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Feb 20, 2009
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Okay. New one up.

Namine screamed as she drew magic to summon keyblades all around her. Her eyes were already a sickly yellow. She was training to become stronger. After her fight with Alex Shrine, Namine knew that if they fought again and nothing changed she would die.

Namine and Saix had gone off into the forest a few miles away from the military base so they wouldn’t draw attention or cause any unwanted destruction.

Saix watched as Namine’s magical aura became visible. He could probably kill Alex by himself but he didn’t want to try. Why waste your own life when you can make someone else waste theirs for you. It was a perfect chance to get rid of Namine and kill off a powerful enemy. Two birds in one stone.

“You’re pathetic! How can I ever hope to use such a weakling!?” Saix yelled at Namine.

Namine pumped out more and more magic. Darkness slowly crawled over her body. Her pure white skin was eclipsed by a black coating. The darkness slithered up to her face.

Namine screamed in pain as she started to bleed out her mouth, nose, eyes, and ears as the darkness covered her completely. Her eyes turned from a sickly yellow to blood red. Fangs grew from her mouth, and her golden locks became dark as night itself.

“Push farther!” Saix yelled. “How dare you think of yourself as my daughter when you only hold that kind of power!”

Magic erupted out of Namine and destroyed the tree around them. It tore 2 foot thick trunks apart as if they were toothpicks.

Namine gasped and fell to the ground.

“Get up you useless bitch!”

She screamed and lurched up. Her head was down causing her dark hair to fall across her face. She put out her hand. She closed it as if she was holding the hilt of a sword and pulled. A black keyblade was torn out of nothing.

The name “Malphas” appeared in Namine’s mind.

The blade was about 3 feet in length and looked like the wing of a raven. Its sick serrated blade gleamed in the light the pierced through the emerald branches. Its dark power caused 40 other blades to appear.

The dark girl held the keyblade with both hands. Namine dug her feet into the ground building up power. She launched forward and swung Malphas cutting a large tree trunk clean through. The other blades shot forward in a scissoring like motion through the forest and came back to her as if it were a boomerang.

Namine plunged Malphas into the ground. Darkness shot up from the ground and disintegrated everything in its path.

Saix’s pupils shrunk in amazement. A perfect 3 mile long rectangle of trees was no longer in existence. He smiled to himself.

The darkness quickly withdrew into Namine’s body peeling of skin as it slithered away. Namine turned to around and looked at Saix. Blood was dripping from her body. Her eyes looked lifeless.

“Daddy…” She whimpered as she fell to the ground unconscious, landing face first on the cold, unforgiving ground.

Saix walked over to her limp body and roughly kicked her over onto her back. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“Did… did I do well?” Namine asked. She looked like a slave groveling at her master’s feet.

“It will suffice.” Saix said in an unimpressed voice.

“Daddy… I can’t move…” Namine whimpered.

“You won’t have to.” Saix answered as he yanked her off the ground by her dirty blond hair. She stumbled and fell into his arms.

“It hurts…” She said weakly. She didn’t have the strength to cry.

“The pain will pass and you will need it, remember it if you want to become stronger.” Saix said in deep voice.

“Yes sir…” Namine rasped, coughing up blood as she finished talking.

Saix smiled an evil grin. He lifted Namine up off the ground and into his arms. He didn’t like having any physical contact with Namine but for now he needed to keep her alive. If that meant giving her a rare treat of affection then he had to do it. He carried her back to base.

“<Prince Kalvera do you know why we have called you to stand before our council?>”

“<Are you planning on taking more power away from me and my people?>” Christoph said in a defiant voice.

“<How dare you! If you weren’t royalty we would have the guards execute you where you stand for such a reply! Questioning our holy order makes you a heretic!>” the lead elder screamed.

“<Last time I checked your corrupt system has forced me to sign laws that oppress the people! Your acts have been everything but holy! Tell me what you want or I’m leaving.>” Christoph yelled as he drew his sword.

“<You insolent boy!>”

“<The worlds are at war once more lord Kalvera. We must choose a side!>”

“<Why!? Why would you have our world go to war again!? Billions died in the last war we had with Slecus and Hollow Bastion!>” Christoph replied harshly.

“<We wish to take sides with Organization XIII and their allies.>” The lead elder said in a commanding voice.

“<Did you forget the last decade? Did you forget what Slecus, one of their allies, did to our people? Do I even have to mention the camps!? If the organization has made a deal with Slecus out of similarities then we can’t side with them. They will use us and then slaughter us when the war is over!>”

“<The organization has promised us expansion of borders, untold riches, and so much more.>” the elders said in unison.

“<No! I will never side with them! If they think they can buy loyalty of the Chrisen people then they are bigger fools than I had thought before! We have been fighting heartless since we declared ourselves a sovereign world. The organization uses nobodies and HEARTLESS! As far as I’m concerned we are already at war with them.>” Christoph said firmly. He stood before the intimidating group of men unwavering in his beliefs.

“<Leave us! We will deal with you later!”>

Christoph grinded his teeth in anger, bowed low in a mocking gesture, and walked out of the council chambers. Once he was out of earshot the council spoke amongst themselves.

“<We will need to deal with the Prince. He has stood against our rule for too long.>”

“<Yesss but za people adore him. If we execute him they will turn on us.>”

“<We will set him up and appear a traitor. We will make it appear that he has sold the people out to the Slecus government.>”

“<We do have a written agreement with the Organization that keeps us from slavery correct?>”

“<Of course we do.>”

“<Yes, of course we do!>”

“<It will a grand day when we obtain supreme power while the prince and princess meet their sister via glock oil, feferus injection in a Selcus slave camp.>”

The council grunted in agreement. They started to laugh at the thought of the prince and especially that spoiled brat of a princess begging for their lives.

Axel’s thoughts were all on Namine. He missed her more than anything. He hated that he was not strong enough to keep her away from that bastard Saix. He twisted her mind. He would kill Saix one day even if it was the last thing he would ever do.

“Deet, beep doint dat.”

Axel looked over in the direction of the noise. It was T5-61.

“T5… is Namine doing okay?” Axel asked.

“Doot… zat plu plu.” The machine replied.

“That bastard! He shouldn’t be allowed to do that! I swear to God that I will kill him!” Axel screamed.

“Do be do day?”

“With my chakram in his neck.”

Alright. Kinda short I know. Hope you liked it. The next chapter will be up in a few days.
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Feb 20, 2009
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Alright let’s get this done.

Joshua had a half grin on his face as he set the last explosives around the building top that he had been told that he was to meet Rhyme at. They were remote activated and as he finished programming the detonator in his hand Rhyme walked through the rooftop door.

She was hugging herself shyly as she approached him. She was obviously nervous. Joshua already knew what she was going to say. Honestly he didn’t want to hurt Rhyme, in fact he kind of liked the young girl. She was cute to him… in a punk lolita type of way.
Joshua was torn from his thoughts as she began to talk.

“Uh… umm… Joshua I… I have something to tell you.” Rhyme stammered in a tiny voice.

“Oh man!” she thought as she started to blush, “I’m stammering. I bet he thinks I’m an idiot. Oh God, does he see me blushing!?”

“I lo…”

“You know, you’re kinda cute.” Joshua said as he interrupted her.

“What!?” Rhyme said surprised.

“I really like you.” Joshua said, putting up the best concerned voice he had ever done.

Rhyme couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The older boy that she liked was confessing to her! She blushed even more as he took her hands. Her bliss was cut short as Joshua whispered something in her ear.

