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Fanfiction ► Beginning of Destiny

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Aug 24, 2007
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Sometime this commng week. The second half will have a surprising plot twist that I don't think anyone will see coming.

Anyways, I added you three to by buddy list. I hope that's okay.

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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
Chapter 3: Dark Rendezvous PT-2: Confrontation.

“YOU’RE LATE!” Axel barked! “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting!?!”

“My apologies.” Saix stated calmly, with his arms crossed and pressed against his lower chest. The Dark Corridor that he had exited from started to slowly dissolve as Saix slowly approached Axel, still seated on the log, tending the fire. “I was… held up in certain matters.”

Axel peers over his shoulder, analyzing his compatriot. “Whatever.” He murmured, and he then returned his gaze towards the fire.

“So, refresh my memory, Axel.” Saix said with a coy look in his eye. “What exactly is the matter at hand?”

“The other worlds are very beautiful so far away from town.” Axel said with wonderment.

“Yes I’m sure they are. Now if we can get back on track, what exactly are you doing here? Does it have anything to do with that rather large hole?” Saix asked, still sounding rather coy.

“Think it might rain tomorrow? It’d be a damn shame if it did?”

Saix, no longer calm, started to get irritable with Axel.

“Right. Stars. Rain. Bad thing. Now just tell me—“

“Although, if you think about it, a little rain might do this forest a world of good. When I was looking for stuff to start the camp fire with, I saw a lot of dried grass. That can’t be—“

Saix, far past annoyed with Axel dodging the questions, spun him around to look him in the eyes while holding on jerking him by the collar.

Dude, personal space!”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass about your personal space! Tell me what the Hell you’re doing here right now!” Saix roared his face scrunched in anger. After a few seconds of thought, Axel hoisted up one of the two remaining bags he had retrieved from the burlap sack.

“You ordered the Holly Halitosis special with extra onions and onion rings, right?”

“THIS IS WHY I CAME ALL THE WAY TO TWILIGHT TOWN FOR?!? A STUPID SANDWICH?!?” Saix roared, enraged beyond belief. So enraged, that he almost didn’t notice the fire erupting in Axel’s unoccupied hand and solidifying into a large bladed chakram! At the last second, He managed to jump back, releasing Axel as he brought his chakram around in a horizontal swipe against the bewildered Saix, scraping him through his skin. He jumps back just out of Axel’s lunging distance, pressing a forearm against the cut across his stomach.

“Axel, what is the meaning of this!? What has brought about this betrayal!?” Saix demanded, but Axel, now on his feet, starts to laugh.

“Don’t patronize me Zexion, you limp wristed sissy!” Axel cackled, as he twirls around his chakram. He flings the bag out into the forest, as he chuckles maliciously. “I know it’s you. Drop the illusion!”

After hearing this, Saix lowered his head, and a pale blue light enveloped his body and he began to change. His form became smaller, his physique became less defined, and his long, dark blue hair and rugged, aged features dissolve away, revealing a youth to be about 21 with short gray hair, excluding the bangs that cascade over his right eye. This was none other than No. 6 of the Organization, Zexion, the Cloaked Schemer, posing as Saix! He looked back up towards Axel, anger burning on his face.

“How did you know?” Zexion demanded, far away from the cool and calm persona that had helped him wrap hundreds of beings around his finger. “My illusion was seamless! Sight, sound, even his scent was duplicated perfectly to scream Saix!”

“Tch, tch, tch!” Axel said, waving his finger back and forth. “You have a long way to go if you honestly believe you’ll be able to fool anyone with a trick like that! You really have got to improve your acting skills.”

“MY ACTING SKILLS?!? What does acting have to do with anything?”

“Everything! While your illusion was seamless, as you have said, your body language, your speech, and even your persona gave you away! Saix isn’t that well spoken, and he doesn’t cross his forearms and press them against his body like you did. And he defiantly doesn’t like to beat around the bush by asking me time consuming questions, and unless you’re the big boss, he never ever apologizes to anyone! Before you try to impersonate other people, need to learn everything about who they are. I suggest that you take that little tip and commit it to memory. Now, it’s time for you to answer my question. Where’s Saix?”

Zexion, taking this chance to compose himself. “He’s not coming.” He stated calmly. “I intercepted the Dusk before he could get the message. But it doesn’t matter. Axel, I demand that you tell me what’s going on here! As one of the original six, my word—“

“Means jack squat!” Axel interrupted.

“What did you say?” Demanded Zexion in a low, hushed tone, his visible eye glaring at Axel.

“You heard me. Don’t think that I don’t know about how Saix bumped you out of the position of being the Boss’s right hand. I honestly can’t blame the boss for replacing you though, if the haphazard tactics from earlier tonight are anything to go by.”

