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Fanfiction ► Broken Chain of Memories (Kingdom Hearts Infinities 2)


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Aug 13, 2007
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Okay guys this is the new chapter of BCoM. Hope you like it. Well I won’t take up to much of your time so here is the chapter.

Axel teleported into the room right next to Namine; who was on her knees crying her eyes out, her tears making small puddles around her. Axel slowly took his cloak off reveling his dark undershirt bellow and draped the cloak over Namine’s shoulders as one would a king. He wrapped his arms around her pushing his cloak closer to her shaking frame. She turned around, looked up into his green eyes and pulled into a hug.


“Don’t say anything please just hold me for a moment.” Namine interjected as she buried her face into Axel’s shirt.

Axel was about to open his mouth but decided against it as he pulled her closer. Axel stroked her hair and kissed her on the side of her head as they stood there in each others arms. It wasn’t until minutes later when Riku, Donald, and Goofy walked through the door that made them pull away.

“Another one huh? Keep away from that girl you bastard or so help me I’ll kill you!” Riku shouted as he raised his sword Soul Eater and charged at Axel.

Namine stepped in front of Riku just as he was about to come down with his sword. Riku slowed his arm as he stepped closer to Namine. She rested her hand on his forearm stopping his strike in midair. She didn’t have to say anything Riku could understand her just by looking into her big, sad, blue eyes. A persons eyes can tell you more about a person then words ever could. Riku nodded and lowered his weapon.

“I see… your Namine aren’t you?” he said.

Namine only looked down at the white floor as Riku asked his question.

“So you’re the reason why Sora can’t remember me. Well isn’t that right?” Riku said his voice unable to hide his depression.

Namine was about to answer as Axel spoke.

“No,” all eyes now looked towards Axel “It was never her fault. It was this organization’s fault. It was Xemnas’s fault, Marluxia’s fault,” He paused for a moment before he spoke again “My fault” he stammered. He turned his head away from Riku. He didn’t want him to see his shame.

“So… this is all Marluxia’s fault.” Riku said; Namine and Axel now looking at him. “Its time I met him.” He said as he walked past Namine and Axel and onto the final floor of Castle Oblivion. Riku felt Axel laid his hand on his shoulder as he grasped the handle of the door in front of him. Riku turned his head and looked Axel in the face.

“Get her out of here. She’s seen enough,”

Axel walked back to Namine and opened a dark portal. He took Namine’s hand in his and they walked through the oval of dark energy.

Riku turned his head back to the door “Donald, Goofy.” They looked up at him “Go find a ship. I can take care of the rest.”

With that Riku opened the door and walked one step closer to his new destiny.

Marluxia heard someone enter the room. He smiled an evil lopsided grin.

“Ah… do you have finally arrived glad you could join… wait you’re not Sora you’re that other one. Ramen? Ramon? Rika?”

“It’s Riku! And I have come to stop you.” Shouted Riku as he took Soul Eater from the air and charged at Marluxia.

Marluxia caught Riku by the forearm and laughed at him.

“Stupid boy do you really think I’m a pushover like those other pathetic excuses for organization members?” Marluxia pulled Riku’s arm down and punched him hard in the stomach.

Riku felt the punch glide across his chest like the first tremor of an earthquake. He felt warm blood flow up his throat and into his mouth. Riku spat up the blood in large clumpy chunks at a time as Marluxia hit him hard again and again with out mercy. He was eventually knocked to the ground of the round room.

“Pathetic boy! Why the Keyblade ever chose you and Sora I’ll never know.” Marluxia said as he put the heel of his boot on Riku’s neck. He pulled his scythe from the air rose petals flew around him as he did so. “It’s time to finish this!” he screamed as he pulled back for the death blow. As the blade of his scythe was about to saw its way through Riku’s neck the kingdom key appeared and sparred Riku from a most gruesome death.

