins. Or so I hear. Crossing my arms over my chest and resuming my scowl-gone-pout, I trudged down the concrete sidewalk in the direction of my mommy's house. Since my dad was ten minutes away. Car-time. Which is actually very long.

After a few minutes of pouting, the expression faded, and I let my arms droop back to my sides limply, going into 'deep thinking' mode.

Do you DRINK soup... or eat it...?

Just kidding. But really, I was thinking to hard. And obsessive-compulsive disorder was rapidly sinking in.

[flashback to some weeks ago]​

"Michael!" I suddenly exclaimed to my older brother, not tearing my gaze away from the night sky past my open window.

He looked annoyed as he craned his neck in my direction, having to force him to pause whatever game he was playing, "What," he deadpanned.

I pointed towards the star-filled sky where I had just seen one of the millions of bright lights flicker and disappear, "That star! It just disappeared!"


I don't have Kingdom Hearts issues....

He was giving me a look that clearly implied I was stupid, "Stars don't live forever, " The other brunette informed me bluntly.

I slowly turned to face him, confusion written clearly across my face, "But ... it just ..." my voice lowered significantly, "disappeared...." I don't think he heard that last word. But ... it was just gone. Like it was ... destroyed....

Shifting my gaze back to the night sky, my chocolate eyes promptly widened at the sight they beheld, "A meteor shower...." I breathed, hardly audible. I could just FEEL the look my brother Michael was giving me. The all-to-common look he threw me at times such as these. One of those 'I must be adopted' looks. I inwardly scoffed.

You wish.

Sighing, I fixated my chocolate orbs back towards the shimmering heavens, and, one by one, stars began blinking out in rapid succession.

That was when I started hearing the voice. Even before his - it WAS he, right? - voice graced my awakening.

Where are you?

You're looking for me...? They didn't reply.

[I'll give up everything just to find you]

//end flashback​

The sky had grown considerably darker; a result of the clouds, I had thought, but that was not to be the case. I continued walking, despite the cruel winds threatening to carry me away. Daring to lift my head towards the sky, I nearly tripped at the sight I beheld. Freezing in my tracks, I had to clutch onto a nearby, flimsy tree to steady myself. A deep purple, almost ebony, orb was levitating in the steadily-shadowing atmosphere above, funtioning as some form of an enormous vacuum, enveloping every movable object in sight.

The swift gales pulled stubborning at me, pushing me towards the darkening sphere, and I struggled to escape its grasping clutches. The tree was my only way. A small, weak tree. Hardly able to hold itself up, - wow, so reassuring - so how could it hold me, too? The winds picked up, and I wrapped my arms tightly about the slim wood, falling to my knees and curling up near the tree in a half-hearted fetal position.

Yes, I'm a wimp. Mock at your own risk.

Clutching my eyes tightly closed, I heard a sickening crack, and my eyes snapped back open in time to see the tree I held give way. With nothing left to hold onto, the winds whipped feircely at me, picking me up and reeling me in towards the orb of darkness. Once immersed in the ebony blackness, it swamped my vision, and I slowly closed my eyes, half-wondering if I would ever open them again.

NO! Megan! You can't-!

How do you ... know my name...?

[...oh, shiznap....]

// ~ \\

That didn't last long.

Keyblade Smitey

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Feb 25, 2006
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*aplauds* and the award for pwnage in the area of fanfics goes to *drum roll*... Kaze_Krazy! I love this, Aozra soooo messed up, saying your name. Did he just make a paradox?


Aug 13, 2005
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Krazy, how many times have you updarted since I've been gone? It's been four days.

o.o And way to start the revised ver of AIL dude. "Mock at your own risk". XD

EDIT: Are you guys out of skool already?! >=O


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Mar 19, 2005
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Krazy, don't you get out the earliest of us? For me, it's not until about June 24th, surgery's on June 21st. Not that it matters much, since I'll be home anyways.

But hey, being a liability has it's perks. I just got a $100 gift certificate from guilty relatives. It's to Amazon. Now, what shall I splurge on? >=D
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