“HA-HAPHAZARD!?! REPLACED!?!” Zexion stuttered, looking as if he’d been shot.

“Why, of course! Why else would he have you babysit the lower levels of Castle Oblivion? Your methods are slow, delicate, and have a high failure rate. It’s probably your fault why the project is so far behind schedule.”


“Sorry Zexy, but face facts. You’re like me now. Disposable.”

“DAMN YOU!” Zexion yelled. He then holds out his hand and a book appeared in the same pale blue light that Zexion emitted when he dropped his illusion. “I TOLD THE SUPERIOR THAT RECRUITING YOU WAS A BAD MOVE, AND NOW I PLAN ON RECTIFYING IT!”

“Huh, so that’s your Mad illusionist. Never seen it before.” Axel then stretched out his empty hand and fire once again erupted from nowhere and solidified into a second Chakram. He then crouches down; his feet spread apart diagonally, and crossed his arms, ready to attack.

“Let’s see how you and your Mad illusionist stand up to my Flyin’ Hellfire!"

Chapter 3: Dark Rendezvous Pt-2: Confrontation. End.



Okay Now that that's out of the way, let's get serious. I know I said that I'd post the rest of Chapter 3 today, but there's just so much that I want to do, I started to think it'd be easier to post it in seperate parts. There will be at least two more parts, if everything works out alright. Don't worry all, Roxas is still the star of the show, we're just taking a small detour a little longer before we get back to him in chapter four, where we are going to join him and Olette on a little shopping trip.

On a seperate note: YAY! A fight scene is next! I'm excited. Although I'm going to tell you right now, I've never played FM+, so I don't want to hear "that's not how Zexion fights" or anything like that. I've never seen him fight, so he's gonna fight the way I want him to, alright?

Also, Some of you may have guessed that "Mad Illusionist" and "Flyin' Hellfire" are the names that I've given their weopons. I really didn't know if they had names already, but GOSH DARN IT! I wanted them to have names!

Okay, so that's whats up. Until next time, keep doing your best!:thumbup:
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I'm jealous! Your Axel seems so much cooler than mine!

Anywho, this second part was really cool, you seemed to have captured Axel and Zexion's personality perfectly. Plus, you made it so that the whole Castle Oblivion thing was planned even before Roxas came into the organisation. I like that.

I certainly hope that this fight scene will be amazing. XD

P.S. You added me to your buddy list? Cool! I'll add you too.
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Chapter 3: Dark Rendezvous Pt-3: Conflict.

And with those words, Axel made a mad dash towards Zexion, and before he could react, was slashed into thirds, and dissolved into nothingness. Coming to a stop a few feet past where Zexion once stood, Axel looked back. “That’s it? What a crock! It shouldn’t be that easy.” he murmured. Suddenly he felt an intense, sharp pain in his lower back, as if he had been stabbed.

“It isn’t.” a familiar voice from behind stated maliciously. Axel peered over his shoulder, and to his astonishment, he saw Zexion, intact, holding a knife that had been plunged into Axel’s lower hip. With an evil sneer, Zexion twists the knife, sending a wave of pain through Axel.

“GRAAAAAH!!” Axel grunted. Fighting past the pain, Axel swings one of his chakram around and once again striking down Zexion. He then starts looking around, trying to guess where the next possible attack might have come from. It’s now that he notices a thick fog covering the clearing that he had been occupying for the last few hours.

“When the hell did this fog roll in!? Is this Zexion’s doing!?” He asked himself.

“Bingo!” Zexion’s voice chirped. Axel immediately concentrated on Zexion’s voice. It was a trait that he had picked up from the experience of being in many fights over his life. “This fog is a special illusion that distorts the senses. Not only does it reduce the victim’s field of vision to only a few feet, it also distorts the senses of smell and sound.”

Suddenly, Axel heard the sound of an object flying through the air. He couldn’t discern what direction it or Zexion’s voice was coming from. He took a chance and ducked to the left, getting cut on the cheek by a throwing knife. He then whipped around his chakram, sending a fire ball in what he thought was the location of the knife came from.

“Nice aim. Clearly first rate.” Zexion’s disembodied voice said sarcastically. Immediately, three more throwing knives could be heard.

“SHUT UP!” Axel barked angrily as he jumped back as the knives impaled themselves into the ground. This time, Axels throws his chakram, and a few minutes the sound of wood being impaled echoed throughout the fog.

“You just threw away your weapon genius! Don’t you see that I’ve got you beat!?” This time, five knives zoom into view right in front of Axel. He back steps to dodge and as they are lodged into the ground, three more impale themselves in Axel’s body, two in the back of each shoulder, and one in the back of his thigh.