Riku kicked Marluxia in the back of his leg making him buckle under his own weight. Riku capitalized on Marluxia’s weakened state as he jumped on top of the long handle of the scythe and hit Marluxia in his now unprotected head. Riku using the left over inertia spun and hit Marluxia into the air with a powerful underhand swipe; hitting his opponent in the bottom of his chin with the hilt of his Keyblade. Riku could see teeth falling from Marluxia’s broken jaw as he flew up at him. Riku gave him a hard combination of kicks to the back and kidneys as they floated in midair. Riku finished his barrage with an elbow to Marluxia’s sternum. He heard bones break as Marluxia hit the ground. Riku plummeted back down to earth with his Keyblade out in front of him waiting for gravity to do the death blow for him. To his surprise Riku’s blade sunk into the hard marble floor and not the insane nobody that had been laying there only seconds before. Riku looked around the room. The only thing he could see was the left over rose petals that still lingered in the air. Riku then saw Marluxia’s scythe pop out of the ground. It started to rotate as it moved closer to him. Riku started to run as fast as he could away from the windmill of death that chased after him. He turned back around and faced the weal of death. He waited until the blade of the scythe was just about to slice through his head before he but his Keyblade stopping Marluxia in his tracks.

“Vary good boy but let’s see how you handle this!” As Marluxia screamed he sunk into the floor yet again.

Riku’s gaze darted back and forth as he looked for any telltale of Marluxia’s next attack. As he had thought the nobody was smart enough to cover his tracks vary well. Riku screamed out in pain as something melted through his shoe and onto his feet. He looked down and saw he was standing in a pool of some kind of heat related dark energy. Riku ran to the places in the room where the floor had not been affected yet. He looked around the room franticly looking for away to escape being burned alive. His eyes caught sight of one of the four columns that were in the room. He jumped up and dug his Keyblade into the marble. He heard the evil cackle of Marluxia as the pools of energy reseeded back into the floor.

“It seems I’ve underestimated you Riku. That one usually gets ‘em.”

Riku, who was still hanging from the side of the column by his Keyblade, looked around the room for Marluxia. He saw flower petals floating around him and then he saw Marluxia. “That’s it!” he thought as Marluxia teleported next to him and kicked him to the unforgiving floor bellow “The kind of petals show where he’s going to be and what kind of attack he’s going to do.” As Riku hit the floor Marluxia dove back into the ground yellow floor petals following after him. “Yellow that means he’s going to do that windmill attach again.” He thought as he put his guard up. As expected the scythe popped out from the floor and started to spin. Instead of running away this time Riku charged at the scythe as it was still picking up speed. He caught the curved blade of the scythe with his Keyblade and pushed up forcing Marluxia up from the ground. Riku followed up his attack with a back flip kick to Marluxia’s already broken chin; forcing him up into the air his scythe hitting the floor as Marluxia’s fingers slide off the hilt. Riku grabbed the scythe and threw it up at Marluxia. He was rewarded with the sound of tearing flesh as the blade sunk its way into Marluxia’s chest. Riku didn’t look away until the psychotic nobody hit the marble floor. He was about to open the door when he bumped into an invisible wall. “The barrier is still up? But if Marluxia is dead how can it still be…” his thoughts were interrupted by the now familiar sound of Marluxia’s laugh.

“You think I’m so easy to kill!? I’ll show you true power you insolent boy!”

Riku turned around and looked at Marluxia. He was now connected to some kind of monster with scythes for arms.

“At least you didn’t beg for your life like your stupid, weak friend.”

Riku could feel his hate rising as Marluxia insulted Sora. He looked down at his hand. They were now black as the night sky. Ansem’s power had leaked through. Riku could feel the power in him grow more and more. Riku looked around and saw that he was surrounded by darkness. He saw Ansem walk out of the shadows and towards him.

“No way I killed you!”

Ansem laughed an evil laugh and smiled “You would think so wouldn’t you. No dear boy you have not killed me and you never will. My aura will always live on in you.” He grabbed Riku by the neck and lifted him off the ground.

“I made you and I can make you go away.” Riku stammered as he grasped Ansem’s hand.

“Just try it boy!” Ansem yelled.

Riku screamed as light flooded through his mind and hit Ansem on the face. Ansem started to fade back into the darkness that still lingered in the room.

“I will return.”

“And I’ll be waiting.” Riku said as he slowly regained control of his mind.

Outside of Riku’s head the figure of Ansem was using his guardian heartless to slowly wrap around Marluxia.

