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Fanfiction ► Broken Chain of Memories (Kingdom Hearts Infinities 2)


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Dant?s de Divinity

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Aug 13, 2007
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Thank you and as a Thanksgiving gift to you guys I will post a new chapter on thurs-sunday here. (I going to take a sick day to hang with my little bro.^_^) Hope you like the story. Oh and since 358/2 won't be come'n out for a bit I hope you enjoy the Final Mix of the first Kingdom Hearts Infinities. It will be put up in full novel form the sunday after Broken Chain of Memories's last chapter. Don't worry though that won't be for awhile.lol. Thanks once again.

Dant?s de Divinity

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Aug 13, 2007
On a hill in a white dress waiting for my dearest
Okay here is the chapter. Enjoy hope you like it. ^_^

Roxas moved around in his chair. It was way too big for him. He looked around and saw that a few chairs were empty but came to the conclusion that they were out on missions. There were sixteen chairs in all in the audience chamber. He had been told that there were suppose to be two more members and yet there were sixteen chair as if some one else was suppose to sit there. Roxas couldn’t shake off the thought of what the organization must have done to that person that was suppose to have his chair. His thoughts were interrupted when Xemnas appeared on the highest chair. The one at the top was more of a throne then a chair but Roxas feared what would happen to him if he made a comment on it.

“Now then,” Xemnas said in a booming voice getting the members attention. “It has come to my attention that a few of our brothers are planning to over through me.” He looked around the room at the worried faces of his subordinates “You would not be that person would you Xaldin?” He said in an angry tone.

Xaldin put his hands over his non-existent heart. “I’m surprised that you would say such a thing lord Xemnas. I mean I would never think of such a thing.”

Xemnas laughed “Oh I knew it was not any of you. The real threat has been identified as the members as of now residing at Castle Oblivion.” Xemnas looked around at the shocked faces of his fellow members. “No need for worry my brethren the manner has already been dealt with. Axel will dispose of them quickly and retrieve the Keyblade master.”

“What makes you so sure that Axel dose not have thoughts of treason my lord?” Luxord exclaimed.

“Because he has…” Xemnas began to say but was interrupted by Demyx.

“Yes I second the notion. I mean we all remember what happened last time you asked him to take care of a member. How do we know he has no thoughts of treason himself? Interjected Demyx

“How do I know that you don’t!?” snapped Xemnas.

Demyx sunk into his chair and put his hood up trying to hide his shame. He murmured something but it was not noticeable to anyone.

“Now then it has come time to decide who Roxas’s partner will be. Since Axel is already training… I mean to busy to handle an apprentice and there Demyx’s partner is about to be killed I purpose that Demyx takes on Roxas for a partner.” stated Xemnas in a commanding voice.

“What I have to be with him!?” Demyx and Roxas screamed in unison as they pointed at each other nearly falling out of their seats as they did so.

“Oh I’m sorry gentlemen but I don’t recall ever needing permission to pass my judgment on you.” He said as electricity gathered in his right hand. “That was not a suggestion it was a command.” Xemnas boomed squinting his eyes in anger as he finished.

Both Demyx crossed their arms and sunk deep into their chairs in a mix of disgust, anger, and frustration.

“Meeting adjourned.” stated Xemnas as he teleported out of the chamber via a dark portal.

Roxas and Demyx stayed in the audience chamber after the others had left. They looked over at each other. They had eyes for each other but not the romantic kind. No this was the look one would give a murderer who had killed his family. Demyx stood up on his seat and looked over at Roxas. Roxas did the same and started to jump up the seats up towards Demyx. Demyx saw Roxas and started to jump down after him. They met at the tenth chair and looked each other in the eye. They were literally nose to nose. Demyx and Roxas pulled their weapons from the air at nearly the same instant. Roxas put his Keyblade to Demyx’s neck. Demyx followed suit as he put the round blade finger board of his sitar up to the neck of Roxas. They stood there looking into each others eyes for what seemed like hours before they lowered their gaze and weapons. They turned their backs to each other and opened dark portals before them.

“Don’t think us being partners’ changes anything.” Demyx said with out turning around to face Roxas. “If I get the chance I won’t hesitate to kill you and use you guts to make violin strings.” He said his voice emotionless

“Don’t worry I don’t. I look forward to scalping you and using the rest of you skull as a spittoon.” Roxas said.

They turned their heads one last time and looked over their shoulders at one another, the hate pouring off them like a bad odor. With that they stepped into the portals they had made; leaving the audience chamber silent as corpse.

Axel looked over at Namine as she gazed out past the V75’s windshield and at the countless stars and worlds that lay light-years away; far but not to far to not notice their beauty. He smiled as her mouth fell open as she stared off into space.

“You keep you mouth open like that a fly is bound to fly in.” he joked as Namine looked away her face red with embarrassment.

“They’re so amazing; I wish we could see them all. They’re just so beautiful.” Namine said as she looked out into to space again.

“None of ‘em are as beautiful as you though.” Axel said making Namine blush again. “It’s true you know. If you’re somebody looked anything like you she must have been more beautiful then prettiest princess.” He said as he laid his hand on her cheek making her blush even more. “Here do want to give it a try?” Axel said as he hit a switch making the control yoke slide over to the copilot side of the ship.

“Me?” Namine said in confusion “No I can’t its just too hard for me, I could never do it.”

“Sure you can, here let me show you.” Axel said as he went behind Namine’s chair and put his hands on hers making her grab the control yoke. “See those foot petals down there?” He asked pointing down at the petals down by Namine’s feet.

“Yeah I see them. What are they for?” she asked.

“They’re for steering the ship when you have the landing gear on when you on the ground. That dial near your right hand shows you your elevation relative to the ground. You don’t need to worry about that now since were in space. Other then that it’s basically juts left for left, right for right, pull back to climb, and forward to dive. Got it memorized?” Axel said as he rested his hands back over hers.

“I… I think so.” Namine stammered as she looked over the controls one last time.

