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Hey everybody i am SO srry for the long wait i've been extremely busy! But i finally finished chapter five and i'll warn you now its not very good but please bear with me!!!! Well here goes nothing...enjoy!

Chapter 5: Mysterious Happenings

“Dang it!” Riku yelled realizing the mysterious woman was gone.

“What now?” Donald asked.

“I don’t know but I have a feeling that won’t be the last time we see that woman.” Sora said halfway delved into thought.

“If we make it out of here…” Icy trailed off. She didn’t want to be in her world when it was like this.

The way she laughed, there was something so familiar about it. But it made me cringe. Sora thought to himself.

“Hey look at that!” Goofy pointed to the sky.

They all looked up and saw a small gray blob coming towards them. Then it jerked back. Then it started making its way forward again.

“What the heck?” Vix said as he looked around at everyone; they were all wearing the same puzzled expressions.

“Hey, that looks like that thing we came here in!” Icy exclaimed. She felt a jolt of hope surge through her body.

“Maybe it’s the King!” Riku exclaimed. They had become dear friends and Riku had missed him already.

“He must be trying to break through the barrier!” Donald said.

“Barrier?” Sastanya was getting more confused with every passing minute.

“Is there anything we can do to help? I’m assuming the King is a good guy in all of this?” Vix was trying to make sense of things. Not that it was working.

“I don’t know, I’m not sure what kind of magic is holding the barrier up.” Donald said trying to think of what may work.

“We could try that thing again.” Vix turned to Sastanya.

“Sure!” Sastanya loved the feeling she got from this new ability. It made her feel strong and important. She had always been the weakest of the three of them, until now.

They joined hands once again and concentrated their powers with all of their might.

“It’s not working!” Sastanya was quick to get frustrated.

“Concentrate harder!” Vix told her as he squeezed his hands tighter around hers.

They did so all of the sudden a huge shard of ice came out; bigger then all the other ones. Shortly after leaving their hands it exploded. It was so strong it made Sastanya and Vix fly backwards landing on the ground. What seemed like thousands of small shards went flying all around cutting Sastanya and Vix multiple times. Everyone ducked for cover and no one else was hurt.

“Are you okay?” Kairi asked them as she made her way over.

“Yeah we are fine I think.” Sastanya said.

Vix nodded in agreement.

“Well just in case,” Donald said has he cast cure on both of them. “I hope that helps.” Donald told them.

Donald rarely showed it, but he did have a sweet side.

The cuts on both of them were gone and they were free of pain.

They both looked at their arms and each others faces.

“How…how did you do that?” Vix was in awe of what he had just seen.

“Look!” Kairi cheered as she jumped.

Everyone focused their attention on the gummi ship approaching the ground.

The King stepped out onto the cold land.

“It’s chilly out here huh guys?” King Mickey asked them with his usual cheery voice.

“Your majesty! What is going on?” Sora was happy yet disturbed to see the King. A visit from him was usually a sign of trouble.

“Well as you see there is no one left here except for us now. Things are the same with the other worlds that this has happened to.” King Mickey began to explain.

“You’re Majesty; do you know what has happened to the people who have disappeared?” Icy asked desperate for a straight answer.

“Sadly at this point I do not,” King Mickey hung his head. But he decided not to set this example of sadness.

“I am trying to figure out who is behind all this.” He wanted to offer hope even though he himself had none.

“I do know one thing though, Sastanya, Vix, Icy, you three are the key to saving your world just keep those words close to your heart until you understand.”

“You’re Majesty, how did you get through the barrier?” Donald asked.

“Sheer force of will.” He responded, not completely sure of his answer.

“Well, we have a will and now you’re here so we have a way!” Sora said.

“I can’t take you with me…” King Mickey’s voice trailed off.

“What are you talking about?” Riku asked.

“Anywhere you would go with me would too dangerous.” He explained to them.

“Look your ship is on the other side of that forest past the field.” King Mickey said as he pointed into the forest.

“Oh yeah, I forgot you had a tracking device!” Donald said.

“I’ve got to go you guys after you leave here you need to go and warn the worlds that still exist in peace.” Mickey started to sprint for his ship.

“Wait your majesty!” Riku called after him.

“Just believe and you will make it out of here. I have faith in all of you!” Mickey closed the door to his ship and took off.


“Yes we’ve found it!” Donald cheered as he began to run to the gummi-ship.

Everyone made their way to the ship as Donald and Goofy inspected it for signs of damage.

“I want to talk to you.” Vix whispered to Sastanya and they began to make their way to a spare room on the ship.

“Vix!” Sastanya practically screamed in excitement.

“I can’t believe what we did back there! We were so awesome!” Sastanya practically tripped over her words from talking so fast.

