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Comprehensive Kingdom Hearts II Source

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Jul 15, 2005
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After nearly 4 years of development, Kingdom Hearts II has finally reached North American shores, quenching the thirst of millions who have been waiting years for this beyond highly-anticipated sequel to the greatest game of all time. That's right, you heard me say it once again, and this time I won't have to repeat myself. Now that KH2 has been released here in the U.S. today, soon enough the game will speak for itself, and all non-believers will finally shut up.

Just hours ago I sped my car away from the school parking lot and headed straight for I-69, getting to 96th Street faster than I ever have in my life. Before I even stepped foot into EBGames, I saw the humongous Kingdom Hearts II display ... holy crap ... HALF of the friggin' store had been tranformed into Kingdom Hearts II! They even had the promos/trailers playing on an endless loop on the TVs! This is just one example of what is happening all over the world ... it all started today ... but this is only the beginning. That's a cliche, yes, but I couldn't have said anything else any damn truer.


Anyway, it's hard to believe that the most important day since the turn of the millenium has finally come ... after I got home with the game and strategy guide I just sort of cried ... cried and fell to my knees .... I mean ... this pwns graduation, getting your driver's license, turning 18, all that crap ... trust me, I've experienced it all, and it all PALES in comparision to holding the single greatest and single most-anticipated game of all time in your HANDS. I still can't believe it ....

Well, the 4-year wait is over. It's over. And now that every network from MTV to TNT to Comedy Central to Disney Channel to Nickelodeon has started to air the English promo for the game, soon everyone, even those who live with their heads up their own a**es, will get hit by this.


Now trust me, because this is very important ... in the past few years I've posted and gone over updates after updates for this game ... but lately I'd just gotten tired of it. So I won't go through it again. If you don' t know the Kingdom Hearts story and the previous two games in the series (KH and CoM), go to one of the following links ... cause I'm tired of going over it.

All I know is, I, like millions all over the world, have been waiting for this day ... and now those of us in North America finally get an answer. Well, here is a COMPREHENSIVE list of all of the major characters in the game, but it says nothing of their stories or the stories of their respective worlds in the game.

The most important thing to note is that Kingdom Hearts II is insanely more complicated storyline-wise than the first game, and this has been stated by more than a few of the voice actors themselves (part of an all-star cast, of course ... which is partially listed below).


From Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean to the black-and-white Steamboat Willie world to the long-awaited and lusciously-looking Lion King world, this game is the reason why after a century of movies, Disney still pwns.

From Cloud to Squall to Auron to Yuna, a menagerie of old and new Final Fantasy characters return and arrive in the game, each with his or her fresh and original storyline and role.

Loads and loads of new enemies, from the return of Sephiroth to your favorite Disney villains to the remaining members of the XIII Order (with the return of Axel from CoM) to countless new heartless and nobodies species, this game redefines enemy types and characters.

And from returning hero Sora to the newest Keyblader Roxas, a load of returning and new original characters play an INTEGRAL part in the Kingdom Hearts II storyline, which is undeniably going to BLOW your mind.

