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Birth by Sleep's biggest problem imo is how unbalanced it is

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Feb 17, 2022
Its not so much the interaction with the enemies, its pretty archaic in that regard and plays a bit more like a turn based RPG, which isnt bad on its own. The problem is that for 99% of the game there isn't risk. First of all, melding commands is broken because you can very easily get end game tier commands early on, even without a guide. Second, almost every boss, even if you go in unprepeared and dont know what you are up against, you can still win. Cure is abusable, D links are free cures, Shotlocks, blocking doesnt have tight timing, arenas are pretty open and bosses dont cover much ground, you can get hit but you can still win. In earlier kh games, bosses are a lot more punishing, they require that you know their movesets most of the time and some of them have very specific weakness you need to exploit and not many opening.

BBS is very loose, very free. There are many paths to win but all of the will lead you to where you are aiming. Its very easy to breeze through the game even at higher diffuclties due to how acessible everything is. Its kinda like a turn based rpgs, the challenge is optimizing your wins not winning on itself. But even turn based games like Pokemon, there can be lots of strategizing there, BBS has this too on some parts. What i would do is that id make recipes NECESSARY for melding, you shouldnt be able to meld anything without the corrresponding recipe. Also, when melding something, depedning on the crystal you infuse, the game shows the ability you are going to get, you wont have to look it up or find out by trial and error. Now its the opposite, you can meld anything just by grinding but you are going blind for the abilities.

As for bosess, there idk, what can be fixed. Unlike KH2 where a few seconds in the battle were actually too much, in BBS, due to the structure of the arenas and the movesets, you can wait out for cure to reload then go in for attacks. There is no threat because the battlefield is almost always very big. Ig more confined spaces could solve this. And funily mysterious figure, who is the hardest boss, is put into a small room which makes it even harder. Both lingering and uknown were in open areas.
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