“No… No!” he screamed as the darkness flowed easily up to his face.

With in seconds the darkness covered his whole body. It ate away at his skin and cloak as the dark acid pushed passed his lips and down his throat. Marluxia tried to scream but he could only gurgle the black liquid lower into his body. It burned through his organs and chewed at his brain until there was nothing left to burn. Marluxia was dead.

Riku opened his eyes and smelled the smell of burnt flesh and saw the tattered black cloak that had been Marluxia’s makeshift coffin or rather his urn. Riku looked down at his hands in horror. The Keyblade that he had been holding disappeared as he picked up Soul Eater and walked out of the room. “What am I?” He thought as he walked through the doors and back to Donald and Goofy.

Axel typed in the coordinates on the V75 Shadow Caster as he snapped himself and Namine in.

“Where are we going now Axel?” Namine said her tears now dry on her cheeks.

Axel couldn’t look her in the eyes just yet. It made him feel like a monster knowing that he was playing a big part in the cerebral assignation of a girl as sweet as Namine. “We have to go back to Nobody Castle.” He said.

Namine frowned and slouched in her seat. “I knew you were going to say that.” She said.

“Then why did you ask then?” said Axel now concerned.

“For the off chance that you would say that we were going somewhere else.” She said in a depressed tone.

All Axel could do was rest his hand on her shoulder as he piloted the ship out into the vast black abyss known as space.

Riku was sitting in the copilot seat of a V18 convoy class fighter as he thought about everything that had happened in just the last few months. He shook his head and looked at the navigation map.

“Where are we headed Donald?” Riku asked.

Donald looked up at Riku. He still couldn’t deal with the fact that they had to leave Sora behind on the Islands because the only thing he could remember was Kairi. “Were headed for Chrisen.” Donald said his thoughts still on Sora.

“What’s Chrisen?” Riku asked.

“Ehuck… Chrisen is a mining world that makes just about everything for everyone.” Goofy answered.

“That’s right Goofy. The name Chrisen is relatively new. It used to be a Hollow Bastion colony until they declared independence about 12 years ago.”

“Umm… okay.” Riku said still not sure of what to be ready for.

“Don’t worry you’ll understand when we get there.” Donald said as he flashed Riku a fake smile.

The V18’s exit ramp lowered reveling a beautiful cliff top view of a magnificent sprawling city. Riku’s jaw drooped as he stared out at the city.

“That is Chrisen’s capital city. It’s called Ciencia. Its total population is about 15.7 billion people making the most populated place in all the worlds.” Donald said as he took their equipment bags out of the ship.

“Wow…” Riku said as he gawked at the tall majestic buildings that lay out before him. Riku heard a rustle in the bushes and turned around. “Who… who’s there?” he said as he pulled Soul Eater out of the air. He lowered his guard for a moment and cocked his head. “Umm… hello is anyone there? Hmm… I guess it was just the wind or some’en.” As he turned around a figure teleported into view.

It was a humanoid figure that had on a green military like jumpsuit, strange metal gauntlets on its arms, heavy knee pads on its legs, tight black gloves, combat boots, and a bizarre shaped gasmask helmet that was connected to some strange tank that was strapped onto its back.

It pulled its hands into a fist as blades came out of the gauntlets. A strange white aura wrapped itself around the figure and teleported it in-between Donald and Goof. It delivered a series of punches and kicks as it levitated. After knocking Donald and Goofy to the dirt it turned its attention at Riku.

Riku put Soul Eater up in a defensive posture as the figure pulled its arms back making another blade shoot out of the other gauntlet. It charged at Riku with out hesitation and struck at him. Riku but his sword up and blocked the first attack. He pulled Soul Eater away and blocked the second blade. The attacker jumped back and came at Riku from above slicing at him in scissoring motion. Riku leaped back a few feet and stuck Soul Eater in-between the two blades pinching them together by the strange curve at the end where they exited the gauntlet.

“Who in God’s name are you and why the hell are you attacking us!?” shouted Riku.

The assailant only pulled its leg back and kicked the dirt with the toe of its boot making a third blade shoot out of the toe of its boot. It pushed up using only its arms and kicked at Riku.

