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bits of new info bout KH2

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Apr 4, 2005
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New worlds and new system designs to brighten it up! Nomura's comments on completion."

At this stage, what is going on with Hades?
At this stage, Sora moves on through his adventure when he meets Hades. Quickly moving into his world while the world passes by him. Hades' world consists of many peaks. Hence, it's best to view the scene while playing the game. Hercules and Auron battle it out in the Underworld's throne room, Auron once defeated is very unhappy with his situation and encounters problems, so he joins up with our heroes. Again, Mickey's rival, Pete makes his appearnce to the young heroes early on, he picks his moment to strike in Hercules world to try to defeat him. One turn can make you lost, The King's relationship and the previous connections with Pete will match well here and are expected to be touching.

What are your plans for the black-coated men entangling themselves into this?
Mulan's world, at this stage is the first entry into an actual Disney movie. Mulan has taken the role of her father and become his substitution and has disguised herself as a man. She has to supress her reget throughout the whole journey. KH2's co-operation feature, which can be enabled while playing through the story, will have world party membes run along side you and help fight. Mixing KH series' amusing side with an original Disney story has an effect on Sora at moments, in a way that is entwined perfectly. Such meaning shows in "Mulan" as well as she creeps around and lights the tail of a rocket, which shows her more couragous side. Furthermore, at this stage the black coated men also enter into the scene... Disney's original story will advance and will not disappoint. Sora's mysterious side speaks out and entwines here. Everyone's high expectation of the game feels so necessary.

How will the realtime and Co-op functions work?
Nomura: Enemies and their distance affect the outcome of some attacks, other times special conditions may be requried. At the bottom left hand side of the screen you have a display called "command", which indicates attacks and skills you can use. That "command" allows you to select, "co-operation start" which will enable you to select your own party out of characters it gives you. You can select them with triangle and then when you're done hit "ok". At the start, Aurons techniques prove to be useful to help Sora. Alternating between characters will be fast and before their final stage, Auron splits with Sora and gives him a technique to use called "tornado". Real time battles aren't only just one element to the game, they require to be often mixed with such co-op features, since co-op is at the very heart of the game. Nevertheless, command input and timing will play a major role.
Techniques can be gained easily which can be a refreshing part to the game, you will soon see yourself trying out new techniques together. (Smiles)

Heres the site if you don't belive me: http://www.kh2.co.uk/
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