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Fanfiction ► Beginning of Destiny

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Nelo Angelo

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Dec 13, 2006
bloody hell matt. you have outdone yourself with that update. excellent job man.


Mar 27, 2007
Kinda late to seeing this but otherwise you did another wonderful job on the update.

Ban Mido

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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
An announcement: I'll be getting a new computer, since it's been over five weeks that I took in my old one to get fixed, and they are obligated to replace it. I'll either have it by 9 o clock tonight or sometime tomorrow which ever comes first. This means I'll be much more able to write whenever I want to, and not just when I'm able. This mean's you will be seeing BoD being more frequently updated(hopefully), and I can get started on that Zelda fan fic as well. All and All, everybody wins!:thumbsup:

And also: I've moved the sign up deadline for the writing competition from 6 to 3 tomorrow. Anybody who is interested, should sign up now while they still can.

And thanks to all who posted! you guys are the best!:thumbup:


Oct 9, 2007
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Oops, I overlooked that, lol. Yes, I see it now. I thought the first deadline meant I had to turn in what I had tomorrow, and then I decided to ignore the next bold. Oops. D=


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Sep 19, 2007
In your imagination. That's why I'm so cute. ; )

Erm, sorry for the late reply! Waaaah! I feel bad for not getting on. I need to rectify(sp?) that...
Uh, ya. Good job!! I liked it. Hehe, I like Axel a lot. But, yeah. Sooner updates? Yay. Roxi likes the sound of that.

Oh, reminder. Do not kill Roxi. She'll try and get on more. Thank you.

Ban Mido

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Aug 24, 2007
the Honkey Tonk.
Chapter 21: Side Stepped Side Story #IV: Rose Red Blood! Pt-1

With his disguise removed, Axel overlooked the town from the overlooking plaza, taking in its majesty, wanting nothing more than to end a hectic day. He leans forward on the railing, and leanedd his head in rest. Minutes past as he stood deathly still, not even budging an inch. Suddenly the clock chimed out five times, signaling the turn of the fifth hour. Without turning around, Axel spoke out to some unseen being, calling them out.

“You can come out, you know.” Axel stated plainly, still turned towards the city view point, opening his eyes and looking towards the city once again. “How long are you going to keep hidden?”

A moment later, thousands and thousands of pink flower petals started flowing down, littering the plaza. Axel snatched a petal that fluttered by out of the air in order to take a closer inspection, and noticed that it was a pink rose petal. All of them were rose petals.

“It’s that fruity bastard?!?” Axel moaned to himself. He turned around and walked a couple steps towards the clock tower, looking up to the gigantic face of the tower. He scowled as his stomach churned in displeasure and annoyance. “Oh spare me!”

Instantly, the storm of petals swarmed in front of the face of the giant clock, creating a veritable miniature tornado of flora. The pink plumage twirls around violently, flying from all directions, ones that had already landed came to join the growing twister of rose petals. Larger and larger it grew, until every last petal had joined the cyclone.

I forgot that this clown gets turned on by theatrics. Axel thought to himself with a sigh as he watched the rose petals swirl high above him, just wishing this farce would end. Almost as if to grant his wish, the tornado of petals exploded, dropping almost like stones to the ground, creating piles all around the entrance to the train station as other petals flew all over. Petals that flew within a few feet of Axel, however, were burnt instantly. In place of the twister stood a tall figure wearing an organization uniform just like Axels. The hood was up, preventing anyone from seeing the figure’s face.

“This floral transportation technique of yours wastes a lot of energy. It’d be much easier on you to just use a dark corridor. You do know that, right?” Axel snarled, looking up at the hooded figure, eyeing him intensely.

“The dark corridors are alright and all…” the dark clad figure said in response with crossed arms, tilting his head slightly. “But it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi….”

“Whatever…” Axel grunted while rolling his eyes, not even bothering to dignify the new arrival with a proper response. “So just what the hell are you doing here Marluxia?”

The figure reached up with both hands and pulled down his hood, revealing a young man looking to be roughly around Axel’s age. He had long pink well managed spiky hair, a sharp chin and deep blue eyes. He removed his hands from his hood and placed his right hand on his stomach with his left behind his back, giving a dignified bow.

“Well met Axel.” Marluxia chided, smiling down at the annoyed Axel after standing back up from his bow. “When did you notice my presence?”