Blocking out the pain, Axel thinks of the problem at hand as he pulled out the knives. Okay, something weird is going on. I know that Zexion’s freaky fog dulls the senses, but this is too much. Those knives came from two different directions, and I know that he isn’t fast enough to throw five of those knives, and then circle around me in time to throw the three that he somehow stuck in my back and leg. Okay, it’s time for a change in tactics!

With the knives removed, Axel stands up raises his remaining chakram in the air and starts to spin it around his finger. Slowly at first, and then he starts to build up speed.

“What the hell are you doing!? Have you lost it?!” Zexion, still shrouded in his fog, demanded with suspicion of Axel’s actions.

“Maybe, maybe not. You’ll just have to wait and see.” Axel said earnest, a grin growing wider on his face.

“I think not!” Zexion replied, not wanting to give Axel a chance. With those words, a barrage of throwing knives came from every direction. Axel, now with a good idea of what his radius of sight is, started to expertly dodge the Zexion’s assault, dancing around the flying knives with a smile on face, in spite the fact that one false move would mean oblivion. Not once did he stop twirling his chakram. Eventually, his chakram wasn’t spinning around his finger as much as on top of his finger. When it reached top speed, Axel’s smile grew into a broad grin.

“Hey, Zexion! You wouldn’t happen to have an umbrella, would ya?”

“What, why?”

“Because it looks like it’s about to rain!”

Axel crouches down, raises one leg extended, lowered his spinning chakram as low as he could bring it.

“Flyin’ Hellfire…”
The blades of Axel’s chakram erupt in fire, creating a spinning ring of fire around the outside of the metal ring. He thrusts it up into the air, sending it a mile up into the sky.


With that, the chakram sends down a barrage of fireballs into the mist, lighting up the field. The sound of explosions echoed throughout the fog.

“GAH!” Zexion yelled. Suddenly, the mist started to clear, revealing four Zexion lookalikes with all white eyes. Each of the four was holding throwing knives, and each was placed at opposite ends of the field. Scattered throughout the field were burnt patches of field grass where a fire ball had landed. The chakram that had been spinning up in the air finally started to slow down and make it’s decent. Pleased with himself, Axel jumped five feet in the air and caught his chakram while doing a triple back flip with his eyes closed, then landed in a graceful three point landing.

“Don’t get cocky, you smug son of a bitch!” Zexion raved. Axel, facing away from him with his eyes closed heard Zexion stomping, which he could only have imagined in anger of Axel’s successful attack. “How the hell did you do that!? That wasn’t one of your attacks!”

Axel opened his eyes and turned around, now being able to discern where he was, chuckling under his breath. “It’s called ‘improvisation,’ numb nuts. For a genius, you’re sure not very—“

Axel was stunned when he finally saw Zexion himself. He was standing next to Axel’s campfire stomping out a burning book that looked exactly like his Mad illusionist, which he held under his arm, and a fifth doppelganger standing right next to him. It wasn’t this bizarre sight that stopped Axel mid sentence, though. It was the objects that he was holding in each hand, particularly a bowl with half eaten ice cream in his right hand, and a spoon in his left.


“Oh, be silent!” Zexion said after discarding the bowl and spoon. “I’m the one who has something to be mad about!”

“Oh, really? Why, whatever could that be?” Axel asked in a mocking tone of concern.

Zexion, fully knowing that Axel was mocking him, weighed whether or not he should explain it to Axel. However, Zexion could never pass up a chance to flaunt his intelligence, and ultimately decided that the information would do him no good. It would also buy him time to plan his next move.

“You destroyed my Mad illusionist, that’s what.”

“Don’t give me that! Your weapon is right there, under your arm! And since when did you decide to copy off of Demyx’s shtick!”

“It’s more than just my weapon, you moron! The Mad illusionist is an actual book. Or rather, a series of books.”

“Series?” Axel asked with a raised eyebrow. His curiosity had gotten the better of him.

“Yes, a series. It’s a one of a kind series of books written by a leader of Radiant Garden two hundred years ago, of which I have, or had rather, every single copy. Like me, he loved to work with illusions, making them my ideal weapons. Like any Organization member, I can channel my power by using these books as an intermediate. But unlike all the others, my powers are altered based on what book I have with me. The volume you destroyed was volume number X, ‘The Mystic Mist,’ which was all about crippling your enemy’s perceptions by trapping them in a fog.”

He took the book he had under his arm and opened it, holding his free hand over the pages. The book flashed with pale blue light, and just as it faded, the throwing knives being held by the five remaining doppelgangers disappeared, as well as the knives that had been lodged into the ground of the battle damaged field. In their place, five long swords appeared in the hands of the clones. “This is volume number XXIII, ‘Mirror Mischief!’ With it, I can create mirror images of myself and arm them any way I see fit! Now I’m going to use it to make you pay for destroying a book from my collection!”

