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Fanfiction ► *~Accidentally In Love~*

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May 14, 2005
I live in a mansion.... in my mind.
Me: ok i think that was a little strange but ok.
Jospeh :eek:n the yellow drive form from what i have read its called the master drive form and in it u fly all the time.
ME: *in master drive form* WEEEEEEEE
Will: why god did u make her the stupid one!
Joseph: you wanna know why?
Will: I just want the truth.
Joseph: You cant handle the truth!
Will:Fair enough.

Joseph:hey lina if i may ask whats that down there?
Me: that would be a link to the Rp i just created with u as my char.
Joseph:not again!
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May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
I'll try and make it as long as I can, 'kay?


Hmmm....should I REALLY give you the details on what happened in between the time I last left you all the way to teh walking?.....Hmmm....

No. >_>

Let's skip to teh underwaterness!! ^-^ *listens to Passion on repeat whilst typing* <3

"Gents, " Barbossa addressed the crew of the Black Pearl, "take a walk!"

Jack looked confuzzled, "Not to the boats...?"

Barbossa gave him a kinda "Don't you know what we are?" look. After a while, Jack began poking about at the mountains of gold and jewels, and the rest of us were left to bore ourselves to death. Not to death, but very, very close. Close enuff to saw our legs off just to escape the chains that bound us! Hey...wait....oh, wrong movie. Sorry, Silver was ranting about Saw too much. o_o;; I heard some kind of crying/sniffling, and soon realized it was coming from my hood.

I craned my neck as best I could, "Hoomhaha...? Are you crying?"

Hoomhaha popped out of my hood, defending himself, "Dude! I don't cry! I'm a manly hamster! Totally."

I simply raised my eyebrows at the small, silver-coated hamster in amusement. Hoomhaha sighed heavily.

"It's like this, dude. I kinda got separated from my owner...."

"Awww...." I felt pity for the tiny hamster. ....;-;-;-;-;

I tried to reach up and huggle Hoomhaha, but remembered the pirates had tied my hands together. ...>_< The messed-up-eyed pirate guy grabbed Hoomhaha, causing him to squeak madly.

"Looks like we got ourselves a rat, eh?"

There was a sudden unknown cry of, "GET OFF ME HAMSTER YE SCURVY DOGS!!" (<--He actually wanted to say that. xD)

Looking in the direction of the voice, I spotted a teenage boy with spiky red-tipped silver hair, and identical silver eyes. In his right hand appeared to be a stack of golden coins parallel to the ground. Then, as it took it's true shape, the blade turned silver, and the hilt turned gold with a medallion; much like those inside the cursed treasure of Cortez himself. The sword had two blood red rubies imbedded in the eyes of the medallion though, so I knew it wasn't the same coin around the boy's neck. Engraved on the blade was "Bucaneer"(Only spelled right). The hilt was jet black, soft leather, and the boy gripped it tightly. Hoomhaha squeaked happily, and I'm sure I heard Riku mumble several "strongly-worded" statements.

"That hair color-stealing little....."

The somewhat glorifying moment was ruined when the boy fell off the ledge he had been standing on. With a disguingishing "Thump!", the silver-haired kid(not Riku) landed near me, but stood up hastily, brushing off his Deep Dive-like materialed sweat pants! If you can comprehend that last part, I salute you. The boy's crossbone Vans were of uber coolness. Or WERE they? *ponders that for far too long I looked over to see that Jack and Will had already started the violence without us. Looking back at Silver-Hair-Who was taller than me; THANK YOU, GOD!!- he sliced the ropes binding my hands, and we did the same for Sara(Sora's uber-speshual nickname), Riku, Kaze, Sean, and Mena.

Summoning my Keyblades, I called to Silver-Head, "What's yer name?!"

After shouting, "ATTACK ALL YE SKUNKS!!!!", he called back to me, "Silver!"

"I coulda guessed that..." I muttered.

Silver then shouted, "MUFFIN SOLDIERS UNITE!!"

I blinked at him, before it hit me. Holy shiznap.....o.o......HOLY SHIZNAP!!!...........HOLY FREAKIN' SHIZNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O_O_O_O!! IS THAT THE SAME SILVER ON KHI?! THAT WOULD EXPLAIN HIS NAME, NOW WOULDN'T IT, MEGAN?! WHAT THE FREAKIN' HELL IS HE DOING HERE?! >_< I stared at Silver as he kicked pirate butt, nearly getting decapitated, so I quickly remembered I was in the middle of a fight. A FIGHT YOU WILL HAFTA READ IN THE NEXT UPDATEDNESS!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! >=D
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