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Fanfiction ► Blizz Fate

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Mar 27, 2007
Very interesting and good chapter, I look forward into reading the next one.


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Jan 8, 2007
Hiding. Who ever finds me first gets a cookie!
Sure take your time i don't want you to think you have to read it only do it if you want to!!!
Well here is a short prologue to Chappie 7!!!

Prologue to Chapter 7: The Fate of the Blizz

The fate of the Blizz rests within their own hands.

They have the power to choose, light or dark; life or death.

And when you are being tempted by the dark, usually the hardest choice is the right one.


Those words have been passed down through generations of Blizz’s, not because it’s tradition but because of their meaning.

No one really truly understands this until their time comes. That time when they are presented with that first choice that could change their lives.

My children, when your time comes be ready because even though you’re sheltered now you will have to choose your fate. I just hope you have the wisdom to do what is best for you, but most of all what is right.

I understand that at times you resent the positions you were born into. You may feel that the choices have been made for you because you are royalty. But they haven’t, the words are true the choices are yours and yours alone.

You are held responsible for the fate of our country but that does not change your ability to make decisions. Your fate is yours.

We love the three of you with all of our hearts, and hope that you can cling to these words in the hard times when you think no one is there.

Your loving parents, Reisha, Hagsed, Icy and Flourint.

Sastanya held the letter close to her heart after the three of them had read it and she began sobbing uncontrollable tears.

Icy cried with her, and Vix cried silently many tears flowed down his face. They were all crying for the same unspoken reasons.

Vix, who was in between the two girls, grabbed both of their hands. The hand of the sister he would give his life for, and the hand of the girl he loved.

“You know what we have to do right?” Sastanya managed to say through her tears.

“Yes I guess this is our fate.” Icy was trying not to cry but there was no stopping her tears.

“Let me, it will only take one of us to alter their plans.” Vix said trying to be strong for them.

“No Vix,” Icy looked at him with her piercing eyes.

“Right if we die we die together.” Sastanya folded her letter back up and returned it to its place in her pocket.


I know that was really short but I think prologues should leave you hanging!
And I’m sorry if it seemed extremely cheesy and there will be action in the next chapter don’t worry!!!! I will try to get it up before I leave for vacation Monday but no guarantees!
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Apr 17, 2007
Yo!! Sorry im late!!! NICE CHAP!!!! YOYOYOYOYOOYOOYYO!!!!! THATS THE COOLIEST EVA. *Punchesself on the balls* Cant wait! *falls to the ground in pain*lol


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Jan 8, 2007
Hiding. Who ever finds me first gets a cookie!
Alrighty everyone here it finally is!!! Srry it took so long this was a hard chappie to write!!! I know this chapter is a bit long but please read and comment!!! Oh and when the font is like this it's Icy and when its like this it is her dad Enjoy!!!!

Chapter 7: Decouvertes

King Mickey woke up and looked around the room; everyone was passed out except for him now.

“Minnie, wake up.” He said as he nudged her trying to get a reaction but she was still unconscious.

“Ow, geez what happened?” Sora said rubbing his head. He looked around and saw everyone except for, “Hey where are Kairi, Vix, Sastanya, and Icy? What happened?”

“That woman must have taken them.” The King said still not taking his eyes off the Queen.

“What’s going on?” Donald said as he sat up. He saw the Queen on the floor and went quickly over to heal her.

“Thank you, Donald.” King Mickey told him as the Queen opened her eyes.

“Are you alright Your Majesty?” Goofy said as he walked over to the group.

“Yes I’m fine, thank you Donald.” She stood up and looked around noticing who was missing.

“Riku wake up!” Sora shook him until he opened his eyes.

“I’m alright.” Riku reassured Sora. He stood up quickly and almost lost his balance.

“Riku calm down and give yourself a minute to rest.” Sora commanded.

“There’s no time we have to go help the others!” Riku rebutted.

“You’re right let’s go!” Sora motioned for Goofy and Donald to follow him as he and Riku left for the gummi ship.

Sora turned around and looked at the King. “I’m guessing that you’re not going with us.” Sora said sadly.

“No I’m not I have something else I need to take care of.” He told Sora leaving no room for questions.

Sora walked out and quickly caught up with the others.

“So where do we go now?” Donald asked before they took off.

“I don’t know let’s just take off and see if we see anything strange out there.” Goofy told him.


“They should be heading out anytime now Kevex. I want you to make sure they end up here. We need to have them here in order to lure the King in. Soon we will be able to take our plan to the next step. Do not fail me again Kevex.” Mystai looked out at the frozen land and then to the sky.

“I’m on my way don’t worry they will be here soon enough.” Kevex left the room in a hurry.


“Sora what’s going on?” Riku asked him; looking out the window he noticed something strange.

“What do you mean?” Sora asked all of the sudden he felt the ship jerk a little and everyone was thrown off their feet.

“The ship is moving on its own!” Donald said as he went back to his seat.

“We’re going back to the Blizz world!” Goofy said shortly before a rough landing into the snow.

Riku began to walk towards the door of the ship.

“Riku wait! This is most likely a trap! We should be careful.” Sora said as he joined his side. Riku nodded at Sora and the four of them made their way out of the ship slowly.

“So, you’ve made it. Well this is the end of the road for you pipsqueaks!” Kevex told them.

Pipsqueaks, Sora thought. someone else called me that. Suddenly a light bulb went off in his head but before he could ask any questions Kevex summoned a heartless.

The heartless looked like a giant panther; it had piercing red eyes and huge claws.

“Have fun losing!” Kevex shouted as he ran away from the scene.

“This is great we don’t have time for this!” Riku shouted as he searched for a path to exit from.

“We don’t have a choice!” Sora shouted back as he began to run towards the panther heartless to make his first attack.