With that, the doppelgangers rushed towards Axel, blades raised! Axel kneeled down and held his chakram over his head, stopping the blades from reaching him, and successfully blocking the assault.

“Testy, aren’t you?” Axel patronized. He then broke through their formation, and leapt into the air, forward somersaulting five feet over the clone in front of him. On his decent, he extended his legs, slamming his heel into the back of the head of the clone, which then disappeared into thin air. Upon landing, he spun around and in a horizontal swipe, slashed two more of the clones in one move. He then slipped the chakram onto his wrist and blasted the two remaining clones with a couple firaga spells. “These things are just like you Zexy! Ugly and weak!”

“Y-you haven’t won yet” Zexion barked, starting to get nervous. Once again, he held his hand over the pages and the book began to glow pale blue. More clones began to form in the same pale blue light.

“Oh no you don’t!” Axel warned. He then threw one more fireball, hitting the book and knocking it out of Zexion’s hand.

“NO!” Zexion cried. As the book burned, the new doppelgangers faded away. Panicked, Zexion looked over to Axel, and then the chakram impaled in the tree nearby. Axel slowly started to approach Zexion.

“What’s the matter? Summon another book. Or can you only carry two at a time?” Axel sneered. With that, Zexion ran toward the chakram.

Axel, immediately noticing Zexion’s intent, started to running toward his chakram in full sprint. “Come back here!” he hollered. Axel prided himself as being one of the fastest in the Organization, but couldn’t make up for Zexion’s head start. Zexion reached it first, and with one powerful pull, yanked it out, sending splinters flying and leaving a noticeable gash in the trunk. He then starts running towards Axel.

“I WON’T LET YOU BEAT ME!! I CAN’T LET YOU!!!” Zexion screamed at the top of his lungs, all reason cast out of his mind. He swung wildly as Axel came into range. Axel stopped just short of Zexion’s attack and with a powerful swing, knocked the chakram out of his hand and into the air, and whereby Axel’s will, dissolved back into flame. He immediately followed with a high kick to Zexion’s chin, striking him with all he had.

Zexion was sent sailing, and landed ten feet away, where then slid several feet on the slick grass, still wet from his own from his own mystic mist, until he was stopped by the foot of a new individual. Zexion crawled back and looked over at Axel, still standing where they had clashed. He was staring past Zexion with a dumbfounded and surprised look on his face, his jaw looking like it was about to fall off. Rubbing his chin in an effort to sooth the pain Axel inflicted on him, he turned around to see what who or what could render Axel in such a state.

“Ow… Who?” Zexion murmured, but as soon as he saw who it was, he gasped and leapt back. What he saw was another person wearing the same exact coat as he and Axel. He stood regally, like a king standing in front of his subjects. His long, silver hair adorned his head like a crown. His dark skin shined like bronze in the moon light, and piercing yellow eyes that would have invoked fear in the staunchest of hearts. Instantly recognizing the individual and what his presence could mean for him, Zexion cried in astonishment and fear:


Chapter 3: Dark Rendezvous Pt-3: Conflict: End.
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Two days late and a doller short, but here it is!
Chapter 3: Dark Rendezvous Pt-4: The Bottom line.

“BOSS XEMNAS!” Axel yelled in amazement as he ran up to his superior, stopping just a few steps behind Zexion. He quickly dismissed his weapon, it evaporating back into flames. Zexion, after wiping himself off, rose to his feet, nervously waiting for Xemnas to speak. Xemnas strolled pass the two and gazed around the battle field. With the sound of the battle now a memory, the tension began to mount in the silence of the forest. A few minutes had passed with out a word being spoken. Unable to bear the tension, Axel broke the silence.

“Look, Boss, I was just—“

“Baiting a fellow Organization member into conflict” Xemnas interrupted, still facing away from the two.

“Well…” Axel muttered timidly. Desperately trying to think of a reply, and failing, he started scratching his head and looked away. Out of everyone in the Organization, Xemnas was the only one Axel couldn’t read. It scared him not being able to know what he was thinking. He looked over to Zexion, who had, for the most part, regained his composure, but still had a nervous look in his eye. His right hand had been pressed once again to his lower chest, and his left hand had been brought up to his chin, index finger resting just under his mouth. Axel new immediately that Zexion, if he could still feel fear, was scared out of his mind.

“If you don’t mind my asking,” Zexion said sheepishly, “When exactly did you get here?”

Xemnas, still surveying the field, raised a bag into the air. Axel instantly recognized it as the bag he had discarded earlier.