“Oh how ‘bout you take us into those dust clouds over there!” Axel said pointing over at the majestic sapphire and viridian clouds that lay to the V75.

“No I can’t I just couldn’t.” She started to say before Axel interrupted her.

“Stop saying you can’t. You can I know you can do it. Here let me give you a push in the right direction.” He said confidently as he moved the yoke to the right making the ship do a sharp turn toward the clouds.

Namine took over the controls and flew into the dust cloud. She was surrounded instantly by the glowing wonderland.

“Lets try put’n ‘er through some maneuvers.” Axel said as he pulled back on Namine’s hands making the ship pull up slightly.

They flew hit up and out of the cloud and plummeted back inwards making the dust branch off into spiraling tails of glittering gas and dust.

“I’m going to take my hands away now okay.” Axel said as he slowly released his grip on her hands.

“No wait don’t,” Namine tried to say but it was too late, Axel had let go she was on her own. She took control of the yoke and pulled the ship into a smooth coast. She laughed in joy as she said “Axel… Axel I’m… I’m flying really flying!” she let out a loud woo hoo as she sent the V75 into a barrel roll. She looked out to the sides of the craft and saw glowing white balls swirling next to the ship. “What are those Axel?”

“Those are dis-souls; they are the left over memories of pilots who fell in love with the abyss. They left their most treasured memories behind to inspire us to fly. Funny I rarely if ever see one. They must like you.” Axel said half laughing. “Pretty aren’t they?”

“Yeah they are… not as pretty as me right?” giggled Namine as she pulled the ship up, the dis-souls chasing them like bees after stolen honey.

Axel smiled “Yeah not as pretty as you.”

After a few minutes Axel reached over again and hit a button turning the ships autopilot on. He put his head next to her ear and whispered “See I knew you could do it.”

“You… you were right. You said I could do it and I did. Thank you.” Namine whispered back as she turned her head and looked up into Axel’s eyes.

“No… prob…lem.” He said as he leaned forward and started to close his eyes.

Namine close her eyes too and started to move closer to Axel. She felt his soft fingers lift her chin up towards his lips. They were just about to kiss when the ships guidance system interrupted them.

“We have arrived at set destination.” The computer voice said.

Axel and Namine pulled away their faces now a bright shade of red. They looked down at the metal floor trying not to look at each other they were so embarrassed.

“Umm… I should probably take the controls back now.” Axel stammered as he pulled the yoke back over to his side of the ship.

“A… yeah were almost there anyway.” Namine said a smile from ear to ear still spread across her face as Axel brought the V75 in for a landing.

Roxas was woken up again by the familiar electric shock that ran through is bed. A computer voice said something different this time as he fell to the floor in pain.

“Report to main audience chamber with your partner to receive an assignment card.” It said in an eerily calm voice.

Roxas stood up and walked out of his room. “God I hope I don’t bump into Xaldin again” He thought as he pushed his left arm through his cloak’s sleeve. He was meet only by air and the low pitch hum of the generator that lay sixteen floors below him. He made his way to wards the portal room. He had realized that the only way to warp anywhere in Nobody Castle you had to be in a one of the many warp rooms. There was one on every floor of Nobody Castle. They all functioned as makeshift elevators. The only actual elevator in the castle was on the first floor and it only took you to the fifth floor. He wanted to get to the top floor in the castle, floor sixteen. Roxas walked into the thirteenth floor warp room and stepped into the portal that had the words sixteen written above it. He was transported directly to his seat in the main audience chamber. He looked up and saw only two other people with him. As Roxas had thought they were Demyx and Xemnas.

“Good now that you are both here I can give you your assignment.” Xemnas boomed as he took a card out of his cloak pocket. “You will be going to the ruins of Castle de Bastion to find a set of experimental heart chambers that were used by my heartless Ansem to suck the life force out of the Princesses of Heart. These may prove useful in the future and will be an easy first mission for Roxas.” Xemnas spoke as he flung two copies of the cards at Roxas and Demyx. “You must be stealthy in your visit to Hollow Bastion for the town has been taken back by the local inhabitants. A simple go in, get the goods, get out mission.”

Demyx and Roxas nodded and started to get up when Xemnas spoke again.

“Before you go Roxas you must make your own dusk solders. Demyx will prep your V75 for launch while you make your dusk. Report to the room of power in 3 minutes; and don’t keep me waiting.” Xemnas stated as he teleported out of the room.

Roxas too opened a portal and stepped through it. He would be there early for his lesson.

Roxas lifted his head up when he heard Xemnas’s voice crackle over the sound system.

“Roxas it is time to make your own dusk. You dusk will answer only to you and will do anything you ask of it. It is a members bread and butter if you will.” Xemnas said. “Now concentrate you hatred into you finger tips and think about power then just let you anger take shape.”

Roxas did as he was told and concentrated his anger into his finger tips. His hands stated to glow red as a grey blob appeared in front of him.

“Good now give your hate a shell.” Xemnas instructed over the loudspeaker

Roxas closed his eyes and thought of what he hated most. Then it came to him “The Katana dusk. Katana… Samurai… Samurai dusk.” He thought. The blob in front of him took the shape of a humanoid samurai warrior. It pulled one of its swords out of its hilt and stuck it in the metal floor. It rested its hands on the bottom of the hilt, kneeled down and bowed its head.

“What is it that you ask my liege?” a voice said in Roxas’s head.

“Good you’re ready to go to Hallow Bastion.” Xemnas said his voice as emotionless as the dusk’s

Roxas looked at the abomination of artificial life that he created kneeling before him. He smiled as he looked down at his still glowing hand. “This is going to be fun.” He thought as he walked out of the room laughing. He was ready for his first mission.

Well that’s the end of the chapter. I hope you like it. The next chapter will come out tomorrow. Check back to see how Roxas’s first mission and Namine’s trip to Castle Oblivion go. This has been a Bowchickawowwow production.