Riku put his left arm up and caught the assailant’s leg by the shin stopping the attack in its tracks.

“I’ll say it again who are you and why are you attacking us?” Riku asked again his voice now angry.

The figure just pulled its left leg up and activated a fourth blade that shot out the heel of the attacker’s left boot. It pulled back dislocating its own arms and kicked at Riku again.

Riku pulled Soul Eater out of the ground and leaped back away from the attacker. Riku looked up at the figure as the white aura surrounded it again. It diapered from view for a moment and then reappeared behind Riku. Before Riku could even turn his head the assailant kicked him hard in the shoulder blades sending him to the ground. Riku dropped his sword as he hit the ground hard. He turned over and looked up at the masked man who stood over him. It pulled back and punched at him with the blade that protruded from its gauntlet. Riku put his hands up and a Keyblade appeared to protect him.

“Of course now it comes just when I need it the most.” Riku thought as he pushed the attacker off of him.

“A Keyblade wielder?” said the figure its voice electronically altered by something in its helmet. “Come with me.” It demanded as it walked away towards the city bellow.

“What in God’s name is going on here?” Riku thought as he cast a healing spell on Donald and Goofy waking them from their unconscious state. He helped them up and headed after the masked figure.

Riku and the others followed the masked man into the city and into a two story house. The figure turned around and looked at them through its tinted visor when all of them had entered the house. It snapped the gauntlets off its forearms, unraveled the under layer of cloth and laid them on the table next to Riku. It then proceeded to taking off its knee pads and boots. “This is Ciencia the capital of Chrisen,” it said as it unlocked the back of its helmet, the trapped air rushed out as it lifted the main helmet off reveling long blood red hair. It put its hand over the gasmask and removed from its face showing the face of a young teenage girl. “I am Holly Kalvera.” She finished her voice devoid of all emotion as she stretched out her hand.

“What!? You’re a chick?” Riku exclaimed a confused look on his face.

“If you’re asking me if I am female then the answer is yes.” She said.

Riku shrugged “It’s just that… well it’s kinda a surprise.” He said.

“Do females not fight where you are from?” she asked.

“No its not that it’s just that you don’t fight like a girl.” Riku answered.

Holly scoffed at him “Arrogant human you have no idea where you are do you?”

“Human… aren’t you human too…” Riku started to say then he realized that Holly had pointed ears, perfectly smooth skin, and all green eyes.

Riku couldn’t help but look at Holly’s eyes with a sense of confusion. The entire eye was made up of different shades of green. There was no white or black to be found anywhere.

Riku lowered his head next to Donald’s head “What’s with her eyes?” he asked

“Chrisens see things by the light or dark energy flowing through them not by a light spectrum like you or Me.” answered Donald.

Riku nodded and took Holly’s hand “I’m Riku and the two with me are Donald and Goofy. If you don’t mind me asking how old are you Holly?”

“I am 5790 svleks old. By your inferior human concept of time I am 13 years old. And what of you what is you age.

“Umm… I’m 15.” Riku answered

“Ah… so your 5990 svleks old. If you plan on fighting you would be wise to use techniques suited for your age not a child.” Holly said her voice still emotionless.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” asked Riku in a frustrated voice.

“Nothing it is just that you fight like I would expect a human to fight.” Holly answered.

Riku opened his mouth to say something back but was interrupted by the sound of a large explosion.

Holly looked around her green eyes darting around the room.

Shlvek the heartless are back.” She said her voice still unchanging as she took her gauntlets from the table and rand outside.

Riku followed her out the door and looked out into the distance. What he saw would terrify him for the rest of his life. It was an ocean of heartless coming at the city. “Oh my God.” was all he could think as he gazed out into the wave of heartless.

Wow it looks like Riku is in big trouble. I hope you guys liked the chapter. The new one will be up Sunday. This has been a Bowchickawowwow production.
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Wow I was expecting more comments here, this is a great edition.

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Man was this one was hard to write. Well here it is just like I said. I hope you enjoy the new chapter. Oh and any type you see with these markings < or > before and after a sentence in quotation marks means its in another language and other characters such as Riku will not understand. Hope you like the chapter. ^_^


Axel woke up suddenly and looked around. He saw Namine sleeping in the chair next to him. He was still in the V75.