“Yes I know but you won’t believe what happened to me.” Vix said.

“I woke up before everyone else and I noticed you were gone, I panicked. I started running and then I passed out. I had the weirdest dream I was in pure darkness and then I saw this keyhole. I walked to it and then I woke up and you were lying beside me.”

Sastanya didn’t know how to react to what he was saying. “Did your chest tingle?”

“Yeah!” Vix answered.

“I had the same dream except I saw a key not a keyhole.” Sastanya told him. “I wonder what it all means.”

“Vix, Sastanya!” They heard Icy’s voice call them from the other side of the ship.

“We’re about to take off, you need to buckle up just in case there is trouble getting through the barrier.” Goofy told them.

“Everyone cast away any doubtful thoughts now so we can get through this barrier!” Kairi announced.

The ship took off and without to much trouble and broke through the barrier.

“Where should we go now?” Riku asked.

“Look!” Kairi yelled as she pointed to Atlantica.

“Alright well let’s stop there first.” Riku said as Sora began to steer the gummi-ship towards the underwater world.

Sora, Donald and Goofy came out in their previous forms from the last time they visited Atlantica.

“Oh my gosh!” Kairi gasped and pointed at the others.

“Donald uses magic on us so we can breathe and swim underwater.” Sora explained.

Kairi, Sastanya, and Icy had taken the forms of mermaids while Riku and Vix looked like Sora with the fins of a shark.

“Ariel!” Goofy cried as he began to swim towards the familiar friend.

Ariel kept swimming.

Sora jumped out in front of her.

“Hey Ariel! How have you been?” Sora greeted her with a smile.

“Ariel, is that my name?” She looked puzzled.

“What do you mean? Of course that’s your name.” Donald told her as he made his way over to her.

“How do you know me?” She asked them.

“Remember? We came here a while ago and helped you defeat Ursula and then later we were in a musical with you.” Sora couldn’t believe the look on her face.

“Well if you say so, do you know where I am?” She said as she looked around they were all in front of her beloved grotto.

“Ariel, what’s going on?” Goofy asked her.

Out of the blue, the water became very dark and everything around them all disappeared.

Chapter 6: Why can’t Ariel remember anything? Is this the next world to be robbed of all living things? Sora and the others try to stop it but they are presented with a challenge…..


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ok Hikari! I promised I'd read and I ALWAYS keep my promises!

Anyways...very nice. Your characters seem very developed and I can tell you have a clear vision of them in your head. The story, to be honest, is a bit confusing at present, but I think that's what keeps me so intrigued; the urge to solve the mystery or whatever. lol. just keep on wrtting and I'll keep on reading. (and commenting...)

Oh! and Chapter two is up for my fanfic...just so you know :blush:


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Alrighty srry to double post and srry foreverkingdom i didn't get this up yesterday but i have chapter 6! It may be a bit confusing but thats the fun part lol So with no further ado.......


Chapter 6: Mystai’s Plan

“What’s going on?” Sora looked around and could suddenly see the other mer-people and sea creatures from miles away. They were all being drawn towards Sora and the group.

“Sora look!” Icy yelled as she pointed down below them.

There was what appeared to be a whirlpool made of white smoke forming below them.

“Get away!” Sora yelled as he grabbed a curious Ariel and began to swim away.

“How do we get out of here?” Sastanya yelled as she and the others began to feel the pull of the whirlpool.

Suddenly Ariel lost her grip on Sora’s hand and was sucked into the whirlpool along with many others.

“We’ve got to do something now!” Riku told Sora.

Sora began to try to swim away from the current and found something to hold on to.

“Over here!” Sora yelled and the others began to make their way over and grabbed the unseen object.

“Sora, Donald you guys have a spell called blizzard right?” Vix yelled.

“Yeah why?” Donald replied.

Vix broke off a piece of the substance that everyone was holding on to. “When I toss this up you guys cast your spell on it and Icy, Sastanya, and I will also cast ice onto it, but guys we have to work fast!”

The others nodded in agreement and the piece was thrown up above them and they all did what had been asked of them.

Riku, Kairi, and Goofy just watched trying to figure out what they were doing.

The piece stopped in mid air and began growing larger and larger until it was huge.

“Oh I see.” Riku said to himself.

“Alright stop!” Vix declared and the huge mass of ice fell down into the whirlpool clogging it.

“Everyone to the ship quick!” Riku yelled as they all let go and began to swim towards the ship it was not sucked up because of the strong seaweed that was used to tie it to the sea floor.

“Wait is there anyone left?” Kairi turned around to search but there was nothing, again.

Sora grabbed her arm gently and she looked at him with tears filling her eyes.

“Come on if we don’t get out of here then there is almost no hope for anyone.” Sora began to lead her towards the ship and she went in ahead of him.