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Oh Gawd... double posting on my own fan-fic... oh well I guess in can't be helped.lol

Okay here is the new chapter. Hope you all like it. ^_^

Roxas was starring into the gun metal black abyss of space from the cockpit of his V75 Shadow Caster class fighter. His thoughts were interrupted by Demyx as his voice crackled over his helmets headset ear piece.

“Hey keep your eyes up front! I may be your partner but I’m not going to baby-sit you on this mission. Do you understand or do I need to repeat myself?” Demyx shouted sarcastically over the headset radio.

Roxas flipped to radio silence. He saw Demyx pull up to him, shouting and making motions with his hands of what he was going to do to him once they reached Hollow Bastion. Roxas gave him the finger and pulled in front of Demyx. He was going to be the first down on the surface.

Roxas pulled into the world’s ionosphere. The heat coming of his ship was so hot it was easily visible. It flaked off the impurities of the fighter as Roxas crossed deeper into the world’s inner stratosphere. As Roxas pulled into a steady glide a few thousand feet above the round a voice blasted over his headset.

“This is Leon commander of the Hollow Bastion defense force. You have entered restricted air space; you will be escorted away from the inner city or be shot down. Please comply.”

As the man finished his transmission two Gully Spark fighters pulled up alongside his wings. The men inside motioned with their thumbs for Roxas to pull down to the runway below. Roxas pulled back on the throttle hard making the Gully Sparks over shoot him and fired at their exposed six o’clock. Roxas shot a rocket straight into the Gully Spark on his right engine, sending it spiraling into the airfield below. Roxas barrel rolled to his left and fired at the last Gully Spark. He hit it twice in the tailfin and once in fuel pipe; the ship caught fire and spun out of control towards the ground bellow.

“That’s it you little asshole, if you want to play like that then will play!” Leon screamed at Roxas.

Roxas looked down at the airfield and saw the towers both in the airfield and city sprout anti-aircraft turrets. They fired up at him with out hesitation and with out mercy. Roxas went in low and zoomed through the city. He flew above the main streets in the city, using the buildings for cover. Roxas saw on his scanner that three more Gully Sparks were coming up on his six. Roxas fired at one of the skyscrapers; the weakened building collapsed under its own weight and crumbled into the street below. Roxas was rewarded with one of the red dots on his trace scanner going out. “Two more,” he thought as he pulled a hard right at an intersection. His vision faded for a few moments as the blood in his head rushed to his knees as he pulled back from the turn. Roxas had lost one of the Gully Sparks but the other one was coming up on his tail, he needed to shake him or he was as good as dead. Just as Roxas was about to start praying he heard a girl’s voice over his headset.

“This is Yuffie of the Hollow Bastion defense force land you craft now and we will go easy on you.”

Roxas pulled back on the stick hard sending his V75 Shadow Caster into a climb, the Gully pilot following after him as he did so. The G-force pulled at his skin and made his vision fuzzy as he cut the ship’s engine. As he had planed the Gully over shot him; he fired up at the Gully’s tail pipe. The Gully served out of the way at the last minute as Roxas took his thumb off the trigger. “Hmm… she’s a good pilot. But not good enough!” Roxas thought as he executed a flying scissors on his opponent. Roxas missed on his first pass but got the Gully in the side wing in his second pass, crippling it. Roxas saw the crippled vessel leak hydraulic coolant as its pilot ejected from the cockpit. He caught a glimpse of her as she drifted down to the street below. She had a headband on over her jet black hair, and wore a tight shirt, shorts, and knee high socks. She starred up at him with angry eyes as she hit the ground. Roxas flipped a switch and turned towards the direction of Castle de Bastion.

As Roxas pulled in above Valley de Bastion he heard a strange sound; it was a high powered P15 Rocket. Before Roxas could maneuver out of the way or even identify his attacker the rocket hit. It irrupted as its nose his right wing, spewing bits of metal through the Shadow Caster’s windshield. Roxas screamed in pain as a mixture of glass and steal flew into his eyes. He clawed at his eyelids as he steered his ship towards an exhaust pipe that he thought was an entrance to the castle. The ships tailfin broke off as it connected with the top of the pipe. Roxas crashed down onto the castle floor sending chunks of his ship everywhere. Roxas kicked at what was left of the windshield as a stray spark started a cockpit oil fire. He threw himself out his broken V75 and landed on the hard metal floor. Roxas rushed over to an exposed dripping water line and washed the shrapnel from his now bloodshot eyes. As Roxas pushed the heavy door to the main hallway open a warped computer voice blasted from a less then perfect audio system.

“Intruder detected, activating defense system.” The voice said as spikes and columns shot out of the walls and floor.

“You gotta be shit’n me!” Roxas thought as he jumped up and landed on one of the columns. He leaped up the rest of the columns and rolled into the next room. “Oh my God!” Roxas yelled as he looked across the heartless filled room. With out hesitation the heartless pounced on their new pray; clawing and slashing at the air as they fell back to the ground. Roxas pulled Oblivion out of the air and charged into the crowd of heartless screaming war cries as the heartless clawed at his exposed face. “What have I gotten myself into?”

Demyx sat back in the chair of his V75 Shadow Caster. He thought he would let Roxas clear the way for him and then swoop in and get the goods. Demyx closed his eyes and hummed a tune to himself as he thought of what Roxas must be going through right now.

“Get off of me! Oh God get them off of me!” screamed Roxas as the heartless bit him on his legs and arms taking out chunks of skin with every bite, and clawing at his eyes with no mercy.

“Hello, is anyone in here!? Hey is anyone in here!?” said a voice somewhere far off in the distance.

“Help me whoever is there get them off me… please get them off me!” yelled Roxas as he kicked a heartless away from his leg. “I’m over here!”

“Oh my God!” screamed the voice as gunshots ran out in the room.

Roxas punched a heartless in the face as the strange man took out the rest with his hand gun. Roxas looked up at his rescuer as he helped him to his feet. He was a short man about five feet nine inches and wielded a 32 caliber hand cannon peacemaker. The man handed Roxas a potion which Roxas downed in a matter of seconds.

“Are… are you okay son?” The man asked in a kind voice.

