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CHERUB: Conspiracy Dynamite

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Nov 14, 2009
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CHERUB: Conspiracy Dynamite

This RP is based off of the ‘CHERUB’ series, but occurs in a time completely different from the books.

Okay, CHERUB has a lot of books out, (Like, fourteen or something) but if you haven’t read any of them, don’t worry, because in this RP I only used the basics of CHERUB, and any knowledge of the books isn’t required. (I only read the first one)


CHERUB is an organization that takes in kids who have been abandoned by their parents, or no longer have parents or relatives to look after them, and turn the kids into spies. Any kid under the age of seventeen (above the age of six) that has no one to look after them may be called upon by the organization if they show qualities needed for the job. Until a child is ten years of age, they will go through a strong education, all the while being taught defensive tactics, martial arts of any kind, and at least two languages aside from their native tongue. No doubt, the kids that have been at CHERUB for several years are among the toughest around.

However, the children will not be put on duty until they can successfully get through basic training, which takes them through tough courses, survival lessons, espionage, foreign language, and karate. Once a kid gets through basics, which will end with a survival mission in Malaysia, the child will be awarded a gray t-shirt (represents level of accomplishment, explained more later) and will be issued on missions as needed.​

“Adults never suspect teens are spying on them…”

Conspiracy Dynamite:

Conspiracy Dynamite is an organization that looks for fault-lines in other organizations, and tries to expose the secrets of the organization. Formed by adults across the world the organization is dangerous to multiple intelligence agencies and just about every organization that may have secrets better left undisturbed. Catching word of CHERUB Conspiracy Dynamite is more determined than ever to expose the secrets within CHERUB, more than ever due to Mac (the head of CHERUB) and the head of Conspiracy Dynamite (Isaac) having a deep history of previous missions.


A group that goes by ‘Conspiracy Dynamite’ has heard of rumors that an organization in Britain is using kids as spies. The organization, they know, is titled CHERUB, and Conspiracy Dynamite is ready to uncover everything that CHERUB stands for. Have countless members in the group, Conspiracy Dynamite has decided to stoop to CHERUB’s level in order to discover what they want. Sending kids that they deem worthy, with the full understanding that if they fail Conspiracy Dynamite will not be so kind as to give them a second chance, the group comes face to face with a problem that may very well destroy any chance they have of exploiting CHERUB; none of the kids they send in can pass the initial five tests.​

The consistent failures haven’t penetrated their determination, as Conspiracy Dynamite continues to send in children that they have picked out, until a child comes to them with the desire to exploit CHERUB. With this child’s help Conspiracy Dynamite succeeds in getting five other kids into CHERUB, without their knowledge. Six spies within CHERUB, and the looming possibility that everything CHERUB stands for will come crumbling down if the spies succeed in their recon and sabotage. Conspiracy Dynamite must be stopped.​


Orange T-Shirt: Guest, normally someone who isn’t a confirmed member of CHERUB but is taking the five tests will be wearing an Orange T-shirt. No one who isn’t the head of CHERUB can talk to an Orange-shirt.​

Light Blue T-Shirt: Hasn’t completed basic training yet but is in the process of immunizations and physical training before hand.​

Gray T-Shirt: Completed Basic Training and is waiting to be sent on missions.​

Navy Blue T-Shirt: Awarded to someone who has completed a mission very well, or several missions very well.​

Black T-shirt: Awarded to someone who has completed multiple missions with excellence.​

White T-Shirt: Retired CHERUB agent, often staff wear these as well.​

Red T-Shirt: a child isn’t qualified for Basic Training or is under ten years of age.​

Map of the CHERUB grounds:


Basic Training (CHERUB only):

Okay, obviously, not many people are going to want to go through 100 posts to get through Basic Training, but as the training is a relevant part of CHERUB, each post will count as ten days. (i.e. Post One=Day one, Post Two=Day ten, Post Three=Day twenty, ect.) At any time your character may quit Basic Training but they will have to restart the process, which would require any who were still in Basic Training to finish beforehand. If a character receives an injury that will not recover within three days they will be expelled from that Basic Training session, and would be required to go back at a later date. Basic Training will not be with pairs, throughout the RP, mostly for simplicity’s sake.​


Name: (First and Last)
Nickname: (If friends or someone call you something aside from your name)
Age: (6-17)
Gender: (self-explanatory)
Personality: (What’s your character like?)
Alliance: (CHERUB or Conspiracy Dynamite?)

Biography: (What’s your history? Do you have a black belt? How’d you come across whatever your alliance is? Also put whether you have passed Basic Training here.)

Appearance: (What’s your character look like? Picture or paragraph is fine.)
Rank: (Only if in CHERUB)
Other: (Anything else you want to put?)​

Copy/Paste Template:





1) No Godmodding, please​

2) No power playing, no one is strong enough to, for example, go through basic training without the slightest trouble.​

3) You may create as many characters as you wish, but please be able to keep up with your characters.​

4) Give people a chance to check up on the RP before posting immediately after someone else. Yes, the RP is supposed to move steadily, but twenty posts a day isn’t a possibility for some people.​

- If anyone has any questions regarding the RP please feel free to post them/PM/VM

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