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Fanfiction ► Blair Witch: Cursed through the woods

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Jan 11, 2004
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Welcome to my Blair Witch Fantasy! Although I have only been writing for a short time, I am assuming this will be an intresting shot at trying to make something good. I'll give you some story if you don't already know about the Blair Witch Legend then this Fan Fic will explain it pretty quickly. Considering this will be taking place in 1904 inbetween the second and first game.

I am in dire need of Feedback. This is my 2nd Fan Fiction I have written and i need feedback to see if I'm any good. So, give me Feedback... Good or Bad. Or some suggestions. Please and Thank you :)

Chapter 1

Dear, Diary.
I am in the presence of something great out here in these woods, so peaceful. As if nobody is around for miles, but me and The Witch. Alas I apologize to whoever is reading this for my choppy writing, I fear that sitting here next to Tappy Creak the Witch herself will become angry with me and pull me in. The Witch seems to like me... she has told me stories of previous passers of her. One in particular that I have seen wandering the woods... the only one I see wandering the woods. Robin Weaver. She's becoming old... must be damn near 60 now. She was 11 when the witch had her "Plans" for her last time, but Robin was saved by a man named Lazarus. Lazarus... That name sounds so familiar in yet it may seem familiar to anybody that has read the bible. Ah! Somebody now approaches me.. Robin perhaps? I will write more of this later, for now I must hide.

"Heh... Yet another crazy folk intrested in Legend. Is he still out here I wonder?" Roland asked himself, as he folded the paper down the middle and then again to make it small enough to fit into the breast pocket of his coat. Roland quickly slipped the paper into his coat pocket and glanced around the forest slowly for any sign of life.

Roland took a step forward, when he heard a faint giggle echo from what seemed to be just tree behind him. Roland jumped slightly, and before his feet touched the ground he reached into his pant's waist and pulled out his browning. The giggle immedietly stopped when Roland turned around and he raised an eyebrow slightly, taking a step forward toward the forest and leaned in to see the bushes ruffle very quickly. Roland without thinking shot the browning into the bushes and heard a loud yelp before a thump.

Roland held the gun pointed upwards toward his heart, and propped himself against the tree trunk. He grabbed a handfull of the bush and pulled it to the side making himself visable to see a large dog laying there, very skinny, looked to be hungry with a bullet wound in the side of its head. Roland leaned down next to the dog, and ran his hand over his forehead disgusted in himself for what he just did.

"Sorry Dog..." Roland scrambled to his feet and slipped the gun back into the waist of his pants. "But, better you than me ey?" A sick grin spread across Roland's face as he turned around, to look directly into two pairs of red bloodshot eyes, shrouded by ripped flesh from his face. Roland shocked forgot all about, his browning and the felt two hands grasp onto his chest and drive their fingernails into him.

Roland let out a yelp of Pain, and quickly snapped back, and reached down to his pant's waist for the browning but, the hand quickly bit down on the hand lurking and sunk his teeth into a vein. Roland screamed out for help, but knew it wouldn't help being as far out in the forest as Tappy Creek. Roland began to drive a fist, into the man's temple but, it seemed to motivate the man to bite harder. Roland struggled over to the tree trunk and began to shake his hand frantically as blood dripped onto his black pants. Roland flexed his whole body for a moment, in an attempt to dull the pain and turned onto his stomache ripping the man's teeth down through the vein and down his hand.

The man immedietly drove his teeth into Roland's upper back and Roland whinced in pain, before elbowing backwards into the man's forehead. It once again having no effect and seeming to motivate then man. Roland closed his eyes tightly and shook in pain as he saw the pile of blood infront of him from his hand, and feel the blood drip down his back slowly. Roland reached his good hand and gripped onto a dead branch, letting out a roar and tensing before throwing the branch over his shoulder and driving it into the man's forehad.

Roland felt the pressure of his teeth release and he quickly shoved the man's now bloody forehead off of him and gripped onto his hand, with a look of pain on his eyes. He grabbed onto his shirt and ripped the bottom, to pull a peice of cloth off before wrapping it around the cut out vein to stop the blood pour, and dirt getting into it. Roland walked over to the man, and looked him over cringing by his skinned face, and pondered the subject of how he could have lived this long. Roland shook for a moment, in shock before leaning down next to the man and pressing two fingers to his neck.

"Still a... alive..." Roland grabbed onto the branch, and was ready to deliver a finishing blow to the man's head when he heard a loud demonic voice echo through his head like lightning striking his brain.

"Don't you dare!" The voice echoed and Roland quickly fell back onto his rump. Roland quickly turned his head in every direction to find where the voice had came from, but it seemed like it hadn't come from any direction. It was just.. in his head? Roland didn't want to find out, and he decided if he couldn't kill the man, then he would bring him with him. Roland grabbed onto his browning and held it with his bloody wrapped hand, before grabbing onto the man's boot with his good hand and dragged him through the leafs.

Roland dragged him for what seemed like hours, shaking the whole time and occasionally finding him with his eyes shut tight without noticing. Roland followed the path as quickly as possible, but it was hard with the wounds in both his hand and his back. Roland eventually crossed over the large bridge, and passed a sign reading "Burkittsville, Maryland"
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