Damn near the whole time, eh? That can’t be good. Axel thought to himself.

“Axel.” Xemnas said loudly to grab attention.

“A wha?” Axel grunted, caught rather off guard.

“Tricking a fellow member into battle is indeed a grave offense.” Xemnas stated quietly.

“Oh, crap!” Axel said under his breath. He glanced over to Zexion, whose posture had become relaxed due to Xemnas’s comment. He believed that he was off the hook for his actions. Axel sneered at the thought of Zexion going unpunished while he would.

“However…” Xemnas said as he turned around to look at the two. Hearing this, both of the two tensed back up. “This conflict would have never occurred if Zexion hadn’t disobeyed me.”

Panicked, Zexion began to try to think of an excuse.

“Lord Xemnas, I can—“

“Save it.” Xemnas stated. He then looked Zexion straight in the eyes. “I am not in the mood for your excuses. Just tell me one thing. You said earlier that you ‘intercepted’ the Dusk Axel sent out. What did you mean by that?”

Zexion’s mind began racing, desperately trying to think of an explanation that would please Xemnas, who was still glaring at Zexion. Axel, who had moved away from Zexion in order not to get involved in their dispute, started looking back and forth between the two.

“Well?” Xemnas asked, growing impatient.

“I-I…” the normally very articulate Zexion stuttered, failing at finding the words.

After a few more moments, Xemnas realized that Zexion wouldn’t be able to produce a favorable response. He closed his eyes for a moment. After a few seconds, he spoke, in a soft, empathetic voice.

“So, that Dusk no longer…exists.” He said with a soft, almost sad look on his face. Axel just starred at him. He had never seen them act anything like this. Must be an original six thing. he thought to himself.

Almost immediately, Xemnas’s stern features returned. He opened his eyes and once again glared at Zexion. He extended his right hand towards Zexion, open palm facing him.

“You do realize that I can’t let this go unpunished, Zexion.” Xemnas said in the voice of a King about to dispense punishment onto one of his unruly knights. Zexion, with fear of knowing full well what this punishment might be, attempted to plead his case.

“Lord Xemnas, Plea-“Zexion abruptly stopped. He clutched his throat with both hands and fell to his knees, eyes wide in pain.

“Axel!” Xemnas hollered. He glanced over at Axel’s direction. Axel looked back at Xemnas.

“Pay attention to what happens next, and know why I am the King of all Nobodies.” And with that, Xemnas clutched his hand, as if he were wrapping his fingers around some unseen object. Once it looked like he got a good grip, at least from Axel’s point of view, around the invisible object, Xemnas slowly retracted his arm, twisting his hand as he brought it back to his body.

This invoked a reaction of sorts in Zexion, in that as Xemnas was retracting his arm, Zexion released his neck and began to slam his fists on the ground in front of him, writhing in pain. All of a sudden, a thin mist like gas began to come off of him, and right before Axel’s eyes, Zexion began to change.

Zexion’s fingers grew longer, closing in onto each other, until they formed into spear like appendages. His feet stretched out, growing longer and thinner as his toes extend out to a point. His arms became thinner, and as they began to contort uncontrollably, his legs also began to thin out. Lastly, his waist started to shrink, as if he were being cinched by an invisible corset, cinching Zexion’s waist to impossibly small dimensions. Fighting to keep the two burgers and fries from earlier down, Axel watched on as Zexion continued changing.

Zexion watched himself alter in horror as his attire started to come alive, as it too started to change. The sleeve openings of his coat and pants shrank, and merged with his boots and gloves. The slack left from the arms of his coat and his pants shrank, fitting to his now misshapen form. As if that weren’t enough, the tail to his coat shrank to just above the hem of the pants, where they then merged, creating a one piece zipped up full body suit. As the ropes coming out of his hood slithered up and disappeared into the holes, the zipper also disappeared into the ever changing suit. Just as this latest transformation ended, Zexion’s suit changed from black to pale silver. Black rings appeared around his spear like hands as black streaks ran from the tip of his toes, up the sides of his legs and up his waist. Finally, the hood that rested on the back of his neck and spine crawled up his neck, over his head, and covered his terrified face, an emblem flashing on the forehead. Low and behold, Zexion had transformed into a Dusk right before the eyes of Axel and Xemnas!

“HOLY SHIT!” Axel yelled in a mixture of surprise, disgust, and fear for his own self being. “YOU TURNED HIM INTO DUSK!”

“Oh gee, is it that obvious?” Xemnas sneered in a rare moment of sarcasm. “Your perception is astounding.”

“Uh, Zexion may not be my favorite guy, but don’t you think that’s a little harsh?” Axel asked nervously. “He’s a member of Organization XII. Even he deserves better than that!”