* 1 Main characters
o 1.1 Sora
o 1.2 Riku
o 1.3 Kairi
o 1.4 Naminé
o 1.5 Roxas
o 1.6 Donald Duck
o 1.7 Goofy
o 1.8 Jiminy Cricket
o 1.9 Mickey Mouse
o 1.10 Pluto
o 1.11 Maleficent
o 1.12 Pete
o 1.13 Xehanort
o 1.14 Organization XIII
# 3.1 I. Xemnas
# 3.2 II. Xigbar
# 3.3 III. Xaldin
# 3.4 IV. Vexen
# 3.5 V. Lexaeus
# 3.6 VI. Zexion
# 3.7 VII. Saïx
# 3.8 VIII. Axel
# 3.9 IX. Demyx
# 3.10 X. Luxord
# 3.11 XI. Marluxia
# 3.12 XII. Larxene
o 1.15 DiZ
o 1.16 Heartless
o 1.17 Nobody
* 2 Destiny Islands
o 2.1 Selphie
o 2.2 Wakka
o 2.3 Tidus
* 3 Radiant Garden
o 3.1 Leon
o 3.2 Yuffie
o 3.3 Aerith
o 3.4 Cid
o 3.5 Moogle
o 3.6 Cloud
o 3.7 Tifa
o 3.8 Sephiroth
o 3.9 Yuna, Rikku, & Paine
* 4 Twilight Town
o 4.1 Hayner
o 4.2 Olette
o 4.3 Pence
o 4.4 Seifer
o 4.5 Rai & Fuu
o 4.6 Vivi
o 4.7 Setzer
* 5 Other characters
o 5.1 Merlin
o 5.2 Fairy Godmother
o 5.3 Yen Sid
o 5.4 Fauna, Flora, & Merryweather
* 6 Characters Living in Disney Castle
o 6.1 Minnie Mouse
o 6.2 Daisy Duck
o 6.3 Chip and Dale
o 6.4 Huey, Dewey, & Louie
o 6.5 Scrooge McDuck
* 7 Characters Living in Wonderland
o 7.1 Alice
o 7.2 Queen of Hearts
o 7.3 White Rabbit
o 7.4 Cheshire Cat
* 8 Characters Living in Deep Jungle
o 8.1 Tarzan
o 8.2 Jane
o 8.3 Clayton
o 8.4 Terk
o 8.5 Kerchak
o 8.6 Kala
* 9 Characters Found at the Coliseum
o 9.1 Hercules
o 9.2 Philoctetes
o 9.3 Hades
o 9.4 Cerberus
o 9.5 Pain and Panic
o 9.6 Hydra
o 9.7 Pegasus
o 9.8 Auron
o 9.9 Megara
* 10 Characters Living in Halloween Town
o 10.1 Jack Skellington
o 10.2 Zero
o 10.3 Sally
o 10.4 Dr. Finkelstien
o 10.5 Oogie Boogie
o 10.6 Lock, Shock and Barrel
o 10.7 Sandy Claws
* 11 Characters Found in Monstro
o 11.1 Pinocchio
o 11.2 Geppetto
* 12 Characters Living in Agrabah
o 12.1 Aladdin
o 12.2 Princess Jasmine
o 12.3 Abu
o 12.4 Carpet
o 12.5 Jafar
o 12.6 Iago
o 12.7 The Merchant
* 13 Characters Living in Never Land
o 13.1 Peter Pan
o 13.2 Captain Hook
o 13.3 Mr Smee
o 13.4 Tinkerbell
o 13.5 Wendy
* 14 Characters Living in Atlantica
o 14.1 Ariel
o 14.2 King Triton
o 14.3 Sebastian
o 14.4 Flounder
o 14.5 Ursula
o 14.6 Jetsam & Flotsam
o 14.7 Prince Eric
* 15 Characters Living in the Hundred Acre Wood
o 15.1 Winnie the Pooh
o 15.2 Tigger
o 15.3 Piglet
* 16 Beast's Castle from Beauty and Beast
o 16.1 Beast
o 16.2 Belle
o 16.3 Cogsworth
o 16.4 Lumiere
o 16.5 Mrs. Potts
o 16.6 Chip
o 16.7 Wardrobe
* 17 Land of Dragons
o 17.1 Mulan
o 17.2 Shang
o 17.3 Shan Yu
o 17.4 Yao
o 17.5 Ling
o 17.6 Chien-Po
o 17.7 Ping
o 17.8 The Emperor
o 17.9 Mushu
* 18 Port Royal
o 18.1 Captain Jack Sparrow
o 18.2 Will Turner
o 18.3 Elizabeth Swann
o 18.4 Barbossa
* 19 Pride Land
o 19.1 Simba
o 19.2 Nala
o 19.3 Rafiki
o 19.4 Timon
o 19.5 Pumbaa
o 19.6 Mufasa
o 19.7 Scar
o 19.8 Shenzi, Banzai and Ed
* 20 Space Paranoids
o 20.1 Tron
o 20.2 Sark
o 20.3 MCP
* 21 Summonable Characters
o 21.1 Mushu
o 21.2 Bambi
o 21.3 Simba
o 21.4 Genie
o 21.5 Tinker Bell
o 21.6 Peter Pan and Tinker Bell
o 21.7 Dumbo
o 21.8 Cloud Strife
o 21.9 Chicken Little
o 21.10 Stich (Lilo and Stitch)