“Yea… Yeah I think so.” Roxas stammered.

“God damn what you doing in a dangerous place like this son?” the man asked as he looked over Roxas.

Roxas thought for a second. He needed a good excuse to tell the man; he was healed but he still was not up for a fight. “I… I’m looking for my… friend. His name is…” “Terra,” a dark voice in his head said “His name is Terra. Have you seen him? We just got here and our ship crashed out in the valley.”

“Sorry son I haven’t seen him.” The man put out his hand “My name is Miska by the way.” The man said as he shook Roxas’s hand. “What’s yours?”

“I’m…” “Ven,” said the voice again, “My name is Ven.”

“Ah… like the war heroes.” Miska said.

“Uhh… yeah like the war heroes.” Roxas said in a voice just loud enough to be heard.

“That’s nice, not too many men travel together these days. They all think that they will kill them and steal their munny. I never carry munny on me. Most places take gill charge cards anyway.” Miska said laughing to himself. “Come on we’ll look for you friend together.” He said with a smile on his face as he holstered his gun.

Axel walked down to Namine’s room with a present hidden behind his back. He knocked on her door. Axel didn’t have to wait long before Namine opened the door. He had been surprised that the other members had let Namine have a room of her own. But ever since they had gotten rid of the last person to have that room no one had put anything it. Axel smiled as Namine squealed in delight as she saw the face under the hood. It had been a few days since they had gotten to Castle Oblivion and since they got there they had not seen much of each other. Axel had either been away scouting out Sora or helping Marluxia prepare for the inevitable visit with Sora. Marluxia had visited Sora just the day before and laid the seeds for his arrival. Namine had been locked in her room until Sora comes and only he and Marluxia could talk to her. Axel pulled the present away from behind his back and handed it to Namine.

“Here,” he said “I thought how bored you have to be and I thought this might help.”

Namine took the bow and paper off and saw that it was a big notepad and a pencil. Namine’s face lit up as she flipped through the pages of the notepad. Finally she had something that she could call her own and Axel had given it to her.

Axel smiled “I took you for the drawing type.” he said half laughing. Axel was met with a hug from Namine. She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him lovingly. Axel blushed a shade of red almost as vivid as his hair as she did so.

“Thank you,” She whispered “I love it.”

Axel smiled and hugged Namine back and kissed her on the top of the head as he brushed her golden blond hair. They stood their in each others arms until their legs got tired. Soon Axel broke away from the hug; he laid his hand on Namine’s head and ruffled her hair. He was rewarded by the cute laugh that he had missed so much. They hugged one last time and said goodbye. Axel remembered that moment so vividly because that was the one of the last times that he would see Namine that happy.

“Are you sure this is where you thought you heard his voice son?” Miska asked as Roxas led him into the main chamber.

“Yeah… I’m positive.” Roxas responded. “Just a little more time,” he thought “Just a bit more time and I’ll be fully recovered and I can kill this fool and get the chambers.”

They made their way into the final room of the castle and that’s when Roxas saw the heart chambers. His nonexistent heart sunk into his stomach as he noticed that all the chambers were broken. Smashed the glass and bits of steal were everywhere. His first mission was a complete and utter failure.

“What, what happened here!?” Roxas said his voice unable to hide his anger.

“Oh this here is the aftermath of Ansem’s defeat.” Miska said in a confident and happy voice. “God awfully man he was. The reason I came back here is together my work. Ansem had enslaved most of the scientists to make his many ships for his armada and machines.”

Roxas’s face brightened.

“What… did you work on here Miska?” Roxas asked as he heard the nocturnal hunter heartless returning from the shadow now unafraid of Miska and him.

“Oh me? I worked on these babies right here,” He said as he laid a hand on one of the heart chambers. “I picked up the blueprints just before I met you Ven.” He laughed as he patted the heart chamber.

Roxas smiled an evil grin.

“So you have the designs on you right now?” He asked in a deep voice.

“Yeah… why?” Miska said now curious of Roxas.

“Oh nothing… my father worked here too,” he lied “’cep he worked on the outer defensives. That’s why I came here to live with him.” Roxas said saying whatever came to his mind to try and throw Miska off about his true intentions.

“Oh poor fella I heard that job was terrible.” Miska said as he turned his head back to the entry way. “Hey was that the heartless?”

Roxas bent down and picked up a broken steal pole “Yeah I think it was” he said in an eerily calm voice.

“Well come on son we had better…” Miska was cut off as Roxas jammed the pole through Miska’s right hand.

Roxas grabbed Miska’s gun out of its holster as Miska screamed in pain. He turned the gun towards his former comrade and shot him through the left shoulder and his legs, making him defenseless against the oncoming heartless onslaught. Roxas picked Miska’s bag off the hard metal floor, checked it for the blueprints, and slung it over his left shoulder. He laughed as he lightly slapped Miska on the cheek.

“Thanks for getting me the designs Miska,” he laughed “Now bye-bye Miska.” He said.

Miska turned his head up at him as Roxas made his way over to the window.

“Wait” He screamed “What about your family Ven? What would they think of you if they found out about this!?”

Roxas turned his head and laughed manically.

“My only family is Organization XIII, and they will praise my name when they find about how well my mission went!” Roxas cheered as he sat on the windowsill. He leaped down and grabbed on the windowsill with his hands, his feet dangling below him. “Oh and by the way,” Miska turned his head and looked at him with dazed eyes. “My name is Roxas!” Roxas screamed as he pulled himself back up on his feet, jumped backwards, grabbed Oblivion out of the air and sunk it into the castle wall as he fell. He slid down the side of the wall; the only nose was Miska’s screams of pain and pleads for Roxas to come back.

“Please stop… don’t!” His cries stopped after one last loud bloodcurdling. The only nose that followed was the munching of flesh as the heartless tried to get at the man’s dead heart.

