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Jun 27, 2007
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omg!!! after so many months i still haven't updated?!?!!?!??!?! To think that i have the chap on my pc XDDDDD
I am so very sorry for keeping ya waiting ppl,well if any1 is still interest,here is the 5th and 6th chap ^^

Chapter 5 : Flying in the sky

The Gummi Ship took off.
Sora was acting childish, pissing off Riku as usual .
Namine was looking outside nostalgic.Roxas was messing with the engine machine and Kairi was excited with the travelling idea.
Axel aside was thinking and again thinking ,except of the time that he got a gummi-block on the head because of Sora.

Axel shouted to Sora
“Er…it wasn’t me!!!!It was Riku!!”
Sora shouted. Axel sighed and noticed Namine
“What’s the matter Namine?”
Axel asked,but Namine didn’t respond
“Earth to Namine-chan!!!!!”
Axel said with higher voice
Namine raised her head
“Did ya say something?”
She asked
“Duh,you ok?”
Axel asked
“Uhm,yeah,why do you ask?”
Namine asked with a weird voice
Axel replied and stared out of the window the stars.
After about 3 hours Sora yelled
Everyone jumped from their seats
“Dude Sora,you have to be THAT loud?”
Riku asked scratching the back of his head and stood up.
Sora replied and jumped out of the Gummi ship
“If he continues acting like that he will end up dead from the much sugar”
Axel said grinning
“Nah,he is always like that”
Namine said smiling and laughing a bit.Namine stood up sighing and looked Midgar
“So this is where you live?”
She asked Axel
“This is where I LIVED”
Axel correct her and walked out of the Gummi ship.
Roxas followed and so did Riku.

Chapter 6 :Midgar

As everyone walked out of the Gummi ship ,they faced a huge town ,the biggest part of it destroyed ,but it looked like there weren’t many people that were living there,and the most of them were looking like sick,or halfdead.
“Is that a ghost town or something?”
Sora asked freaked out.
“I…I don’t know”
Axel replied blinking
“This is horrible!”
Kairi said backing away
What’s happening?Why can’t I remember how my hometown was looking like?And…why is everyone in this condition?
Axel thought looking down
“I think we should better go check it out,whaddya say guys?”
Riku asked
“I’ll stay here,someone might attack the ship”
Roxas said
Sora said and waved
“Will you be ok?”
Namine asked Roxas
“Of course!”
He replied smiling
“Okay then”
Namine said trying to smile back

As the 5 friends walked deeper in the half destroyed town.The deeper they were walking,the more sick people were apearing

"What happened to those people?"
Kairi asked looking shocked the humans.
Axel wishpered
"What did you say Axel?"
Riku asked
"Oh,nothing,just thinking out loud"
Axel replied
But,wait,what is that thing i just said?It can't be just a word that poped in my mind,i gotta find more info
Axel thought with an enigmatic face
"Then shall we move?"
Sora asked sighing
Axel said and started walking
Oh man,i thought it would be a nice and happy trip,but instead we ended up in a place that looks like it has suffered really much!And i don't know what should we do,or where to ask for help,who is hiding behind those bad things?
Sora thought with a nostalgic look.
"Is something wrong Sora?"
Kairi asked
Sora said with a fake smile
"Oh,i think we should go somewhere,i know exactly where it is,but i have no idea what is that place"
Axel said
"Oh,eheh,so shall we go back to the Gummi ship?"
Sora asked
"No,we don't want to make ourselves known around,and i am sure that the Gummi Ship ain't the right way to move around here,got it memorized?"
Axel said looking a weird shapped house
"Then h...WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!!?"
Sora shouted when Axel broke the door of the weird shapped house
"I am doing the right thing to move around the places without being so much noticed"
Axel replied with a smirk and entered the house
"Oh man i don't want to go to jail"
Sora said sighing
"Oh come on"
Riku replied and entered the house too
Kairi and Namine just looked each other with a weird expression on their faces.
"And here we are"
Axel said showing an area with 3 motorbikes
"So this is how we will move eh?"
Riku asked excited
"You bet"
Axel replied
"Oh...but...we are 5 and the motorbikes are 3,and we have to let Roxas know where we are going,we might need help"
Namine said
"Okay,I'll call him"
Said Sora with a mobile-phone on his hand and got out of the house
"That problem is solved,any other problems my lady?Maybe afraid of the speed or high?"
Axel asked Namine with a small smirk
"Hmph!Very funny!"
Namine replied annoyed
"Hehe,i was just kidding,no need to get pissed"
Axel said again and got on a red-black motorbike
"Ah so"
Namine sighed
"I bet we have no other choise"
Riku said in apathetic tone and got on a silver blue motorbike
Sora walked back on the house fast
"Okay guys!!! Everything is fine now,we can leave!"
Sora said and went on the last motorbike of the room,a white one with black lightings.Kairi sat behind Sora,and Namine behind Riku.
Everyone was preparing to leave,when suddenly the front door opened slamming the wall behind and someone was walking in.
"what the..."
Sora jumped from sudden
"Everyone hide!!"
Axel tried to whispered and looked around.
"Well you haven't change a bit,have you bro??"
A cocky voice similar to Axel's came.
The person got in the room,and everyone was looking shocked,blinking,but without being able to speak
"Wha...who...who...are you supposed to be now?!"
Axel asked with a scared look on his eyes

Well this chap had no edition or corected mistakes by any1,so sorry if i have misspelled things e.t.c^^


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Jan 30, 2008
It was a great chapter! I wonder who the "mysterious person" is. I think I already know...


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Oct 27, 2009
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Just started reading this today (I know it's an old thread, but I got bored...) and I'm REALLY looking forward to the next chapter! DON'T LET THE STORY DIE!!!
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