English version PARTIAL Voice Cast

* Haley Joel Osment ... as Sora
* Tony Anselmo ... as Donald Duck
* Bill Farmer ... as Goofy
* David Gallagher ... as Riku
* Hayden Panettiere ... as Kairi
* Jesse McCartney ... as Roxas
* Wayne Allwine ... as Mickey Mouse
* Christopher Lee ... as DiZ (Ansem)
* Richard Epcar ... as Ansem (Xehanort)
* Brittany Snow ... as Naminé
* Susan Blakeslee ... as Maleficent
* Jim Cummings ... as Pete, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger
* Eddie Carroll ... as Jiminy Cricket
* David Boreanaz ... as Squall Leonhart
* Steve Burton ... as Cloud Strife
* Mena Suvari ... as Aerith Gainsborough
* Christy Carlson Romano ... as Yuffie Kisaragi
* Rachael Leigh Cook ... as Tifa Lockhart
* Matt McKenzie ... as Auron
* Crispin Freeman ... as Setzer Gabbiani [3]
* Hedy Burress ... as Yuna
* Tara Strong ... as Rikku
* Gwendoline Yeo ... as Paine
* Sean Marquette ... as Pence
* Corey Burton ... as Yen Sid
* Ming-Na ... as Mulan
* Mark Moseley ... as Mushu
* Robby Benson ... as Beast
* David Ogden Stiers ... as Cogsworth [4]
* Susan Egan ... as Megara
* Robert Costanzo ... as Philoctetes
* James Woods ... as Hades
* Russi Taylor ... as Minnie Mouse
* Scott Weinger ... as Aladdin
* Dan Castellaneta ... as Genie
* Jodi Benson ... as Ariel
* Pat Carroll ... as Ursula
* Bruce Boxleitner ... as Tron
* Zach Braff ... as Chicken Little

(only a partial listing)


For even more information, including all of the promos, trailers, videos, and cast interviews from the past 3 years, or to order your HOT copy now, head to one of the official sites, fan sites, gaming sites, or retailers below:

www.ebgames.com (home page is KHII)
www.gamestop.com (home page is KHII)






The graphics put both the original movies and the rest of Square's works to shame. This is exactly what took so long to develop the game ... these visuals are a generation ahead of other PS2 games, no f-ing exaggeration.

The gameplay combines the BEST aspects of action-gaming with the FINEST aspects of RPGs into a fast-paced action game that's strategy-demanding. You will find no finer RPG, Action game, or Action-RPG than this.

And as someone who cried the first 3 times playing through the ending of the original, this time the story is stronger, more developed, and far more emotional and powerful than the first one ever was (and that's saying a HELL of a lot, because KH was the ONLY game I've ever cried to ... and I've played a LOT of games, mind you).

... Kingdom Hearts II is here. And I don't f-ing know about you, but I'm ready to play it at a moment's notice (gonna go through the strategy guide with a fine-toothed comb first, though).


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Mar 27, 2006
well thank you for that and putting your time which could be spent playing KH2 writing a nice summory ect. now get off the computer and go play KH2 you well deserve it!!!!

oblivion seeker

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Jul 12, 2005
Thats what I'd like to know!
Wow... You really cried from the ending of KH1? Thats kinda weird, even if it was KH. Anyway, I can't believe you got the game already, you shouldn't be writing this, you should be playing the damn game!!!

Go you!



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Nov 22, 2005
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If you think KH2 is the GREATEST game ever... Then you haven't played games. It's great, no lies, but its FAR from the greatest game ever.


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Dec 11, 2005
Oklahoma :(
MyInnerFred said:
If you think KH2 is the GREATEST game ever... Then you haven't played games. It's great, no lies, but its FAR from the greatest game ever.
then what is the greatest game ever. and if you say halo 2 or any GTA game then you will be in trouble. p.s. not saying you're wrong, just want to know


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Apr 2, 2004
that was really cool, i didn't see the 30 sec KH2 commercial, just the 15 sec one.
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