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Fanfiction ► |Beauty and the Hollow|

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Oct 30, 2004
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Well I haven't seen any Bleach fanfics around here, so I think I might as well post my ficcy

Disclaimer: “Bleach” and all its characters belong to Tite Kubo, and “Beauty and the Beast” belongs/copywritten by Disney…and also by that French guy who originally wrote the story xD

Summary: An enchanted castle...A beautiful girl...a cursed hollow...all wrapped together in a story of love.
Based on the story of "Beauty and the Beast."

Beauty and the Hollow

Character List:

Beast/Hollow: Ichigo
Belle: Rukia
Lumiere/candlestick: Renji
Cogworth/clock: Uryuu
Mrs. Potts/teapot: Yourichi
Chip/teacup: Nell
Wardrobe: Rangiku
Maid/feather-duster: Orihime
Belle’s father: Urahara
Gaston: Aizen
Lefou: Gin

Chapter 1: One Winter Night...

Long ago, in a far, far away land, there lived a spoiled, selfish, and heartless prince, who lived in a magnificent castle. He was surrounded my many servants who were kind to him, though he would act so cold to them.

On one cold winter night, there was a loud knock at the castle door. When the prince answered, there stood a small, old woman shivering in the cold. “Please sir, do you have any shelter for an old woman stranded in the cold?” “NO! Go away,” replied the prince as he looked down at the old woman with disgust, and slammed the ancient wooden door in her face. As he turned to walk back down the giant foyer, there was another knock at the door. He opened them again to see the old woman still standing there, but this time, she was holding something in her hand. It was a small glass orb, radiating a small blue light that could barely be seen in the light from the doorway. “Please sir, I may not have any money, but I hope you can take this hogyoku as a sign of my gratitude.” Looking rather annoyed and irritated of the old woman’s presence, the prince responded, “Psh…just get out of my sights you old hag!” He slammed the door once again. Apparently he slammed it so hard, the vibrations were felt throughout the whole castle, which caused his main servants, Renji, Uryuu, Orihime, Miss Yourichi, and her daughter, Nell, came out into the foyer. “WHAT?” said the prince with an attitude.

All of a sudden the castle door burst open with a winter chill, extinguishing all the lights, except the one that was coming from the beautiful woman standing at the door, holding the hogyoku. The prince fell to his knees and asked for forgiveness. The enchantress then spoke to the bewildered prince. “Young prince, I have seen that there is no love in your cold, rotten heart…..and for this, you shall be cursed!” She tapped him on the head and stepped away.

As soon as she said those words, the prince clutched his chest, feeling unimaginable pain, screaming an unbearable yell. He looked at the enchantress with dread as the whites of his eyes turning black, and his warm brown eyes turned to a snake-like yellow. An ivory-colored substance came out of his eyes and mouth, enveloping his head, and then the rest of his body, while screaming in pain. When the transformation was over, the prince’s body was pure white, with claws on his hands and feet, a wash-board chest, two curvy blood-red lines going down his arms, a long white tail with the tip colored blood-red, long dusty-orange colored hair that almost touched the tail, and what looked to be a mask covering his face; his mouth, which looked to shut tight with only large sharp teeth exposed, 3 short blood-red stripes coming down the right side of the mask, with the yellow eyes shining in the darkness.

The creature that stood before the enchantress, finally collapsed to the floor. The enchantress then walked over to the prince, and looked down upon him. “A hollow you are…and a hollow you shall remain…but if, and only if, you can learn to love another, and receive her love in return, by the time the glow from this, extinguishes.” She placed the small blue orb in front of the hollow, but he didn’t look. She then disappeared, and left the once human, hollow, to wallow in his sadness.

Years pass, and the Prince sunk into darkness, and lost all hope…because who could ever love…a hollow?

P.S...if anyone has a account @ fanfiction.net they can read it there as well: FanFiction.Net - Beauty and the Hollow, a Bleach fanfic
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