“I guess she isn’t here. She’s gone… this time things will be different.” Axel said to himself as he turned off the V75’s autopilot and took back the controls “No like the last one who sat there.”

Namine woke up as Axel brushed up against her arm with his hand. They were back at nobody castle.

“Hey; its time to wake up were back.” Axel said in a voice that made him sound as if he had just lost the thing most precious to him.

Namine nodded and headed down the exit ramp with him. The second they took a step off the ship they were both grabbed by something. It was the other organization members.

Axel tired to pull away from Xaldin and Luxord as he reached out to Namine.

“Namine!” he shouted in vain as they dragged her away from him.

Namine looked at Axel, Saix still holding on to her with a bear like grip.

“You’re getting to attached again Axel.”

Axel looked over and saw Xigbar.

“Just like last time you just couldn’t handle the emotion that you don’t really have.” Xigbar said as he walked over to Axel.

Axel looked up at him with hate in his eyes. Xigbar just smiled back at him. He was pushed to his knees by Xaldin and Luxord and his hair was pulled back, forcing him to look at his captures.

“Stupid boy… cling to your fake emotions.” mocked Xigbar as he hit Axel across the face.

“Axel!” Namine screamed at the top of her lungs as she pulled away for a brief moment only to be pulled back by Saix.

Xigbar turned his gaze over to Namine and Xigbar.

Break her.” He said emotionless.

“No!” Axel screamed his pupils large with horror and sadness.

Xigbar looked back to Axel and hit him in the side of the head with the butt of his gun.

Axel went limp as the heavy metal stock connected with his temple. “Not again…” was all he could think.

Riku looked at the sea of heartless the were charging towards the city. The knight classes rode on hideous dog bear hybrids with grotesque drooling maws. They lumbered towards them barking in hunger as the drew ever closer. Riku heard the sound of turret’s blasting into the crowd of heartless. They tore ripped apart the first line of enemies only for twice more to come in there place. The Chrisens shouted war cries as the manned defensive positions throughout the city. They hung out of windows and in barraged themselves behind sandbags.

“Don’t just stand there human do something!” Holly shouted in anger as she donned her gasmask and ejected her blades from her gauntlets.

Riku took out Soul Eater and joined the crowd of Chrisens standing behind the gates to the city. He saw children as young as nine holding everything from small knives to semi-automatic rifles with five inch long bayonets.

“<Make ready!>” screamed the man in front of them as he pulled a sword out with his left hand and a pistol in the other. “<They are about to breach the walls! Remember your training those who are cadets. Anyone seen retreating will be killed and any I see cowering I will personally shoot myself!>”

Riku looked around in confusion as the men and women around him cheered in response to the man’s words. He had no idea of what they were saying. Apparently Chrisen had their own language too. He didn’t have much time to think about what they were saying for only seconds after that a mortar shell blasted its way through the metal wall only a few yards away from where they were standing.

The machine gun men opened up on the fresh hole in the wall as heartless poured through the wall their mouths drooling as they smelled the sent of Chrisen hearts. The suppressing fire didn’t last long for the pillbox was taken out by the fist of a coleuses class heartless. The beast roared in a mix of pain and hunger as the crowd of Chrisens unloaded and stabbed at the creature. There was a cry of joy as a young Chrisen sliced through the body of a heartless unfortunate enough to get in the way of his sword. The Chrisens quickly turned antiaircraft turrets on their sides and fired at the coleuses class heartless that now pounded their way through the rest of the siege wall.

“Human move!” Holly shouted.

Riku looked up and saw one of the dog hybrid heartless jumped at him. He rolled out of the way just in time as the beasts claw came done on the concrete where Riku had been standing only moments ago. Riku watched as a young male Chrisen pounced on the heartless and cranked its neck back killing it instantly. Riku turned his attention back to the heartless that now targeted him. He ran up to the heartless that was the nearest to him and sliced through it. Riku turned around and slashed at the other heartless staining the ground with their dark black blood. He turned and looked at Holly to see if she was alright.

