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Fanfiction ► Chibi twin chaos

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Apr 23, 2005
summary:before Roxas fused back with Sora,a witch suddenly stop it and both turn into 3-year olds.what will the others do with two 3-year olds?will they find the witch or they go crazy?

Disclaimer:I do NOT own Kingdom hearts!only the people made it.


chapter 1:eek:h crap...
"sora..."said Roxas as he look at the brown haired boy,asleep and floating inside the
mechanical plant.

Roxas smile sadly and look up at sora."You're lucky.Looks like my summer vacation is
while outside in the white chamber in the real world.A woman around in her 30's,wearing long red and silver dress mix together,paled white skin,long silver hair down to her waist
and beautiful golden eyes.

the woman look at the boy inside and sense something is up.

"hmm...well it seem DiZ finally got those together but I gonna feel sorry for Roxas for being force fuse back with sora so can DiZ use the boy as a tool to get his revenge on the
Organzation 13."said the mystery woman.

then a smile form on her red lips and laughed softly.

"why I just turn them into little kids and watch the chaos I formed into everyone lives and
my revenge on DiZ is so gonna be funny!"

The woman starting to chant some kind of words of unknown langunge and her hands
started to glow very big and everything went white and there was a big KA-BOOM!!
DiZ came the dark portal with namine inside the lab he watch over sora and his memory
recovered but the man was very angery at namine and glared at her.

"you shouldn't talked to Roxas about his past and his connetion with the keyblader!"he yelled at her.

but namine glared back and smirked."so what?he the right to know about it and it won't
matter what you do anyway."her words sink deep inside DiZ's ear and then he had an

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!YOU LITTLE W-but his words were cut off when the same KA-BOOM
stake the mansion outside and inside the lab was covered in smoke as DiZ and namine
were on the ground and coughing.

"what the hell happened!"said the man.

namine then gasp at the door there was and the smoke came inside where sora,donald,
and goofy are and then she ran inside to see sora if his is okay and DiZ followed her also.
the mystery woman cough at the smoke around her and look up.

"I must put too power for the spell."then the woman hear footsteps running towards the
room."oh dear,gonna leave now!"she teleport out of here as namine came and gasp at
the plant that held sora now become destroyed and there was no sign of sora.

"oh no..."she started to cry as DiZ came in and stare in shock to see the destroyed plant
manhince that held sora."what-t happened here?"he asked namine but she was still crying.

Then two cries came over the plant as the smoke clear off to revealed two twin toddlers sitting and crying.one has brown hair and the other is blond hair and both namine and DiZ
stare at each and look back at the toddlers.

"oh crap..."DiZ only said.
well guys how do you think? like or hate it?
review soon!:)
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Jan 15, 2006
I forgot
uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh................... haha interesting take on the KH genre
You should get pics of toddler Sora and Roxas


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Apr 23, 2005
aww,I only got two reviews,lol!here's the next chapter.

Disclaimer:Don't own Kingdom hearts 2!

chapter 2:Hospstial and flashbacks.
DiZ soon woke up in a white bed with alot machines and stuff and a young woman
smiled at him.

"ah your awake now Mr...DiZ".the woman said.

"where am I and who are you?he asked.

"your in Twilight Town's Hosptial and my name is amy also your nurse.she answer
him his question.

"But how I get here?"

"oh your granddaughter and grandsons called 911 but a flashback will show you
what happened."then a flash of white show us what happened.


"hello 911!I need your help!"yelled Namine as she,the toddlers,an out-cold DiZ,Donald and Goofy were inside her room as smoke from the hidden room cause
a fire spread around the mansion in flames.

"what is the problem miss?"the person asked.

"My family and I are trapped inside a mansion looking for my younger brothers and
as we find them,someone inside the mansion set it on fire and left us here to die!"
she lied to the man in the phone.

"Holy crap really!we coming right now!"he hang up.
Meanwhile in Twilight Town,Olette,Pence and Hayner were sitting in the clock tower eating sea-salt ice cream(are they real everyone?tell me)and talking.

