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Aug 8, 2008
This one place in the one town with people. Can't
Yes, I know it's spelled with a 'K', but the title refers to the main character's terrible luck with vehicles (as well as my own... but that's a different story altogether). This is actually around the third or fourth chapter of the story, but you're not missing much (and the first other chapters are being rewritten).

Oh, and as a side note, this is around PG-13 due to language and references. Don't like, then turn back now.

Clae flipped through the channels on my TV, and then paused on American Idol. "Now here's a show!"
I grimaced, "You disgust me."
"For watching this. It's all one big conspiracy. Just like the Disney franchise and Square Enix. They suck you in and make you their bitch." I would know. Disney and Square had even combined once to make a video game. It contained a rather 'kawaii' -- as Monica had called him -- vitro child of Aerith and Cloud, weird little critters that ate hearts (and quite possibly, babies), and ninja- Mickey Mouse. The world was doomed.
"So? You think everything is a conspiracy..." he leaned foward and raised his remaining eyebrow leftover from his little "accident"-- the likes of which had involved some wood glue, a five year-old, and of course, myself.
"I don't think, Clae, I know."
"How so?"
"I have sources to some of those CIA people at Disney World. You know, those people in the Mickey suits? Oh yeah," I winked.
"If you say so..." He went back to the television, and after another fifteen minutes of flipping through channels, he finally turned to me and said, "Rinsleia, you have something on your mind?"
"How can you tell?"
"I can read your mind."
"Like a book?"
"One with colorful pictures, if you will." Damn him for ever studying psychology. "Please tell me."
I sighed, "Everyone's so damn contradictory. You could be having the most god-awful day of your life, and nobody gives a shit. You're getting a divorce, your kids hate you, you're flat broke, and you've just gotten fired because someone you thought was your friend told your boss about why you had really missed work. Oh, and you're sweet grandmother Rosa had just got hit by a runaway scooter to boot, but all anyone says is, 'Quit being so pessimistic, there's better things in life!' The next day, you find a nice guy that has money to spare, you're boss lets you back on the job and goves you a promotion, and Grandmother Rosa has recovered from the hospital and has now joined the Summer Olympics. What does everyone do? They say, 'Oh, shut it! Your optimistic attitude gets on my nerves! Life's got a bad side to it y'know. I can't stand-'"
"Rin, is this another one of your conspiracy theories?"
"Quite possibly," I was lying through my teeth, and hopfully he wouldn't catch it. Although he was studying psychology, he wasn't quite that good at it yet. Actually, I wasn't completely lying; this had gone through my mind before, but the current thing bothering me was me considering my sanity after seeing Raydin attempting to kill Monica. If I told Clae, he'd probably recommend me to a doctor. Honestly, I don't think there's anyone that would take me seriously.
Well, besides Dae and Raydin; if it weren't for the fact that the only witness, Dae, was a cat and Raydin was only a figment of my imagination. Somewhat. I think. Gods, maybe I really am insane.
Clae looked at me skeptically. Nope, I don't think he's buying a bit of my story, "Anything else?"
...Or maybe he is...
"Well, You know how people say crap like, 'Oh, if something's bothering you, come tell me,' but when you go tell them something, they're all, "Quit complaining and get over it," and blow you off like a misfired-"
"There's a difference between complaining and-"
"-I'm not finished," I paused. "...Alright, now I am. I forgot what else I was going to say."
He blinked. Ah, a delightful pause. Point one Rinsleia, for somewhat stupefying the psychologist-to-be. "As I said, there's a difference between complaining and something actually being wrong."
"Yes, but if there's something actually wrong, but it's only taken as a mere complaint, but it could be something bigger?"
"Then you obviously need a better psychiatrist."
I rolled my eyes, "Great, Clae. I know you're always there for me..."
"And how does this make you feel?"
"Eh, saying that is part of the job description."
"So you want to know how that would really make me feel?"
“Sure, one of these days you're going to have to. Hopefully then, you'll be paying me for a session."
I flipped him off.
"Not one of those sessions, dear."
"That's not what I had in mind. I want a guy that has both of his eyebrows still on his face." Ouch, burn. Rinsleia Faith: two points. Clae Verdoux: zero, zilch, nada, niet. Wow, I'm on a roll today. I should make him buy me a coffee or something later...
He brushed his bangs in front of his face in a futile effort to hid his slowly-growing-back eyebrow, "At least I haven't come to believe that imaginary people have come out to kill me..."
At that point, my whole world froze. How could he know? Maybe he was better than I thought...
He cracked a lopsided smirk, "Just kidding, what the hell is that look for?"
-Or he could be bluffing. Honestly though, that scared the hell out of me. I'm sure my current expression gave something away though. Both of my points had just been smashed into pieces and burned, not to mention eaten by a hungry alligator. There goes my coffee... "Nothing at all, love. That was just an odd comeback."
"Ah, I see. Surprised you did I? I guess that suggests it's you that buys the coffee today?"
Damn, read my mind again. I'll get you back tomorrow Clae. I will. "Ah, sure. Let me go grab my coat."
"Alright. Hurry though; we don't want to be stuck in rush-hour traffic on the way do we?"
"Not at all... Although I believe rush-hour traffic could only be the least of my worries.”I rushed up to my bedroom closet, and grabbed a medium-sized tan coat. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a shadow flicker by my window. Perhaps I'm just a little too paranoid...
I joined Clae out by his car: a nice, brand-new Honda something-or-other. I don't really care about vehicles and their names, just as long as they get me to my destination without breaking down or guzzling hundreds of dollars in precious gasoline.
I buckled myself into the passenger's seat as we left the driveway, but I failed to notice someone watching us through my bedroom window as we left.

...Ummm, yeah... Anyways, this conversation (with the exception of the Raydin thing) has actually happened between my friends and I. Yes, even the eyebrow thing. Although I am not really a conspiracy theorist, sometimes certain aspects of life confuse me, and thus I speak my mind about them. XD I'm a freak...
The whole story (not just this passage) was inspired by my friends, pulling an all-nighter playing Kingdom Hearts, and the three vehicles whose battery I ran down within a week.
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