Roxas reached the bottom of the castle in only a few short minutes. He spotted a small level one class gummi ship. It was big enough for three people and could easily fit him and Miska’s bag. “Hmm… this must have been abandoned in the fight with Ansem.” He thought as he closed the cockpit windshield and installed the organization friendly credentials onto the craft. “This won’t stop Demyx from shooting at me but it should prevent me from being shot down the second I get into Organization airspace.”

And with that he took off and headed back to Nobody Castle.

Wow I bet that really wasn’t what you thought was going to happen on Roxas’s first mission. I hope you like the chapter. This has been a bowchickawowwow production.


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They hugged one last time and said goodbye. Axel remembered that moment so vividly because that was the one of the last times that he would see Namine that happy.

Awww, poor wittle Namine.

Incidentally I love the fact that Roxas is "evil." Makes him fit more into Org. XIII which is how I always thought he should be. *Laughs insanely.*

Just keeps getting better and better.

Incidentally, xikem, when the heck did your rep power get up to 2? Or am I just going insane?

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Umm... I don't know. I guess people on this site just like it when I get deep with my posts.lol. The next chapter will be up on the 24. Hope you like it. The new chapters will be put up every day until sunday because I have to go back to work.lol. Well its like 10:45 here so good night y'all

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Okay new chapter. The story is just start’n lets see what happens next. I hope you like the chapter.

Axel was looking out at the distant fire that was keeping Sora and his friends warm. Axel turned his gaze down at his feet.

“Lucky,” he said under his breath “You have everything,” he looked out at the fire again and the silhouetted figures standing around it “A heart, friends, feelings, and the ability to love someone…” Axel’s voice trailed off as he thought of his feelings for Namine. “Just one more day.” He thought as he walked back into his room “Just one more day until you arrive, Sora… I hope you’re ready.”

“Well done Roxas.” Xemnas boomed as Roxas handed him the blueprints to the heart chambers that Roxas had stolen from Miska. “If you keep this up you may have control over the new members. Now be gone you have done your job.” Xemnas said as he shooed Roxas away with his hand.

Roxas bowed his head in respect and walked back to the portal that lead to the thirteenth floor. He had done well in completing his mission and now he had a chance at moving up in the organization. He hummed to himself a smile on his face as he passed through the portal and into his room. “Power… unlimited power. And it’s all mine.”

Axel walked into Namine’s room. He saw pictures of birds on the walls of the room. “Wow I never thought she’d be this good.” He thought as he walked to Namine and stroked her long blond hair. “She always looked her cutest when she was asleep.” He thought as looked at the other pictures around him.

“Axel?” said a tiny voice.

Axel looked down at Namine and saw here sky blue mother of pearl eyes starring back at him. She still looked sleepy, “Obviously she had another nightmare last night.” He thought as he brushed a lock of hair out of Namine’s face.

“Hey sleeping beauty, its time to wake up.” Axel said.

“You really think I’m as pretty as her?” she asked her face red with embarrassment.

“Of course Namine, you will always be beautiful to me.” He said as he lifted her chin up trying to get a better view of her insomnia. “Didn’t get much sleep last night did you?” Axel said in a soft sympathetic voice.

Namine yawned “Yeah,” she said “I had another nightmare last night.” She said as she fell into Axel’s arms.

“Its okay Namine… your safe now its okay.” Axel said in a comforting voice. “Do you remember what it was about?”

“A boy with blond hair killed me.” She said in quivering voice.

Axel’s eyes grew wide when she said that. “Has she made a connection between her and Roxas?” he thought as he continued to stroke her hair.

“It was awful Axel… please promise you wont let that happen to me.” She pleaded as she buried her face in Axel’s sleeve.

Axel pulled her up in his arms and hugged her tightly “A long as you have me I'll always be here to protect you.” He pulled her chin up making her look him in the eye.

Namine started to move closer to Axel “Axel…” she stammered.

“Namine… I lo…” Axel was interrupted before he could finish his thought.

“Sora is coming! Sora is coming! Where the **** is Namine!?” screamed Vexen.

“I need to go Namine… and so do you.” Axel said as he walked out the door.

“Promise me that you’ll come back!” Namine stated as Axel walked back into the room.

Axel kissed Namine lightly on the forehead “I promise, I’ll come back no matter what.” Axel said as he pulled Namine in for a hug pressing her head up against his torso. “I need to go now.” He said as he opened up a portal to the ground floor of castle.

Namine took her notepad and headed out the door where Marluxia was waiting for her. He took her by the ear and dragged her through a portal. She was in for one hell of a day.

Axel walked out of the portal and saw that Marluxia was already talking to Sora.

“What do you want of me?” Sora asked as he pulled his Keyblade out of the air.

“That depends.” Marluxia said as he cocked his cloaked head at Sora.

Axel stepped out and faced Marluxia.

“Hey!” Axel said in a happy voice. He loved making Marluxia look stupid in front of the enemy.

“What do you want?” Marluxia said rolling his eyes under his hood.

“Hogging the hero?” Axel said in a sarcastic voice.

Marluxia simply turned around and through a memory card.

“Perhaps you’d like to test him?” Marluxia said in an angry voice “Test his heart.” He said as he teleported out of the room.

Axel smiled and looked over at Sora.

“Looks like it’s my show now, Keyblade master!” Axel said in a playful voice. “My name is Axel, got in memorized?

“Umm… sure” Sora said a little more then confused.

“Good, you learn quickly. So Sora now that were on a first name basis,” Axel pulled his charkas out of the air “Don’t go dying on me!” He said half laughing.

He lunged out at Sora twirling his charkas as he did so. Axel pulled his right arm back and through his charka at Sora.

Sora put his Keyblade up just in time to block the spiked ring and dived towards Axel.

Axel laughed as he jumped out of the way.

“It looks like your pretty good. But not good enough!” Axel screamed as his weapon returned to his hand. “Burn… baby!” he shouted as he blasted fire out of his charkas.

Sora dove back the flames licking at his feet. He jumped back and struck at Axel as Donald and Goofy went behind Axel to try and flank him.

Axel looked around and tried to jump up in the air but was pulled down by Donald and Goofy. Axel looked up at Sora as he came down hard on his face with his Keyblade. He screamed in pain as he faded into the darkness.

