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Jan 8, 2007
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Srry fk i will make sure to keep you updated so here it is i hope you like it for some reason i really do!!

Prologue to Chapter 8: Gathered Friends

“Wait, so you’re saying Sora flew?” Kairi asked the boy in green wide eyed.

“Yeah he sure did! So did Donald and Goofy! We defeated Captain Hook together and saved Wendy, but we weren’t able to save the other girl. I wonder if Sora ever found her…” Peter Pan’s voice trailed off.

“What other girl?” Icy chimed in.

“Well she kind of looked like you,” He pointed to Kairi. “she had red hair and a purple skirt and a white shirt. I think Sora said her name was Kali? No, Kairi! Yeah her name was Kairi.” Peter Pan exclaimed.

“That’s me! How come I don’t remember anything?” Kairi said as she began to work through her memories.

“Well you were acting kind of weird it was like you were asleep with your eyes open.” Peter Pan said as he looked up at the red and black swirls above him in thought.

I wonder if this happened before Sora saved me in that castle………

“Wow it sounds like all of you has been through a lot.” Icy concluded.

She and Kairi had already listened to stories from many of the friends Sora, Donald and Goofy had made on their adventures.

“Yeah, they’ve done so much, helped so many people, all because of Riku, the King and I.” Kairi said.

“Well if they went through everything for you, then I’m sure they’ll come here to rescue us.” Icy said attempting to take the sadness away from Kairi’s face.

And if they don’t Vix, Sass and I will have to die here; if we don’t then Mystai will be able to carry out her plan. Icy thought.

“No.” Kairi said as she stood up.

“What do you mean?” Icy followed her action and stood up also.

“Look at this,” Kairi said as she motioned her hand at the dungeon that she and many others had been trapped in. “all these people here can obviously fight we need to find a way out of here on our own. We are not defenseless we can fight for ourselves and we need to get out of here!” By this time everyone in the large room was listening to Kairi and agreeing with her.

“Maybe we can fight but look at this place how are we going to get out of here?” Vix said.

Everyone looked around at the strange room the walls were filled with moving swirls of black and red as was the door that kept them all inside. There was no doorknob on the inside and the door was made of steel. The room was very large; obviously Mystai was expecting more people to accompany the ones already imprisoned.

“I don’t know but I’m sure we can think of something.” Kairi said as she looked around the room again. She walked over to the steel door and touched it with the tip of her finger. She was burnt.

“It’s a barrier!” She exclaimed.

“Oh I know what you’re thinking!” Icy said as she ran up to Kairi’s side.

“We’ve got to get through it the same way we got through the other one.” Icy said.

“Before we go we need to think of a plan.” Sastanya said.

Everyone in the room sat down in a circle to plan. There were so many of them,
Peter Pan, Aladdin, Jack Skellington, Jack Sparrow, Ariel, Mulan, Hercules, Leon, Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie, and Cid.

They planned for what seemed like hours preparing themselves for every possibility.
They considered splitting up but the possibility of getting lost was too great.

“Okay but say we do make it out how are we going to leave this world?” Hercules said.

“Obviously Mystai and Kevex have left here quite a few times so I’m sure they have a ship. After we defeat them we can take it.” Vix explained.

“We have to do this, we are the only ones who know of their plan and are capable of stopping it. The fate of all of our homes rests within our hands.” Icy said standing up.

She thought back to when she learned of the plans Mystai had and how scared she felt when she found out.


“Where are you taking us?” Vix demanded. There were no windows on this ship so they couldn’t see anything outside.

He, Sastanya, Icy, and Kairi all had there hands and feet tied together and were up against a wall.

“You’ll see soon so shut up brats!” Kevex yelled. He enjoyed being able to yell at someone else for once.

“What do you want with us?” Icy said.

“Why should I tell you?” Kevex said.

Icy began to stare at him very hard and he stared back he blinked first and then he spilled.

“Every world has a heart. There is a key to unlock the heart to every world. In these cases the keys are humans. Usually the world only needs one person to make a key but for your worlds it takes three parts.” Kevex wasn’t looking at anything particular as he said this he was staring off into space as if he was in a trance.

“Then why do you need to ‘Unlock the hearts’?” Icy asked.

“Because when a world’s heart is unlocked it is more vulnerable to the darkness. So then Mystai and I can let the heartless into the core and the world will be overcome by darkness and completely under Mystai’s control.” Kevex showed no emotion in his face and continued to stare blankly into space.

“So what’s the ultimate goal? What are you really after?” Sastanya asked him.

Kevex’s eyes focused once again and he looked at Sastanya as if she was insane.

“Shut up and stop asking me questions.” Kevex said coldly.

Icy made contact with his eyes once more and stared as if she was delving into his very soul. He began to stare deeply into space yet again.

“She said,” Icy began becoming curious about what was really going on. “What is the ultimate goal?”

“We want to take over all the worlds and merge them into one; one world where Mystai is in complete control and hopefully access Kingdom Hearts.” Kevex said his face still frozen.

Kairi gasped she knew it her intuition was correct.

“She wants to open Kingdom Hearts so she can become a whole person doesn’t she?” Kairi asked when he didn’t respond she looked over at Icy and she repeated the question.

“Yes, she wants to be a whole person. She wants to feel something. At least that’s what she told me.” Kevex explained.

“What do you mean ‘a whole person’?” Vix asked.

“Kevex get up here now!” Mystai called.

“I guess I’ll answer this one.” Kairi started.

Kairi began to explain what the heartless are and what their purpose is. After wards came the hard part.

“When a strong heart becomes a heartless a nobody is created too. Many of the nobodies are like heartless just little creatures but some appear as people like Mystai and Kevex.” Kairi said. “These nobodies have no heart so they can’t feel anything.”

“So she wants to be human again so she can have feelings.” Icy concluded.

“Actually I don’t think that is why. I think she wants her original form back. Before she was a nobody her human form was an extremely powerful sorceress. Most likely more powerful than her nobody.” Kairi’s expression saddened. Ever since Sora explained all of this back on the island all Kairi could think about was Namine

“How do you know that is who Mystai was before?” Sastanya asked.

“Honestly I don’t know it was just a feeling.” Kairi said.


“Well if everyone is ready then we will execute our plan now. Before we go we need to know that everyone is in this with their whole heart.” Vix said.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Then let’s go.”


Alrighty there it is i hope you liked it plz comment!!!


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Mar 17, 2007
Sorry I am a bit late buddy but good chapter! it is getting good!
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