“Since I first arrived.” Axel responded fiercely, shooting Marluxia a spiteful look. “You either just got here, or have proven that you’ve got no life of your own and had been waiting for me.”

“As sharp of a tongue as ever…”Marluxia chuckled, lifting one leg up, placing it onto the ledge, resting his arm on it as he peered down.

“So what do you want?!?” Axel barked loudly in demand, glaring up at his not so trusted colleague, perched upon the clock tower. “You didn’t come all the way to Twilight Town for nothing! Spill it!”

“What makes you think I’m here for anything?” Marluxia quipped back in a dismissive tone, shrugging his shoulders rather obviously, not intending to give Axel a direct answer right away. “Je prends juste dans les vues.”

“Great…” Axel hissed to himself under his breath, looking up at his current source of his aggravation with a scowl. “He picked up another weird language from some back water world.”

Marluxia gazed over the grand scenery that can only be seen from the top of his perch. The breath taking view washing over him as mere moments passed, scanning over the grand horizon. He gave a sort of gleeful sigh, and then brought his left hand up in front of his face. Out of thin air, a pink rose appeared, Marluxia wrapping his fingers gently around the stem of the plant. He brought it up to his nose, and gave it slight sniff, taking in the lustrous scent.

“Magnifique.” Marluxia muttered in a breathless awe, wide eyed from the sight of the town, bathed in the light of the setting sun. “C'est si beau.”

“Twilight Town is wonderful, is it not Axel?” The pink haired figure said loudly with a hint of glee in his voice. “Nowhere else does such a world exist. A world, half cloaked in the darkness, half in the light. Cherished and held lovingly by both, it is the only place where these two opposing forces can exist together, harboring this unique and special place with their tender caresses. It’s almost as if the light put down their arms long ago for the slightest of moments, and came together, merging, blending into one, and created a cradle of twilight, placing this world into protective womb. Neither the darkness nor the light, but something else all together. When you think about it, Twilight Town is a reflection of we Nobodies, No?”

“No.” Axel replied rather sharply, the slight breeze blowing through his hair, his eyes closed for a moment. He had his arms crossed as if he were about to give a lecture. “Unlike us, Twilight Town isn’t rejected by the light and the dark. If this world is a cherished child, then we are the bastard step children they wish to forget.”

“Peut-être ainsi...” Marluxia said with a sigh. He took another sniff of his rose once more as he brushed his middle and ring finger across his forehead to remove a few strands of hair that were blown astray by the wind from his sight. “But there is no doubting its radiance. Why, if I had a heart, it would be moved from its very bottom.”

“Yeah, it is pretty…” Axel muttered as he looked over his shoulder to the expanding horizon for a moment. His gaze than shot back forward towards Marluxia fiercer than ever. “But I highly doubt you would come all the way from castle Oblivion just to take in the sights! Just what are you doing here?”

Marluxia, caught in mid sniff, opened his eyes slightly and peered down at Axel, eyeing him with the same spark of suspicion that Axel had cast upon him. He dropped his hands to his side, the still in his left hand, hanging down.

“Who are you to judge my actions? You hardly know me!” Marluxia rebuttled in annoyance, matching Axel’s piercing gaze with one of his own. “Since I first joined the organization, we have only spoken to each other three times prior, and you haven’t even spoken a hundred words to me between them! Also, I sincerely doubt you were paying attention.”

Axel opened his mouth and raised a finger in argument, but as he searched his memory for something to say, he found that he was sorely lacking counter to Marluxia’s claim, dropping his hand and clamping his mouth and shutting his mouth in a minor defeat. All I remember is being really, really, annoyed a few times while he was standing in front of me.

“But I, on the other hand…” Marluxia patronizingly drawled as a slight, sly smile crept across his face. Propping his right hand onto his hip, he tossed his head back slightly in arrogance. “Made it a point to learn about all of my so called ’colleagues.’ I studied their habits, their personalities, everything. You aren’t the only person adept at reading people, Axy.”

“Aw, hell, here we go.” Axel grunted to himself, knowing that Marluxia was about to ride his high horse into the ground.

“What exactly are you doing here?” Marluxia demanded sternly, having turned the tables on Axel. “I know that you must be acting on the orders of that fool, Xemnas, but here I find you helping out a bunch of kid. That’s very unlike you.”