Holly rolled towards a heartless that stood in front of her and stabbed it through the chest with her blade gauntlets. She followed through on her stab by doing a handstand and grasping the heartless by the neck and flinging it at the two heartless that were trying to come at her from behind. She caught sight of a heartless swinging its sword at her. Holly grabbed hold of the head of the heartless to her left and forced it into the path of her enemy’s blade. She slit the throat of the heartless that she had used for a shield and kicked her attacker in the back of its leg knocking him to the hard ground. She put her arms in a V shape and in a scissoring motion decapitated the heartless.

Satisfied with Holly’s condition Riku turned his attention back to his own targets. As he sawed through the last heartless in his area Riku looked up at a lumbering coleus heartless that was waddling his way over to another pillbox. Then he saw the man that had done the speech before the battle started on the creature’s massive head. He shouted a war cry and plunged his sword into the creature’s shoulder. The beast cried in pain as it put its hand up to its fresh wound. The man grabbed hold of the monster’s hand and as it swung its paw like hand around he pushed the blade of his sword to its neck slicing through its throat as he reached its head again. The man shouted again, lifted his arm above his head and buried his sword in the head of the creature. Black blood spilled into pools on the ground that could have reached to a mans waist if he were to kneel down.

“Christoph! Christoph!” the crowd cheered as the man pulled his blade from the fallen beasts head.

With that the heartless started to fall back making themselves easy targets for the machine gun men that still lived in the remaining pillboxes. Then the crowd of Chrisens started to cheer again.

“<Long live!>” screamed a man in the crowd.

“Christoph!” replied his fellow warriors.

Riku could only stand there amazed by what the man who they called Christoph had done. The second he started too really fight back the battle became one sided instantly.

“<Isn’t he just the greatest fighter you’ve ever seen?>” said a man next to Riku interrupting his thoughts.

“What?” Riku said confused and unable to understand what the man had asked.

“<What… wait you’re a human!>” said the man “<Christoph there is a human among us!>”

With that the crowd fell silent as the all turned to him there emotionless green eyes staring past him and into his soul.

“What have I done…?” Thought Riku as the crowd continued to stare at him.

Namine spat up blood as the nobody pulled its sword out of stomach and walked away. She had never been in this much pain. She let her head fall as she felt the pain flow up her spine and into the rest of her body. All of a sudden she felt a hand grab her hair and lift her head up revealing the back of her neck. Namine felt a blade touch her neck and closed her eyes waiting for what might happen next. The blade swept across the smooth flesh on the back of her neck. When the blade picked up for the last time it left the marks XV laid permanently etched on her neck. Namine with her blood stained hair in her face cried. She cried for Axel, for her brother, for Riku, for Sora, and for her dead friends. Namine fell to the ground as the hands released her. She curled into a ball and cried in a pool of her blood and tears. No one had come to save her… not this time.

Well I hope you liked the chapter. Sorry about the length I didn’t have much time to write this week. Pretty sad for Namine huh? Well like I said before this was not easy to write. This has been a Bowchickawowwow production.


Mar 27, 2007
Great chapter I didn't really notice the length at all actually.

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Aug 13, 2007
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Well this is the new chapter of Kingdom Hearts Broken Chain of Memories. I hope you like it.

“Axel… wake up…”