Xemnas stood silently, his hand still clutched around the invisible object. He stood there for a couple minutes, looking at the Dusk formally known as Zexion writhe in pain.

“Axel, why do we of the twelve toil tirelessly on the completion of our project? ” Xemnas asked.

“What are you talking about Boss? You said it yourself that we work for the benefit of all Nobodies!”

“Exactly. We only call ourselves Organization XII to honor the twelve strongest Nobodies. The ones who are able to remember what it was like to be human. In truth, our Organization is much more expansive. All of the Nobodies under our command are a part of this grand operation of ours. They put their trust in us, and in return, we guide them. The Dusks, which are our greatest numbers, trust in us to restore them. They would willingly go to their doom if it meant furthering our cause.”

“Huh? But isn’t that what they are? Mindless lackeys?”

“They may be ‘lackeys,’ but they are far from mindless. In fact, they are our most loyal servants because they know something that we don’t.”

“Oh yeah, what?”

At that moment, both looked at the Dusk, who was still writhing in pain.

“They are the only ones who even have an inkling of what it could be like, not to exist. Because they are the least of all Nobodies, they are the ones who dance upon the line between existence and oblivion, unable to move away from it. Because of that, they trust us to one day restore them. I will not allow any Nobody to abuse that trust, no matter who they are. Whether they be of the Original Six…”

Xemnas looked Axel straight in the eye and gave him a big, evil grin. “Or an eighth seat with tendencies of insubordination. And if you think this is bad, you should see how I treat traitors.”

Axel smiled and gulped nervously. “I Got it.” Axel squeaked. With that, Xemnas turned his attention back to the Dusk, coiled in pain. He lifts up his clutched hand and brings it around his adjacent shoulder. In one swift motion, he throws his arm back out, uncoiling his grip in the Dusk’s direction. Axel watched the Dusk transform, in a reversal of the same grotesque manner that he had originally, back into Zexion. At the end, Zexion was on his arms and knees sweat running down his face and raining down onto the ground.

“Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah…” Zexion panted loudly, his eyes so wide, they looked as if they were about to fall out of his head. Xemnas walked over to and went down onto one knee and looked at him.

“So untrusting. I honestly thought we were above such notions as deceit. You and I are of the Original Six, the founders of the Organization. Harbingers of the rise of our kind. I am disappointed.”

Xemnas grabbed him by the collar and hoisted him by the onto his feet.

“I had considered relieving stewardship of Castle Oblivion from Marluxia and hand it over to you, but thanks to this little stunt, you blew your chance. Now return to your post and resume your duties until I say otherwise. Now go.”

With out saying word, Zexion limped away. A Dark Corridor opens up and a defeated Zexion silently walks away without looking at Axel or Xemnas, and disappears in to the Darkness. As the Dark Corridor closed, Xemnas started walking toward the camp fire.

“Well? Are you coming?” Xemnas asked Axel with a passing glance. ”I may not be Saix, but I feel that even I am suited enough in dealing with this case.”

“Uh, Sure, but…” Axel said nervously. He then pointed to himself. “What about me? Don’t I get punished as well?”

“You’re currently on a very important mission. I’m willing to forgo your punishment in regards to this.” Xemnas said. “That is, unless you want to be punished?”

“NO, NO! That’s quite alright!” Axel said hastily, not wanting to go through what Zexion just did.
Xemnas chuckles darkly as he sits down on one of the logs. He opens the bag that he had been carrying the whole time and took the burger out from its wrapping and took a big bite.

“Whoa, wait a minute! You’re not actually going to eat that, are you?” Axel asked.

“What do you mean? It’s not like it landed on the ground, and you were joking about it being a ‘Holy Halitosis’ thing…”

“That’s just it. I wasn’t joking. They really do have a burger special that’s called Holy Halitosis! I heard that after eating one of those, this one guy’s breath stank for weeks, no matter what he did!”

Xemnas looked at Axel, then at the burger. “Not bad, and I’ve certainly had worse.” Xemnas said as he took another bite. He removed the onion rings and proceeded to eat them. Axel sighed, and after making note that his seat was up wind from Xemnas, retrieved the final bag from the burlap sack. He had worked up an appetite from his battle with Zexion, and he thought it would be rude to have his dessert while his boss was still eating. The duo ate in silence for a couple minutes.

“So, the fact that you aren’t back at headquarters by now and from what I gathered from the Dusk you sent asking for Saix, I take it there is a problem with the young one.” Xemnas stated, finishing his last onion ring.

“Young one? Oh, you mean the newbie!” Axel said, he himself finishing the last of his fries. He thrust his thumb in the direction of the hole. “Well for starters, he likes to make flashy entrances.”