Sora looked around and picked up the card the Axel had dropped.

“More cards?” Goofy asked as he walked over to Sora’s side trying to get a better view of the card.

Sora felt Gemini climb up onto his shoulder.

“Hmm…” he said “They look kind of like the card that made Traverse Town.”

“Then we need this to go on…” Sora started

“Correct!” answered Axel.

Sora looked up and saw Axel “How is that possible?” he thought “We just defeated him.”

“Axel!?” Donald said interrupting Sora’s thoughts.

Axel smiled and walked forward. He chuckled to himself as he got closer to Sora.

“After an introduction like that, you didn’t think I’d just give up so easily.” Axel said

“You… you were just testing us!?” Sora asked in confusion.

“Yes,” Cheered Axel “And guess what… you passed congratulations!” He said throwing his arms up in the air. “You should be ready to move on the rest of Castle Oblivion now. Follow your memories. Trust what you remember,” Or whatever Namine makes you remember.” “Seek what you forget, and you will find someone really special.”

“You mean like Riku or the King?” asked Goofy.

Axel shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know. You’ll just have to give some more thought to who’s most important to you.” Axel put his hand over his non-existent heart. “Remember Sora, our most precious memories lie deep in our hearts.” He laughed again “Just out of reach of our mind.” Axel looked Sora in the face “But you can find yours Sora.”

“Me but how?” Sora asked still overwhelmed

“The light within the darkness, you’ve lost sight of is Sora. You have forgotten forgetting.” answered Axel.

“Light?” Sora said confused “I don’t understand what you mean.”

Axel saw Sora’s sad eyes they were the same as Namine's. He couldn’t help feel sorry for the boy.

“Would… would you like a hint?” He asked.

Goofy walked over to Sora and rested his hand on his shoulder.


Sora shook his head.

“No,” he said his voice now confident “I want to figure it out for myself.” Sora readied his blade “And if you or anyone else gets in my way…”

“He won’t” yelled Donald “We wont let him!”

Axel smiled and pulled his hand back. I warmed his fake heart to see such confidence in such a young man.

“Huh that’s just the kind of answer I’d expect from a Keyblade master.” He said laughing. “But be forewarned,” Axel said now serious “When your sleeping memories awaken you may not be you.” He said as he teleported back to Namine.

Axel was surprised to see Larxene before him as he stepped out of the portal.

“Looks like you’re getting concerned about our little gust.” She said.

Axel never liked Larxene she was always mean to him just because she was a year older then he was.

“Oh yeah,” he said “And what about you Larxene?” Axel snapped back at her.

“That a good question, but I’m more concerned about why you’re interested in him.” She said.

Axel thought about it for a second. He couldn’t tell her the truth she would think he was going soft. He thought of a good excuse at the last second

“He became a heartless and those who become heartless…” His voice trailed off.

“They lose all consciousness and free will and become slaves to the darkness.” She finished for him.

“But Sora… he was different. He maintained his free will even after he became a heartless. He’s only the second person to do that in all of history to do such a thing.” Axel said.

“Hmm… the power of the heart… oh so your interested in the heart of the young Keyblade master?

Axel became sad. He knew that Larxene could never understand his true intentions.

“Isn’t… isn’t that the mission of the organization… to understand the mysteries of the heart?” Axel said his calm voice unable to hide his sadness.

Larxene only responded with a cruel smile as she turned away from him leaving Axel all alone in the white room.

“I said do it now!” Marluxia screamed shaking Namine. “Dive into his memory now or I swear to God I’ll kill you where you stand!” Marluxia slapped her hard across the face when she didn’t respond.

Namine nodded her tears staining her bright white dress. She closed her eyes and focused on Sora. Her body went limp as her conscious slipped into Sora’s brain and into his memories. She appeared next to him for a moment and held her position for a few seconds before she had to return.

“Okay I did it.” sniffled Namine as she whipped the tears off her cheeks with her wrist.

Marluxia laughed and motioned for her to leave. Namine ran back to her room as fast as she could and away from Marluxia, her powers, and Sora.

Namine saw Axel walk in; she tried to hide her tears from him. She wanted to show Axel she could be strong too but she couldn’t help but take in many deep breaths as he entered.

“What’s wrong why are you crying?” Axel asked as he wrapped his arms around her in an attempt to comfort her.

“Mar… Marluxia hit m…me again.” She stammered still crying.

“Oh come here.” Axel said as he pulled her closer “Shh… I’m right here its fine now.” he said as she continued to sob into his cloak. “Come on you gotta think positive.” He tilted her chin up “Hey look at me.” Namine looked up into his eyes as he leaned closer. “Sora is going to save you okay then he will give you a home and you’ll live happily ever after with him and his friends okay.”

Namine nodded as Axel finished. She pulled him closer as Axel rubbed her back to try to calm her down. “Axe… Axel?” Namine stammered.

“Yeah what is it Namine?” Axel asked.

“When I was connected I saw a girl lose her heart and I need to ask who is my somebody?” Namine asked the tears still flowing from her eyes and down her cheeks.

Axel thought about if he should tell her about it.

“You somebody… she was, is a beautiful princess of heart. Her name is Kairi and is Sora’s sweetheart.” Axel answered.

Namine’s eyes grew large as she tried to digest the words she just heard.

“So I guess I don’t have a heart after all do I?” she said as more tears ran down her face.

Axel pulled her out in front of him and grabbed her on the arms.

“That is not true they came back from being heartless! You and your brother can feel things normal nobodies can’t and don’t let anyone not ever me tell you different! Do you understand?”

“Yes Axel…” she said. Then it clicked in her head “Did you say me and my brother?” Namine asked.

Axel froze dead in his tracks. He had slipped up and told her.

“Well did you?” She asked again.

“Ye… yes.” Axel stammered “His name is… is Roxas and he is the nobody of Sora. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” He said as he tried to pull Namine back in for a hug.

Namine pushed away from Axel’s embrace and removed his hands from her arms.

