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Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

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Oct 20, 2005
Wow, I know how that is. It's all "Stop smoking weed" and "Stop beating your father" How can they expect for me to respect them, if they don't repect me
Those were good updates. I shall return...

Just one question though, is Mena a nobody? I'm not trying to interfere with your story or nothing, but will she just appear at the next world everytime?

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May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D


I was currently trying to remember the word for mercy or whatever while Jack and Will rowed our....rowboat....toward the cave where the pirates of the Black Pearl were. Staring at the ceiling, tapping a finget to my chin, and eyes glazed, I tried to recall that "P" word.

"...Parsley...Party....Presley.....Parsnips....AH, WHAT IS IT?! >_<"

"SSSSSSHHH!!" Everyone whispered fiercly. (How can you whisper fiercly....? o_O)

I crossed my arms, glaring. Once we reached the shore, we all hoped out uber-secretly(not...>_>) Hey......isn't this when the Pirates try and..."kill"...Elizabeth..?.....Huh....I THINK it is!! DIIIIIE, ELIZABETH!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >=D I smiled maliciously at the thought of a dead Elizabeth. I skipped over to the ledge everyone was looking out. I spotted Mena fingering one of her daggers.

I whispered, "What do you need-"

I was interupted as she threw the dagger at the fugly Jack monkey. It was now pinned to the wall, dagger through it's throat. I stared wide-eyed at Mena.

"Ok, I hate that monkey as much as the next person...but...was that really nessecary?!"


I twitched, and silently hoped no one saw that the monkey was dead. I slowly blinked. ...Wait.....that monkey can't die!! It's immortal just like the crew!! So....it's.... My thoughts trailed off, and I stared at the "dead" monkey. It slowly reached up and pulled the dagger from it's throat; then it began screeching an alarm. Stepping back, I realized Jack and Will were gone. I "eep"ed, and had the inexplicible urge to kill Mena. Hoomhaha squeaked and hid in my hoodie that I hadn't removed since Land of the Dragons; infact, I still had all my "boy clothes", but my hair was un-spiky. I stared at Kaze, who oh-so-helpfully shrugged. I pulled at my now uber short hair in frustration.


That damn monkey wouldn't stop it's accursed screeching, so I covered my ears; I would've gone deaf if I hadn't. Looking at where Elizabeth had been, I saw she was gone; disapeared. I removed my hands from my ears, but was roughly held by one of the pirates. It pushed me through the cave until we came upon another pirate holding an oar and looking rather dizzy. Or was it drunk? Maybe both...... Seeing us, he instantly turned the other way, only to bump onto MEGAN!? And Kaze....and...that chick that glomped me...*shudders*..And...the...uh...bull-fighting hamster. ....I....I'm confused.....>_< Arn't you always? YOU ARE NOT HELPFUL!!! >_< The pirate holding the oar was mouthing different things and I heard him say parsley or something like that.

Megan and Mena suddenly shouted in unison,"PARLAY!!!!!!"

The oar-holding pirate shouted,"That's it!!"


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Jan 1, 2005
Fleet Street
HAHAH! I loved the part with the pirate with the oar. Drunk or dizzy..could be both. XD

Me: I must get around to updating my fanfics. *le sigh* -_-
Riku: And its about time...
Aroz: Yeah! I dont want to eb laying on a cobblestone street passed out ina world of dead people!
Krad: Try being a a DNANGEL convention with multiple fangirls...
Dark: *shudders* God that was hell....
Krad: Well YOU werent used as a human sheild!
Dark: >_> Hey you said take cover...
Calista: *strangels me* UPDATE THE DAMN DNA FIC!
Me: Yes Master!
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