Joshua leaped away from her and hit the detonator.

Beat was chilling out leaning on the wall of the building adjacent from the one his sister had gone into. She said she had to do something important and that she had to do it on her own. He didn’t like the idea of letting her go off on her own. He wanted to protect her from things as long as he could. He just wanted his little sister to be happy.


Beat looked up towards a large explosion on the top of the building. Beat needed to get there fast. He had no idea if Rhyme had been hit in the blast but he wanted to be sure. He quickly looked around and saw an old skateboard wedged into the curb of the road a few feet away from him. He jumped on it and pushed of the curb with all his strength.

“Please let Rhyme be okay!” He begged to whatever god would hear him.

“What the hell was that noise!?” Trevor yelled as him and the others sprinted towards the no fading center of dark energy.

“It sounded like a bomb going off.” Holly answered.

Trevor cursed under his breath as he ran. “Dr. Myanmar, go towards where the bomb went off and see if anyone needs help.” He looked over at Holly, “Holly will go with you to assist you and give you protection.”

“Sure thing lad, you just be sure that Riku is alright. I don’t want to come back from shrapnel and burns just to see a broken arm or leg.” The doctor said playfully as he and Holly headed the other direction.

Trevor pulled out his handgun and made sure he had enough bullets. He didn’t want to go into a potential kill zone only to realize his gun was as useful as a rock.

Sora and Kairi stood in front of a group of the new S.O.L.D.I.E.R 3rd class recruits. Although Shinra was the one who made the S.O.L.D.I.E.R. program Hollow Bastion’s government took control of S.O.L.D.I.E.R. after the company’s failing. To be a first class was to be the pinnacle of the Hollow Bastion’s military. Sora was deemed fit to be lower level first class and Kairi high second class.
This being the case Sora was ranked as Lieutenant Colonel and Kairi was ranked as the Major below him. Sora still couldn’t believe that in less than a year he went from a normal kid to keyblade user to a high ranking member of the largest military power in the known worlds.

“Everybody get ready! Colonel Strife is coming” one of the third class officers shouted as he walked into the room.

Cloud walked in a few moments later. Everyone snapped into attention and saluted. Sora could tell that Cloud didn’t like being a Colonel or being responsible for any number of people’s lives. He had accepted the post because the military was short on trained men ever since the fall of Ansem.

“Okay men, you have been given the title of S.O.L.D.I.E.R. because you are the best your nation has to offer. We will not fail in our quest to rid the worlds of evil. As we fought with all our strength to remove Ansem from power so too will we do so against the
threat Xemnas and his organization pose.” With this Cloud raised his fist up into the air. “We are strong!”

“WE ARE S.O.L.D.I.E.R!” the men in the room replied.

“Make sure your weapons are clean and loaded because by this time tomorrow you will be on board a cruiser in enemy territory. Dismissed!”

Sora waited for the 3rd classes to leave before he spoke to Cloud.

“Cloud was it easy to adjust to this kind of life?”

Cloud laid his hand on Sora’s head and smiled.

“Adjusting is never easy, but its better when you have good friends to help you.” Cloud said in the soothing voice that Sora and Kairi had both grown to like.

Sora felt someone hug him from behind. He knew it was Kairi. She squeezed him tightly.

Cloud understood that that was his cue to leave the two of them alone.


“I’m not gonna let go!” she cried.

Sora had picked up on the fact that Kairi was afraid of war. She wasn’t afraid of being in a war but she was terrified of him being in a war.

Sora took her hands, turned around, and looked at her.

“Nothings going to happen to me.” He said calmly as he wiped away a tear with his thumb.

“You don’t know that!” She cried as she pushed herself against him and hugged him harder.

Sora gently wrapped his arms around her light almost fragile frame. He rubbed her back comforting her in this way.

“Kairi look at me.” He put his hand under her chin and made her look at him but she just buried her face in his shirt again, “Come on… look at me.” He did so again this time succeeding.

Her eyes were so big and blue. They were the prettiest eyes he had ever seen.

“I’ll never leave you…”

Kairi put her hands on Sora’s shoulders, quickly leaned up towards his face, and kissed him firmly on the lips and pulled just as fast.
The stood there holding each other in silence. Neither of them wanted to let go, but as it grew later they slowly let go and walked back to their rooms. And as Sora closed his eyes to go to sleep he thought of how Cloud must have felt when he lost Aerith and how he would feel if he ever lost Kairi. Tonight he truly understood what a loss that must have been.

“Trevor! Oh thank God you’re here!” Riku rasped as he crawled over to him the best he could.

“Riku!” Trevor shouted as he picked up speed.

“Wait there’s a magic barrier!”

Trevor stopped and pulled out his pistol and fired in an open area away from Riku. The bullet crumpled like a pop can get run over by a truck.

“Shit that’s some powerful magic! Who the hell did this to you!?”

“Just get me out of here…” Riku slipped into unconsciousness.

“I don’t like ridding in your bag! It’s degrading!” River grumbled as she pushed the flap of Trevor’s shell case up. That’s when she saw Riku.

“Oh my God! What happened!? What happened to my Riku!?” River yelled out as she leaped down from the bag and scampered over to him.

“Don’t worry River he’ll be,”

“WHAHHH!!!! RIKU IS HURT!!!!” She wailed.

Trevor nearly jumped as he heard River cry. She was too loud. Whoever did this to Riku might still be around and he didn’t want to have to deal with someone while trying to protect her.

“River please he’ll be fine! You need to quite down.” He begged.

“BUT WHAT IF HE ISN’T GOING TO BE FINE!?” She wailed again.

Trevor realized telling her to shut up wasn’t going to cut it. He grabbed her by the tail, which made River squeal in mild pain, and lifted her up to his face.

“River… you need to be quite because the person who did this to Riku might still be around okay?”

“Okay…” River said back in a hushed voice.

Trevor set her back on the ground and let go of her tail. He shrugged his jacket off and gripped the hilt of his gunblade. He pulled the exotic weapon out of its sheath and took a fighting stance. It had been such a long time that Trevor had thought he had forgotten it. He made and extremely quick slash that looked was almost unseen by the naked eye.

The attack resembled more of a flash of light. Without all the street lamps around them to catch the metal of the blade, River would not have seen it.

The barrier lit up for a few seconds, collapsed and faded away. River couldn’t believe what she had just seen. She knew that Trevor was strong, but so strong to collapse a magical barrier with just strength alone was next to impossible. Magic barriers were designed so that you couldn’t do that. It puts up a thin layer of powerful element based magic that is focused to the point where it distorts the light around it in rainbow like affect. There are only 3 ways to break a barrier. The first was to kill the person that made it; the second was to cast a spell more powerful than that of the strength of the barrier, and the third and hardest was to overpower the field with a physical attack while pumping out a large amount of your own magical power.

Magic backed physical attacks were what give immensely powerful warriors the ability to cut through metal and anything with armor. River knew that, that was an ability that was found only in the S.O.L.D.I.E.R 1st class and SeeD, formally Darkness, agents.
River was pulled back to reality with the sound of Trevor sliding his gunblade back into its case. She quickly ran over to Riku’s side. She mewed quietly as she brushed up against him.

“Tilt his head back.”

River’s eyes darted over to Trevor.


Trevor pulled a healing potion from his bag.

“Tilt his head back. It will open up his throat so he can swallow the potion.” Trevor answered as he knelt down.