“So what if I did?” Axel said in a huff. “Like you said, the Boss sent me here, but it’s more of a punishment than anything else. Guess I pissed him off something fierce this time. And I figured, why not help out to kill some time? I can do things on a whim too.”

“Oh, please, you have a motive for damn near everything!” scoffed the pink haired man. “You’d swindle a lollipop away from a baby if it meant you got out far enough ahead!”

“Well, true…” Axel whispered to himself. He then hollered back up to Marluxia. “And what makes you think I wanted anything from a bunch of pre-teens?”

“Nothing from the girls and those rather unintelligent looking boys…” Marluxia drawled, the rose raised back up, rolling the stem of the rose between his thumb and index finger, resting her right hand on the inside of his elbow. “But you seemed rather interested in the spiky haired blond boy.”

Axel fell silent, his eyes into a fiercer gaze than ever before. His eyes bore into Marluxia’s skull with an inferno like intensity. Marluxia, whose expression didn’t change an inkling, held immense delight in messing with his elder nobody, knowing that he was on the right track. He began to pace back and forth upon the clock tower, arms crossed.

“There is talk among the lessers…” Marluxia chided coyly as walked in the confined space. “That the Keyblade wielder had turned into Heartless.”

Still, Axel said nothing, unresponsive to his deductions.

“Surely, someone with a heart as strong as that would give birth to a powerful Nobody.”

Axel grows tenser by the moment, he grits his teeth.

“You can tell me Axel. Xemnas’s assignment, it wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with a potential new recruit?”

“Why don’t you mind your own business?” Axel hollered angrily up to hissing less than favored colleague. “Ya bishy reject from a bad yaoi!”

Marluxia stopped dead in his tracks stunned, his eyes wide. He turns towards Axel with a crazed smile on his face. His left hand dropped down while his right rubbed his forehead. He clutches the stem of the rose, the thorns piercing the leather and digging into his flesh. A sickly, brownish blood started streaming down from the black glove down the stem.

“Excusez-moi?” Marluxia croaked as he chuckled darkly as he glared insanely at Axel between his fingers. “Qu'avez-vous dit? Je dois avoir entendu de Mlle...”

“You heard me!” Axel barked with a snarl. “Why don’t you go crawl back to that stain of a rock pile you call a castle!”

“You inconsiderate bastard!” Marluxia snarled, his face filled with rage and disgust, turning around in anger. “How could I have even considered you! Just dry up and die with the rest of that fool’s cronies!”

Wait! Hold on a sec!” Axel called out as he reached out his hand after him. “Considered me for what? What about me?”

Marluxia peeked over his shoulder, analyzing Axel methodically. His mind reared as his plans ran through his head.

“Do you really want to know?” Marluxia hissed as he turned back around. An evil, tooth bearing sneer spread across face.

“Well, yeah.” Axel said with wonder, scratching his cheek nervously.

“Very well then, you Imbécile. I’ll tell you…” Marluxia stated, his leg once again propped on the ledge as he held out his blood stand hand, blood still dripping from the stem of his rose. “That is, if you are able to avoid drowning in my ocean of Rose Red Blood!

Marluxia launched up from the ledge, scattering rose petals as he flew. Axel looked up as a rain of blood flew down, staining the marble flooring. Marluxia sped towards Axel, wielding a scythe with a pink and red blade and green shaft brandished with both hands over his shoulder.
The air rushed by the Graceful Assassin as the calm face that he wore earlier was replaced with one of crazed, murderous intent with eyes locked on the Flurry of Dancing Flames.

Chapter 21: Side Stepped Side Story #IV: Rose Red Blood! Pt-1:End
I don't consider Marluxia to be french, but I think of him as somebody who would learn a language he thinks sounds elegant. here's the translation key.

Je prends juste dans les vues. = I’m just taking in the sights.
Magnifico = Magnificant
C'est si beau. =I t is so beautiful.
Peut-être ainsi...= Maybe so…
Excusez-moi ?=Excuse me?
Qu'avez-vous dit ? Je dois avoir entendu de Mlle...= What did you say? I must have miss-heard...
Imbécile = Asshole

And FYI, I don't speak french either. I found a translation sight if anyone is interested.

Free Translation Online

So it'll be a couple chapters before you see the results of Axel and Marluxia's little encounter. it's something to look forward to.
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Mar 27, 2007
Finally the unexpected update that was well worth the wait, overall great job on the result.
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