He attempted a combo but was quickly knocked away by its paw and flew through the air.

Donald cast a strong blizzard spell on the heartless’ paw and it was frozen for a moment so Riku came in with a strong swing of his weapon completely cutting off the heartless’ paw.

“Yes!” Riku cheered. He looked over at an unconscious Sora.

“Riku watch out!” Goofy yelled as he jumped in front of Riku and held his shield up to the paw that was flying towards the two of them.

The heartless still had four paws.

“No way!” Riku yelled as he dodged another attack.

Donald had cast cure on Sora and he was back at Riku’s side.

Donald ran over to join them as did Goofy. They all stood there with multiple thoughts running through their heads at the same time.

“How does he still have four paws?” Riku was baffled as he and the others were realizing the challenge standing in front of them.

“Donald try using fire!” Sora yelled as he prepared to do the same.

They simultaneously cast fire at the heartless and it shrieked in pain. Water poured onto the cold ground.

“This one is made of snow too!” Goofy said to Sora and the others.

“I wonder why. I have an idea!” Riku said.

“Sora and Donald, cast blizzard at its chest!” They didn’t take the time to ask why as they planned their timing to do what they were told.

“Goofy can you do that spinning trick?” Riku asked him.

“Yeah sure!” Goofy held out his shield and Riku climbed on top of it.

Goofy used all his strength and began to spin around quickly as Donald and Sora cast blizzard at the heartless chest and the heartless froze momentarily.

At that moment Riku jumped off of Goofy’s shield and went flying at the heartless and stabbed it in the chest. The heartless was still and then it exploded releasing a heart.

Riku returned to the ground breathing heavily. “There is something different about this heartless and the one that we defeated earlier they are different somehow.” Riku said walking over to Sora.

“Yeah, like that they were both made is snow.” Sora said.

“Yeah it is weird but we don’t have time to worry about it right now!” Donald said and started to run for the castle standing tall and strong in the distance.

The others followed quickly until they reached the castle gates.


“KEVEX!” Mystai yelled furiously as she looked at Sora, Riku, Donald and Goofy talking and planning a way to get past the gates.

“Mystai, I…I tried…” Kevex began but was quickly interrupted.

“What are they doing here Kevex?!? You were supposed to take care of them!” Mystai screamed as she turned around to face a frightened Kevex.

“They defeated the heartless I summoned…” Kevex told her.

“These artificial heartless are no good to us. I knew using a world with no darkness was a stupid idea.” Mystai said curious as to how she would get herself out of this.

“We need to get out of here quickly and just return to the Lystin castle; we had far more power there anyways.” Mystai said as she began to walk towards the door.

“But Mystai, what if they find the Lystin castle? I don’t know if anything would be able to stop them from rescuing their friends if they knew they were there.” Kevex said.

Mystai turned around and shot a dirty look at Kevex. “Do not underestimate me, fool.” She walked out of the room and Kevex sprinted to catch up.


“Let me see if I can’t take care of this.” Sora said confidently as he and Riku stepped away from the locked gate. Sora raised his keyblade to the lock and they heard the familiar click of a lock being opened.

“Let’s go!” Goofy said as he barged through the gate and into the castle.

The others followed and walked into a large foyer.

“Wow this must be their home.” Riku said in awe.

The foyer was large and blue, ice blue. At the far end of the room there was a large staircase also ice blue that had a white carpet in the middle running down it.

“Let’s search!” Sora said. He walked towards the staircase and began his way up.

At the top there was a long hallway extending out from both sides of the staircase, and everything was still ice blue.


Sora bent down and touched the cold ground.

It’s made of ice!

Sora thought to himself.

He looked down the hallway at the many rooms he knew that Kari and the others would not be here. He understood this and just hoped he could find some kind of clues.

He was sure that Mystai would not have come here without at least looking into the castle.

Sora decided that he would just have to take it one room at a time.

He walked down the hallway and entered the third door he saw.

Lucky number three.

He walked into what appeared to be a bedroom filled with a swirl of white and lime green colors.

This must be either Icy or Sastanya’s bedroom.

Sora thought as he picked up a frame holding a picture of the two of them together.

He was just about to make his way out of the room when he noticed a pile of letters on top of the dresser and the one on top said Icy in large letters.

Sora remembered something Icy had told him while they were relaxing for a moment at Disney Castle.

She had said that because their parents were always so busy that they would often communicate through letters that the butler would deliver for them. She said it seems like they wouldn’t be very close but it was a lot easier to write some things down than say them face to face.

But Dad it’s not fair they are really talented and proving what being royalty is about while I practice my skills and I’m no different than anyone else.

Sweetheart, your time will come I know that you have powers inside of you waiting to come out you just need the right situation.

I don’t think any situation is going to help me. Do you remember the letter you and mom and Sassy and Vix’s parents sent us?

Yes of course I do.

What if I choose a fate that is totally unexpected of me? What if I don’t get married and rule alongside Sassy and Vix? Maybe I was meant for something else?

Vix and Sass would be devastated they love you whether you are a powerful sorceress or an ordinary schoolgirl.

Well I think I’ll keep it a secret for now….

Sora’s reading was interrupted by a loud boom coming from another room.

He ran into the hallway and heard Donald yelling.

“Donald!” Sora began to run down the hall and into a large room with a machine in the middle. The room was filled with what seemed to be thousands of heartless. They were all shadows and neoshadows.

Sora could see the heads of his friends closer to the middle of the room. He was going to have to fight his way there.


Coming up in Chapter 8: Sora and the others finally clear out the heartless and are shocked when they find out what the machine is used for. Meanwhile they do not realize that Vix Sastanya and Kairi’s time is running short and there may be some other friends involved that they didn’t know about…


Mar 27, 2007
Great chapter I can't wait to read about what unfolds next.
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