“Will that make him better?” River asked tears flowing from her eyes as she pushed Riku’s chin back with her arms and tail.
“It won’t heal him completely, but it will make him stable. We’ll need Dr. Myanmar to have a look at him when we get back to him.” He said in a comforting voice as he hoisted Riku up onto his back.

River scampered squirrel like up Trevor’s leg and up to his shoulder so she could be closer to Riku. She kissed Riku lightly on the cheek.

“Don’t worry Riku. Your gonna be okay.” She whispered her words separated by sniffles.

Beat could see his sister falling. He pushed himself faster and faster, but it wasn’t going to be enough. No matter how fast he pushed himself he wouldn’t make it to her in time. PUSH! That was it!

Beat put all his weight on the front of the board, bent his knees, and pushed off the board into the air. He thrust his arms out so far that his muscles hurt. His prayers were answered as Rhyme fell into his open arms. Beat pulled her close to his body and rolled in the air to get his back to hit the pavement.

He hit the ground elbow first with a loud thud and the cracking of bone. Beat yelled at the top of his lungs as he cradled his sister in his arms. She was in a daze. Beat saw her eyes flutter as if she were having a heart attack. Lucky for him, she wasn’t.
Just as Beat was starting to sit up he heard a voice.

“Are you okay over there!?”

Beat looked over and saw an old man and a young girl with blood red hair running
towards him. They were upon him in a few seconds.

“Please, you gotta help my sister man! She’s all I got!” Beat pleaded with the strangers.

“Don’t worry son. I’m a doctor and a very good one at that. I will help you to the best of my abilities, but first are you okay?” The old one asked as he got down on one knee and set, what Beat now new to be some kind of medical bag, down next to him.

“I think my arm might be broken, but that doesn’t matter! Save Rhyme! Save my sister!” Beat begged.

Dr. Myanmar motioned for Beat to set her down flat. He removed his jacket and put it around Rhyme’s neck. His well trained eyes ran up and down Rhyme’s little body. She had a few shrapnel wounds but nothing to major. The problem was the trauma she might have sustained in the blast.

The doctor put his ear to the young girl’s chest. Her breathing was uneven. His eyes darted to the girl’s face. She was turning blue.
“Holly!” he shouted, “Slowly remove her hat.”

Holly did as he had asked and as the hat was removed Dr. Myanmar’s fears were confirmed. This young man’s sister had sustained blunt force trauma to the head. A large burse started to form on her head. His eyes darted over to Beat.

“You need to keep her awake by any means!” not waiting for a reply he turned to Holly, “Holly, open up my medical bag. Take the vial marked with a red number 5 and put it into the syringe gun.”

After a few seconds of digging through the bag Holly found the vial and placed it into the syringe gun.

“What are you gonna do with that thing!?” Beat shouted as he saw how large the needle was.

“It’s an adrenaline potion.” The doctor replied, “You sister’s lungs don’t have enough energy to keep take in air because of the hit she took to the head. This will giver he body the ability to run without commands from the brain.”

Rhyme convulsed as the needle was stuck into her body. The shrapnel that had found itself stuck in her skin was immediately pushed out.

Without stopping to take a breath, Dr. Myanmar issued more orders.

“Holly, get the hi-potion out of my bag! It should be enough to seal the wounds. Boy, talk to her. Keep her awake, because if she falls asleep she might not wake up!”

“Come on Rhyme,” Beat said as he kissed Rhyme on the cheek, “You can’t die! I love you too much for you to die!” He held her in his arms, his tears falling onto her face. “You’re what I live for! Out of all the things in the world that I hold in my heart you’re the most important! Please don’t go Rhyme! I’m begging you!”

Dr. Myanmar handed Beat the potion. He put it to Rhyme’s mouth and let it slide down her throat. He waited and… nothing happened.

Beat began to sob uncontrollably.

“Rhyme no! NO NO! NO! NO! NO!” he begged, tapping her face gently, “OPEN YOUR EYES!”

Still nothing happened. Beat hugged his sister tightly.

Holly thought of what her older sister’s death must have looked like. Was this how it happened? Her brother on the ground pleading that she be alright? She felt tears begin to form.

Dr. Myanmar sighed. He looked at his watch. It was 5:48. A child had died today.

“Time of death is…” just as Dr. Myanmar was about to call it, Rhyme coughed.

“Rhyme!?” Beat cried as he looked down at his sister’s face. Her eyes were starting to open! “Oh Rhyme, thank God you’re alive!” he said as he hugged her again.

“Beat,” she whispered in his ear.

“What is it Rhyme? What do you need?”

“You’re what I live for too.”

With that she passed out. Unconscious but alive.

Joshua looked down on Shiki like a hawk would a rabbit. She was with Neku, but they were a pair that constantly fought about something and often separate. Lucky for him they were having one such fight now. He looked on as Shiki stomped her foot, screamed something at Neku, and stormed off as Neku did the same. Joshua smiled as he slithered down from his perch and followed after Shiki.

Joshua knew a secret of Shiki’s. Her appearance wasn’t her own. Her real body was much different than the one she has now. He knew how to take care of her too. Good thing he brushed up on some illusion magic before he got involved with his new “Friends”. He snapped his fingers.

Shiki couldn’t believe how obnoxious Neku was. She just wanted to get to know him better. She wanted to be friends with him maybe even something more. He hadn’t even told her his last name.

“Does he not trust me that much?” She thought, “I guess I keep things from him too…”

Shiki was pulled from her thoughts as she saw a person on a bench with their backed turned to her crying.

“Are you okay?” Shiki asked in a nice, comforting voice.

“No.” the person said firmly as they stood up, “My friend stole everything from me.”

Shiki gasped and her eyes went wide as the person turned around. She looked just like her.

“Eri? But how!?”

“You stole everything from me! My face, my body, my voice, even my personality!” Eri screamed interrupting Shiki.

“Eri… when you went away.”

“What,” she interjected again, “You thought you could just become me? You were always jealous of me! I knew you hated that everyone liked me more and wanted to be me. Well guess what Shiki? You’re a loser and will always be a loser even if you do have my face.”

“Eri I’m…”

“Oh and don’t think I didn’t see that boy you were with. He only keeps you around ‘cause you look like me. If he saw the real you the he’d drop you like a bad habit. Of course no boy in their right mind would ever fall for you. You’re ugly and not appealing in the slightest.” Eri said as she circled Shiki.

Shiki fell to her knees and started to cry. Everything Eri said was true. She was a fake. Everyone hated her and the only person who did like her was Eri. With Eri hating her she had no friends, no real ones at least.

“Yeah that’s right! Sit there and cry! That’s the only thing you could ever do anyway. You’re useless and even that boy knows your useless.” Eri taunted, “I’m sure he’s told you that plenty of times.”

Shiki fell to the ground and curled up into a ball. She hated everything about herself. She closed her eyes.

Eri smiled. Shiki was in total shutdown. She walked away into an alley laughing. When she was finally far enough away she snapped her fingers. Her body flaked away until nothing remained of her and Joshua had taken her place. He smiled an evil smile.

“Four down… one to go.”
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Saïx is my favorite Organization member, but he's pissing me off big time in this. I mean, I was liking him at first, but he's taking it too far. Poor Naminé, :c don't lose your innocence! D:
What an asshole.
“Okay men, you have been given the title of S.O.L.D.I.E.R. because you are the best your nation has to offer. We will not fail in our quest to rid the worlds of evil. As we fought with all our strength to remove Ansem from power so too will we do so against the
threat Xemnas and his organization pose.” With this Cloud raised his fist up into the air. “We are strong!”