Xemnas looked at the crater, eyes wide and jaw dropped with genuine surprise. Axel couldn’t help but smile, seeing his Boss acting so out of character.

“Are you serious?” Xemnas demanded. “He actually did all that?!”

“Mmhmm.” Axel hummed, once more taking the ice cream and preparing a bowl. “He also put on quite the light show too. Defiantly unnatural, since it really isn’t how any of us were born. Ice cream? It’d help with the stink breath.” Axel said, taking what little advantage he could from Xemnas’s dazed state.

“Sure.” Xemnas muttered as he took the bowl. He started eating with a profound look of deep thought on his face. “What else?”

“Well for starters, he’s as weak as a new born baby. He could barely walk.” Axel said, relaying his observations from earlier that night as he prepared another bowl for himself. “I don’t remember being like that when I was born, and I sure as hell wasn’t naked!”

“Huh. Unconventional circumstances, unconventional birth.” Xemnas muttered to himself.

“Did you say something?” Axel asked.

“Nothing.” Xemnas said. “What does he look like?”

“He had spiky hair. Looked like he was a dirty blond. Roughly five feet tall and looked to be between the ages of fourteen and sixteen.”

“And where is the young one now?”

“By the time I had found him, he had stumbled his way to the hole in the wall of Twilight Town. He had collapsed right in front of the hole. Before I could grab him, one of the locals came out and took him into town. I already had a dusk track down his location. I felt it was best to report in before proceeding.”

Xemnas, finished with his ice cream, sat with his elbows resting on his knees, fingers interlaced.

“Do we even need him? I mean he really doesn’t seem all that useful."

“Axel, this isn’t good.” Xemnas said in a tone of caution. “If the young one isn’t in adequate shape, then his first mission that I had lined up for him, one that I believe is imperative to the survival of the Organization, could end in disaster for our kind.”

“And what kind of mission would that be?” Axel asked, curious as to why there would be such a need for the newbie.

“The Heartless in the area around Twilight Town have been acting up. I’m worried that they might come here, to this world.” Xemnas said.

“Oh.” Axel murmured. “That is bad. But you also know that there is a chance where they might not even show up around here.”

“Maybe so, but I don’t want to take any chance. The Heartless can have every other world for all I care, but not Twilight Town.”

“You don’t care.” Axel said with a tone of slight disgust and patronization. He turned away from Xemnas for a moment to throw another couple logs on the dying fire. “But I see why you’re so edgy about it. Twilight Town is our birthing grounds. If anything were to happen to it, there would be no way for Nobodies to be born and our numbers would just start to dwindle until there are none of us left.”

“Exactly.” Xemnas stated, arms freely resting on his knees.

“But what in the world do you think the newbie can do about it?” Axel asked.

“I have reasons to believe that he has a very special power. A power that can not only protect Twilight Town, but speed up the production of our project ten fold.”

Axel fell silent. Something about Xemnas’s statement struck him as unusual. Xemnas stood up and dusted himself off.

“From now on, you report to me on this matter. Continue watching the young one, and if nothing changes in the next seven days, be sure to contact me via Dusk messenger. If he recovers, then approach him with caution. Is this clear?” Xemnas commanded, waving his finger at Axel.

“Crystal. But before you go, can I ask you something?” Axel asked.

“Very well.”

“Did you have something to do with this? The newbie’s birth, I mean.”

Xemnas looked at Axel, and lifted his hood over his head. As his face became covered with shadows, Axel could have sworn he saw a big, sinister grin.

“Yes and No.” Xemnas said in a playful tone.

“Wait, what do you-“Axel tried to ask as he stood up and reached out his hand towards Xemnas. But before he could finish, dark wisps sprouted from Xemnas’s feet and intertwined around him, consuming him in a Dark Corridor. As the Dark Corridor faded, the place where Xemnas once stood laid vacant.

“Crap.” Axel croaked. “I hate it when he does that.” He then proceeded to clean up the camp ground, cleaning up the bowls, spoons, paper bags, the ice cream carton and wrappers. He stuffed them all into the burlap sack and slung it over his shoulder. He then checked his watch which he kept in his side pocket. After that, he raised his free hand into the air and snapped, summoning a Dusk.

“Go to HQ and tell everyone to stay upwind of Xemnas for a while. Don’t worry about any questions they might have. They’ll know what you’ll mean when they see him. Or smell him anyways.”

After the Dusk slithered into the air, Axel picked up a stick roughly the same size and shape as the first and stuck the end into the fire, creating a torch. He then looked at the fire, concentrating on it, watching it diminish until it the coals went cold. When all was done, he started walking back to town, garbage bag in tow, reflecting on the events of the night and thinking that things will never be quite the same once the sun rises.