“Why… why didn’t you tell me Axel?” Namine yelled “Why didn’t you tell me that I have a brother!?”

“Because I was afraid of what you might become if you ever went looking for him!” Axel responded.

Namine pushed away from Axel again.

“I… I need some time to think about this.” She said as she turned to her notepad.

“Namine I…” Axel started but was interrupted by Namine

“Just go. I need to be left alone for a little bit.” She said.

Axel closed the door as Namine started to draw a picture of Kairi, Sora, Riku, and Her together. He had failed. Failed to keep his promise to Xemnas, to Namine, and himself. He stood there outside her room before Marluxia called for him to go back to Sora. “I failed…” was the only thing that ran through his mind as he opened up a portal.

Sad chapter huh? Well I hope you liked it. The next chapter will be up tomorrow. This has been a Bowchickawowwow production.
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Another great chapter, you're really coming up with great discriptions.

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Okay let’s see how Axel and Namine get past their fight and what changes the Kingdom Hearts universe. Hope you like the chapter.

Namine manipulated more of Sora’s memories as she drew her picture.

“Will we always be friends Sora?”

“Yeah always.”

A single tear ran down Namine’s cheek and landed on her picture. “What… what have I done?”

Axel looked at Larxene his eyes unable to hide his shame and sadness. She laughed as she gazed into the trans-mirror at Sora.

“Just as we planned.” She said

“Let’s see then…” Axel said, “I think its time for another round.

Larxene laughed.

“Do you think it’s my turn to play? You had your fun on the first floor.” She asked in a calm but some how evil voice.

Axel only responded by throwing her a memory card. Axel watched as she walked up to him and stroked the under part of his chin.

“Who says I can’t have my way with him first?” she said.

“Just… don’t break him” Axel said as he looked down at the ground and away form her piercing eyes.

“Oh… I’m not going to break the toy.” She walked off a bit and turned around to face him again. “Just play with. I’m not dumb.”

“Remember Sora is the key. We need him if were going to take the organization…” Axel was stopped as Larxene put her finger up to his mouth sealing his lips.

“So you in on it too. Well keep it under your hood until the time is right.” She turned and waved at Axel playfully as she left the room.

Axel turned his head and scoffed.

“You would be wise to have done the same Larxene.” He said as he to left the room and headed towards Namine’s room.

Namine looked up as she heard a knock at her door. It was Axel. She turned her head away as he entered.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” Said Axel his voice weighed down with sadness. “It just that I wanted to protect you.”

“Protect me from what?” Namine asked now intrigued enough to turn her head and look at Axel.

Axel rested his arms on Namine’s shoulders.

“This organization is evil. Born from the sin of nothingness and arrogance for creatures’ slaves to their will.” Axel choked back a sob “If you were ever made part of that I would never forgive myself.” Axel’s tears now flowed freely down his cheeks as if the dam of his tear gland had just burst.

Namine looked up at Axel and kissed him on the forehead.

Axel’s pupils grew large as he felt Namine’s soft lips touch his skin. He felt Namine pull away after a few seconds. He saw tears on her face too.

“You’re too late.” She stammered. “I’ve already altered Sora’s mind.” Namine said as she put her hands up trying to stop the river of tears that now flooded from her eyes.

Axel pulled her close to him in a big hug. She sobbed into his cloak as he rubbed her back and stroked her hair.

“It’ll be alright. As long as I have you and you have me,” He kissed Namine on the top of her head “You’ll be safe.”

Namine looked up into Axel’s green eyes. She moved closer to him as he too moved closer to her. Just before their lips touched Marluxia’s voice rang through the hallway like a rush of wind through an open field.

“Namine get in here now!” shouted Marluxia.

Namine looked out the doorway and then back at Axel.

“Please… please don’t make me go back there.” She pleaded “Don’t make me go back to that monster.”

Axel looked down at Namine’s sad eyes. It tore him up inside for he knew what he had to say. The only thing he said to her before she left was “I’m sorry.” As Axel had to stand thought the sight of Namine being hit over and over again as Marluxia spat at her and called her a stupid bitch when she didn’t do something right he left the room. Unable to take more of horrific sight or do anything to stop it he made his way back to the trans-mirror room and waited for Larxene. He didn’t have to wait long before a dark portal opened in the middle of the room.

“Whew… throwing that fight back there really wore me out.” She said as she stepped out of the darkness.

“Thrown,” Axel said as he laughed to himself “Looks to me like you plain lost the battle.”

She had a scowl on her face as she stepped farther out of the now fading darkness.

“How dare you!” She snapped “You just don’t appreciate the finer nuances of…” Larxene was cut off by Vexen as he entered the room.

“He’s right though.” interjected Vexen as he made his presence know in the room by cracking his knuckles.

“Vexen…” began Larxene but was once again interrupted.

“Humbled by someone of such limited significance.” He scoffed “You shame the organization Larxene.”

She squinted her eyes at Vexen as she opened her mouth to speak just as Axel spoke out.

“Can we help you Vexen? If not then go back down to that shit hole you call a laboratory.” Axel said in a stern voice.

Vexen switched his gaze to Axel.

“I came to help since you obviously can’t do this by yourselves.” insulted Vexen.

Axel looked up now interested in what Vexen was going to say. “This could prove useful to my mission.” He thought as Vexen started again. “Keep talking Vexen. Every word leads you closer to your elimination.”

Namine cried as she made Vexen’s replica of Riku say terrible things towards Sora.

“More!” Marluxia screamed at Namine.

Namine shook her head. Her eyes widened with horror as Marluxia pulled a small whip out of cloak pocket. Namine closed her eyes as the rope came down hard on Namine’s back with a loud “Thwack.” She yelled out in pain as the whip came down on her back again. After what seemed like hours Namine succumbed to Marluxia’s will. She manipulated the fake Riku like a puppeteer would with a marionette making him strike at Sora with his sword. Marluxia finally stopped after he was satisfied with her work. The second he left she pulled her legs up and buried her face in her arms and legs and cried.