“Sorry, Ariel.” He said to himself before he made his way into the crowded ship.

They were able to get away from the world but there was no hope of them saving it.

“I can’t believe this.” Riku said as he watched the world slowly get its color back.

“Look!” Riku said as he pointed to the world.

A barrier began to form around the undersea world.


“Ah, Kevex you’ve returned. Were you successful?” The woman with the long braids turned around and stared at Kevex with her dark green eyes that shone like emeralds.

“Well, my lady….” Kevex started as he stared at the ground.

“Don’t tell me you failed!” The woman yelled.

“The whirlpool was successful but the runt with the keyblade and his friends got away.” Kevex shielded his head ready to be slapped.

“I guess we have a bit of a challenge then, don’t we?” The woman turned around and looked around at the frozen land.

“Getting Kairi, the siblings and Icy won’t be easy but you won’t let me down again, will you Kevex?”

“No, of course not Mystai.” Kevex answered her still looking at the ground.

“Good then we now need another plan.” Mystai turned around to face Kevex.

“How about a different castle? This place is very cold.” Kevex shivered just thinking about the cold.

Mystai was a very tall woman, she wore a long-sleeved red shirt and Red pants with black shoes. Over it all she wore a long black cloak similar to the ones worn by Organization XIII.

Kevex was her henchman. He had always been so as long as he could remember which wasn’t very far back. He wore an outfit similar to Mystai’s except it was blue. He also wore the same black cloak that she did.

“No, this place will have to work for now until our plan is complete. Soon, all the worlds will be ours for the molding.” Mystai began to cackle in the evil way she always did, as if she actually felt something.


“What now?” Donald asked as he turned around the ship yet again. They were basically going in circles.

“Let’s go home maybe the King is there and we can see what he has found out.” Goofy suggested.

Donald began to steer the ship towards Disney castle excited to be home even if only for a few minutes.

They landed and made their way to the library.

“You’re Majesty.” Donald said as he bowed before the queen. They others followed his lead.

“Hello everyone.” Queen Minnie said as she walked into the library. “You picked a good time to come here, the King will be here shortly.”

“Great!” Sora exclaimed as he stood up to his normal stance, hands behind his head.

“So this King, he is the King of this world?” Sastanya asked.

“Yes he is.” Queen Minnie told her.

“So, you are the Queen? What is it like, is it hard?” Icy wanted to get an answer besides the one her parents always gave her.

Minnie walked up to the three of them and looked up at them. “You will all make wonderful rulers one day as long as you follow your heart and do what is fair.”

“Hello everyone!” Mickey smiled and chuckled as he always did.

“Mickey!” Minnie smiled and went to hug her husband.


“So this woman, did she tell you her name?” Mickey asked Sora.

After the King arrived everyone went to a room where they could all sit and relax for a little bit and trade information.

“No, but there was something about her that seemed so familiar. It gave me goose bumps.” Donald told the King.

“You mean duck bumps?” Goofy said with his usual puzzled expression painted on his face.

“He he he.” Donald said sarcastically as the room was filled with laughter.

“Well whoever she is I bet she has something to do with everything that has been going on.” Mickey said deep in thought.

“Sora, when was the last time you saw Maleficent?” Kairi asked, everyone perked up their heads at the sound of her name.

“Hello.” The woman’s voice echoed through the room as it became pitch black.

“Where are you?” Riku cried out to the ceiling. The intruder was nowhere to be seen by anyone.

“You are not able to see me right now and that’s how it needs to be. Kevex now!” Mystai commanded him.

“Aaaaah!” Several screams where heard but none could see to do anything about it. Those screams were not coming just from girls either.

“Kairi!” Sora cried he was afraid to take out his keyblade in fear of injuring some one unintentionally.

“Oh before I go, my name is Mystai. Don’t worry about your friends they will be just fine.” Mystai’s evil cackle echoed throughout the room as it slowly regained its color.

“Who is gone?” Donald asked as he was to dizzy at the moment to look.

“Well,” Sora started as he also became increasingly dizzy. “Kairi and,” He collapsed.


“Mystai, why did we only take the Kairi, and the ice brats? We are going to need Sora and Riku; it’s the three of them. Just like the ice brats, we need them all.”

“Shut up Kevex, everything is going as it should be.” Actually Mystai hadn’t realized she would need Sora and Riku until Kevex mentioned it but she would not admit to her mistake.

“Kevex, I think its time that Sora and the others pay us a small visit.”


Chapter 7: Sora and the others wake up to find that Kairi, Vix, Sastanya, and Icy are missing. They set out on the gummi ship to look for them and are drawn back to the Blizz world, but why?


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good chapter buddy I can't wait to find out what happens next!
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