“WE ARE S.O.L.D.I.E.R!” the men in the room replied.
:D gogogo


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Saïx is my favorite Organization member, but he's pissing me off big time in this. I mean, I was liking him at first, but he's taking it too far. Poor Naminé, :c don't lose your innocence! D:
What an asshole.

He thinks of Namine as a tool and at times a toy. A thing to play with, kick around, and used in whatever way he sees fit.

Malphas is actually the grand president of Hell who appears as a Raven and commands 40 legions. That's the reason why Namine's new keyblade looks like raven wing and has 40 lesser blades that appear with it.

Just about everything in the story has something behind it. ^_^

I have to say my favorite character to write about is River. In my mind she is the perfect character for this story. I sorta based her off Mikey (Dantes de Divinity). A bit of her is in Holly too with a mix of other people I know.


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My computer is broken! I'm doing this off a crap computer in my local library. Thanks to my job being easy and having a lot of free time I have been able to write chapters so expect some of it up by tomorrow. Sorry for not posting for a long time.


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“I want every unit, every gummi ship on alert!” Saix yelled furiously, “We are going to find this Alex person if we have to napalm that entire forest!” He pounded his fist on his desk as he clicked the radio off.

Saix shoved the paper work on his desk to the floor. Just then he heard a knock at the door.
“Enter!” he growled.

His second in command walked in holding a piece of paper.

“What is it!?” Saix ordered.

“The governor would like you and your daughter to stop by his mansion for lunch sir.” The young man revealed.

“I can’t catch a break today can I?” Saix mumbled.

“It would seem not sir.”

“Thank you Hans, you may go.”

Hans saluted and walked out.

Saix picked his radio up and clicked it on.

“Send my daughter to my office at once.”

“As you command sir.” The voice on the other side answered.

Saix sighed. “I want this Alex dead. I don’t have time to deal with that fat, old, racist governor.”

“I see Dr. Myanmar up ahead Trevor!” River yelled atop the young man’s shoulder.

“Thanks River, jump down and rush ahead to tell him we need medical attention for Riku now!”

Trevor ordered as he hefted Riku up higher to get a better grip on his unconscious body. He didn’t think the younger boy was this heavy just looking at him.

River leapt down off Trevor’s shoulder like she was asked and raced up ahead on all fours towards Dr. Myanmar.

“Doctor!” She screamed trying to get his attention, “Riku’s…” her voiced faded away as she noticed that the doctor had other patients. “Who are…?”

“Dr. Myanmar! Riku’s in bad shape. I think he’s bleeding internally!” Trevor shouted as he rushed past the dumbstruck cat girl.

Dr. Myanmar shrugged off a bit of his exhaustion and turned to face the new problem.

“Set him down on the ground slowly.” He commanded.

“Doctor?” interjected Holly.

“Bring me the bio sealer foam from my bag and ready a syringe!” The doctor answered as Trevor set Riku down on the cold pavement. A crowd was starting to form.

Holly tore open the medical bag once more and dug through the variety of death denying medical applications to find the one they needed. She smiled victoriously as she lifted the syringe and bio sealer out of the bag.

“What’s that stuff you’re putting in him!?” River questioned as she tried not quiver in fear.
Dr. Myanmar stuck Riku before he answered River’s question.

“This foam when injected into a vein flows through the blood stream and acts as a temporary glue and seals any tears anywhere in his vascular system.”

River rushed over to Riku’s side. She took his hand in her small ones. “Riku,” She thought, “You just have to be okay. I can’t imagine you not being here.” Just as she finished her thought Riku started to convulse.

“What’s going on!?” She yelled as her fear overwhelmed her.

The doctor cursed under his breath. He was afraid Riku might be allergic to the foam. He had heard that the boy was from an isolated world. This being the case he was never exposed to any of non magic based medical prescriptions. His body was rejecting the foam.

“Holly!” he yelled over his shoulder, “The chalk!”

“I’m on it!” The young Chrisen princess answered as she pulled the chalk from the bag.
The doctor took the chalk from his royal blooded assistant and proceeded to draw a pentagram on the pavement.

“Riku?” River whispered to herself.

“I’m going to have to use a purifying spell. Stand back!”

The others did as they were told. Holly helped Beat with Rhyme.

Dr. Myanmar put his hands forward and twirled them around in a circle drawing the magic around him to his hands. He gathered it in his index and middle finger, the tips of which were glowing light blue. He traced a pentagram over Riku’s chest and placed his palm over his sternum. Magic shot through Riku’s body giving it a blue aura for a few seconds.

“We’re going to have to do this the hard way.” He mumbled, “Holly there should be a blue bag in my bag. Get it out now!”

Holly did as she was told and handed the bag over to him. The doctor dug his hand into the small bag and withdrew a summon stone. He pushed magical energy into the stone and set it on the ground. A few seconds afterwards a blue moggle. The little creature jumped up onto Riku’s body and looked it over. The moggle was used specifically for its x-ray like eyes. It pointed to one of Riku’s ribs. It must have punctured something.

“Liquid lightning stat!” the doctor ordered.

His fingers locked around the new syringe and he jammed it into Riku’s body right where the moggle had pointed to. Liquid lightning acted like bio sealing foam, but it was magic based. It was sure to not cause an allergic reaction, but unlike bio sealing foam it didn’t flow throughout the body. It needed to be injected right into the wound. Hence the need for the moggle to find the internal wound with its magic eyes. And old system but it was one that always worked. Riku’s seizure stopped.

To be sure the boy was fine the doctor checked his pulse. It was slowing down to its normal rhythm. Riku still at least one broken rib, but he wasn’t in life threatening danger. He looked around at the mass of people that now circled them. They were awestruck and so were his companions. He wasn’t called the best for nothing.

Holly slowly walked over to River. She kneeled down and rested her hand on her back comforting her in this way.

River was crying so hard she was coughing for air.

“Don’t worry River,” she said in a comforting, cool voice, “Dr. Myanmar knows what he’s doing. Riku will be fine.”

River clutched Riku’s hand, her tail locked around her waist as if it were a belt. “Get better Riku. You have to.” She whispered.

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Sorry I couldn't have this up Monday like I said. I couldn't make it to the library in time to use a computer. Hope you enjoy reading it. I'm sorry for taking so long.

“Madam, your father has prepared a new dress for you to wear to the Governor’s mansion. You will be there later tonight.”

“Thank you, set it there.” Namine said to the worker as she made a gesture for the worker to set the dress on her bed.

The worker saluted and walked out leaving Namine in her room alone. She walked over to the new dress and picked it up. She inspected it for a few seconds and decided that she liked it. Unlike her previous dress, the one she now held in her hand was made of a smooth fabric that when touched felt like there was nothing there. It was a mix of different shades of purple. It came with matching forearm long gloves made of the same material. Namine held it up and looked in a mirror to see how she might look if she wore it. She giggled and winked at her reflection. She quickly undressed and covered her body with her new dinner attire. She looked amazing simply spectacular. Her extremely fair, white skin was a perfect contrast to the many shades of the dress. Her ice, blue eyes were brought out by the dress as well as her golden hair. She smiled as she slowly slid the gloves over her hands. The hugged her arms tightly, but not to the point where it would make her uncomfortable. She stroked a single strand of hair from her face, the fabric brushing up against her delicate face. Namine quivered as the fabric met her sensitive skin. She giggled girlishly.