Axel saw Namine cuddled up in a little ball on top of a chair crying as he teleported into the room.

“What’s wrong Namine?” he asked in a concerned tone. “I know exactly how your feeling right now.” As he said that he couldn’t help but think about the last girl he saw in this room. This time he would make sure things were different. “You shouldn’t get your hopes up.” She looked at him her eyes filled with sadness.

“Axel…” she said as she got up and looked him in the eyes. “I love you.” She leaned up to kiss him but Axel turned away at the last second.

“No not again I can’t get attached not like with that other one…”
He thought as he moved his head away from Namine’s. “I can’t…” he said. “I can’t feel… nobodies can’t be somebodies.” Axel turned his head as Marluxia reentered the room.

“Oh what’s wrong?” he asked in a sarcastic tone. He laughed before he spoke again. “At this rate your hero won’t be around for much longer.” He leaned down close to her ear “Oh but didn’t he make a promise to you?” Marluxia said referring to Sora’s memories.

Namine gasped “Yes… he did…” she stammered as a single tear fell to the floor as both Axel and Marluxia left the room.

“What Vexen did was direct treason to our new order!” Marluxia shouted as he saw Vexen through the trans-mirror.

“Can’t argue that,” Axel said as he looked over Marluxia’s arm as if he was his shoulder angel or in this case devil. Axel teleported out of the room; he knew he had to kill Vexen.

Namine saw Axel teleport back into the room with the other after a short while.

“I didn’t think you had what it took to kill a comrade. Good job Axel.” Namine heard Larxene say as she patted Axel on the back. “With all of us together we should be able to overthrow the organization.

“That’s why we need Sora.” responded Axel.

“Of course…” Larxene said “Besides he want to see Namine so I say let him.”

Marluxia turned to Namine.

“You should be happy Namine. Your hero you have waited so long for is going to be here any minute.” He said

Namine looked over at Marluxia the hate pouring from her eyes in the form of tears of anger.

“I can’t wait ‘till he kills you.” She said in a harsh tone.

Larxene walked over to Namine and slapped her on the face playfully “Don’t go do anything that might hurt Sora’s feelings.” She said as she and Marluxia teleported out of the room leaving only her and Axel.

Namine looked down at her picture of Sora that she had drawn.

“Sora…” she said getting Axel’s attention “Even if I can’t meet you… oh what should I do?”

Axel just looked over at Namine. He walked over and rested his hand on Namine’s shoulder.

“You know all he cares about now is you. He loves you.” Axel said his voice filled with sadness. “So I guess you the only one who can really save him.”

“But… but it’s to late Axel.” She cried sulking down into her arms again.

“Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. You can still save him…” Axel said as he walked to the other side of the room.

“But… what about Marlux…”

“Notice that he isn’t here right now.” Interrupted Axel

“I don’t see what you’re trying to…” she said.

“There’s no one here to stop you from…” his voice trailed off as he closed his eyes. He opened his eyes again as he heard Namine leave the room. “Don’t let me down Namine.”

Namine heard Sora open the door behind her. She turned around and looked at him. “He’s so handsome” she thought.

“Namine… the person most precious to me… its not you… is it?” stammered Sora.

“No, the girl you love and want to be with,” Namine looked down at the ground as more tears fell from her cheeks and chin “Is not me… it never will be.”

“But who is she!?” screamed Sora

“Let me explain this!” said the fake Riku as he walked into the room from the far door behind Namine. “Your memory is a train wreck. You’re not the one who’s supposed to protect Namine! Its suppose to be ME!” he shouted as he struck at Sora.

Sora ducked and hit Riku hard in the chest with the tip of his Keyblade sending him to the floor. He heard the scream of pain and Sora ran over to him.

“Here try some more!” the fake Riku said as he blasted Sora with a burst of his dark energy.

“Sora!” Namine screamed as she reached out to him.

“Its time to finish it, goodbye Sora.” Riku said as he raised his sword for the death blow.

“No stop!” Namine screamed as the replica fell to the ground.

Sora ran over to Riku in fear of what happened to him.

“Riku… Riku!” he shouted in vain.

Larxene appeared next to Namine as Sora shook Riku.

“It’s useless he was just a puppet who thought he had a heart.” She said.

“What!?” said Sora confused as he got to his feet.

“Yep that’s right a puppet. Namine used it to manipulate you. To bad we couldn’t have killed the real one though.”

“Shut up you bitch!” screamed as he pounced on Larxene knocking her to the ground. He proceeded to bash Larxene’s face in with his Keyblade ignoring her cries of pain and the blood that now covered both his and her face. In minutes she lay dead on the floor in a pool of her own blood.

“Sora…” said Namine as she rested her hand on Sora’s shoulder.

“Get the **** of me!” Sora turned to face Namine “I hate you. Why did you do this to me? Why did you suck my memories away!?” he questioned.


“Save it!” Sora shouted before Namine could talk. “I’m done with this.” Sora said as he shook his head and through his Keyblade on the ground. “Let someone else be your hero, your Keyblade master, your protector. I’m done.” Sora said as he left Namine in the silent room.

“What have I done?” was the only thing Namine could say as she heard Sora’s footsteps fade away as he went back down to the entrance to the castle.

Riku jumped up the stairs two at a time “Sora is here I can’t believe it!” he thought as he reached the ground level floor and the main door. He saw Sora near the door and ran over to him.

“Sora is that you!?” Riku said as he caught up with his best friend.

“Who are you? Do I know you?” is the only thing Sora said back to him.

Riku fell to his knees. “He doesn’t remember me… what happened in this castle.” He thought.

“I need to go home excuse me.” Sora said as he pushed by Riku and out the door.

“His memories were erased or something.” Riku thought still on the floor. “Sora please come back!” he pleaded as he scratched at the door that laid before him “Just come back.” Riku could do nothing but sit there crying and scratching at the door repeating over and over “Come back… come back”

This was hard to write… I hope you liked the new chapter. This has been a bowchickawowwow production.
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