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Jan 6, 2005
Basking in Eternal Darkness
This world is a corrupt one isn't it? It's ever so full of parasitic humans draining every ounce of life from this planet for their own gain and pleasure. Few care, most, don't care. The planet is a doomed one. The true value of the planet goes unseen by its own inhabitants.
However, there is yet another world clinging for life alongside our own. It shares the same life line that our dear planet does. The reason for our decline, the source of this madness plaguing our own planet, are they, those of the realm known as Arunathia.
Arunathia is a world and a plane joined to ours and originally was in total balance with our world. Though the tide has shifted in Arunathia due certain events that have taken place therein. A dark force plagues Arunathia, reeking havoc, sowing the seeds of chaos and destruction in our own world. A select few of Arunathia have taken it upon themselves to call for help from our plane. These individuals will be invaluable to crushing the evil plaguing Arunathia, which in turn is affecting the humans of our world.

A world akin to Earth. It shares a very similar geography and similar demographics. However, the local flora and fauna are slightly less evolved than Earth's, meaning that some are reminiscent of their prehistoric counterparts. As technology goes, Arunathia is just as advanced as Earth but somewhat primitive, using technologically augmented swords and the like. It's inhabitants are human as well, though their life spans are significantly longer than that of Earth's humans.

Where You Stand
You are one of the few selected to be the saviors of both worlds. You are human in every sense of the word, but something in you has made you stand out from the rest. A power lying dormant in your souls from Arunathia. This power, unknown to you at first, is actually a symbiotic being known as a La-eru. The La-eru are a powerful ancient race dating back to the origins of Arunathia. Most legends on Earth are based off of them in some fashion like Dragons, werewolves, vampires, serpents, and the like. Being away from Arunathia, it has been unable to grow and mature to full strength. Each of you harbor exactly one of these beings.

Symbiotic beings that draw upon it's host's life to survive, but also said life in the host's body so none is lost. The being itself is present in the host's cells and does not have a tangible form until it begins maturing. At which point, it is able to manifest itself outside of the host's body. At any other time, it share's it consciousness with its host, two minds in one body. Separated from the host, the La-eru is able to do as it pleases, though this is not wise. If either the host or the La-eru lose life force, the other will be effected in the same manner. Meaning if one dies, they both die.

Starting Point
We will all be attending a school, a private school, at the start of this. This school is quite close to the link between the two worlds. We won't be actually in Arunathia until a bit. I assure you, it won't take too long until you're thrust into some action.

~The Rules!~
This should be quite similar to what you've seen before

1. Must be as literate as possible
2. No machine gun posting (posting small posts in quick succession without moving the plot along or contributing anything significant)
3. Keep cursing to a Minimum
4. No God-moding or power-playing (controlling other people's characters without their permission and/or making yourself godly in some fashion. Ie - always dodging hits, invincibility, killing everything in one hit)
5. Romance is encouraged but keep it Pg13
6. No excessive gore. There will be blood, yes, but I don't want rivers or seas of it.
7. Be creative! I can't stress this one enough.

The Character Template
Fill this out completely and entirely. I would like AT LEAST a paragraph for your personality and short biography. Appearance can be a picture or text. If you write it, please do add some detail to get a rough idea of what your character looks like.

*Weapons of Choice:
*Extra Info:

*La-eru Info (optional) - Your La-eru can be an extension of your character or a totally separate entity.
Power and Abilities:
*Extra Info:

* Items are not required but are highly suggested.

That be It! We will be having rolling admissions to this RP so anyone can jump in at anytime. Though this may be subject to change at some point.
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