James happened to be making his way to the obstacle course where he would do his daily exercises. He was with a few of his friends when they passed by Namine’s room. James suddenly smelled a peach like aroma as he walked by his superior officer’s room. He couldn’t help but peer inside and neither could his friends.

“She really is beautiful isn’t she?” The tall soldier commented.

James could do nothing but nod.

Every now and again there came along a girl that wasn’t pretty, cute, or sexy… still beautiful, but in a different way. A better way. Namine was one of those girls. James was left with only one word in his head when he thought of the young goddess that was the girl that stood only 15 feet away.

“Radiant.” The lovesick boy finally said.

Namine was modeling in front of her mirror when she noticed the boy’s reflection in the lower corner of her mirror. Her face started flushing. She was so embarrassed that she couldn’t even turn around to look at her spectators.

“Does every guy on this military base have to stare at me? It’s so embarrassing!” She thought as her big, ice blue, eyes darted away from the mirror.

“Come on James,” the loud soldier stated as he rested his large hand on the younger boy’s shoulder, “We should go. We’ll be late.”

James reluctantly started walking again.

Sam wandered about through the various lifeless rooms of the former Slecus warship that he was trapped on. He had been lucky and hadn’t encountered too many of the monsters that now plagued the ship. He quickly realized that they were not only much stronger and faster than he was but could take a lot of punishment. To beat these… creatures that were his fellow crewmates less than a few dozen hours ago you had to destroy the brain. For lack of a better word they were zombies.

Sam had picked up some rounds here and there from the ones he killed. He used his gun sparingly. He wouldn’t know when he might need a round later. They were getting smarter. They noticed that his gun was something to be avoided. They started flanking tactics. Sometimes they even came from the vents that ran through the ship.

Sam was making his way to the armory on the second level. He was actually pretty close. The bad part of this short trip would be passing by the mess hall. There were bound to be plenty of monsters roaming the halls. He couldn’t bypass the cafeteria either. It was the only way to get to the escape pods and to Latika. He wasn’t going to leave here behind. She was the only other survivor and she was only a kid.

He flashed his field flashlight around and spotted the door to the armory. He slid the door open slowly and checked the room quickly. No monsters. He ran for the first locker. Body armor, flashlights, and magazines. He moved on down the line of lockers taking with him only supplies that wouldn’t slow him down too much.

He now had a shotgun, a few magazines for his pistol, a box of shells for the shotgun, and a few grenades. Sam was just about to walk out when his radio crackled to life. It was Latika.

“Sam?” there was plenty of static.

“Yeah! I’m here!” he answered. “She was still alive!” he thought. His heart beat faster as she talked.

“Sam, I think something big is making its way over to where you are.” She stopped to catch her breath, “I heard it crawling through the air ducts.”

Sam exhaled. “What if it had attacked her?”

“Where exactly do you think it’s headed?”

Her answer sent a shiver down his spine.

“The cafeteria…”

“D-don’ worry. I-I’ll be f-fine.” Sam stammered his fear now boiling to the surface.

“Sam…” The radio cut out.

Sam made his way to the corridor that went through the cafeteria. He looked around the corner to see just how many might be in the enormous room. It was enormous too; it stretched the entire width of the ship. If it was taller it could hold a small city. Sam saw something that worried him. There were only a few monsters down there. He switched to his pistols and started walking into the room.

He raised his weapon and shot again and again. His rounds hit home taking out most of them. Sam quickly emptied the clip and clicked it out. As he reached for a new magazine a loud noise blasted through the air vents. A dark green slime began to flow from the ceiling vents. That’s when a large worm like creature smashed down through the steel itself and down onto the floor.

It let out a roar that shook Sam and the entire ship to its very core. The other monsters looked over to the… the… monstrosity that’s existence went against creation itself. They charged towards it in a misguided attack for food.

With a swipe of its massive tail it destroyed the bodies of the rest save one. Tendrils on its back wrapped themselves around the last zombie and crushed it. Slowly it lifted the grunting undead monster to its compound lipped mouth. Its lips parted revealing a plethora of razor like teeth. It sucked the smaller beast into its mouth and grinded its body to a mix of bone fragments and darkened skin.

Sam backed away slowly. He was looking Lucifer’s guard dog in the face. He raised his shogun and fired.

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Sorry this took so long to get up. Here is the new chapter!

Namine sat across from her father in a mix of anticipation and anxiousness. They were going to have dinner alone with the governor at his mansion. He dress was beautiful and Saix’s formal military uniform looked spectacular. The crisp, snow white and night black mix fitting his personality and political belief system perfectly. They of course were riding in a luxury car supplied by the Slecus government for personal use. It was a gift, a sign of goodwill to show that Slecus was ready to do business with the Organization. Namine looked outside at the starry sky. The heavens reflected in her beautiful, ice blue eyes twinkled as if dancing with one another from afar. After a short time the car stopped and the chauffer came around and opened their doors. The exited the car and made their way to the grand door of the governor’s mansion. The doors were opened and they went in. With help from one of the many servants employed on the property they found their host. The pudgy governor had already had a table prepared and the first course of dinner was served. After pleasantries and a few moments of eating the governor spoke.

“I must say that your daughter looks marvelous tonight. You must be proud.” He said in his husky tone.

Saix dabbed at his mouth with his napkin before answering. Namine blushed in embarrassment.

“Yes, I’m very much proud of her,” he lied, “She is a good soldier and a good daughter. She does what she is told and never gets out of line.”

The governor looked over at Namine and took in her features. Her creamy skin was illuminated by the candles at the table in such a way that she appeared to be glowing.

“She reflects everything that a woman from Slecus should be. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful, fit, and knows her place.” The governor added.

Namine always felt awkward when someone commented on her looks. It’s not that she didn’t love the compliment, in fact she loved them, but the very idea that so many people saw her as little more than a shy girl with a pretty face made her feel helpless. She would show everyone how strong she was.

“Are you okay sweetie?” Saix said faking concern perfectly as he tore Namine from her thoughts.

“Yes daddy. My mind was elsewhere. I’m sorry.” She bowed her head in forgiveness allowing her golden locks to slide down in front of her eyes. She composed herself and continued to eat.

“Namine, please don’t take such large bites.” Saix said shadowing contempt in a way that only Namine would see it as an order. Saix reached over and whipped her lips gently with his napkin making Namine blush.

“You seem very protective of her...” the governor commented as he witnessed the site.

Saix looked over at the young 14 year old that he was in charge of.

“Protective isn’t the word I would use.” He said as he brushed a stray hair from Namine’s soft face and placing it behind her ear.

“You really love your father don’t you?” The governor asked.

“Oh yes!” Namine responded instantly, “Nobodies like us don’t really have family of any kind and very few of us are created with humanoid forms and don’t just become dusks.” She looked over at Saix and set her bare hand on his, “We nobodies don’t have real feelings just memories of what our complete selves felt, but having someone, anyone who you can talk to and say they care for you…” She stopped for a second and looked back over at the governor, “It makes you feel like you really were meant to exist.”

Saix looked down at the hand that was grasping his own. It was soft and really warm. Namine fidgeted a little as he squeezed her tinny hand. He looked over at her face. She was looking at him as well.

“Daddy…?” She stammered.