"You know guys?today is boring and nothing great ever happens."said Hayner.

"I know Hayner but it seem Fate won't let anything happen and we alreadly finish our homework like two days ago."Olette sigh sadded then pence jump in shock.

"hey guys look there!five firetrucks and an ambuncle smash that wall where the
old mansion is and smokes are rising from it!"pence cried exceited.

"really!come on guys bring our camera skate there before the crowd came!"they
quickly grab there skatebroads and jump off from the tower(they will be fine people).
meanwhile,Demyx step though the portal in the forset to begin his mission to find both Roxas and Sora in the old mansion as a dusk spy found them and report back
to the Superior and he send Demyx to get them.

"He really send the wrong guy to do it."he mumble then he heard tires nosies and
a wall crash down.then he saw firetrucks on full speed toward him."Holy crap!"
Demyx jump out the way as they pass him towards the burning mansion."whoa
that's was close."then three kids on skatebroads pass him with cameras and he
follow them.
To make short people,everyone is safe,the mansion burndown to the ground,
they were taking to the Hosptial and Namine called Riku and Mickey to come and
the three and Demyx follow them.

"that's all had happened sir."said the nurse and DiZ rub his right eye from the

"thank you miss and is there anyone waiting for me?"

"you want to see them?"

"yes please."

whew!It's done and review soon,ya!


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Apr 23, 2005
Disclaimer:Don't own Kingdom hearts!

reminder:I decide to put random characters in the story and they are some you may find them familier.

chapter 3:shopping,meeting,save and left town.
The nurse let Riku and king Mickey inside the room and leave them alone to talk.
DiZ look at Riku in Xehanort's form with an angry look on his face while Mickey look
uneasy at him.

Riku spoked up first."what the hell happen to Sora,old man!"

"I don't know..."

"you don't know,you don't know!?"My best friend and his Nobody are turn into toddlers and all you said 'I don't know'!"he scream at DiZ with rage and Mickey throw water at Riku.

"thanks Mickey."

"your welcome pal."
Meanwhile back of what left of the mansion,a shadow figure walk inside the lab to
look for something then it saw a video laying on the ground and smiled.

"perfect."he said as he grab it and disappeared in smoke.
Namine and the twins were not in the Hosptial,in fact they were shopping with the
5000 munny potch from Riku in the Twilight Town shopping plaze to get away from
reporters,the News and Police from questions.

"Sis look!petshop!"cried little Sora as he pointed at the shop.

"I want a pet sis!"cried little Roxas too.Namine look at both of them with a smile.

"DiZ won't mind them having a pet for a friend."thought Namine and nodded at the twins."YAY!"they cheered and ran inside the petshop but as they towards the
shop.A dark portal appear then step out was Demyx.

"hey Namine been a long time and you brought the traitor and the keyblade weilder too how lovely of you."he said and Namine grab the twins and glare at

"If you think I give them to you,your wrong Demyx!"he summon his sitar ready to
fight to her when a kunai strike Demyx's sitar and a loud voice boomed out.

"leave them alone Demyx or else!"Demyx look up to saw who it is.

"oh man, not you again!?"

"that's right,The great Ninja reporter Naruto Uzumaki!"A 12 year old boy wearing all black clothes with flames on it,black sandles and blond spikely hair jump from a
building and land safely in front of Namine and the twins.

"It's been a long time Demyx tell me,how's Xemnas and the Organzation 13 doing
since I left a bomb at your castle and blew up little of your home."he said.

"well let's just say we were pissed about it!"

"hehe that's nice to hear but me and others had to go now!Shadow,Zeke,Specula,
Ambient!come now!"then four organoids appear behind them then opened their
chest as wires grab them and glows in lights then flew up in the sky.Demyx look
up in the sky and then sigh.

"Xemnas is NOT gonna be happy."
meanwhile back at the Hosptial room were the others are was now a large hole
torn and they were not there and the nurse,Amy was in shock.

"umm...what happen here?"she said.
see ya soon!
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