Axel opened his eyes and saw the familiar walls of his room. His head felt as if he had been put in a washing machine on the rinse cycle. “Namine! I need to get to her!” He thought as he rushed to his door taking a clean cloak as he ran into the hall. “Wait… they’ll know what I’m doing the second I walk through one of the portals on this level.” He thought as he reached the portal room. “I know Demyx still isn’t back yet I can use his portal.” Axel ran back to his room and flipped the switch to open his bedroom window. Axel climbed up onto the window sill and looked down. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he leaped off the sill. Axel was falling faster then he had expected. He would have to slow himself down if he wanted to be able to land on one of the protruding flagpoles below. He pulled out one of his chakras and jammed it into the side of the castle wall. Sparks hit his face as he started to slow down. Axel landed on the nearest flag pole and jumped off onto one of the outer walkways. It had been the walkway to Vexen’s room. If a person betrayed the organization their room and belongings in the castle were demolished. Axel would have used his portal room if he had stayed loyal to the organization but he didn’t have time to think about what could have been, he needed to get to the room of pain before Namine got her mark. He sprinted to the end of the walkway and jumped off flying towards the next pole at the bottom of the castle. His plan was to get down to the bottom of the castle and enter the castle through the main gates and take the elevator up to the main portal room. From there he could get to Demyx’s room for the main portal room only lead to the main sixteen floors. From Demyx’s level he would take his portal to the room of pain and save Namine. He plummeted past Marluxia’s room and towards the room where the sixteenth member had stayed. Axel grabbed onto the flagpole that had XVI on the flag and pulled himself up. He was still 20 feet below the Prof of Existence Bridge. He took his chakras out and made makeshift stairs with them as he climbed up towards the bridge. Axel was now only 5 feet away from the bridge. That was a jump he could make. He put the toe of his boot through the middle of his chakras and pulled them up as he pounced off the side of the wall. Axel waved his hands through the air trying to get a steady hold on the ledge of the bridge. He was falling too fast; Axel didn’t think he would make it. Axel’s chest hit the ledge with a hard thump. He dragged his fingers across the fixed energy of the bridge in a desperate attempt to get a hand hold. Axel caught himself by his fingertips just before he fell to his most certain death. His legs dangled like wind chimes in a storm as he tried to pull himself up. Axel came up with an idea at the last second. He drove his boot into the bottom of the bridge, sinking his chakra into the energy giving him a foot hold. He repeated the same method with his other leg. After Axel was satisfied with his new leg support he let go of the ledge. Using the inertia that he had gotten from falling back he swung himself up using only his legs and flipped onto other side of the bridge. Wasting no time he started to sprint towards the portal room. Axel reached the elevator and it started to move up. “Oh shit if someone’s on one of catwalks they’ll be looking right at me!” Axel thought to himself as he dropped to the floor of the elevator commando style. He didn’t know how well this would keep him out of sight but it was the best thing he could think of. The elevator stopped as it reached the main floor. Axel rushed off the elevator and ran through the portal that lead to Demyx’s floor. Axel almost tripped over his own feet as he ran to Demyx’s portal to the room of pain.

Riku stood in front of the Chrisen elders with no thought of what they might sentence him to.

“<Do you know why you stand before us human?>” the chief elder said to Riku


“Do you know why you stand before us human?” Holly translated as she pushed through the trial guards and next to Riku.

Riku looked back up at them with a confused face.

“No I don’t why am I on trial?”

“Shusta da versada premesca.” Holly said to the elders translating his words.

“<Ignorant human. Your species almost destroyed ours and you ask us why you are on trial for aiding our enemies in trying to kill us?>”

“He believes you were leading the heartless.” Holly stated as the elder finished.

“But I didn’t do anything bad I was helping you!” Riku screamed up at the elders.

“Susta caracaronya.” Holly said.

“<You come here wielding a Soul Eater and you say you are not a heartless leader is like saying were blind because we don’t see the way you do! I have heard enough of this boy’s nonsense. Take him to the mines and shoot him!>”

“No you can not do that!” screamed Holly as she was pulled away by the court guards.

“What what’s happening!?” yelled Riku in confusion.

“The elders wish to execute you human, run!” answered Holly as guards started to grab onto Riku.

Riku slashed at the guards with Soul Eater but there were just too many of them to fight off alone. Riku fell to the ground as he was hit with a blast from an air cannon. Riku looked up in horror as the guard brought his sword down onto his face. As Riku closed his eyes not wanting to see his death he heard a clang and opened them. A Keyblade had appeared to save him.

“<A Keyblade!?>” Shouted the chief elder in anger “<Get this infidel out of my sight now!>” he looked down at one of his guards “<Draw up the plans for the parading of the infidel’s dead body through the city immediately!>”

“No you will not!” Holly screamed as she tackled the guard off Riku and ejected the blades out of her gauntlets.

“<Lady Kalvera I understand that you have been going through a tough time ever since your sister was taken from you by the heartless but you have no authority in this matter!?” the elder said in a harsh tone.

“<Please princess he is a Keyblade wielder and an infidel we must kill him.> said the court guard as he sat back up.