Saix shook his head and was pulled back to reality. He could not develop feelings for her. He refused to think of her as his daughter. She was a tool to be used, a play thing. He reminded himself of how he thought of her as he dug his thumb nail into her palm. Namine closed her eyes in a momentary pain, but didn’t let out a sound indicating it. Saix took in her distressed face. “That,” he thought, “Is why you keep her around. To see her in pain NOT to care for her.”

His radio that Saix had on him crackled to life at that moment.

“Sir! We have found Alex Shrine!”

Saix’s eyes went wide. He tore the radio from his hip and replied.

“Where!?” he yelled.

“That’s the problem sir… he commandeered a dreadnaught on one of our air bases. Men guarding the base are presumed dead. What should our course of action be?”

“Ready my cruiser and the men! We are taking this guy down if we have to destroy one of our own ships to do it!” Saix growled. He looked over at the Governor, “I’m sorry Governor, but we will have to cut this short.” He said snapping his fingers in a wordless order for Namine to follow him.

“Are you ready for this?” Axel said over the intercom.

“Yeah!” Roxas said back with a smile on his face.

He was going to fight one of the hardest simulations in the organization’s training room today and Axel had been nice enough to set things up for him.

“Alright, here it goes!” Axel said.

Slowly a copy of a man in armor appeared before him. They were about the same height and they both used a keyblade as a weapon. His though was curved slightly and had obvious razor sharp metal teeth.
Roxas took a stance as the copy finished forming. He leapt forward swinging his keyblade in front of him in a helicopter like motion.

The copy ducked underneath the swing and hammered Roxas’s keyblade aside and elbowed him in the face sending him to the ground.

Roxas used the new found momentum to his advantage as he flipped out of his enemies throw and pushed of the ground towards him again.

The copy stepped aside and grabbed Roxas’s arm. He twisted it sharply and hit his wrist making Roxas let go of his keyblade.

Roxas let out a scream of pain as his wrist was struck by the man’s armored fist. He leapt back to compost himself.

The copy didn’t give him long to rest as grasped Roxas’s keyblade by the keychain, twirled it over his head and flung it at the young nobody as if it were a sling.

Roxas ducked his head and twisted in a crouched position. He tore his keyblade from the air by the hilt as it sore past his head. He lunged at the man in armor. The copy grappled the keyblade by the blade itself stopping Roxas’s lunge. He kicked the back of Roxas’s leg with his boot making him fall to one knee. He then proceeded in striking Roxas in the side.

Roxas having nothing at his disposal to defend himself from the cold deadly key sword put his hand out and grabbed it by the blade too. It cut deep into his hand but it saved him from death. He flung his free leg underneath him and kicked the copy in the chest as he ripped both keyblades form his grasp.
Seeing an opening Roxas rushed the man in armor and did a scissor cut. The copy put his arms up to the level of his eye and pushed them out as the blades neared his neck shoving them away. He super kicked Roxas in the sternum with his armored boot making him cough up blood and drop both keyblades.
Roxas, now on the cool metal floor, looked up at his enemy. “Well… the don’t call this the 7th hardest program for nothing.” He thought.

Saix looked out the view window of the bridge of his cruiser at the dreadnaught that was now commanded by Alex Shrine. Namine was standing next to him.

“Are the anti air guns in position?” Saix asked in his booming voice.

“Yes sir!” a crewman responded.

“Fire!” Saix commanded.

At his command his men on the ground opened up on the dreadnaught with rockets and 70 cal machineguns. Small fires dotted the bottom of the flying war machine. Saix smiled.

“Sir, bomb bay doors of the dreadnaught are opening…” the crewman said in a confused voice.

Saix watched as thousands of black dots fell from the dreadnaught. They were all heartless!

“Ready the gummi ships!” Saix yelled.

They were now in firing range from the dreadnaught’s cannons and Alex wasted no time in ordering the heartless under his control to fire on Saix’s cruiser.

Slecus made gummi ships flew out of their exit ports and rocketed towards the dreadnaught.
“Target the main cannons.” Saix ordered from his command chair.

“Sir we have a personal skiff on radar!” the crewman to the left him said.

Alex had grabbed a personal skiff from the armory on the ship and flew right out the main viewing deck. He fired his large gunblade at the gummi ships buzzing around his ship. He leapt off his skiff and on top of one of the gummi ships. He punched the cockpit’s windshield and grabbed the pilot. He pulled the man out and dropped him off the side letting him fall to his death. He plunged his gunblade into the ship and cut it in half down the middle. He jumped off the gummi ship and down onto the hull of the dreadnaught. He ran along the length of it and leapt off back onto his skiff.

“Permission to leave the ship sir!” Namine asked

Saix turned around and looked at her.

“Why!?” he yelled.

“To even up the score.” Namine answered as she pulled her keyblade form the air.
Saix grinned, “Permission granted.”

Namine nodded and ran down the hallway to the armory.

Roxas pushed himself up and sprinted towards the armored man. He dropped to one knee and kicked the man in his unprotected neck. From this position he put his hand up with his index finger and thumb out like a hand pistol and cast a lightning spell. The electricity arced from his finger and struck the copy.
The copy’s arms went stiff as he fell to the ground. He dropped Roxas’s keyblade as he fell to the ground. He twitched as he got back to his feet. He jabbed his keyblade in between his knee guards and boot and wrenched them off. He continued taking his armor off until all that was left was his helmet and forearm guards.

Roxas picked up his keyblade and charged the copy. Just as reached striking distance Roxas leapt up in the air. He cast 5 fire spells down onto the copy. His enemy responded by swiping his keyblade as he cast a water spell making a small wave to counter Roxas’s fire spells.

Roxas twirled as he fell to the ground and cast a gravity spell. He slowed down and launched more fire from his keyblade.

The copy dodged every fire ball he shot! The copy charged him as he hit the ground.

“Now I have you!” Roxas shouted as he cast a gravity spell on the copy making him levitate a few feet of the ground. Roxas snapped his fingers and five keyblades appeared around the copy. He pulled his arm back and they all flew into the copies body. He let the copy fall to the ground. He turned and started to walk away, but stopped as he heard the clinking of metal on metal.

The copy stood up! It grabbed one of the keyblades that stuck out of him and ran clumsily towards him. Roxas raised his blade and readied himself.

The copy swung its sword and Roxas batted it away. The copy tore another blade from his body and attacked and attacked. He sliced Roxas on his right thigh making him fall to his knees again. It drove its blade into Roxas’s shoulder. Roxas yelled as darkness washed over his wounded arm. He grabbed the blade in his shoulder and broke it off. He took the broken metal in his hand and put in between his fingers and punched the copy in the face. The metal punctured the helmet and simulated blood spewed from the crack. Roxas grabbed the helmet and let darkness flow over the copy’s body. He kicked out the legs and shoved its head into the metal floor. He had won.

Namine kicked the ignition lever and the skiff roared to life. She flew out the gummi ship exit port at the far end of the cruiser and out into the open sky. She looked down at the ground and saw heartless slaughtering the soldiers and soldiers gunning down open targets. She saw James bayonet one in the face making black green blood shoot over him. She looked for Alex and spotted him on another gummi ship. Namine gritted her teeth and rocketed after him.

Alex turned his head and looked over at the approaching young nobody. He pulled his gunblade form the gummi ship and jumped back onto his skiff.

Namine leapt from her skiff as she neared Alex and cast a lightning spell. Alex Jumped from his skiff and down onto the dreadnought’s hull avoiding the lightning. Namine corrected her course in mid air and landed on the hull too.