Pt-4: The Bottom Line. End
Chapter 3: Dark Rendezvous. End

Author’s Notes:
Finally, Chapter 3 is DONE! I feel so relieved. I just hope I can carry it on the next chapter where we get back to Roxas. I also gave a hint to the over all plot I have planed for the series. Did anyone pick it up?

As for any Zexion Fans out there, I know he kind of got the short end of the stick here, what with being turned into a Dusk and all, but I’m really not all that partial to him at all, and I had my own reasons for letting Axel get off…

A lot of important stuff happened in this chapter, I think. I’d really love to hear what everyone thinks.

So anyways, next time we return to Roxas in chapter four. Let’s all keep doing our best until then!:thumbup:
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the Honkey Tonk.
My characters are a little different than their cannon counterparts. in the respect that aren't opposed to cussing a little. And yeah, I had a little fun at Xemnas's expense with the bad breath thing.

I'll try to have Chapter four up on thursday at least, next weekend at most.
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I envy you for being do descriptive and being able to not have writers' block like I am. Oh and I see that the name Mac was mention though it couldn't be the same Mac could it? Just had to ask! Anywho, I loved your description of the fight between Zexion and Axel and the silly conversations Axel has and the fact that Xemnas yelled. So yes I'm a Zexion fan, so I was devasted when he well 'got what he deserved!' and seeing as I love Roxas, I love the plot so far and it's very, very, very good! I wanna be more descriptive! Whoo-hoo! Can't wait to see more!

Danica Syer

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Well, since The server crash wiped out my new thread, I'm reposting chapter 1. expect chapter 2 late tomorrow

Chapter 1: Births and Awakenings

Pain. So many things are associated with pain. Fighting, dying, living, and loving. Pain is a constant in all things, even birth. The pain of igniting the spark of life has been considered the most excruciating pains imaginable, Even if it is under the most conventional of circumstances.

But what of the pain of birth under the most unconventional circumstances.

He remembers once being part of someone, or something else. He was at ease. He was complete. He was whole. He remembered what life was before. Then suddenly, darkness consumes him, and he feels it tearing him away from something precious. He feels it ripping something precious out of him.

Separating that precious thing from him. Engulfing it. Consuming it. Then everything goes numb, and he feels himself floating, drifting to someplace else. He thinks of nothing. He feels empty, and begins to silently drifts away to sleep.

All of a sudden, there is light. He feels it around him, pulling him back to that precious thing. It comforts him. The warmth puts him at ease. It helps him forget the pain. It helps him forget the emptiness inside of him. It helps him forget. It helps him forget his past. It helps him forget his name…

He jolts, as he realizes that the light is pulling his memories away. He desperately tries to hold onto them, and once more he is engulfed in pain. As his memory is torn away, he once again begins to float away, but now he is thrust away. Away from the light, the darkness, and from everything he ever was. He speeds towards a distant world. With out a form, he passes countless worlds. As he nears his destination, it approaches the twilight hour, and once again he is given form. He descends; he rushes across the sky, red from the setting sun. Past the beach, past the streets, past the tower, and into the forest. He lands in a clap of thunder. The wild life scatters.

He is born, and like a newborn, he is weak.

His entire body is burning. His mind is a haze. It hurts when he tries to move.

Fighting past the pain, he struggles to his feet, and desperately starts walking towards the light of the city. Every step he takes feels like his last. He stumbles and falls at what seems like an eternity. He instantly falls asleep, to weak to continue. When he awakes, he will be stronger. But for now he must sleep.


As the last of the sunlight fades, a young boy enters the forest from the hole in the wall surrounding Twilight Town. He stomps around angrily as he scouts out wood to be used as fire wood.

“Your fault for putting it off she says. Should have done it when I asked you, she says. BULL! Why couldn’t she just get Mac to do it? He’s old enough now! I made those plans to go to the Arcade with Pence and Ollette weeks ago!”

He continues his rant, ignorant that his path is obstructed.

“God forbid that the little one should get a little exercise. Why I ottaaaAAAAAH!”


The young boy trips hits the ground. Rubbing his head, he rolls over to see what he tripped over.

“What kind of jerk leaves a log with arms, legs and blond, spiky hair in the middle of the middle of the road oh MY GOD! There is a NAKED guy in the middle of the road! And pretty messed up by the looks of things. Okay, don’t worry buddy, I’ll take you to our hideout and me and the gang will take care of you!”

The young boy picks up the limp stranger and slings his arm around his shoulder and starts limping back to town, unaware that they are being watched by others with their own interest in the stanger.

It's in the quote: "Just get Mac to do it....," but urm, I'm not accusing you or anything, just asking....
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