“Holly what’s going on?” Riku said as he laid a hand on Holly’s shoulder.

Everyone in the court room gasped at the sight.

“<The infidel has laid his human hands on the princess!>” the guards yelled their green eyes not large. “<Kill the heretic!>”

“<The human is under my protection so back off now before I get even angrier!>” she stated as the guards started to move towards them.

“<Holly, stop this nonsense now.>”

Riku turned to look at who had talked. It was the one the crowd had called Christoph.

“<But brother this may be my chance to learn how to speak fluent human and my ticket off this world!>” Holly said to Christoph in a pleading tone.

“<If that is what you want then go with him and leave Chrisen. I swear if Mother could see what you are becoming she would have had a heart attack.>”

“<That isn’t true brother,>”

“Hmm…?” Christoph said as he looked up at his little sister.

“<Mother would have embraced the fact that I want to learn human and see the worlds. This is how she wanted piece.>”

“<Vary well if that is your wish; but know this if you are in need of help on your journey with the human do not ask for help from us.>”

“<Fine I wasn’t planning on it anyway.>” Holly scoffed

“<One more thing,” Holly looked over at him as he spoke again “<If you fall in love with him you will lose your princess status and be exiled from Chrisen. Please I’ve lost one sister already I don’t want to lose another.>”

“<Me with the human please.>” She rolled her eyes as spoke “<This is my choice brother I hope some day you will learn to accept me and my whishes.>”

“<Just do what I ask on your trip and return safe.>” Christoph said as Holly and Riku left the court room.

“What’s going on Holly?” Riku asked as she took his hand and pulled him out the door.

“Nothing is wrong human. Come let us go.”

With that Riku and Holly headed back to the ship.

Axel ran down the long hallway to the room of pain as fast as he could. His muscles begged him for a break as he rounded the corner to the observation room on one leg and his hand for support. Axel saw a cloak hanging on a hook that had the label XV above it and took it as he ran. He saw the dusk working the controls and through one of his chakras at it killing it instantly. He hurried and hit the button for the lift that would take him down into the room of pain. As it came up Axel slid through the door and flipped the switch to take him down. As the doors opened Axel looked out into the room. He saw Namine lying on the floor in a pool of blood and tears, her neck still bleeding. He had been too late, Namine had gotten the mark. Axel walked over to her and laid his hand on her shoulder.

Namine was still crying as Axel twisted her around and hugged her, his strong arms the only thing holding her up.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.” Axel said as he stroked her long blond hair and rubbed her back lovingly. He pulled back and put the cloak on her shoulders trying to comfort her. “Please don’t cry I hate it when you cry.” He pleaded as he lifted her chin up so she could look at him.

“Axel I lov…”

Her eyes grew wide as she was interrupted as Axel kissed her firmly on the lips, his arms wrapped around her small fourteen year old frame pressing her against his chest. She too wrapped her arms around Axel as she felt his warm lips on hers. Namine’s eyes were still closed as Axel pulled away slowly.

“I love you too Namine.” Axel said as he lifted her up into his arms and carried her back to the portal room. The portal that had the marks XV over them had reopened and now accessible. He walked through and saw a room that he hadn’t seen in a long time. Axel carried her over to the bed and laid her down. He started to walk away when Namine grabbed his hand.

“Please don’t go yet.” She begged as she squeezed his hand.

“Okay… I won’t.” He stammered his voice little more than a whisper.

Axel stayed at Namine’s bedside until she eventually fell asleep. He got up slowly not wanting to wake her and walked slowly back to his own room. “I couldn’t save her just like last time I was too late. Why do exist? Why can’t I let go of my emotions?” he thought as he closed his eyes and fell asleep on his bed.

“Because you love her Axel…” A voice whispered as he fell asleep. “Just like he loved her so do you love Namine.”

Axel opened his eyes and looked around his room. “Hmm… that voice again? But she’s dead.” He thought as he tried to get back to sleep.

“Because you love her… because you love her… like he loved her so do you love Namine…”

Well I hope you liked the chapter. It took a long time to write the way I wanted it to come out. This has been a Bowchickawowwow production.


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Great chapter I can tell that alot of effort was put into it, well done.

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