“Hello little girl,” he said as he raised his gunblade, “It’s nice to see ya again. I missed you.”

“Shut up and fight, freak!” Namine said as she took a fighting stance.

“Fine sweetheart, whatever you say.” He snapped his fingers and hundreds of heartless appeared on the hull with them. The jumped at Namine.

Namine summoned all the keyblades she could and threw them around her taking out a few of the heartless before they could even hit the ground. She grabbed another keyblade and held them from the keychain. She twirled them around her and swung them around her body as she danced her way through the mass of heartless to Alex.

Alex aimed his gunblade and fired off a few rounds through the crowd.

Namine batted the large bullets away as they were baseballs. She cast lightning down the keyblades and massacred the heartless around her. She screamed as she let go of her keyblades and held them up with a gravity spell. She screamed as she gave them a bigger orbit around her body and cleared the heartless from the hull. She pulled the keyblades back to her hands and sprinted towards Alex.

Axles slammed a new magazine into his gunblade and fired again and again. Namine slid on the ground underneath the bullets, pushed herself back up and ran faster as she started to twirl one of the blades over her head. She swung her blades as she got close enough.

Alex dropped down to a crouch and pushed his large sword in the path of Namine’s blades and tried to kick out her legs. Namine saw the kick and jumped up into the air over Alex’s turning in midair to try stab him in the back between the shoulders.

Thinking fast Alex jammed his sword into the hull and pushed off the hilt dodging the young girl’s attack. He yanked it free as he got his footing.

“Looks like you got a bit better since last time.” Alex said as he backed off a bit.

“You have no idea.” Namine yelled as she composed herself.

“I think I’ll take my leave.” He said an evil grin on his face. He pulled out a remote from his pocket and flipped a switch. The bridge of the dreadnaught exploded.

Namine turned around and saw the ship behind her was blowing up and going right to where she was standing. She started to run down the length of what hull was left.

Alex called his skiff with the same remote, jumped on, and started to fly away.

Namine jumped off the tip of the dreadnaught and timed it so that she was launched forward by the last explosion.

“You’re not getting away this time!” She yelled.

Alex was surprised by the sound of her voice and looked around to see her just before she knocked him off the skiff. They started to fall.

Alex kicked off of Namine and stretched out his arms to slow his decent. He looked back up at her and fired his gunblade. Namine steered her body straight down so she would fall faster as she twirled in the air to avoid the bullets. She reached Alex and swung her blade against the tremendous strength of the air rushing past her as they fell. Alex locked swords with Namine as they fell down towards the forested area getting closer to them every second.

He pushed off Namine’s keyblade, turned and cast a gravity spell so he wouldn’t die when he hit the ground. Namine did the same.

“Enough! This is as far as you go little girl!” Alex shouted.

“No this is as far as you go!” Namine screamed back.

She yelled as darkness started to cover her entire body. It slithered down her arms and legs and finally eclipsed her face. Her beautiful golden locks and bright blue eyes were no replaced by night dark hair and blood red eyes. She put out her hand and opened a darkness portal and yanked Malphas out of it.
Namine rushed him and jumped up into the air to come down and stab him. Alex got his gunblade up just in time. Namine put her feet on the large blade and pushed off of it. She sliced off a large branch of one of trees around her and kicked it at Alex. Alex yelled as he jumped up and sliced it in half.
Namine summoned some of Malphas’s lesser keyblades and launched them at Alex. Alex responded by unloading an entire magazine of bullets knocking them out of the air. They both pulled their arms back and lunged. The vary tips of their blades met. They both pushed harder and the blades slid down the length of each other. Namine and Alex both cocked their heads to avoid being stabbed in the eye.
They both started running through the trees pushing off the trunks every few seconds to try to get in a lucky slice. The locked swords again. Namine punched him in the face, pushed away from him, sliced a darkness portal open with Malphas, and launched more keyblades at him.

Alex jumped to the side as the keyblades sliced through the foot thick trees behind where he had stood only seconds before. He started to run through the trees again and Namine followed him.

He turned around and slashed his massive sword at her. Namine dropped down as Alex’s blade made easy work of the tree trunk behind her. Alex started to run down a small incline jumping and slicing trees in hope that one might hit Namine and end the fight. Namine jumped, slid, and even did a cartwheel to get around the flying chunks of wood. They found themselves on the bank of a river with an extremely fast current. Alex sliced another tree, through it onto the rushing water and jumped onto it. Namine caught up with him and jumped on the same slice of tree thus cutting their field of attack to only about 6 feet. Alex’s sword wasn’t made for close combat like this and Namine got in a few quick slices at Alex’s arms and legs giving him a few minor injuries.

Namine looked over Alex’s shoulder and saw they were coming to a waterfall. She sliced the log in half and cast an ice spell on the water at the bottom of the fall. The small lake like body of water was no perfectly solid as Namine and Alex both landed on it.

Alex went on the offensive now having sufficient room to swing his long sword. He pushed Namine through the forest hacking and slashing through the trees and unlucky animals that got in their way. They eventually made their way into the battle field that had been underneath the air battle. The soldiers were still fighting the heartless that were left. The two of them jumped into a small crater most likely made by a rocket shot.

“You annoying girl!” Alex shouted in anger as he took a few seconds to rest.

Namine was getting tired. She couldn’t hold this form for much longer and she couldn’t fight after she had to revert back to normal. She coughed up some blood this showed Alex the fight was coming to a close.

James shot a perfect headshot just before he saw Namine and Alex. He rushed over to the crater.
“It’s time to end this fight!” Alex shouted as he slashed at her.

Namine’s movements were starting to slow, but she got her keyblade up just in time to protect herself. She locked swords with Alex. Namine coughed up more blood and the darkness started to receded back into her body.

Seeing an opening Alex grabbed her free arm. He cast an ice spell freezing a good part of her arm. He lifted up his hilt and brought it down on her arm smashing it into a thousand pieces.

“That was amazing!” Axel said as he rushed into the training room. “Oh… are you okay?” Axel asked as he noticed all the slash marks.

“I… don’t know.”

“Let’s get you to the medical…” Axel didn’t have time to finish his sentence because Roxas’s arm exploded right in front of him.

Namine screamed in pain as she fell to the ground before Alex.

“It’s over…” he said.

“Not yet!” James shouted as he jumped down into the crater his bayonet out ready to stab Alex.

Alex turned around so fast that it was as if he teleported. He caught James by grabbing his neck. He crushed his windpipe with his inhuman strength.

“What did you think you were going to do!?” he mocked, “Did you really think that little stunt of yours would kill me?”

“It didn’t have to.” Namine coughed.

Alex turned around and saw Namine pointing her side arm at him with her other arm. She pulled the trigger and shot him in the chest.

Alex dropped James to the ground along with his gunblade. Blood gushed out of him with thick bone pulp like chunks.

He stumbled out of the crater and looked around. All his heartless were gone and every single soldier had their guns pointed at him.

“Need… to get… out of here…” he stammered as he put out his hand to open a portal.
“Not this time boy!”

Alex turned around and Saix looking right at him. He didn’t even have to time to scream as Saix plunged his claymore deep into his chest. Alex fell to his knees and looked up at Saix.

“What was your plan? Who do you work for?” Saix asked, another claymore in his hand.

“A man much stronger than anyone you ever fought.” Alex laughed.

“Tell me now! You have troubled me long enough!” Saix commanded.

Alex laughed again, “You thought I was trouble? I’m only 7th in my squad…”

Saix realized he would get nothing from him. He raised his claymore and cut Alex’s head clean off his body. He turned and ran over to the crater.

“Medic now!” he ordered.

Namine looked around. She was losing blood fast. She saw James be put on a stretcher and felt herself be lifted up. She looked up and saw Saix.

“D-daddy…?” she mumbled.

“Shh… don’t talk.” Saix said.

That was the last thing she heard before she faded into unconsciousness.
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The Road to Dawn
"She reflects everything that a woman from Slecus should be. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful, fit, and knows her place.” The governor added.

Seeing an opening Alex grabbed her free arm. He cast an ice spell freezing a good part of her arm. He lifted up his hilt and brought it down on her arm smashing it into a thousand pieces.

“That was amazing!” Axel said as he rushed into the training room. “Oh… are you okay?” Axel asked as he noticed all the slash marks.

“I… don’t know.”

“Let’s get you to the medical…” Axel didn’t have time to finish his sentence because Roxas’s arm exploded right in front of him.

Namine screamed in pain as she fell to the ground before Alex.

*whistles* wow......
Yeah, the governor's remark is obviously a Nazi reference, right?
So, are Roxas and Namine.......twins?


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*whistles* wow......
Yeah, the governor's remark is obviously a Nazi reference, right?
So, are Roxas and Namine.......twins?

Thanks. ^^
Yep it's a Nazi reference.
Yes. They are magically linked twins. If one gets hurt the other gets hurt in the same way. I explained it a bit more in another chapter. That's why Roxas lost his arm too. Thanks for reading.


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Saix turned the page and looked at another picture. “She does have some skill in this doesn’t she?” he thought.

“Sir.” A soldier saluted as he made his presence known.

Saix looked up from the notebook.

“Yes… what is it?” He asked.

“Your daughter is stable and is starting to wake up.”

Saix set down the notebook and started walking.

River was sitting at Riku’s side waiting for him to regain consciousness. It had been a few hours now.

The young cat girl looked up from her beloved.

“Take a break River,” Holly comforted in her soothing voice, “Riku will be alright, you don’t need to stay by his side the whole time.”

River smiled and responded, “I feel like I should.”

“Alright,” Holly surrendered, “Just don’t stay up too long.”

“Don’t worry I…” She started but was cut off as Riku scooped her up and pressed her against his chest, still asleep.

Holly giggled, actually giggled. That was something she hadn’t done in a long time. The sight of Riku unknowingly using River as a teddy bear was just too much.
River blushed, “He’s so close…” she thought, “I feel his breath on my hair.” River closed her eyes and took in the moment as best as she could. Just as she was drifting off into her own little world Riku grabbed her tail making her eyes open quickly and face turn bright red. In her species the tail and ears were the most sensitive parts of the body, and touching ones tail… well, that just wasn’t an everyday thing.

River couldn’t control herself and let out a loud meow. Her face turned immediately red with embarrassment. The others let out a small laugh, but always silent as Neku walked into the crowd a crying girl being supported by him.

“Neku!?” Beat exclaimed as he rushed over to his friend, “Are you okay? Who’s the girl?”

Neku flashed him a worried glance. The girl raised her head and looked up at Beat.

“Hi Beat…” she mumbled.

“Shi… Shiki?” Beat blurted out flabbergasted.

She turned her head down away from his gaze.

“This is our friend. What she really looks like.” Neku said as he set Shiki next to Rhyme, “I see you and Rhyme went through a lot; is she okay?”

“Yeah… she’s okay.” Beat said in a hushed tone.

“Guys!” Trevor said, “They are both waking up.”

Saix walked into the ship’s medical wing and headed for Namine’s room. Every single one of their best doctors was in Namine’s room. Saix had heard that many of the men on the ship had also gone to see Namine or at least tried to while she was still in surgery. He walked into the room not really knowing what to expect.

Tubes of all different sizes were hooked up to her young body pumping all kinds of pain killers into her body. The destruction of her arm would have long lasting damage to the rest of her body as well. She would have to take steroids every now and again to keep herself at full strength. Saix looked her over. She had burses all over her body and several cuts. His gaze reached her arm. The bandages around the severed limb were stained with dark red blood. She also had 3 broken fingers on her only hand, a severely sprained ankle, and an extreme amount of muscle damage due to the amount of stress her final form put on her body which left her once snow white skin temporarily bright red..

Saix couldn’t help but put his handkerchief to his mouth in an attempt to settle his stomach. He had seen horrible war wounds before but this was different. This was…

“Daddy…?” Namine whimpered.

His daughter.

“Is that you?” she cooed.

“Yes…” Saix let out as he walked to her side and sat down next to her.

“D-did… I do well?” She asked.

Saix knew that as a nobody he had no real feelings and had trained himself to hold back any affection he had for anything, but… He couldn’t hold back his trapped feelings. He would regret it later he knew this, but they needed to come out. He would find some cruel way to punish, but not now.

“Yes.” He said, “You did very well. I’m proud of you.”

“You’re making a mistake!” he thought, “You can’t feel affection for her. You must hate her! Be glad that she is in pain.” He rested his hand over her severed limb and was just about to squeeze it when Namine started crying uncontrollably.

“Thank you daddy!” She croaked her pain obvious in how she sounded, “Thank you so much. All I’ve ever wanted to do is make you proud of me. I wanted you to look at me with
pride. I wanted to prove I wasn’t a waste and I could do something…” She cringed in pain and coughed up some blood, “I wanted you to… smile…”

Saix looked at the young women in front of him and for the first time truly saw her. Her magnificent hair, beautiful eyes, fair skin, and heard her lyrical voice.

“Walk away!” his inner feeling screamed at him, “You’re becoming too attached. You want to see her fail not succeed! You like to see her cry!”

Saix rested his hand over his temple. His head was starting to hurt.

“I-I have to go!” he blurted out, his darker feelings winning over.

“I und-understand.” Namine whimpered, “I love you daddy.”

Same unloaded his shotgun on the monster in front of him. How it shrugged off the slug at point blank range disturbed him. He saw one of tendrils pull back and come down towards him. Same leapt out of the way and fired again and again. He shot again and again. It only made the monster angrier. He knew he had to run. There was no way to defeat it with the weapons he had. Or… could he?

The kitchen! It had propane tanks! Fire was the last option he had. He raced towards the kitchen and jumped over the food counter. He headed right for the propane fuel source of the cookers. Sam bashed the canisters off the cooking appliance, picked it up and through back into the open cafeteria. He shouldered his shotgun and fired. The tank burst and ignited. Just as he had thought the monster backed away. He repeated the process again and again. He soon ran out of tanks and rushed back out. He shot not at beast, but at its tendrils. He was rewarded with a few drops of black blood.

Sam smiled. The tendril slammed down next to him. He pulled out his combat knife and jabbed it into the tentacle. The worm lifted its appendage back up and Sam along with it. He dropped down onto the beasts head its mouth opened trying to swallow him. James pulled out a few grenades and threw them down into his gullet. He jumped off the monster as the grenades went off. The beast fell to the ground just as Sam hit the floor. Sam looked back at it. It… it was still alive.

It looked back over at Sam and slinked away. It obviously didn’t think that Sam was worth being mutilated. Sam let out a breath, got up, and headed in the other direction. If there was one there could be more. He needed to find Latika

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